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A Beginners Guide to the

Secrets of Law in the United States


ISIS P.O. Box 42083 Philadelphia. Pennsylvania [19101]

101 Reasons to Properly Record & Document Your Proper Status at
Law and Monetary Status on Record to Protect Yourself & Your
Property the why?

And the Devil will say when the judgment is Ordered. Surely the Supreme Being
promised you a promise of truth, then I made a promise to you, then failed you. And I had
no authority over you except that I called you and you obeyed me, so do not blame me,
blame yourselves. I cannot come to your help, nor can you come to my help. Even I
disbelieve with that which you have associated yourself with. Certainly for the unjust is a
painful chastisement.
Sacred Quraan Sharrieff Surah 14: 22

Introductions are good

The Purpose of this writing is to provide an opportunity for a mass Re-education of the masses of
the people in regards to history and law. The Constitution of the United States/ United States of America
is one of the oldest Constitutions on Earth. Its historical importance and general impact on history is
extensive. The Indigenous History of America has been shrouded in lies, deception, and a generally
clouded reality. This writing is a humble attempt to give a well rounded perspective of what happened in
the formation of the government of the United States & United States of America. Some of the historical
facts may astound the reader however it will spark your consciousness and give you the desire to do your
own thorough investigation of American history and the true history of the Indigenous Black Peoples of
A Wise teacher once taught me that He who prescribes the diameter of our knowledge will ultimately
control the circumference of our activity. The masses of the People in the United States of America have
had their knowledge control by a Satanic Elite who have literally upgraded slavery to its finest paradigm
ever in history right here on the good old shores of the USA.
You can never know heaven if all you have known is hell. Awise Person
The institution of Slavery did not end in 1862, 1865, or with CIVIL RIGHTS (WRONGS) for Black People!
After this short writing you will have a new perspective on the concept of slavery and how it pertains to
the good old USA. Many of the people who read this short writing will find out that not only are most of
the masses of the people still mental slaves, but that CHATTEL SLAVERY STILL EXISTS literally. This
is of course based on the true meaning of Freedom. There is a Biblical verse that describes this situation

with the utmost clarity. It states that SATAN would fool the whole world. If you found that you were
under the influence and domain of Satan or a Satanic so-called Elite wouldnt you want to be RELEASED
from under the DOMAIN and POWER of that SATAN[ic] so-called elite?
That process would definitely start with a Supreme Wisdom, which is a PROPER knowledge of the
Reality of God, not a mystery, and a knowledge of the Devil, which is generally called a knowledge and
understanding of Self. Who is this Enemy-Devil that has the masses chained and in agreement with Sin
(Transgression of Divine & Universal Law), the Man (with a Spirit) of Sin1 [Bible Thessalonians Chapter
2 verse 7]?
Real Law = The Law of the Creator, Originator, and Recreator. Can we live by the Laws of the Originator
of the Heavens and Earth in Our everyday Business (The True Science of Business)? If you could would
you do it? A better question is, if you could, WHY wouldnt you do it and what is the ultimate outcome,
that WE ALL see manifesting (Hell)? If the beginning Stages of Hell are a Condition of Mind where there
is no peace and contentment of Mind/ Body/ Spirit, ultimately leading to no respect for Divine Law or
the Reality of the God-Self, which causes mental and physical pain, affliction, stress, sickness, dis-ease,
fighting, lying, mental darkness, and untimely painful death, then lift up your head, and eyes and look at
the so-called land of the free and the home of the brave, America, the Mystery Babylon (Jeremiah 51).
Would you then like to be IN THIS WORLD BUT NOT OF IT? It is your decision. Think, and choose

The Agenda of the Earths Oldest Indigenous Nation

Black People in America have been shrouded under many titles, names, and appellations. Being Black is
a Biological, Chemical, and Psychological frequency, the beginning and the end. What we should learn
about any label is three fundamental & basic things among many others that could be listed:
1) That it should give an absolute definition as to who were are
2) It should be culturally handed down from an ancestry that is of sound mind, body,
and spirit
3) And lastly it should properly serve our natural right to be free, justified, and
equal in whatever relative experience or circumstance that we are in at any given

Our Own Indigenous Records Speak the Truth

Black people in America are aprt of the oldest lineage of people on earth. In fact the name
America hides our real name Amaru-Ka. Amaru is the name of the oldest people on earth and it means
the serpent people named after the feathered serpent Kukulkhan sometimes called Quetzalcoatl. We
studies natural law in order to understand knowing that the universe is the first Book of Divine Guidance
wrote by the Creator with no additions and mistranslations. Thus it is our birthright and divine duty to
always stand with truth and to KNOW how to interpret whether something is true or false

Amru-ka, Ta Moor-ay & Ta Neteru The Lands of the Moors

The Land that is now called Egypt/Africa was originally called Ta Muuray/Ta Mooray, which
meant generally the Nation/Land of the Moors or Black People. Here we will witness the connection
between three essential things. The Ancient Israel of the Past is the Ancient Moorish Nation
and the Americas and Africa are their home. The Law of the Ancient Moorish Nation is Maa
which means the law of manifestation u do reap what u sowthat is THE law, the way of Peace. Soon we
will come to view our history through the eyes of a Supreme and Clear lens as opposed to the segmented

AKA the Mystery of Iniquity

perspective given to us by a Satanic council who have the purpose of keeping us perpetually arguing over
confusion created by them. We [Aboriginal People] are simply the God Nation, take it and live, leave it
and die.
This should make us feel very good and also very responsiblefor our children, the races of the Earth
that sprang from our loins. Ta Neteru is the Land of the Gods also called Ausar Khenti Amentui, The
Sons of Re from the Hidden Land of the Beginning, the Sirius Constellation.

The Best of Planners

In our present relative experience we must [wisely & strategically] make this knowledge and
unshakable truth known on a:
1) Local,
2) National,
3) International,
4) and Celestial level,
from the U.N.s Permanent Indigenous Council, to all of the Agencies of the U.S. Government, and
even in our local areas. We must be able prove in no limit of time who we are in words, deeds, and
This world [sphere of mental and social activity] is taking a serious tumble soon to completely fall. In
order to understand what is to come after it we must clearly understand what was before it and what is
here now. A Study of history will best qualify Us to answer the question and act on our answer. Study the
information in these pages. It will start you on that process. The truth casts out falsehood and produces
Unity [Love] Peace.
Amaru Nama Taga Xi-Ali

And the people shall LABOR in vain Jeremiah 51:58

The ability for the Indigenous Peoples of the Earth to control Commerce [economics] and
Property (In Satans World2), which is activity and motion, including the Order and Arrangement of that
activity and motion is the ability to control TIME like the Gods that we are (Psalms 82), in the end of his
(Satans) World, or meaning his sphere of mental activity, meaning WE must be wiser than Satan, the
architects of Evil. A select group of Satanic families has everyone IN MOTION therefore they are the
GOD [force & power] OF THEIR OWN WORLD. They are [temporarily] at the Center, a position
reserved for the collective [the people]. A Wise teacher [the Honorable Elijah Muhammad] said, his
TIME is up, but what does He mean? If the Original Indigenous Nation and generally the Righteous
TIME are IN for the conscious reestablishment of a righteous world there must be an end to Satans
control over COMMERCE, generally speaking the labor and property of the masses, which is and end to
the control of the Minds (Mental Wave Frequency), hearts, and deeds of the people.
The Time of the Original Indigenous Nation as WE are the People of the Originator of the
Universe, is made by the motions of the planets, the motions in the atoms, the motion and power of
electricity (Labor) and matter (Production of Labor), which flows from our inner most being, The Power
of the Universe. That Creative Power, Force, and Essence is in US today in Potential, but it must become
Kinetic (Active) in its experience for the benefit of ourselves. We are the ONLY FREE-MOVING Planets,
when we place ourselves in the position to have the ability to have the power of choice. No, the Time is
not 2004 Anno Domini as the Catholic Church and white Jews have lied to there world for the past 1,477
years. It is true that Satans World has ended, because the wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and

A world is a sphere of Mental Activity

Divine Protection are here for Us today to completely remove what is here and MAKE ALL THINGS
NEW So Lets explain the Old first

101 Things Everyone should know about REAL-LAW
My people [Israel] are destroyed from lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge,
I also reject you and you will be no leader to me; because you have ignored the law of your God, I also
will ignore your children.
Bible Hosea Chapter 4 verse 6
1) The Constitution of the United States of America which is the contract for its government and
all subject citizens who are contracted to a corporate state or the Incorporated United States
(District of Columbia) has a DUAL contractual nature. This is based on the supremacy clause
ARTICLE VI of the Constitution which is the MOST important clause of the document. Look
it up. Read it. This is why there are two seals on the back of the dollar bill. The seals
were designed in 1782 and later placed on the dollar in 1935 by Franklin Delano Roosevelt
after the loss of all economic power, Governmentally. Thats right Bankruptcy. The Federal
Government is Bankrupt. Check the Record:
United States Congressional Record March 17, 1993 Vol. #33, page H-1303 Speaker-Representative James Traficant, Jr. (Ohio) addressing the House: Mr.
Speaker, we are here now in chapter 11. Members of Congress are official
trustees presiding over the greatest reorganization of any Bankrupt entity in
world history, the U.S. Government. We are setting forth hopefully, a blueprint
for our future. There are some who say it is a coroners report that will lead to
our demise.
2) One Seal represents the Oldest Indigenous Civilization on Earth, Israel, the Ancient Moorish
Nation that was located in the East and West. It is noted in history under the names Egypt,
Kush, Ethiopia, and India, and it is what became the Secret Paradise of the West. It is written
about in Ancient Hieroglyphics and Sacred Scriptures. It was also called YARU by the
Khamites (Egyptians). Ta-Monad [Often Called Tamenend] of the Le-Napi Moors was the
Ruler of the Napi (Nubi-[ans]) in the late 1600s. Ta-monad or Ta-menend means The Divine
One of the Nation/Land. These Nubians were in Philadelphia and they were the people who
initiated the Rosicrucians [Quakers] like William Penn. Our Ancestors offered these initiates
an opportunity to live amongst them. The Osiris Traditions are witnessed throughout the
cultural paradigm with the symbolism of 13 in the ornaments of the Le-Napi, in their
intercourse with the Europeans in the money, and in the step pyramids of Philadelphia.

