List of Entries

Achromatic Color
Acquired Color Vision Impairment
Acquired Color Vision Loss
Al-Farisi, Kamal al-Din Hasan ibn Ali ibn Hasan
Al-Haytham (Alhazen), Abū ʿAlī al-Ḥasan ibn alḤasan ibn
Al-Tusi, Nasir al-Din
Anchoring Theory of Lightness
Ancient Color Categories
Ancient Color Terminology
Apparent Magnitude – Visual Magnitude
Apparent Magnitude, Astronomy
Arc Lamps
Architectural Lighting
Art and Fashion Color Design
Artistic Rendering
Automotive Lighting
Autosomal Dominant Inherited Color Vision
Avicenna, Abū ʿAlī al-Ḥusayn ibn ʿAbd Allāh ibn

Bartleson, C. James
Basic Colors
Bayesian Approaches to Color Category Learning

Behnam’s Disk
Berlin and Kay Theory
Bezold–Br€ucke Effect
Billmeyer, Fred Wallace, Jr.
Binocular Color Matching
Binocular Color Perception
Binocular Color Vision
Blackbody and Blackbody Radiation
Black-Light Lamps
Blind Spot
“Blue Blindness”
“Blue-Seven Phenomenon”
Blue-Yellow Deficiency

Candela Distribution
Canonical Color
Car Lighting
Carbon Arc Lamp
Categorical Perception
Chevreul, Michel-Eugène
Chiasma Opticum
Chromatic Adaptation
Chromatic Contrast
Chromatic Contrast Sensitivity
Chromatic Image Statistics
Chromatic Processing
CIE 1931 and 1964 Standard Colorimetric
Observers: History, Data, and Recent
CIE 1976 L*a*b*
CIE 1976 L*u*v* Color Space

# Springer Science+Business Media New York 2016
M.R. Luo (ed.), Encyclopedia of Color Science and Technology,
DOI 10.1007/978-1-4419-8071-7


8-Bit. and Performance CIECAM02 CIECAM02 (Standards: CIE) CIEDE2000. Comparison of von Kries. CIE Purity. Uses) Circadian Rhythms Circadian System Clapper-Yule Model Clinical Color Vision Tests Coarseness Coatings Coefficient of Utilization. Use. CMCCAT97 and CAT02 CIE Chromaticity Coordinates (xyY) CIE Chromaticity Diagrams. and Performance CIELAB CIELAB (Standards: CIE) CIELAB for Color Image Encoding (CIELAB. CIELAB. History. History. v0 Uniform Chromaticity Scale Diagram and CIELUV Color Space CIE Whiteness CIE94. Color Singletons Color Appearance Color Appearance Solid Color Atlases Color Bleeding Color Blindness Color Board Color Categorical Perception Color Categorization and Naming in Inherited Color Vision Deficiencies Color Category Learning in Naming-Game Simulations Color Centers Color Circle Color Combination Color Constancy Color Contrast Color Coordination Color Dictionaries and Corpora Color Directions Color Dynamics Color Effects to Humans and the Environment Color Environment Color Experience Color Field Painting Color from Motion Color Harmonies for Fashion Design Color Harmony Color Image Statistics Color Mixture Color Models Color Order Systems Color Palette Color Perception and Environmentally Based Impairments Color Phenomenology Color Pollution Color Pop-out Color Preference . CIE Dominant Wavelength CIE Color Appearance Model 2002 CIE Color-Matching Functions CIE Color-Rendering Index CIE Cone Fundamentals CIE Fundamental Color Matching Functions CIE Guidelines for Evaluation of Gamut Mapping Algorithms: Summary and Related Work (Pub. Lumen Method List of Entries Coherence Color Accord Color Adaptation Color Aesthetics Color and Culture Color and Light Effects Color and Light Interdependence Color and Lightness Constancy Color and Visual Search.1278 CIE 1994 (DL* DC*ab DH*ab) CIE 2000 Color-Difference Equation CIE Chromatic Adaptation. 156) CIE Guidelines for Mixed Mode Illumination: Summary and Related Work CIE L*a*b* CIE Method of Assessing Daylight Simulators CIE Physiologically Based Color Matching Functions and Chromaticity Diagrams CIE Special Metamerism Index: Change in Observer CIE Standard Deviate Observer CIE Standard Illuminant A CIE Standard Illuminant D65 CIE Standard Illuminants and Sources CIE Standard Source A CIE Tristimulus Values CIE u0 . Use. Domain and Range.

