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Days It Takes to Sell an Aveo Arescarcher wishes to cstimate the number of days it takes an automobile dealer to sell a Chevrolet Aveo. A sample of $0 carshad a mean time on the dealer's lot of $4 days. Assume the population standard deviationto be 6.0 days. Find the best point estimate of the population mean and the 95% confidence interval of the population mean. Sauce Baad nuts oes Per eosin NAW Solution ‘The best point extimate of the mean is 54 days, For the 95% confidence interval use z= Re sad Fy) << + sl Fe 60) 60) 54-~ 1.96] Typ] < ws 34 + 1.96 Sep] S4- LT 29(Clairay ‘Step 2 Find the critical value. Since a = 008 and the test isa right-tailed st, the critical valueis2 = +165. Step3 Compute thetest value. Yap _ 301-29 avn 3830 ‘Step 4 Mcke the decision. Since the test value, ~ 1.59, is lass than the critical value, +1.65, and is notin the evtical region, the decision isto not eeject the null hypothesis This testis summarized in Figure 8-13. 3 Doan ope Rojee ° 15046 ‘Step 5 Summarizethe results. Thereis notenough evidence to support the claim thet the mean time is greater than 29 days. (Cre Value anc “est Value for Example 8-13, Substitute Teachers’ Salaries [An educator claims thatthe average salary istriets in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania sles than $60 per day. A randorn sample of eight school distrits is seleeed, andthe deily seers (in dollars) ere shown, Is there enough evidence to support the educetor’s claim at a = 0.10? 60 $5 6 SS 70 SS 60 58 Some mints tna, Solution ‘stop Step2 Ata Hey. = $60 and Hf: w < $60 (cairn. 0.10 and ds 1 sthe critical valueis —1415, ‘Stop 3 Tocompute thetest value, the menn and standord deviation must be found. Using ether the formulas in Chapter 3 or your calculator. ¥ ~ $58.88, and 3.08, you find “an S0sys ~~ ‘Step 4 Do not reject the null hypothesis since ~0.624 falls in the noneritical region, See Figure 25. te dee ‘Stop 5 Thereis noc enough evidence to support the educator's elim thatthe average salary of substitute teachers in Allegheny County is less than S60 per day. “Tre areact Alaska Ccontainafoftha total ‘zeadithe United ‘States. Jogger’s Oxygen Uptake [A physician claims that joggers’ maximal volume oxygen uptake is greater than the average of all adults, A serple of 15 joggers hes a mean of 40.6 milliliters per kilogram (nmllkg) and a standard deviation of 6 mi'kg. Ifthe average ofall adultsis 36.7 miikg, is there enough evidence to support the physician's elaim at a = 0.05? Solution ‘Stop 1 State the hypotheses and identify the claim. Hew =367 and Hy: w> 36.7 (claim) Step 2 Compute thetest value, The test valusis =p _ 406 ~ 367 an NTS ‘Step 3 Find the P-value. Looking aeross the row with d.f. = 14 in Table F, you see that 2$17 falls between 2.148 and 2.624, corresponding to a = 0.028 and ai = 0.01 sinoe this isaright-tailed test, Hence, P-value > 0.01 and Pevalue < 0.025, 0° 0.01 < Pevalue < 0.025. That is, the P-valuc is some where berween 0.01 and 0.025. (The P-value obtained from a calculator is 0012.) ‘Step 4 Reject ihe null hypothesis since Pevalue < 0.05 (that is, Povalue Piszie sinictr bee that ie sanded devin of he mur of people using outpatient surgery per day is grater than 8, A random sample of 15 cays is selected. The date are shown. Ata ~ 0.10, isthere enough evidence to support the administrator's claim? Assume the variable is normally dseibute. 23 8 Iss 2 6 9 Ww 2 Do 8 Solution Stop 1 Statethe hypotheses and identify the claim. Hga7® and Hye >8 (claim) ‘Since the standard devistion is given, it should he squared to get the varianee ‘Step 2 Find thecritical value. Since this tes isright-tailed with ¢.f.of 15 — 1 = 14 and a = 0.10, he critical value is 21.064. Step 3 Compute the test value. Since raw data are given, the standard deviation of the sample mast be found by using the formula ia Chapter 3 or your calculator. [t se 12, Lea tig _ (is 012 2744 Step4 Make the decision. The decision isto relect the null hypothesis since thetest value, 27.44, is greater than the critical value, 21,064, and falls in the critical region. See Figure 8-37. zines 244 Step 5 Summarize the results. There is enough evidence to support theclaim that the standard deviation is greater than 8, ead Nicotine Content of Cigarettes Accigerette manufacturer wishes o test the claim thatthe varionee ofthe nicotine content of tseigaretes is 0.644, Nicotine conten! is measured in riligrams, ond assume that it ‘S nonmally distriouted. A sample of 20 cigarewas has a standard deviation of 1.00 nil ligram. At a = 0.08, is there enough evidence o reject the manufacturer's claim? ‘Solution Stop 1 Critical Vaiues for Example 25 steps stop 4 Steps State the hypotheses and identify the claim. Hy? = 0544 (claim) and Ho? + 0.644 Find the critical values. Since this tests two-tailed tat ot = 0.05, the critical values for 0.025 and 0,975 must be found. The degrees of freedom are 19:hence, the critical values are 32.882 and 8.907, respectively. The ertical cr rejection regions are shown in Figure 8-38, es ss \ tp het ie =n Since the standard deviations is given in the problem, it must be squared for the Formula, Make the decision. Do not reject the null bypothasis, since the test value als between the critical values (8.907 < 29.5 € 32.852) and in the noncritical region, a shown in Figure 8-39. 0.5 ( ons ~ ear 285 30882 Summarize the results. There is not enough evidence to reject the ‘manufacturer's claim that the variance of the nicotine content ofthe cigarettes is equal 100.644.