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2 Cluster Acceptance PAC will be based on cluster level comparison of OSS statistical and Drive Test KPIs before and after swap. Acceptance items and criteria of OSS statistical KPIs:  The following table shows the acceptance items of OSS statistical KPIs for UMTS technology as per NPM contract.Radio Network Design and Optimization Department Security Level: Confidential 1 Introduction & Objective The objective of this document is to provide CMpak with the procedures and criteria for Acceptance of CMpak Swap Project. Total9 .RAT HO out Success Ratio (%) UMTS monitor OSS KPIs for Swap S N 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 KPI HSDPA User Average Throughput (Kbps) CS traffic PS traffic RTWP UL CE utilization HSDPA Users HSUPA Users TCP utilization Before Swap After Swap                         Before Swap After Swap                     Table 1 UMTS OSS KPIs Acceptance items 2016-11-15 Radio Network Design and Optimization Department Page3. This would include comparison of cluster performance before and after the swap.(suggest daily KPI acceptance due to Ramadan ) UMTS acceptance OSS KPIs for Swap S N 1 2 3 4 5 6 KPI RRC Setup Success Ratio (%) RAB Setup Success Ratio (%) CS Service Drop Ratio (%) PS Call Drop Ratio (%) Soft HO Success Ratio (%) CS W2G Inter . It also addresses some exclusion criteria that would be applied in order to filter out the cells that are performing poorly due to issues out of the project scope.

Radio Network Design and Optimization Department Security Level: Confidential  For OSS KPI acceptance. if have large fluctuation we can clarify it by observe GUL traffic together Acceptance criteria for DT KPIs:  In general. but DT test take free mode (don’t lock frequency). Cluster drive tests will be conducted with same route. Total9 . the network should be frozen for 30 days before swap.  It is no limitation for parameter change in swap day due to some urgent activities. the pre-Swap KPI value shall be the average value of 14 days and the post-swap KPI should be the average value of 7 days. we can organize post-DT at once.  For OSS KPI comparison. although in total the D. the phenomenon should be acceptance.T. with the same equipment and settings.  After cluster swap.  Swap sites if belong to indoor site which just cover indoor area supply fundamental service verification and IBS sites should eliminate from cluster range due to implement and install hard can’t catch swap progress 2016-11-15 Radio Network Design and Optimization Department Page4.T is better than before and these points not degraded too much. Huawei would not require any WO to take such corrective measure. after that we will make record and send them. A cluster shall be acceptable for CMpak when the following OSS KPIs are equal to or better than that before swap. The others acceptance criteria statement  WO feedback within 1 day and acceptance report (cluster) feedback within 3 days. For very few points degraded In post D. a cluster performance after Swap would be considered acceptable as long as there is no loss of coverage when compared with pre swap drive test.  As per CMPAK required use F1/F7 generate new dual-carriers instead of old network frequency using. so the pre and post DT coverage will have slight differentia. it should not affect cluster acceptance  In order to compare the pre and post-drives.  For UMTS monitor OSS KPIs need to be as monitor KPI instead of acceptance KPI.

Test methods and test tools description for each service  Test Tools description Tools Description TEMS 16 S4 GPS Sierra wireless 3G watcher Call test No.Radio Network Design and Optimization Department Security Level: Confidential  Some secretly region or specially region which can’t accessed since emergency like road blocked.T KPI and coverage KPI as per NPM requirement Cluster NO. 2 S4 GARMIN Used to test PS Service Destination no. Once the DT KPI and OSS KPI affected by crossed sites we need to filter those cells to calculate KPI but if still low than pre-KPI the cluster should be acceptance according clarification. but over 85% sites had completed swap. they can’t be conditional on to BSS or any other acceptances.  For user complain if happened after cluster swap and OSS KPI under monitor period. heavy rain etc. Huawei is charge of complain handling. event.  CMpak supply free SIM card and High performance FTP. we can implement Post-test. poster. news and shouldn’t affect swap cluster acceptance.  RF acceptance shouldn’t relate to hardware part. For those case just clarify it with photos.  During swap if individual sites remained in swap cluster due to proprietor blocking or permission issue and generate cross sites between Huawei and ZTE. Total9 .( S4) High performance FTP  UMTS D.  After cluster acceptance will automatically be handed over to CMPak/NPM teams. FTP Server Comments Used for Drive Test (3G) Support 3G technology. CS service. protest activity. which generate pre and post coverage have a different.   2016-11-15  DT KPI CS CSSR CS AMR Call Drop Rate CS Soft Handover Success Rate PS RAB Assignment Success Radio Network Design and Optimization Department Pre-test KPI       Posttest KPI       Page5.