Neon Color Spreading.List of Entries Color Processing. John Daltonism Daylight Daylight Illuminants Daylight Spectra Daylighting d-Block Elements Deep Compositing DE*94 DE*ab DE00 Demichel Equations Depth in Color Deuteranopia Diagnosis of Defective Color Vision Diagnostic Color Dichromacy Dichromat Color Naming Diffuse Lighting Dry or Mechanical Finishing Dye Dye Functional . Environmental Aspects Colorant. Natural Colorant. Halochromic Colorant. Opponent Theory Color Wheel Colorant Colorant. and Watercolor Illusion Color Statistics Color Stereoscopic Effect Color Stereoscopy Color Synesthesia Color Syntax Color Trends Color Union Color Uses Color Vision Abnormality Color Vision Screening Color Vision Test Color Vision Testing Color Vision. Fastness Coloration. Textile Colorant. Thermochromatic Colorant. Cortical Color Psychology Color Qualia Color Range Color Roles Color Scene Statistics. Thermochromic Coloration. Textile Coloring Color-Magnitude Diagrams Color-Opponent Processing Color-Separation Overlay Color-Word Interference 1279 Colouring Colour-Opponent Processing Combustion Lamp Comparative (Cross-Cultural) Color Preference and Its Structure Comparative Color Categories Complementary Colors Compositing and Chroma Keying Computer Depiction Computer Modeling Cone Fundamentals Cone Fundamentals. Chromatic Scene Statistics Color Scheme Color Selection Color Signals Color Similarity Space Color Solids Color Spaces Color Spreading Color Spreading. Nonlinear Optical Colorant. Mordant Dyes Coloration. Brian Hewson Cross-Cultural Color Preference Culture and Color D Dalton. Stockman-Sharpe Cone Pigments Cone Spectral Sensitivities Congenital Color Vision Abnormality Contextual Color Design Contrary Colors Contrasting Colors Correlated Color Temperatures Cortical Crawford. Photochromic Colorant.

and Low-Pressure Sodium Lamp High Dynamic Range Imaging High-Pressure Mercury Gas-Discharge Lamp High-Pressure Mercury Lamp High-Pressure Mercury-Vapor Lamp Highway Lighting History. Hermann G€unther Green-Blindness Guild. Functional Dye. Photodynamic Therapy Dyeing Dyes Dynamic Color Design Dynamic Color Spreading Dynamics of Color Category Formation and Boundaries Dyschromatopsia E Early Color Lexicons Early Expression of Color in Language Eco-/Genotoxicity of Synthetic Dyes Effect of Color Terms on Color Perception Efficient Coding Elastic Light Scattering Elastic Scattering Electrical Control Gear for Lamps Electrodeless Low-Pressure Mercury Lamps Electromagnetic Radiation Elementary Colors Emotional Color Effects Environmental Chemistry of Synthetic Dyes Environmental Color Design Environmental Influences on Color Vision ERP Event Related Potential Evolution Expressive Rendering Eye Sensitivity Functions F Favorite Colors Fechner. Hermann Ludwig von Hering. Delta H Hue Opponency Hue Sequence . Gustav Theodor Fechner’s Colors and Behnam’s Top Fechner-Behnam Subjective Color Filling-In Finish. Textile Fitting (Anglo-Saxon English) Fixture (American English) Flame Light Lamps Focal Colors Forecast List of Entries Four-Dimensional Color Vision Functionality of Color Fundamental Colors G Galaxy Color Magnitude Diagram Gamut Volume Ganglion cells Ganzfeld Geniculate Pathways Gestalt Grouping Principles (or Laws) Ghost Image Glare Glints Global Illumination Gloss Meter Glossmeter Glow Discharge Lamps Goethe. Liquid Crystals Dye. Use and Performance Hue Difference. Metal Complex Dye. John H Halftone Layer Superposition Equations Halogen Lamp Hard-Edge Painting HDR HDRI Headlamps Helmholtz.1280 Dye. Johann Wolfgang von Goniochromatism Goniometer Goniophotometer Graininess Grassmann. Ink-Jet Dye. Karl Ewald Konstantin Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram High.