Step Pyramid 1823. This site

was called Fair Mount by the
Europeans. This painting was
done by Thomas Birch during the
Fairmount waterworks
construction. The Le-Napi
[Moors] built these pyramids and

The Great Seal of the United States of America & The Sacred Authority

The Traditions of our ancient Lineage

As Ar [Osiris] are witness throughout
the symbolism of the founding of the
United States of America. The number
13 is significant in the Traditions of
AsAr [Osiris] or Is-Ra-eel as the
tradition goes that he was partitioned
into 14 parts. 13 of those parts were
found by Auset Isis. The number 13
represents the Star Sirius and the
Sirius Constellation. Sirius is at the
center of our physical universe and is
the brightest star in the universe and is
at the root of all Indigenous calendars
including the Our Indigenous Calendar
for 2012-2020 (Maya). The number
thirteen is seen in the 13 steps to the
13 stars above the eagle
13 stripes in the shield
13 arrows in the eagles hand
13 olives and olive leaves
13 letters in annuit coeptis
13 letters in E Pluribus Unum
13 stars in a circle on the Flag
13 stars and stripes
The 14th part was Osiriss phallus
which represented the lineage factor,
Israeel. The Flag and seals were
designed by Charles Thompson and
Benjamin Bannaka aka Benjamin
Franklin, the Black Moorish
ambassador to the Le-Napi Moors and
the African Moors. This represents the
end of the 13th Baktun the end of the
Tzolkin calendar is the beginning of
the rise of Aboriginal Peoples

Benjamin Bannakas almanacs tell of his knowledge of the Stars of Sirius without the use of a telescope.
There was never any Caucasian Benjamin Franklin that did all the works attributed to him. Both the city
of Philadelphia and Washington D.C. bear the imprint of Bannakas design and the designs are based on
Aboriginal Archaeo Astronomy. Bannakas lineage is Moorish [Israelite] See Dr. Ali Muhammads book
Benjamin Bannaka A True Founding Father. Benjamin Bannaka is found in diplomatic intercourse with
the Indians [Al-Bany* Plan of the Union], the Moorish Khalif Muhammad Ibn Abdullah [at Paris] and
the Continental Congress. The United States of America was to be the last Great Nation before the
Universal Pole Shift and realignment of the Universe and Man.
3) The Other Seal represents the Caucasian European Order that was given permission to
establish a provisional government for a limited time. The reason for the symbol of the Eagle
is historically related to all of the ancient symbols of our ancestors. It is from another
perspective explained in the Bibles Book of Hosea Chapter 8 verses 1-3, Set the trumpet to
your mouth. He shall come as an EAGLE against the House of the Lord (Israel) because,
THEY HAVE TRANSGRESSED my COVENANT, and trespassed against my Law, 2) Israel
shall cry unto Me, My God, We know You, 3) Israel has cast off the THING that is GOOD: the
enemy shall pursue Him.
4) The Treaty of Paris of 1783 from King George III and the Treaty of Marrakash of 1786 from
Khalif Muhammad Ibn Abdullah are both grants that DICTATE the dual nature application of

Law of the Constitution, based on those Two treaties being the Supreme Law of The Land
according to Article VI of the Constitution, as noted they are grants to a Corporation,
the United States & 13 Colonies.
ARTCILE VI supremacy clause
All Debts contracted and Engagements entered into, before the Adoption of this
Constitution, shall be as valid against the United States under this Constitution, as
under the Confederation.
This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance
thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United
States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the judges in every state shall be
bound thereby, anything in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary
Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State
Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the
several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but
no religious Test shall ever be required as a qualification to any Office or public Trust
under the United States.
5) The Constitution operates from the Contractual Status of it being a Government
Reorganization Bankruptcy Act (A Slave Document for Subjects) as it contractually
pertains to the Treaty of Paris of 1783 and later Jay Treaty 1794, and Treaty of Ghent 1814.
Benjamin Franklin [Benjamin BannaKa] borrowed Money from the Money Changers while
this government operated under the Articles of Confederation and signed off on the debt as a
representing Ambassador for the United States & The 13 Colonies. Benjamin Franklin
[Bannaka] entered into a Treaty in 1782 that the United States and the 13 Chartered Corporate
States would be Held Responsible for the First payment being due November 17th 1787. This
was the sole purpose for the creating of the Constitution and the new government and set in
operation a function in the government where the Congress can Borrow money on
behalf of the United States Federal Government (Article I Section 8 Clause 2) and its subject
corporations (States) and subject citizens, then set Up and Incorporate a Bank to give those
FOREIGN Creditors interest in the Labor of the People. This is where we are at now, in

Article I of that Treaty States,

It is agreed and certified that the sums advanced by His Majesty to the Congress of the United States, under the title of a loan, in the
years 1778, 1779, 1780, 1781, and the present, 1782, amount to the sum of eighteen million of livres, money of France, according to the
following twenty-one receipts of the above mentioned underwritten Minister of Congress, given in virtue of his full powers, to wit:
Amounting in the whole to 18 millions, viz ------------------ 18,000,000
By which receipts the said Minister has promised, in the name of Congress, and in behalf of the thirteen United States, to cause to be paid
and reimbursed to the royal treasury of His Majesty, on the 1st of January 1788, at the House of His grand Banker at Paris, the said sum of
eighteen millions, money of France, with interest at 5 percent, per annum3.
Article VI of this Treaty made in 1782 gives a picture of why the government changed when it changed from the Anti-Federalists under
the Articles of Confederation to the Federalists under the Constitution.

6) The United States of America had made a Treaty with the Le-Napi [called Delaware] in 1775
while John Hancock had been President of Congress under the Articles of Association. Our
ancestors gave John Hancock the name Karandaun, which meant Great Tree and represented
a general covenant. It is symbolized in the treaty Flag also called the Continental Flag

This Flag is called the Continental Flag and it

Represented the Moorish Empires treaty
covenant with the provisional government of the
United States of America. John Hancock was the
President of Congress when the Treaty was made
August 31st 1775. The Red Background is
reflective of the Moorish Flag which was
witnessed as far south as Florida by Colonel
Duncan Clinch and General Andrew Jackson at
Peliklakaha, Florida and further into what was
then the remote West

7) Under the Articles of Confederation, the United States in 1786 then received a Grant
(Certificate of Incorporation) under a different Legal Status from The Islamic Empire often
referred to as the Moorish Empire by Europeans. This grant is called the Treaty of Marrakash
made in 1786 to last for 50 years, then regranted in 1836 to last forever. This Treaty Grant and
Certificate of Incorporation brought America under Islamic jurisdiction, under one of its dual
contractual forms, and the United States and the United States of America has been under
these terms ever since 1786. Those who take on the Status of Muslim (Moorish National)
meaning one who has entered into Peace have the most superior contractual status as it
pertains to Real Lawful Status. Islam, which is peace, being Our Nature or the Fundamental
Laws that we are Born into existence under and that Govern everything in the universe is Our
Superior Lawful Status. This government is still on record as being contracted to Our Last
Empire, are We, SANKOFA, SANKOFA! It is time to consciously unite the spiritual and the
8) The Treaty of Marrakash 1786 is a Grant given from the Moorish Empire, called the Sharrieffs
in the 1836 document, to the United States & United States of America. This gives context then
to the first movements to establish Islam in America like the Moorish Science Temple of
America founded by Prophet Noble Drew Ali and the Lost Found Nation of Islam founded by
Master W. Fard Muhammad and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and what the Authors of
these entities were and are aware of and why the government and the Architects who control
government officials use their officials to create so much counterintelligence to suppress this
information about Our People being In America before Europeans got here and its
connections to Islam/Israel American jurisprudence and Our Own Control over repairing Our
9) The Beginnings of International Law, Trade, and commerce of the former British Subjects who
became Citizens of the United States and the Several States begins with the Maritime

