Rajiv Nelvoy


NeuroGimmicks Network Security
Policy and Practices

General Security Policy
1. Secure Internal network and Cloud Services
NeuroGimmicks’ network will be separate from the public Internet by strong user
authentication mechanisms and policy enforcement systems like firewalls and web
filtering proxies. Additional monitoring and security solutions, such as anti-virus software
and intrusion detection systems, should also be employed to identify and stop malicious
code or unauthorized access attempts.
Internal Network
The boundary points on NeuroGimmicks’ network will be identified and each boundary
will be evaluated to determine what types of security controls are necessary and how they
can be best deployed. Border routers should be configured to only route traffic to and
from NeuroGimmicks’ public IP addresses, firewalls should be deployed to resist traffic
only to and from the minimum set of necessary services, and intrusion prevention
systems should be configured to monitor for suspicious activity crossing your network
Cloud based services
NeuroGimmicks will consult the terms of service with all cloud service providers to
ensure that its information and activities are protected with the same degree of security
that we want. It will also enquire about additional services.

Develop strong password policies Adopt two-factor authentication methods as they are much more secure than static passwords for authentication.2. 3. that are changed regularly. including networking equipment. Technical functionality . complex and long (at least 10 characters). 4. NeuroGimmicks encourages employees to use the strongest passwords possible without creating the need or temptation to reuse passwords or write them down. in addition to meeting applicable regulatory requirements on information safeguarding. Use automatic updating services whenever possible. However. One common example is a personal security token that displays changing passcodes to be used in conjunction with an established password. should be updated in a timely fashion as patches and firmware upgrades become available. Encrypt sensitive company data Encryption should be employed to protect any data that NeuroGimmicks considers sensitive. applications that comply with the OpenPGP standard. web filtering tools and intrusion prevention systems. However. especially for security systems such as anti-malware applications. and that are closely guarded by those who know them. such as PGP and GnuPG. That means passwords that are random. two-factor systems may not always be secure. provide a wide range of options for securing data on disk as well as in transit. Regularly update all applications All systems and software. Different encryption schemes are appropriate under different circumstances.

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