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NUST Adventure Club

Media Task
Task 1
You are given the responsibility to manage an event in which a
renowned guest speaker is invited to have an interactive session
with the students. You are to handle following tasks:
Escorting the speaker throughout his stay at the campus.
Managing the security clearances of the guests that were
invited from other institutions.
Managing the discipline and the sitting arrangement of the
hall taking into consideration that the hall must not be
overloaded along with catering as much students as you can
who showed up for the event.
Give a tentative plan of the following event and do mention the
number of executive needed for it and how would you use these
executives efficiently for a successful event.

Task 2
During a trip, a guy is being abusive and causing inconvenience
for other participants. He also has his 15 friends with him, if you
try to manage him, they start acting up. How would you solve the
situation with the least fuss possible?

Task 3
An event is planned to be in three days from now. The minute
sheet had to be approved today but the NUST administration says
that the minute sheet will be approved in two days time.
Remember, the event is not confirmed until the minute sheet is
approved by the NUST admin. The final event arrangements are
yet to be made that require at least 2 days to complete however,
the tickets are already sold. Would you take a risk and start

arrangements even before the approval by NUST admin, would

you cancel the event, or come up with another solution? Explain
your decision in detail considering all the consequences.
(PS. Minute sheet = official document for event approval)

Task 4
There is an event going on in NUST, like wall climbing or archery
in which certain measures are to be taken in order to minimize
the chances of a mishap, and the Chief security officer comes up
and stop the event saying that safety measures are incomplete.
Explain how would you tackle such an incident and come up with
an idea to assure the officer that the event is perfectly safe.

Task 5
NAC needs an approval of the event which is a trip to a northern
area and you may get late while coming back to NUST. The time
of arrival you mentioned is way above the hostel curfew time.
Explain how would you negotiate with DD hostel? Mention some
points that you might raise.