Contract called the Treaty of Marrakash of 1786. Maritime contract deal with the Law of the
Sea [vessels].
10) A Moor according to the Codification of Law is first stated in the TRANSLATION of an
Original Arabic document. That translation is called the Treaty of Peace and Friendship 1787.
The original term in the Original Arabic is Mu salaam (Muslim). It is a Lawful Status and a
Citizenship. The Moors are the original lineage of the planet Earth. Moor means Heir, Lord or
Black. The Original Arabic Document called the Treaty of Marrakash was translated into
English for the Former British Subjects by a man named Issac Cordova Nunez. He translated
the Original Arabic Document for the Europeans.
11) The Word British comes from Hebrew and Latin, because of the impact of the Original
people we call Carthaginians/ Phoenicians on that Island. They spoke the Punic languages
which gave rise to Hebrew (Hibiru /Ibir-ians). British comes from Brith which means
CONTRACT or COVENANT. The suffix ish means a people or group, so British means
THE CONTRACT PEOPLE. This gives insight into their Masonic origins all over the
World. The covenants were their induction into the so-called Mysteries, which have never
been mysteries to the Original People.
12) What is STATUS, JURISDICTION, & ADJUDICATION? Status means a position. The sum
total of a living Beings rights. A contractual position defining someones rights and
responsibilities. Jurisdiction is a government or administrative agencys power or authority
to act over all of its contracted citizens/ corporations/entities. A geographical area where
authority is orchestrated. Adjudication is the power to make a ruling or judgment based on
contractual authority over the person, corporation, or entity.
13) The United States, The United States of America, and America do not mean the same thing in
Law or the language of law [legalese]. The United States as defined in contract by the
Constitution in Article I section 8 Clause 17 is the District of Columbia (Ten Square Miles of
Area). It is further clarified 216 years later from the writing of the Constitution in the latest
published edition of the Uniform Commerce Code Official Text that the United States is
defined in Article 9 Secured Transactions Section 307 Clause (h). Location of the United
States- The United States is located in the District of Columbia. Further in Title 28 Section
3002 of the United States Code the United States is defined as, Section-(14) ''State'' means any
of the several States, the District of Columbia, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the
Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas, or any territory or possession of the United States.
The Fictitious Zones called States are the possessions of the United States by debt contract
14) ''United States'' means
A) a Federal corporation
B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States
15) The United States of America is defined in Article I section 2 clause 3, and there is no Lawful
basis for any of the other States to exist by contract, See Return of the Ancient Ones by
Empress Tiara Verdiacee Washitaw . The United States of America was formed before the
Constitution by the Charters given from The Kings of Great Britain at a time when Great
Britain was also under the tributary status of subjects to the Islamic Empire.
16) The Treaty of Paris 1783 later granted the United States of America its rights to exist under
King George II King of Great Britain, Ireland, and France. Keep in Mind the coming of
Europeans to the Western Hemisphere at the decree of the Catholic Church was to establish
Christianity in the Western Hemisphere. Behold a Pale Horse [Revelations 6th Chapter].
17) The Word America does not come from the European Navigator Amerigos Vespucci. His
name was albericus Vespatio. In Spanish the root of America goes back to Amor and rico
or ric Amor means love or care. Rico means rich, wealthy, abundance, fertile. This
meaning is of importance because the Europeans who came here fell in love with the riches of

the Amirs or Moors of the West. America is also rooted in the Arabic Amir Kanu
meaning they are the Lords, which specifies great secrets about the Rise of the West. The West
had been kept a secret from the Europeans by the Original Indigenous People for a long period
of time. The Finding of the riches of the Amirs is exactly what happened. The ancient lineage
of Moors, who were inhabiting North and South America, made Europe rich with Slaves from
America, and gold, and other raw Materials during the 1800s. This discovery of secret trade
routes led to the economic theft of some of the power of Africas trade and the manuvering of
the European to the central stage of power through control over the most important people
and trade in the world the Ancient Moors Amaru aka Tutal Xi sometimes called Olmec Maya.
America means the entire continents of North, Central, and South America. Some one who
lives in Venezuela is also American.
18) An Ancient name for America is Amaru-khan named after its people. Another ancient name is
Aqsa Samal called this by the people we call Carthagians/Phonecians. It means the Remote
North Continent, which verifies that they knew about the lower continent (South America). Al
Gonqiya was another name given to this land, which means the land of the frogs. It was
given this name because the Moors/Muslims who were well acquainted with their Ancestors
the Moors of the West, named this after an Osirian Birth ritual where Frogs were placed over
the Temple corridors representing Spiritual Rebirth, hence Al Gonqiya was another name
given for this land, and it is the root of the Algonquian language, which is a mixture of ancient
languages, Punic, Hebraic/Arabic, and ancient Khametan languages
19) Much of the so-called African Slave Trade was fabricated in the way that is has been
explained by scholars! A source showing that the so-called Indians on the Eastern Seaboard
were Mandinka-Moors/Muslims, is a book called; "Africans and Native Americans", by Jack D.
Forbes. He shows in the book how many of these people, who were called Native American
Indians, were sold into slavery in Africa and Europe. This is the opposite direction in
which we were taught the slave trade went in. These so-called Native Americans or
Indians were classified as Negroes and Blacks in the slave books of Seville, Spain and
elsewhere. On page 29 Forbes reports; slaves from Terranova show up in the slave markets of
Seville (Spain) and Valencia very soon after 1500. For example; in Valencia during the period
to 1516, we find in 1503 Miguel, Manne, in 1505 Juan and Pedro, in 1507 Antonio and Juan
Amarco, in 1515 Ali, now Melchor, in 1516 Catalina. ... they were all classified as Negroes...".
The first slaves were brought to North America in 1555, but the first slaves taken from America
occur at an Earlier date, as is stated by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad in the Book
Fall of America page 218,
Never before have you witnessed the evil
that is spreading far and wide every hour of the day in America and Europe;
England and America being - not the first but the chief slave makers of
Black people. They dislike the idea of having Allah dispose of their power over
the Negro, though they knew this was coming (the loss of their slaves).4
20) One of these so called Indians had the name "Ali" and all were classified as Negro once
they reached Yalencia. How would a so-called Red Indian in 1515 have the Arabic name "Ali"?
The Black man is the Original Man.
21) Over 3,000 Americans (so-called Indians) are known to have been shipped to Europe from
America between 1493 and 1501 (the Columbus Expeditions). Most were sent to the Seville
(Spain) area, where they show up in the slave markets as Negroes. They were Ta-ino. Ta
meaning land or Nation and inos/enos/anaas meaning the Original People. Blacks were
always in America! The "Missing Indians" are the Black Man & Woman of America! The
slaves sold on the slave markets were initially the black people from right here in
this Hemisphere. As they took the lands here, stole/kidnapped the children and raised
them under Caucasian thinking and colonization We lost Our knowledge of Our Being
Indigenous in the Western Hemisphere. This is a well architected design by the enemy! The
millions of Indians, who supposedly disappeared after 1492 did not all die in the 'holocaust'
inflicted within America. Many were sent to Europe and Africa as slaves. The whole slave

Message to the Blackman In America, by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad page 218

trade myth is that the whole story was given to us in reverse. A mass colony of
Africans were not first shipped from Africa to America, that came later, but the truth is that
Blacks were shipped from America to Europe via the Gulf Stream current that runs from the
east coast of America to the western seaboard of Europe! They were then shipped to Spain and
sold. The coast of Africa and Islands that have the slave ports were first Moorish military Forts,
later to be made into prisons and later became trading posts for slavery and many of the slaves
sold were prisoners. Others were scholars who were being sold by Arabs and some Africans.
22)Do you know who the Uatchita (Washitaw) mound builders are? They were singled out by the
United Nations in 1993 as the oldest Indigenous Nation. They are descendants of Ta MRy-ans
(ancient Egyptians) who are the same as the KMTU (Egyptian) or Olmecs and Maya who were
called Uaxatun in America. Generally they are the lineage of Amaru, the Earths oldest
Indigenous Nation. There was an International Trade network over the Atlantic. The Moors of
the Islamic Empire were the Last Empire that we functioned under en masse. There are more
pyramids in the Western Hemisphere than in the east, and we are the direct descendants of
these great architects. You have a nationality.
23) Indian: The term "Indian" was first coined in the language of the Europeans by Christopher
Columbus during his first journey in 1492. Columbus was under the impression that when he
arrived in the Bahamas, he was in the East Indies. When Columbus encountered the so called
Arawaks Ta-inos, he referred to them as "Indians" because their skin color and hair
texture was similar to that of the Black people of Asia. The term, "Indian" only applies to
corporate citizen inhabitants of the Nation State India, not the Indigenous people of America
or Sind [Hindustan - India]. Today, the term "Indian" is officially used as a term of
determination by the United States Federal Government. Indians are inferior subjects of the
United States Federal Government, as contracted in Article I section II clause 2 of the United
States Constitution. These Red and White men and women are half breeds and some are
ancient descendants of the place we call India. The Word comes from Hindi. Indi are Hindi
people, who are originally from Hindustan, called India today. They were banished for not
practicing the sacred Laws of the Ancients many years ago.
24) Indigenous: The term "Indigenous" means In born by genetic lineage. Indigenous
means any people not introduced directly or indirectly according to historical record or
scientific analysis into a particular land or region or environment from the outside; originating
or developing or produced naturally or by nature in a particular land or region or
environment coming from the Latin word "Indigena." The difference between "Indigenous"
and "Native" is that Native refers to contractual rights documented in written form as a claim
for an area or region while Indigenous refers directly to scientific lineage, which both can be
merged in the case of the Aboriginal Nation of the Earth, as reported in the Sacred Quraan
Sharrieff. The Caucasian Jews have attempted to steal Our Place in History. When came the
grafted man to stand as the Original?
25) Illegal Alien: The term "Illegal Alien" refers to the persons of another country who are not
"naturalized" or contractually granted citizenship while living in an Area or Region. Europeans
are the true Illegal Aliens to the Earth! They are not Indigenous to any lands. What is their
Origin? Did they go through the legal requirements for Naturalization in any Indigenous
Lands? The Secret lies in their Certificate of Authority, which We gave to them that they paid
for in the initial sum of $20,000 and the regular tributary payments for incorporation. The
word Alien comes from Aliyyun spelled in English Alien. Aliyyun means the Most High and
the Europeans named this term Alien to keep those who really have un-a-lienable rights out of
their corporation. A-lien is A, meaning against and Lien, means a debt, so the real aliens are
those who are not subject to the debt or those who do not have a debtor Status, the Alis
26) Native American: The term "Native" is from the Middle English word "natif" which means,
"belonging to a particular place by birth." Remember the word Birth comes from the Hebrew
Brith or Covenant-Contract. The citizens of the United States and the Several States are not
Native Americans, they are United States citizens and citizens of their State corporation.
American is not defined in legal terms as a jurisdiction of the Europeans who came here, so

