Lesson Analysis

Subject: English
Date: 17.10.16
Theme: Footwear

Grade: 7th
Number of pupils: 14

Beginning of the Lesson.
Means of Warming-Up:

The lesson began with that teacher greeted the pupils,and they greeted her back.Checked the presence
and said which theme is going to be taught.Asked if everyone did the homework and some of
children raised hands and said that they weren’t ready for that day.

Checking homework/the
material studied before.

She started with asking vocabulary,each student in part(in random order,every pupil by one
word).Then checked the exercise, in random order too,and in the end asked to role play the dialogue
that they had to prepare at home,asked to begin who wanted and to answer in front of whole class.
Those who was ready answered and role-played it very well.
The theme was the same that was at the previous lesson, it continued at this lesson too, so she told to
children to begin to read a text from the book.One child read and another translated.And after text
they were supposed to do a exercise based on text,to ask to some questions about text.

Teaching New Material.

Consolidation and Checking of
Knowledge in Class: e.g.
textbook-based work,
individual work,
pair work,
group work,
teacher-pupils work,
oral work,
written work,
using visual aids, etc.

Teacher used the textbook-based work,giving them exercises from the book,text was from the book
too,and questions were from the book too.
Oral work was present when teacher addressed them the questions and they had to answer.
Was present teacher-pupils work when teacher asked them questions and they had to answer.

g.They were given to do 3 exercises from the book. good. Class activity: excellent. lecture.if they know how to pronounce it correct. poor Discipline in class was good.They weren’t noisy or naughty they haven’t made problems to teacher. brainstorming.and the children answered. observation. taking notes. satisfactory.teacher asked them words from the vocabulary and they had to know the answer Discussion. good.Teaching Methods: e. Teaching aids: e. description.If someone had questions the teacher answered. poor Class activity was good.which was their topic. Home task was given before the bell and explained.g. which specialized shops did they know. Evaluation: self-evaluation. Evaluation was done by the teacher. When they answered the dialogue some of them wanted to role-play it with children who haven’t had pair. dispute. everyone did that the teacher said and answered when they were asked to do that. explanation. problem solving. Oral work-They answered at teacher’s questions. Aids used: . mutual evaluation. discussion.Children addressed if they had questions and the teacher answered.they knew a lot of shops. Discipline in class: excellent. satisfactory. didactic games.The teacher evaluated if they know the vocabulary. presentation.they discussed about what factory of making shoes we have in Moldova. they answered and teacher checked if they did it correct. by the teacher The home task was given: before/after the bell. with/without explanation Teaching methods used: Lecture-They had to read a text about footwear exhibition from moldova.

computer. medium. small Feedback: excellent. medium. logical. hand-outs. models. . mechanical aids. creative. Volume of work done was medium because it was the last exercises so they didn’t have much left. tables. low Volume of work done: big.homework was given from the book too. they were suppose to know how the shoes are called. Recommendations: I would like to recommend to teacher to be more creative.g.to invent something that will entertain children. teacher wrote on it some of the unknown word and homework. individual cards. etc. etc. Textbook-was used to ask questions from the text that was read. Power Point presentation. Objectives achieved. satisfactory.The discussion between teacher and children were about theme. visual aids. from what they are made and some factories and specialized shops of shoes from Moldova. Tempo medium because it was the last exercises at that theme so they didn’t hurry and made it for whole lesson. Blackboard was used too. Objectives : achieved or not Tempo: high. the text and exercises were about the main theme. poor Time used: efficiently or not Lesson was built logically.how different types are called. to use some visual aids. the blackboard.textbook. projector. good. Conclusions: Lesson: e.