Johannes Adolph von Kruithof Curve Kubelka. Arnt 1281 Kries. Johannes ITULAB Ives. Johann Heinrich Land Retinex Theory Lanthanide Ions Lanthanides Lanthanoid Ion Color Layering Le Blon. Jacob Christoph Light Bounces Light Depreciation Light Distribution Light Pollution Light Sensors Light Stimulus Light.List of Entries I Ibn Rushd (Averroes) Ibn Sahl. David Kohlrausch. Paul L Lab Labradorescence Lambert. LED Light-Emitting Diode. Frederic Eugene J Judd. Jonas Ferdinand Gabriel Lorenz-Mie Theory Lorenz-Mie-Debye Theory Lovibond. Abu Saʿd al-ʿAlaʾ ICC L*a*b* ICCLAB Ideal Observer Models of Color Category Learning Illuminance Meter Illusory Colors Image Burn-In Image Fidelity Image Quality Image Similarity Impressionism Inappropriate Use of color Incandescence Incandescent Bulb Incandescent Lamp Indirect Illumination Individual Differences Indoor Lighting Induction Lamp Infant Color Categories Influences Between Light and Color Instrument: Colorimeter Instrument: Photometer Instrument: Spectrophotometer Integrating Sphere Interactions of Color and Light Interior Lighting Interpolation of Spectral Data Interreflection Intrinsically Photosensitive Retinal Ganglion Cells Iodine Lamps ipRGCs Iridescence (Goniochromism) Irisation Isochromatic Color Confusions Itten. Joseph Williams Low-Pressure Glow Discharge Lamps Low-Pressure Mercury Gas Discharge Lamps Lumen Depreciation Luminaires Luminance Measurement Device Luminance Meter Luminescent Materials Luminous Efficiency Function Luminous Intensity Distribution Luminous Intensity Meter Luxmeter . OLED Lighting Control Systems Lighting Controls Lighting Design Lighting for Indoor Spaces Lighting for Interior Spaces Lighting Management Linguistic Influences on Color Perception Linguistic Relativism Lippmann. Deane Brewster K Katz. Electromagnetic Spectrum Light-Emitting Diode.

(Sir) Isaac Nickerson. David L Mach Bands Magno-. Inorganic Pigments Plasmonics Polychromatism Polychromy Preference for White in Asia . Chiasmal Syndrome Optical Art Optical Radiation Optical Spectrum Optoelectronic Light Source Ostwald. Color Vision Photosensitive Retinal Ganglion Cells Photosensors Physiologic Scotoma Pigment. Parvo-. P. Albert Henry N Natural Color Distribution Natural Colorants Natural Dyes Natural Scene Statistics Neo-impressionism Neon Color Spreading Neon Lamp Newton.1282 M M. James Clerk Mayer. Dorothy Nil Non-Photorealistic Rendering Non-Visual Lighting Effects and Their Impact on Health and Well-Being O Op Art Opacity – Extinction Opalescence List of Entries Opponent Color Theory Opsin Genes Optic Chiasm. George Parafovea Parafoveal Vision Parallel Visual Pathways Pastel Colors Pastel Crayons Pastel Paintings Pastel Sticks Pastel Tones Pattern-Induced Flicker Colors Pearlescence Perceived Reflectance Perceived Value Perception by Night Perceptual Appearance Perceptual Color Effects Perceptual Grouping and Color Philosophy of Color Phosphors and Fluorescent Powders Photodetector Photoreceptor Cells Photoreceptors. Koniocellular Pathways Mass Pigmenting Matting Maxwell. and K Pathways MacAdam. Ceramic Pigment. Tobias Melanopsin Retinal Ganglion Cells Memory Color Mesoamerican Color Survey Digital Archive Metal Halide Lamp Metamerism Mie Solution Mie Theory Minimally Distinct Border Mixed Adaptation Condition Mixed Chromatic Adaptation Modern Art and Fashion Design Monochromator Mosaics Motion and Color Cognition mRGCs Multilingual/Bilingual Color Naming/Categories Munsell. Friedrich Wilhelm P Paint Painted Dress Paints Pale Colors Palette Palmer.