the real Native Americans are all over North Central and South America, before European
invasion. This Includes you Black People. Indians are not free Native Americans, they are
subjects of the United States-District of Columbia by Constitutional Contract.
27) The City of Philadelphia is a corporation, and so is the County of Philadelphia, and anyone
subject to them is so by their Strawman/woman status contracts and residence. Residence is
not define by Geographical location but by Address Number.
Police Officers are Municipal employees of the Corporation that they work for. They only
govern subjects. The Sheriff who is a governmental officer elected by the people is the true law
enforcement. Of course now since many of Us do not have Our own Lawful Status, The Sheriff
is not elected by Real Living Beings but by Corporate Straw men and Women, who are
considered Corporate Citizens.
29) Attorneys are Court Officers. Their Obligation is to the States (Fictitious Corporation). The
Word attorney means one who turns property over to another (The State). As officers of
the Court they represent fictitious entities. Straw men & women who are classified by the
Court as Debtors and subjects. Ever wonder why one can be held in contempt of court if they
speak instead of allowing their Attorney to speak, or unless granted by the judge, who
adjudicates for the (State) Corporation.
30) When a court judge addresses the parties they are not addressing you the Living Being.
They are addressing a fictitious business name that is a debtor in their jurisdiction. Never
respond to being addressed as a name that they call you on their contracts. These are the slave
codes of the past. A bond is always made a requirement, because they consider their corporate
citizen subjects as debtors, so the signing of a Bond is you the living being pledging yourself as
collateral (goods) for the contracted business name on your birth certificates and social
security cards [Stock Certificate]. Yes We are still in Chattel Slavery. No one from the
Bankrupt corporations whether they be State, Municipal-County, or Federal can Charge you
with a crime if you are not a debtor. Ever wonder why Zaccharias Moussaui was not in
Guantanomo Bay with the other so-called terrorist? His case was based on His knowledge of
International Law & contracts. As a French-Moroccan National, the governance of interfacing
that He had with the United States is based on Treaties, now He has disappeared from among
the public eye. Did they release Him?
31) Check the Back of Your Social Security Card. It has a [9] nine digit letter/number called a
CUSIP number which appears on all stock certificates. CUSIP is an acronym meaning
Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures. The number consists of
nine characters (including letters and numbers) that uniquely identify a company or issuer
and the type of security. The first six characters uniquely identify the issuer and have been
assigned to issuers in alphabetic sequence, and two other characters (alphabetic or numeric)
which identify the issue. The ninth digit is the check digit. The first letter represents one of the
Federal Reserve Banks, which are holding your SS Bond.
A= Boston
B= New York
C= Philadelphia
D= Cleveland
E= Richmond
F= Atlanta
G= Chicago
H= St. Louis
I= Minneapolis
J= Kansas City
K= Dallas
L= San Francisco

Federal Reserve District Banks

Matching CUSIP Letter Holding Bond of Strawman/woman

32)Laws, Statutes, regulations, codes and ordinances do not mean the same thing because they all
have different points of Origination. Law is that Which governs creation. It is from the
Originator. So a force like gravity is a REAL LAW. Statutes are measures instituted in our
social universe for the governance of society. Fictitious and illusory color of law are that
which we have been exposed to since the Caucasian enemy- European has been on the planet
and since We have lost the power to control the FORCES of NATURE. Statutes are extractions
from REAL LAW made for the social governance of Human Beings. The Quraan is a statute
Book, the Constitution is Statutory Regulation. Regulations, codes, and ordinances all come
from the Caucasians understanding of the Ancient Scriptural statutory Books of the Original
Man. The Caucasians have put their mental frequency into the interpretation of these Books
and derived from them their religions and order of Governments, through incorporated or
Artificial entities, since they themselves are artificial or colored. Codes and regulations are for
the governance of Artificial entities or fictitious persons, businesses, while placing contracts
on living beings making them the collateral for the Bonds (contracts) simply put slaves.
33) Real Law is based on three eternal Laws, Masculine, Feminine, and Cohesive principles of
Creations, which make up LiL aka ALLAH, the supreme Being. These manifest themselves on
the planes of mind (mental- highest wave frequency), spirit (interaction between matter and
mind), and body (physical dense wave/particle) Real Law is based on the 4 qualities and the 4
elements the grand 8 ancestors and the 9th the Chief ancestor the Creator-Source. The 4
elements are light air water and earth. Their technical names are photons oxygen, water, and
carbon. The 4 qualities are the conditions of those elements hot cold wet and dry, and Nomos,
which means a full system of laws operating as a Unit from nemein , which means to arrange.
Our Dogon People of Mali say the Nomos came from the Sirius Star System and taught them
the knowledge of the heavens, specifically three stars that are there Sirius A, B, and C and a
planet. The Caucasians could not see Sirius B or C with their best telescopes until after they
were taught this by these so called uncivilized tribes of people. This leads into the science
called remote viewing, and the ability to tune into and see anything in the universe a science
mastered by Aboriginals. Astronomy and Astrology are different in that one deals with real
Law and a proper orientation with the ROOTS of Law and the Other deals with Law from a
conflicting and inaccurate often conflicting point of Origin (Ptolemys work Tetrabiblios), not

identifying the true power and sole controller of the universe and proper mathematics,
therefore another form of mistaken governance of Ourselves.



34) All citizens claiming 14th Amendment Status are classified as corporations, in the function of
either individual, association, partnership etc Individuals are the only corporate contracted
status that have full liability. Associations, partnerships, and other corporations are usually
LLCs or limited liability companies. Corporate citizenship is defined at the United States Code
Title 28, defining the jurisdiction of the Courts over Government sanctioned (contracted)
entities. This simply means that the United States or a subsidiary corporation of the United
States is their Creator and Regulator: (c) 1332/
1. Citizenship Corporate citizenship is considered by both:
a. the corporations state of incorporation (through the U.S. Inc or the State)
b. The Corporations principal place of business (residence)
2.Insurance Companys Citizenship is:
a. Its state of incorporation
b. its principal place if business
c. The state of the insured person (customer) if the insurance company is not joined as a defendant
3.Executors/ Trustees are citizens of the state of the decedent/beneficiary, with regard to related claims
4. Aliens are citizens of the state where they are domiciled, if they reside there with the intention of
becoming a permanent resident of the U.S.
The United States the House of Representatives the US Senate the Supreme Court are all Private
Businesses with investors and the so called US subject citizens ARE NOT the primary shareholders.
WAKE UP!!!!!
The 13th ** Amendment

35) The thirteenth Amendment present in the Constitution is not the Original thirteenth
Amendment that was voted on successfully in both houses in 1865. There were a total of three
proposals for the 13th amendment under Lincoln. The second proposal is the amendment that
was accepted by vote of both houses and signed by Lincoln into law on February 1st 1865. Then
came the problems. Lincoln was assassinated because of this great history that has been
mostly covered. This information is in a book called The Great Conspiracy by John Logan
pages 448-449. The History is extensive. Why did Lincoln want to give the Former - Slaves
Land [a segregated State of their own] and even offered compensation to THE Confederate
States offering payment to them if they released claim to their chattel property [slaves]. Who
were the Free Colored Persons? Lincoln stated to One of his closest political allies in this
Book [The Great Conspiracy],

