RF Optimization Senior Expert

7 years experience


Cooperative Kandoulia Lot N°39 Baranez Bouzareah Alger (Algeria)
00961 79113237
Algerian, 31 years old
English, French and Arabic (Fluent speaking, reading and writing)

In the telcom market since 2006, especially in the 2G/3G Optimization, where I have joined Orascom
operator. I have also worked as an Expert on several 2G /3G projects in Kuwait , Russia remotely, Algeria,
Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. My experience is primarily focused on 2G/3G/LTE NSN equipments in addition
to Ericsson/Alcatel (Multi vendor experience on Swap and Audit Project. KPI Monitoring, Parameter
investigation, Feature activation, and traces analysis are my focus. Seeking for Growing my knowledge and
expanding my experience.

From October 2012 until now 3G Optimization Senior expert at NSN Lebanon for
ALFA Optimization Project on 3G Ericsson equipment W11.1



Define the LTE KPIs (SSSR, EPSSR, VoIPCallSR, RB DR, Intra HO SR , Inter S1 based
HO SR , Inter X2 based HO SR , Inter Frequency HO SR IRAT HO SR ) and check their
Responsible KPIs ( DCR speech <0.45, CSSR speech >99%, CSSR PS>99%, CSSR HS>99,
DCR PS<0.5%, DCR HS<0.5, DCR VP< 0.8% ,Soft Handover >99.7%, IF HO>98% , CS
IRAT HO> 98%, IRAT cellchange > 92% , CE congestion <0.2%, PS and HS throughput )
by mean of Lebanon regions including Beirut downtown.
Worst performing cells analysis using Eniq tool.
Feature Study and introduce New feature as URA PCH and HS IRAT.
Cell Throughput Analysis by changing different parameters of channel switching and EUL
TTI 2ms activation for some cells in the network.
Optimize different Timers for Irat cellchange and make UEH trace
Add missing neighbors using GPECH trace.
Parameters Tuning for Admission and congestion control
Follow the KPIs of 2nd carrier deployment for the remaining sites
Study of different strategy for 3rd Carrier deployment
DL/UL attenuation study using path imbalance measurement and propagation delay
Parameters Tuning to decrease the CE utilisation and the MP load on RNC level.
Prepare Full study for 4th Carrier U900 deployment.

From August 2012 until October 2012 RF Optimization expert at Nexius for AlFA 3G
Ericsson / NSN Audit Project

KPI and Network status Audit ( BSC/RNC & cell /Node Level)
Audit& reporting Performance SLA status.
Parameters Audit and Features Study with full description.
End to End Troubleshooting and analysing Trace on different interfaces Iub, Iur and
IuCS/IuPS using Astellia Tool.

8 Mbps usage. TBF drop. HSDPA 72 users per cell. HOSR. 64 QAM (21 Mbps activation). RSRQ and SINR) LTE mobility optimization and interworking with UTRAN and GRAN KPIs Analysis and timers optimization using Netact and Emil Prepare CSV for the mapping parameters from Alcatel to NSN using Plan editor -SWAP of 3G NSN in the north of Saudi region. HSUPA 2ms TTI .CSSR. Set PRFILE and FIFLE parameters list using mml Command Prepare For 3G planning and scrambling code optimisation using Netact Planner and Netact optimizer Investigate on Sleeping GPRS cells and implement new BSC SW Prepare swap from Ericsson to Nokia Flexi Multi radio. -Improving the paging success rate and decrease paging load using Feature: 24kbps paging channel feature in RU20. IDR & New features implementations Responsible KPIs (CDR. From March 2011 until July 2011 Optimization&DT expert at Optimi Spain in Kuwait project for Zain o o o Audit project for Zain 2G Network ( Nokia &Motorola Kits) including KPIs. EDAP and PCU dimensioning. My responsibilities involve a variety of task such as handling area. Power control& Handover optimization for Gemini and Flexi Multi radio sites Neighbor audit using Netact Optimizer tool. code Multiplexing. Job scope involves tuning/parameter optimization for the swapped sites to ensure that the main KPI’s performance are better or at least the same after the 3G swap process according to the agreed timing. HSDPA 72 users per cell. Follow KPIs Swap from BTS plus Siemens to Flexi Multi radio Prepare CSVs and Generate XML for new Flexi multi radio sites using Plan editor tool. Parameters and DT Analysis Give recommendations for worst performing cells over all network including main KPIs Analysis and report all network problems using KPIs and Drive test logs . weekly reporting and troubleshooting. RU20 feature implementation troubleshooting and analysis. TBF Establishment) for 400 cells. -Improving the 3G Radio network performance . -UL load parameter optimization to improve the accessibility -TBO and FUG optimization to reduce the occupancy of high R99 RAB services -RNC traces analysis using Megamon and Emil tools. New RU20 feature tests and rollouts such as HSUPA 5. 14 Mpbs/user. We report on the performance benefits/ improvements and degradation with each future implementation.  From July 2011 until March 2012 RF Optimization expert at NSN Algeria for Wataniya Telecom o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o  Follow KPIs Swap project from Siemens BR9 to Gemini RG10 for 17 BSCs Prepare differents Clusters to be swapped for each BSC Prepare CSVs for the mapping parameters from Siemens to Gemini Check and Correct the Flexi BSC timers(Pafile) setting using mml session. -Participating in the implementation of the following features: Flexible RLC. HSUPA 60 users and HSPA MultiRab implementation. From March 2012 until August RF Optimization expert at Saudi Arabia for STC 4G1 Modernization Project o o o o LTE New Sites acceptance Procedure (Check RSRP.