Ralph A Stereo and Anaglyph Images Stereo Pairs Stereograms Stevens. Jan Evangelista Q Quartz Halogen Lamps R Rare Earths Rare-Earth Elements Rare-Earth Ions Rational Models of Color Category Learning Rayleigh and Mie Scattering Red Blindness Red-Green Deficiency Reference Standard Lamp Reflectance Standards Relational Color Space Relative Visibility Function Rendering Natural Phenomena Retinal Art Retinex Theory Retinogeniculate Pathways Retinogeniculocortical Pathways Richter. Walter Stanley Street Lighting Stroop Effect Stroop Interference Structure of Color Preference Structure Property Relationships Subjective Colors Subsampling Surface Plasmon Polariton Surface Plasmon Resonance Surface Plasmons . Stanley Smith Stiles. Philipp Otto Rushton. William A. Erwin Scintillating Scotoma Screening Plates Simple Colors Simulation Simulation and Image Synthesis of Natural Phenomena Simultaneous color contrast Sky Glow Sodium Gas Discharge Lamps Soft Colors Solid-State Light Source Sparkle Spectral Luminous Efficiency Spectral Power Distribution Spectral Power Distribution Curves Spectrometer Spectroradiometer Spectroreflectometer (for Reflectance Measurement) Sports Lighting Stain Standard Daylight Illuminants Standard Illuminating and Viewing Conditions Standard Lamp Standard Measurement Geometries Stanziola. 1283 S Saltzman. Manfred Road Lighting Roadway Lighting Runge.List of Entries Prelinguistic Color Categorization/Categorical Perception Premetallized Acid Dyes pRGCs Primary Colors Primate Color Vision Primitive Colors Principal Colors Printing Protanopia Pseudoisochromatic Plates Psychological Color Effects Psychological Color Space and Color Terms Psychological Impact of color Psychological Primary Colors Psychologically Pure Colors Public Lighting Punctum Cecum Pure Colors Purkyně. Max Sampling Problems in Computer Graphics Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis Schiller Schrödinger. H.

and Computer Graphics Tincture Tint Total Appearance Transition-Metal Ion Colors Transparency Trichromacy Tristimulus Colorimeter Tritanopia Tubular and Compact Fluorescent Lamp Tungsten Filament Lamp U UCS Diagram Ulbricht Sphere Ultraviolet Radiator Uniform Chromaticity Scale Diagram Unique Hues Unwanted Light Especially Referring to Unwanted Electric Lighting at Night USC Diagrams. V0 (l) Vantage Theory of Color VEP Visual Appearance Visual Contamination Visual Evoked Potentials Visual Illusions Visual Pigments Visual Pollution von Bezold Spreading Effect Vora Measure. Modeling. n Vora Value VT and Color W Wet or Chemical Finishes White Balancing Wide-Dynamic-Range Imaging Wood’s Lamps World Color Survey Wright. Gunter X Xenon Lamp X-Linked Inherited Color Vision Deficiency XYZ . List of Entries V V(l). Uniform Chromaticity Scales. Yu0 v0 This encyclopedia includes no entries for Y and Z.1284 T Tactile Painting and Haute Couture Temporal Collective Color Preferences Tendencies Tesselations Tesserae Tetrachromatic Vision Textile Processing Textile Wet Processing Texture Measurement. David Wyszecki.