You and I were old Whigs, both of Us followers of that great statesman, Henry clay. I tell
you I never had an opinion up on the subject of slavery in my life that I did not get from
Why is this relationship between Henry Clay and Lincoln important? It is because Lincoln knew
that Henry Clay was the Secretary of State, when the first Moor/Muslim that had been enslaved,
named Ibrahim Abdur-Rahmaan Ibn Suri, was set free by the order of John Quincy Adams, then
president and Henry Clay, the Secretary of State. This was done because Henry Clay and
President Adams knew by supreme contract that they could not enslave, imprison, or kidnap a
Moor/Muslim based on the Treaty of Marrakash of 1786-1836 and the Constitutional Supremacy
Clause Article VI. The Khalif at the time Abdur-Rahmaan Ibn Hishamm a Blackman, who was a
Moor and an heir and descendant of Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah of 7th century Arabia gave
the order for release according to the Treaty of Marrakash 1786/1787 -1836 Article 16. Lincoln
knew the truth about the history and lineage of the so-called slaves and their Islamic origins in
America prior to the Europeans, so He used the United States army to protect them. Lincoln was
also aware of the court case just 17 years earlier The United States vs. The Heirs of Henry Tunica
cases no 32 & 191 U. S. App.Ct. This was the case where the Moors of Uatchita (Washitaw) won
back their land that was stolen in the Louisiana purchase.
36) Article 13 (Original 13th Amendment) April 9th 1864 the following year Congress proposed
another edition of the thirteenth Amendment to Abraham Lincoln, which He signed on
February 1st of 1865. Lincoln delivered his last address in March of 1865 where He discussed
the relationship of the wicked pharaoh and the Children of Israel enslaved in Egypt to the
so-called slaves in America and the prophetic connection. He was assassinated a few weeks
later being shot April 14th and dieing April 15th in 1865. The later passed 13th and 14th
amendments gave corporate citizenship, taking the slaves out of the hand of the former chattel
slave masters into the hands of the Federal Government as corporate property, with no rights
on the state level. The present day thirteenth amendment is the altered version and was
ratified under President Andrew Johnson in December of 1865. Take a look at the three
variations of the 13th Amendment
Proposed April 9th 1864 Not passed by Congress:
Sec 1 All persons shall have the right peaceably to assemble and worship God according to the
dictates of their own conscience.
Sec. 2 The use of the public press shall not be obstructed; but criminal publications made in one
State against the lawful institutions of another State shall not be allowed.
Sec 3 The right of citizens to free and lawful speech in public assemblies shall not be denied.
Access of citizens to the ballot box shall not be obstructed either by civil or military power. The military
shall always be subordinate to the existing judicial authority over the citizens. The privilege of the writ if
habeas corpus shall never be suspended in the presence of the judicial authority.
Sec 4 The militia of a State or of the United States shall not be employed to invade the lawful
rights of the people of any of the Several States; but the United States shall not be hereby deprived of the
right and power to defend and protect its property and rights within the limits of any of the States.
Sec 5 Persons held to service or labor for life in any State under the laws thereof, may be taken
into any Territory of the United States South of North latitude 36 and the right to such service or labor
shall not be impaired thereby, and the territorial Legislative thereof shall have exclusive right to make
and shall make all needful rules and regulations for the protection of such right and also for the
protection of such persons; but Congress or any Territorial legislative shall not have power to impair or
abolish such right of service in the said Territory while in a territorial condition without the consent of
all States south of said latitude which maintain such service

Sec 6 Involuntary Servitude, except for crime, shall not be permanently established within the
District set apart for the seat of Government of the United States; but the right of sojourn in such District
with persons held to service or labor for life shall not be denied.
Sec.7 When any Territory of the United States south of north latitude 36 30 shall have a
population equal to the ratio of representation for one member of Congress and the people thereof shall
have formed a constitution for a republican form of government; it shall be admitted as a state into the
Union on an equal footing with the other states; and the people may in such constitutions either prohibit
or sustain the right to involuntary labor or service and alter or amend the constitution at their will.
Sec 8 The present right of representation in Section 2 Article 1 of this Constitution, shall not be
altered without the consent of all the States maintaining the right to involuntary service or labor south of
latitude 3630 but nothing this Constitution or its amendments shall be construed to deprive any State
south of said latitude 3630 of the right of abolishing involuntary servitude at its will.
Sec 9 The regulation and control of the right to labor service in any of the States south of latitude
3630 is hereby recognized to be exclusively the right of each State within its own limits; and this
Constitution shall not be altered or amended to impair this right of each State without its consent.
Provided, this article shall not be construed to absolve the United States from rendering assistance to
suppress insurrections or domestic violence when called upon by any State, as provided in Section 4
Article 4, of this Constitution.
Sec. 10
No State shall pass any law in any interfering with or obstructing the recovery of
any fugitives from justice, of from labor or service, or any law of Congress made under Article 4 Section 2
of this Constitution; and all laws in violation of this Section may, on complaint made by any person or
State, be declared void by the Supreme Court of the United States.
Sec 11 As a right of comity between the Several States south latitude 3630 the right of transit
with persons held to involuntary labor or service from one State to another shall not be obstructed, but
such persons shall not be brought in to the States north of said latitude.
Sec 12 The traffic in slaves with Africa is hereby forever prohibited on pain of death
and the forfeiture of all rights and property of persons engaged therein; and the
descendants of Africa shall not be citizens.
Sec 13 Alleged fugitives from labor or service on request shall have a trial by jury before being
Sec 14 All alleged fugitives charged with crime committed in violation of the laws of a state shall
leave the right of trial by jury and if such person claims to be a citizen of another State, shall have a right
of appeal or a writ of error (status question) to the Supreme Court of the United States.
Sec 15 All acts of any inhabitant of the United States tending to incite persons held to service or
labor to insurrection or acts of domestic violence, or to abscond, are hereby prohibited and declared to
be a penal offense; and all courts of the United States shall be open to suppress and punish such offenses
at the suit of any citizen of the United States of the suit of any State.
Sec 16 All conspiracies in any State to interfere with lawful rights in any other States or against
the United States shall be suppressed; and no state or the people thereof shall with draw from this Union
without the consent of three fourths of all the States; expressed by an amendment proposed and ratified
in the manner provided in Article 5 of the Constitution.
Sec 17 When ever any State wherein involuntary servitude is recognized or allowed shall propose
to abolish such servitude, and shall apply for pecuniary assistance therein the Congress may in its
discretion grant such relief not exceeding one hundred dollars for each person librated but Congress

shall not propose such abolishment or relief to any State. Congress may assist free persons of
African descent to emigrate and Colonize Africa.
Sec 18 Duties on imports may be imposed for revenue; but shall not be excessive or prohibitory in
Sec 19 When all of the several States shall have abolished slavery, then and thereafter slavery or
involuntary servitude except as punishment for crime shall never be established or tolerated in any of
the States or Territories of the United States, and they shall be forever free.
Sec 20 The provisions of this Article relating to involuntary labor or servitude shall not be altered
without the consent of all States maintaining such servitude.