daily level stats monitoring and optimization will be done to ensure that there is no degradation in performance compared to pre swap KPIs. Please refer to the below attachment ‘Cluster Acceptance Report Template’ for further details regarding the cluster acceptance report format for each technology. The KPIs for acceptance will be monitored on hourly basis and to verify the basic functionalities and performance. Afterwards. the cluster will be considered provisionally accepted by CMpak if no issues are fed back from CMpak in 3 working days. Single Site Verification template is also attached below for reference. Total9 . As soon as the KPIs are stable and all acceptance criteria have been satisfied. the report for PAC will be submitted to CMpak. A report on cluster level major KPIs will be sent to CMpak within a day. 2016-11-15 Radio Network Design and Optimization Department Page6.Radio Network Design and Optimization Department Security Level: Confidential rate PS Drop rate HSDPA Moving Throughput Average RSCP ( Idle) Average EC/IO ( Dedicated) Items       UE1/UE2(Lock3G but don't lock frequency) Duration Call number Data Card 2 Mobile type     Laptop HSDPA File Size 4~6 Gb 15sec Idle period     FTP Server   GPS   GPS   GPS GPS Items   180 sec Idle period   Voice Laptop Mobile type   Common Settings Mobile placement Test type Common Settings Mobile Placement Test type     Software   Drive test tool Software   Drive test tool   Post processing   Post processing   3 Reporting and Submission for Acceptance A cluster acceptance procedure will be initiated as soon as the sites of that cluster have been swapped.

docx 2016-11-15 Functionality Test Template.xls Radio Network Design and Optimization Department Page7.Radio Network Design and Optimization Department Security Level: Confidential 3G Swap Cluster Acceptance Report. Total9 .

no IUR deployment or IUR parameters not configured even IUR compatibility issue between Huawei and ZTE cause the marginal degradation on a specific KPI such as SHO SR.  External interference or Burst larger region interference should be as clarify condition  ZTE have a large changed such RNC level parameters modified. Once user long-term random occupy discontinues frequency which will cause difference in DT coverage and KPI between Pre-swap and Postswap. paging issue ) or other issues related to end to end connectivity  The period where major network activity/retuning/change/incident is performed should be excluded from the KPI calculation with mutual agreement. the second carries expanded. software or parameter configuration of other vender. Exclusion needs to be given in such cases. So once the phenomenon is appeared we just make a clarification  The IUR strategy will be implemented during 3G network swap.  LHR network almost dual-carries coverage but exist the two carries discontinues coverage area. if due to ZTE side IUR configuration issue cause KPI degradation and complaint should be excluded. the throughput results would be different when compared to cells using F1/F2. core network issues (especially QOS. 3G power adjust.  Change in traffic due to user behavior.Radio Network Design and Optimization Department Security Level: Confidential 4 Exclusion Criteria Any degradation in performance due to below mentioned scenarios shall be excluded from KPI calculation for OSS and DT KPIs  Since we are using F1/F7. Total9 . special aggressive promotional packages  High traffic Events adversely affecting performance. reframing. CDR which should be excluded. Since IUR parameter wrong configuration. ZTE should be charge of corresponding IUR strategy and parameter design even implement verification test for IUR compatibility at ZTE side. upgrade action during swap or network freeze cause the KPI 2016-11-15 Radio Network Design and Optimization Department Page8.  The hardware issues. traffic. CGI.

Radio Network Design and Optimization Department Security Level: Confidential mapping result mismatching make KPI go down should be as clarify condition  if KPI have a degradation due to transmission related issues including but not limited TR alarms. This case is objective problem should be as conditional 2016-11-15 Radio Network Design and Optimization Department Page9. TR QOS issue or bandwidth limitations should be as clarify condition  During swap the paging rate maybe have a slight fluctuation due to few sites swapped but received much paging message. Whereas the dedication channel power will reduced since product power is fixed so the KPI maybe have a slight degradation. this case shouldn’t be criticized  Some ZTE cell configured CPICH power over 8W. Total9 . we need to fellow accordingly.