January 1865-Thirteenth Amendment

ARTICLE_._ Every State wherein Slavery now exists which shall abolish the same therein, at
any time, or times, before the 1st day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred,
shall receive compensation from the United States, as follows, to wit:
The President of the United States shall deliver to every such State, bonds of the Unites States,
bearing interest at the rate of __ percent per annum, to an amount equal to the aggregate sum of __ for
each Slave shown to have been therein by the eighth census of the United States, said bonds to be
delivered to such States by installments, or on one parcel, at the completion of the abolishment,
accordingly as the same shall have been gradual, or at one time, within such State; and interest shall run
upon any such bond only from the proper time of its delivery as aforesaid. Any States having received
bonds as aforesaid and afterward reintroducing or tolerating Slavery therein, shall refund to the United
States the bonds so received, or the value thereof, and all interest paid thereon.
ARTICLE _._ All Slaves who shall have enjoyed actual freedom by the chances of War at any
time before the end of the rebellion, shall be forever Free; but all owners of such, who shall not have
been disloyal, shall be compensated for them, at the same rates as is provided for States adopting
abolishment of Slavery, but in such way that no slave shall be twice accounted for.
* ARTICLE _._ Congress may appropriate money, and otherwise provide for colonizing Free Colored
Persons, with their own consent, at any place or places within the United States.
Great Conspiracy by John A. Logan pages 448,449
Current Thirteenth Amendment- December 1865
Sec. 1 Neither Slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party
shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their
Sec 2 Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.
37) The Uniform Commercial Code covers all contractual dealings in negotiable instruments,
which are any contracts with written signatures, the sale & exchange of Goods, and secured
contractual transactions covering collateral, which means all contract and commerce that we
take part in including all forms of licensing, status documents, notary work, mortgaging,
banking, travel documents, purchases all trade. Without the proper knowledge of How to
engage the Uniform commercial codes we remain commercial slaves.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that everyone has a right to a
nationality, as passed by the General Assembly of The United Nations: Universal
Declaration of Human Rights in Article 15;
Article 15.
1) Everyone has the right to a Nationality.
2) No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to
change his nationality.
39) The Louisiana Purchase was illegal. The present 14 states, which cover some 949,055 square
miles belong to our ancient Black ancestors who were in the Americas before the European
and the Red Indian as we know Them today. The court case called the United States vs. The
Heirs of Henry Tunica (Turner) 1848 case no. 32 & 191 sealed the fate of the Caucasian
Europeans in America as the Tunicas who were and are descendants of Yusef Ibn Ali and
Ayahmareeyah of that area are descendants of Muslims/Moors and Khamites [Israeel] who
were in America before the Christian Inquisition. One of their Heirs Empress Tiara Verdiacee
Washitaw-Goston El Bey is the legal Heir to the Neutral Strip, which covers The Maison Rouge
Land Grants the De Bastrop Land Grant, and the Croazat Land Grants.
The economy of the United States is based on Debt. The mortgage market is the largest
debt making project next to the prison industrial complex. The Word MORT- GAGE means
DEAD PLEDGE. All mortgages are dead pledges and are not loans. The Corporations who are
alleging to give loans through promissory notes are committing fraud through a lack of
contractual disclosure, therefore violating the Truth In Lending Laws. Every Mortgage you
read will have this clause,
For this purpose BORROWER does Hereby mortgage, grant, and convey to the
Lender, the following described property (Property Description).
How can the alleged BORROWER mortgage, grant, and convey, the property, if they are
seeking ownership? It is because as corporate citizens under the Status of Individual having
full liability these entities can possess what is called corporeal property. As Limited Liability
Companies, association, corporations, banks etc cannot have corporeal interest in property
but can have incorporeal interests, which means leans easements, and security interests. Thus
when the incorporeal security interests are not met by payment or discharge of the mortgage
then the property cedes back, not to the corporation, but to the Sheriff, administrator of the
sovereign jurisdiction, The County. The Corporation, who had the mortgage lien, can then bid
amongst other bidders for the property, Corporations change the nature of the mortgage
instrument from a note (Two Party Instrument) to a draft (Three Party Instrument). The real
collateral and capital which is called a loan is not loaned by the corporation, but pledged by
the signer of the note, you, the alleged borrower. What a scam that goes right to the root of
how this DEBT system runs, and is crumbling fast!
41) The Internal Revenue Code of the IRS Title 26 states plainly that it is based on VOLUNTARY
COMPLIANCE, but how do you voluntarily comply? Through contracts of adhesion, or
implied contracts? The words on a W-4 form give away the scandal on face Withholding
ALLOWANCE Certificate. If you do not allow for the withholding then there is no contract.
Do not place exempt on a W-4. There is no legal/lawful rule stating that you must have a W-4
or W-9 to work in the United States of America.
42)Do you own Your Body parts? New York State along with many other states have now passed
legislation permitting Dentists to keep the teeth of the patients when they are pulled.
Nanotechnology is being used to implant computer chips in these teeth and in fillings. Did the
Dentist grow your teeth, Put a Claim on It!
43) Monsanto INC. and other corporations are putting patents on seeds. Have you seen all the
seedless fruits in the Markets? These are fruits with no manganese, a primary mineral for
reproduction. These fruits are altered and cancerous to the cell tissues of the Indigenous
Peoples of the Earth. What legal ramifications can a subject fictitious person-Corporate citizen
experience through violation of the use of patented seeds in the future? Will you go to jail just
because you disagree with state controlled rationing of food, which will be human

experimentation. Nazi Germany was nothing compared to what they have planned. What is
your plan? What is Our Plan? Join on to Your own locally, Nationally, and Internationally
44) Human regeneration and sale and exchange of Body parts is one of the biggest Businesses
on the Planet. The excitement is about all the melanin dominant Indigenous people who are
not using their melanin or its power. We are dieing and having all kinds of Organs removed.
These organs are being removed and the melanin and neuromelanin is being sold to scientists
who are using it for stem cell research, cloning etc
45) Do you have children, are they yours or Do they belong to Family Court or DHS CPS [Child
Protective Services]? When two Corporate citizens marry the state any MANUFACTURED
corporations from them [Children] are property of the Chief corporation. A Marriage license is
permission from the state Corporation allowing two people to form a BOND. If the true Bond
is love ask yourself can a corporation produce love. You may say well its just a formal
procedure [business], me and my partner have spiritual relationship based on Gods Law. Well
then what happens when the relationship does not work out in an environment that is antimarriage by nature. Do you get an Officer of the Court (Attorney) and the State to deal with
the severance of the BOND? Then if that entity allowed the Bond and can break it
OFFICIALLY then they are your God in that BOND contract. Use General Affidavit Contracts
for Marriage. Get them Notarized and Record them at the County/ Miscellaneous Documents
or get the Notary Authenticated on a County level and keep your own personal record. Trust
[Contract] in/with your family, your Cultural Community, and your own Indigenous Nation,
not the enemy.
46) The word dollar is derived from the French Dahl meaning fraud and lar meaning
illegal. A dollar is the weight, value and or measurement of the medium of exchange as it is
transacted from the Authority of the United States or its Creditors. Federal Reserve Notes,
Checks, Bonds, Stock, Promissory notes, or any kind of negotiable instrument collateralized by
some value is a dollar. It is illegal and a federal crime for any entity to request a specific form
of currency in the discharge of a debt. It need only be U.S. Dollars and federal reserve notes
are not the only U.S. Dollars. Should we let the Federal Reserve control and Monopolize
currency? The City of Ithaca New York operates its own Currency. There are many who have
followed this procedure. It is perfectly lawful/legal.
47) Is your money wide open to Liens as it is in Your Bank account at Present. Get an account
without a social security number that you can use internationally that the IRS cant touch. Go
to www2. and learn a more scientific way to handle your accounting or use a
debit card that is not connected to a Bank www.wiredplastic .com. or open an account under
aboriginal businesses
48) All of the following can be avoided as a risk IF and ONLY IF YOU HAVE A PROPER
STATUS that is superior in Nature based on Supreme Law based out of the Treaty of
Marrakash 1786 & 1836. If you are a socalled African American you are of Moorish lineage by
nature, lineage, and Nationality and you are apart of Earths oldest Indigenous Nation
Treaty of
1786 Original
Certificate of
Authority for
of the United

Moorish Flag. The

Star was later added
by the French when
they conquered
Morocco. The Star
and Crescent are also
old emblems that
have been placed on
the Flag. The Red
represents the Star
Sirius and the first
wave frequency of
the light spectrum.

We use them now, so we should know how to fully protect them.
ADHESION CONTRACT: (Blacks Law Dictionary VI Ed.) Standardized contract form
offered to consumers of goods and services on essentially take it or leave it basis without
affording consumer realistic opportunity to bargain and under such conditions that consumer
cannot obtain desired product or services except by acquiescing in form contract. Distinctive
feature of adhesion contract is that weaker party has no realistic choice as to its terms.
Contracted obligation to the federal debt paid through lien on property, labor and income
Foundation and nexus for all UCC presentments.
Foundation instrument for all adhesion contracts.
Transferred power of attorney to SSA unless you contract as an Aboriginal and remove this tax
51) 1040S & W-4 TAX FORMS
Contract with Federal Reserve Bank and the IRS obliging one to pay taxes.
Volunteering into the income tax system.
W-4 is an estate & gift tax form for federal employees. Operate TAX exempt NATIONALIZE!
Unraveled commercial agreement contracting an obligation to municipal, county & State
Enrollment as a taxpayer subject to State codes.
Implied obligation to the federal debt paid through property, labor, and income taxes.
Foundation and nexus for all UCC presentments.
Foundation for all adhesion contracts and the proper response is to bond this instrument into
the public venue nullifying the private operation of your DOGT
Contract with Federal Reserve Bank and IRS obliging one to pay taxes.
Permits government agencies access and the IRS to garnish your wages and seize your bank
accounts. Get accounts as an Aboriginal via the FSIA Act
Contract to receive/send mail within a federal area.
Enough evidence to support the presumption of federal citizenship.
Contract with the U.S. Corporation and its foreign principles/creditors.
Public companies are owned and controlled by the government.
Contract to be available for the draft if the federal government calls.
For U.S. citizens only not aboriginals and Indigenous Persons.
Contract with the State to be a third party to your marriage.
Wherein the State gets the power of attorney to take your children away if they deem it
necessary for any reason.


Contract to obey State laws pertaining to your business.
Counties are now assessing and collecting a tax on personal & business property.
Who actually owns the Federal Reserve Central Banks? The ownership of the 12 Central
banks, a very well kept secret, has been revealed: Rothschild Bank of London
Warburg Bank of Hamburg
Rothschild Bank of Berlin
Lehman Brothers of New York
Lazard Brothers of Paris
Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York
Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy
Goldman, Sachs of New York
Warburg Bank of Amsterdam
Chase Manhattan Bank of New York
(Reference: En Route to Global Occupation" by Gary H. Kah, P. 13, Reference 12, P. 152) (All are
really fronts for the Rothschilds; MBJ)
61) These bankers are connected to London Banking Houses which ultimately control the FED.
When England lost the Revolutionary War with America (The caucasians were fighting their
own government and the Indigenous Governments in the West after the making of the
Constitution), they planned to control everyone by controlling the banking system, the
printing of paper money, and the creation of debt.
The individuals listed below owned banks which in turn owned shares in the FED. The banks listed
below have significant control over the New York FED District, which controls the other 11 FED
Districts. These banks also are partly foreign owned and control the New York FED District Bank.
First National Bank of New York
James Stillman
National City Bank, New York
Mary W. Harnman
National Bank of Commerce, New York
A.D. Jiullard
Hanover National Bank, New York
Jacob Schiff
Chase National Bank, New York

Thomas F. Ryan
Paul Warburg
William Rockefeller
Levi P. Morton
M.T. Pyne
George F. Baker
Percy Pyne
Mrs. G.F. St. George
J.W. Sterling
Katherine St. George
H.P. Davidson
J.P. Morgan (Equitable Life/Mutual Life)
Edith Brevour T. Baker

(Reference "Bulletin", February 1989 & November 1991 issues, P.O. Box 986, Ft. Collins, CO 80522 for
above, Reference: "The Secrets of the Federal Reserve" by Mullins 22 has details, P. 92, 93, 96, 179) (All
are really fronts for the Rothschilds; MBJ)
62) How did it happen? After previous attempts to push the Federal Reserve Act through
Congress, a group of bankers funded and staffed Woodrow Wilson's campaign for President.
He had committed to sign this act. In 1913, a Senator, Nelson Aldrich, maternal grandfather to
the Rockefellers, pushed the Federal Reserve Act through Congress just before Christmas
when much of Congress was on vacation. When elected, Wilson and Congress passed the FED
ACT. Later, Wilson remorsefully replied (referring to the FED),
"I have unwittingly ruined my country" (Reference: "Repeal the Federal Reserve Banks" by
Rev. Casimir Frank Gierut P. 31).
Now the banks financially back sympathetic candidates. Not surprisingly, most of these
candidates are elected (Reference: "The Federal Reserve Bank", by H.S. Kenan, published by
The Noontide Press , P. 208-210, Reference: "Savings and Loan Unethical Bailout" by Rev.
Casimir F. Gierut, P. 235, Reference "En Route to Global Occupation" by Gary H. Kah, P. 36).
The bankers employ members of the Congress on weekends (nickname T&T club -out
Thursday...-in Tuesday) with lucrative salaries (Reference: "The Federal Reserve Bank", by
H.S. Kenan, published by The Noontide Press, P. 209). Additionally, the FED started buying
up the media in the 1930's and now owns or significantly influences most of it
(Reference: "The New World Order, Saving America", P.O. Box 1205, Middleburg, FL 32050-1205, 10, 11,
P. 145).

55) Lincoln, Jackson, and Kennedy tried to stop this family of bankers by printing U.S. dollars
without charging the taxpayers interest. Today, if the government runs a deficit [Federal], the
FED prints dollars through the U.S. Treasury, buys the debt, and the dollars are circulated into
the economy. In 1992, taxpayers paid the Federal Reserve Bank banking system $286 billion in
interest on debt the Federal Reserve Bank purchased by printing money virtually cost free
(Reference: Savings and Loan Unethical Bailout" by Rev. Casimir F. Gierut, P. 265). Forty
percent of our personal federal income taxes goes to pay this interest. The Federal Reserve
Banks books are not open to the public. Congress has yet to audit it.


56) INDIGENOUS HISTORY 101 - The Origin of Western Indigenous Nations: History of PreColumbian America: It is important to note that the so-called tribes that are spoken of in North
& West Africa and in the Americas in Ancient and middle Ancient periods were of the same
ethnic, cultural, and biological origin. This information and study has already been done. The
Atlantic was never a barrier for our people. In 1930 French Author Jules Cauvet wrote in his
Book Les Bereberes en Amerique [The Berbers in America] that the ethnic names of 46
of 77 examined names of inland and coastal so-called African Berber [Ibr or H-ibr-u
[Hebrew/Israeel] communities match American Tribes [Les Berberes en Amerique by
Gaston Edouard Jules Cauvet1930- They Came Before Columbus Ivan Van
Sertima 1976 page 252].
57) In the 4th century, a Black Chinese [Nakh-is] missionary under the Shang Dynasty named HsuShen (Hoshan) came to America in search for his people who were the East Yi (Black
58) When the Black Chinese [Nakh-is] arrived, they encountered the Khamites (Egyptian) or Olmecs
[MOORS] who had already been living on the land. The Chinese considered the Black Khamites
(Egyptian) or Olmecs [MOORS] as the descendants of the Black Chinese "Yi" people. Hoshan's
people settled and some mixed in with the Amaru and produced the mexican races of the
Americas aka Aztecs." The MOORS fought over the lower kingdom against these so called
Mexicans. These Indians called the land 'Mu-Xian' which is a combination of the OlmeccanAshuric-Aramaic word 'Mu' which means "one land", and the Chinese word 'Xian' meaning land
of the west. Did you know that there is a province in China today called 'Xian', and that this is
the site of the only Chinese pyramids? Mu-Xian meaning One Nation, became 'Mixian' and
eventually 'Mexian' or 'Mexico.' These Aztecs called themselves 'Mexicans' and they re-mixed
with the Khamites (Egyptian) or Olmecs, which resulted in a sub-tribes called 'Hopi'. The Hopi
clan was taught the religion of the Amaru and were given the secrets of the stars and the subject
knowledge of Pole Shift. Several hundred years later the Hindu East Indians arrived in Mexico
they bred in with the Mexicans and produced Mongoloid tribes like the Inuit and Eskimo who
migrated far north to Canada and Alaska.
59) Out of the Mexican also came the Aztec, Inca, Mixtec, Toltec,
60) The Red Indian we know of today is a result of mixing between the Olmec [MOOR] and Asian
Mongols as well as mixing with europeans. This is why you have some Native Americans with
dark skin with Negroid feature and some with light skin and Mongoloid features.
1. Amaru [MOORS ISRAEL] Khamites (Egyptian) or Olmecs - Indigenous Americans
2. Chinese - Immigrants
3. Mexican - Aborigines who were the combination of Khamites (Egyptian) or Olmecs and
4. East Indian- Immigrants

61) The tribes of North America were a result of the Allegewi properly pronounced Al Ajaw (name of
Olmec Mayan Kings) and Mexicans; however, some of the Mexicans continued to mix with the
remaining Chinese and produced yellow tribes.
62) The Irish were the first Europeans [Caucasians in the West [Americas]. They were called the
Norse and were here with the Moors. Many of the members of the Continental Congress were
Irish. They were the first Western initiates amongst the whites. Many of them were
antifederalists. The secret history of the Irish in pre-Columbian America was known by their
European Brethren. This is why the other Europeans enslaved the Irish. After the British took
over Jamaica [Xamaca] in the Early 1830s the main source of trade for the Irish was cut off
causing a Potatoe Famine. The other white Europeans skillfully caused mass migrations of Irish
to America and induced them with the thinking that they were immigrants, when in truth their
ancestors predated the existence of the other European tribes and clans. Get the Book How the
Irish Became White by Noel Ignatiev. The word Irish is Arabic from the root word Arash
meaning a throne or Altar. It is connected to the Yoruba word Orisha, which is a name given to
the ancestral spirits.
63) In the 15th century all of this changed, the other European clans arrived for the first time
(Spaniards, French, British, Italians, and Portuguese). The Europeans mixed in with many of our
ancestors and they produced even more stocks that have slowly disappeared. Today you will find
so-called white Native American tribes.
64) Many of our ancestors would not miscegenate with the other ethnic groups and remained pure
blooded black Indigenous Americans. The Moors Amaru called by the name 'Yamasee' (yaamass-e or yama-see), from the Qara Ya Masih, which means They are anointed were one group.
The Yamasee resided in Georgia and were tone of the mother Nation of all Indigenous Black
Southeastern and Eastern peoples.
65) The Yamasee are direct descendants of the Amaru Olmec- Maya the Al Ajaw aka allegewi
moundbuilders through the Washitaw (Uaxatun)Moors. The Yamasee lived in Georgia on the
Ocmulgee River near Macon, Georgia and where early Yamasee pyramidal mounds were
discovered. The Yamasse and Saragi [Cherokee] are the mother Nation of the Creeks, Seminoles,
Apalachees, Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Catawbas. In the 1700's, the British, French, and
Spaniards mixed into many of these tribes. In 1715, the Yamasee rose in rebellion against the
English and allied with the Spaniards. Some of the Yamasee-Creeks migrated to what is now
known as Savannah Georgia and became outlaws under the tribal name of Yamacraw. When the
British began taking women and children into slavery, many Indigenous Moorish men mixed in
with runaway African slaves. A war broke our between the Yamasee and the British in 1715,
'The Yamasee Uprising.' Throughout the 1700's, many people were slaughtered and children
kidnapped. The European had a systematized plan of colonization through kidnapping Children,
which comprised the major populous of the West. Remnants of these Nations banded together to
create an confederate-alliance. These newly formed tribes of Coosah, Chowan and Congaree were
known as 'Catawbas.' The Catawbas spoke a dialect of the ancient Cushite language, which was
bits and pieces of the original (Egyptian) or Olmec-African language. The Catawba lived in South
Carolina. After the Yamasee Uprising, our Indigenous Power began a slow collapsed in Georgia,
South Carolina, and Alabama.
66) Many of the Moors [Yamasee] escaped to Florida where they joined runaway African slaves to
form what would later be called "Runaways" or 'Seminole [Maroons]. Other tribes, which came
from this union, were the Oconee and the Hitchiti. The Oconee relocated from the Oconee River
and moved westward to the Chattahootchie where they mixed in with the Lower Creeks, which
resided in the areas of Pensacola and Tallahassee Florida. All of these tribes were originally black
tribes of the Moors [Yamasee].
67) The Moors [Yamasee] scattered throughout the Southeast and East, however a large number of
Yamasee escaped from Alabama. The Moors [Yamasee] and African runaways had a few things
in common:
1. Both were of the same lineage;





2. Because of this they were able to blend in with each other; and
3. Both had a hatred for the Colonial British.
Proof that these People were Moors is an account of Interaction Between an Officer under
General Andrew Jackson and these People and the Moorish Flag of Marrakash,that they Flew in
Florida at the Black Fort. This is documented in A Book called The Black West by William Katz
and in Governmental War Records. The Black people in Florida were Moors or Maroons Flying
the Moorish Flag and the British Union Jack as there existed International Treaties between the
Moors and British in the early and mid 1700s. General Jackson and other Federal Government
Officers wanted this History Demolished as it has severe consequences to the truth of American
Throughout slavery, thousands of African slaves escaped the plantations and sought refuge with
their neighboring Indigenous Black Americans of the same lineage. The natives had an
incredible knowledge of outdoor survival and location. It is often believed that Harriet Tubman,
who freed slaves via the Underground Railroad, was herself a black Native American because of
her knowledge of paths and terrain.
The U.S. Army persecuted the Seminoles [Moors] because they opposed slavery. The Seminoles
[Moors] knew that the people who were being sold into slavery were a faction of them. U.S. slave
holders tried to cause tension between the red Seminoles and the black Seminoles; thus a war
erupted between the Seminoles and the U.S. slave holders. Seminoles and former slaves joined
together and attacked slave plantations. General Andrew Jackson prepared to wipe out the
Seminole. Jackson gathered Creek tribes along with U.S. soldiers to destroy the Seminole. This
war lasted for decades and extended all throughout Florida. These wars were called the Seminole
Wars, however General Jessup stated from his own mouth that the war was not an Indian war
but a war with Negros and posed the greatest threat to the United States of America since its
By 1826, wealthy Creeks who also owned African slaves were sent to persuade the Seminole to
join in the slave trade, when the Seminole once again refused, Seminoles were kidnapped and
sold on the Southern slave markets. The U.S. Army also trying to push the Seminoles out of
Florida onto reserved Indian Territory west of the Mississippi. The Army was faced with much
opposition with the resistance of the Seminole who were guided by the Seminole chief Osi
yaallah [Osceola]. The Seminole knew that the whites would not follow after them for their fear
of alligators and snakes. The black Seminoles remained in Texas and moved out into Oklahoma,

72) There is a woman named Verdiacee Washitaw-Turner Goston El-Bey, and she is the legal heir by
lineage & contract to the Maison Rouge land grants that were willed to her great-greatgrandfather, Henry (Tunica) Turner. Verdiacee's land is the district of Louisiana which is named
after her great-great-great- grandfather's friend Louis Boullingny, who sold the land to Joseph
De Maison Rouge in 1795. Joseph had a servant/wife named Annie in which the land went to her.
Annie named the land Louisiana after 'Louis' and 'Annie.' In 1848 the U.S. government took the
(Tunicas) Turners to court to take the district of Louisiana, however the government lost and the
land was granted to the heirs of Henry Turner (Tunica), one of Whom is Eliza Tunica, the
Mother of Prophet Noble Drew Ali. Verdaicee has attempted to set up a Sovereign Moorish
Nation that is recognized by the U.S. Government. The Sub Commission on Prevention of
Discrimination and Protection of Minorities Working Groups on Indigenous Populations
recognized the Washitaw as the oldest indigenous people on earth. The U.S. government does
not own the district of Louisiana, as we may believe. Also, the state of Georgia is also owned by
the Moorish [Yamasee], it's documented! Many Indigenous Americans signed treaties with the
U.S. government, but never actually sold any of the land over. Technically the land still belongs
to our Indigenous Nations, not the Federal Government however we must understand the

concept of easements and get busy with our businesses which is how we will regain title through
the orchestration of production and business gaining public trust easements as a nation-state
73) All so-called Red American Indians descended from the Mexicans, Asian mixtures. How does
that make other Native Americans feel, especially today's Red Indian? It is important that we as
Americans understand the origin of the so-called Red American Indian and it is more important
that we accept that truth. The culture and religion that is practiced today by so-called Native
Americans is the natural concepts [somewhat losing the originality] of the Amaru of the west and
Moors of Africa, the Khamites (Egyptian) or Olmecs. There are various Indian tribes today that
will admit to their Black Ancestry. The Hopis, Hohokam, Apache, Aztec, Zuni, Nez Perce, Miami,
Blackfoot, Catawba, Seminole all possess knowledge of their Black ancestry. What's more
important is not the feelings concerning Indigenous people, but more so the truthful data and
the validity and acceptance of that data.
74) Tribes like Hopi, Aztec, Apache, Pueblo, Seminole, Creek,

Tuscarora, Susquehanna, have documents in their possession

that tells of the stories of the black Gods who gave birth to
them. In fact, the Hopi book of the stars that was given to them by the Moors tells that when
the forefathers (Blacks) reclaim their throne, the black and red Nations will join together and kill
all of the whites. There is a similar parable in most Native American cultures that speaks of the
white eagle that captured the red eagle until the black eagle freed the red eagle. The white eagle
retreated in the caves from which he came. Look this story up, it's an actual story in Native
American culture. It is just as important for red Native Americans to understand true history as
it is for blacks in America. Blacks have been convinced that they are all ex-African slaves, of
course this is a lie and their origin in the east is as Moors not the misnomer Africans which is the
name of a white roman general! There had been blacks in this country for thousand of years
before the first Europeans or red people (indians). There are millions of blacks in America who,
if they traced their family heritage, will find an Indigenous history.
75) Many blacks are children of Yamasee, Seminole, Creek, Cherokee, Blackfoot, Shoshoni, etc.
However, the U.S. Government in order to protect their best interest, has kept most of us from
true history. The U.S. has also convinced us to classify ourselves as a title that the European
political system created in order to place us in a certain status social bracket, African American
or African. As an African American, we have no inalienable or indigenous rights under the
Constitution, even worse, as an African American affiliated with Euro-Christian or pale Arab
Muslim religions, we dig an even deeper hole for ourselves mentally, spiritually, and physically.
As Psychologically enslaved Euro-Christians and pale Arab- Muslim adherents or agnostics
[American in ideals] we have admitted to two things:
1. We are slaves by calling ourselves by the names and functioning under the false religious
psychology of those who have enslaved and oppress Us.
2. We are former slaves who converted to the slave owner's dirty religion, thus we sever any
connection to Our God, to True Freedom & Sovereignty or self-identity.
76) We must understand that our Moorish ancestors developed these systems originally and they
have been tampered with.
77) As African American Euro- Christians and Pale Arab Muslims, we are mentally dead to the
knowledge of Our True History as the source of both Christianity and Islam and literally become
dependent on outsiders [foreigners] and the Government and relinquish all indigenous and selfgoverning mental and social classifications, thus we throw ourselves on the mercy of the U.S.
Judicial Injustice system, and the Architects of the Synagogue of Satan. The God Nation that is
Indigenous has the power of 'Autonomy' or 'Self Government'. As Indigenous people, we have
the right to set up our own sovereign nation states where we govern our own Judicial, Legislative,
and Executive Governments. As an African American or African [watch out], or some confused
religious radical we wave the right of self government and self - knowledge by falsely admitting
that we are the descendants of commercial property immigrants and have no Independent
classification from Our former and present Colonizers.


Aboriginal Mamaean and Afro Asiatic places names
78) The page references come from the two-volume set:
An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary,
by E. A. Wallis Budge, 1920, republished 1978.
79) Utau
"a group of four gods with hidden arms" (pg. 189)
80) Mesu Ra
"Royal son" or "Son of the Sun God" (possibly Moses-Sun?)
81) Allah embah or Allah m'bah
"in the presence of Allah" pg 264
82) Isis Cippi
"Shrine (cippi) of Isis", (or shrine of Mesu-Moses)
83) Tchaasu
"the Seven Divine Masters of Wisdom" pg 896
84) Tcheses
Jah, the Great pg 143
85) Menhesau (ta)
"a group of Gods who ruled over the south" pg 303
"Men", "Mena" or "Menes", (pg 917)
first Egyptian King of the First Dynasty,
composed with "sa ta" (pg 586)...
Mene sa ta
86) Min aa-t-en
Manhatten I have composed this plausible definition from the name of the Egyptian God of
fertility, Min, and the "aa-ten" prefix which means variously as "island, land, canal, domain,
district, region, etc." The "A-ah-ten of Min", is the Island of the fertility God, Min, due to its
shape as a hanging phallic, is almost identical in naming convention with Isle of Man, near
Ireland, also shaped like a phallic symbol. There are also alternate possibilities, one of which
is "Manu", "Country in the West".
87) Tanus sa
"protectors of "Tanus", Memphis in Egypt pg 586
88) Tallahassee Ta Allah hasi - Allah will conquer

TAHUT Thoth - AHA 2nd Pharaoh of unified Egypt AKH Spirit AN- oneness



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