3G performance measurment. CSSR. SDSR.o o o o o  From November 2009 until March 2011 NSN&Alcatel Optimization Team Leader (GSM.25%.) with TEMS10.). HO quality etc) by mean of Ageria East Region of more than 4000 cells with KPI goals ( CSSR>98.Edge and 3G) at OTA. TBF drop DL & UL. CDR<0. HO better condition. Responsible KPIs (CDR. BTSplus Siemens contected to Nokia Flexi BSC.Edge and 3G) at OTA o Responsible KPIs (CDR. Trafic Volume). Counters (Siemens-Nokia). CDR<0. create 2g worst Edge Dimensionning and 3G Trails.75%..B8 o o o o Analyse weekly drive test and solve any problem observed. etc) Improving KPIs Edge & GPRS (TBF establishment success rateDL &UL.B10 and implementation of new feature.Annaba and constantine with optimi tools. frequency. o o o o o o  From December 2008 until November 2009 NSN&Alcatel Optimization Senior Engineer (GSM. CSSR.. Automatic frequency planning for Algiers downtown (2700 cells) with OPTIMI & Planet tools. SBS Parameter optimisation BR10. swap . Capacity optimisation with optimi tool X dimension. 2G neighbor Analysis with Actix tools. Give support on the Swap sites from ALU to Huawei and define the mapping parameters. Automatic Frequency plan implementation in Skikda. KPI (RAB success rate. interference ……) . HOSR. BR8 and Alcatel B7. Throuput ) From January 2007 until December 2008 NSN&Alcatel Optimization Engineer (GSM. CBR. HOSR.5% and HO quality <9%. ABIS optimisation ( PCMB) Dimensionnig and traffic map handling.. improve the Trafic Volume). GPRS and Edge) at OTA o Responsible KPIs (CDR. SDSR. Alcatel B9. Parmaters Tuning&BSS Timers for SBS BR7. Cross TRX .1 Preparing Actix queries for 2G&3G DT analysis. SBS RG10 parameters review and optimisation. CBR. Features support in Gemini. HO quality etc) by mean of parameter tuning and site configuration tuning (Antenna tilting.. CSSR. CBR. HOSR.5%. CSSR. SDSR. audit neighbors. define Counters .distance) Analyze worst performing cells. o o o o o o o  Recommend an implemantations for unused features in NSN part also modifing exsisting running features Review NSN and Motorola KPIs formualas and extract KPIs from Netact reporting suite respectively Mars tool. CDR<0. HSDPA…. HSR>96% and HO quality <14%..5%. Performed neighbor consistency check(one way neighbor.. HO quality etc) by mean of Algeria East Region of more than 2000 cells with KPI goals ( CSSR>98. TBF drop DL & UL<1.55%. GPRS. GPRS..6%.75%. worst drive test problem. Define the mapping parameters.. KPI. Preparing DT scripts for different technologies ( voice. VIP complaint problem..( Cross feeder. HSR>97. HO quality etc) by mean of Ageria East Region of more than 600 cells with KPI goals ( CSSR>98. HOSR. neighbor priority. azimuth. DCR. HSR>97% and HO quality <11%. HO better condition.) o Improving KPIs (CDR. o Responsible KPIs Edge & GPRS (TBF establishment success rateDL &UL>96%. CBR. SDSR.). HO better condition. Data. HO better condition.

o    Layering strategy:  Define how the network handle the MS in idle mode and in dedicated mode of an multi-band multi-layer network  Define how the traffic distributed between layer  Define how the handover take place between layer AMR and DTX Implementation RF Planning. Hierarchical cell. Spectrum Analyser. o Mn1788eu11Mn0001 SBS BR 8.0 Radio network parameters for GSM. Netact and Plan Editor and megamon Mars Optimizer and Netact Planner Siemens Certificate and training courses MN 1790EU01MN BSS Radio planning and optimisation From April 9th 2007 untill April 18 th 2007. Directed Retry.0 System Specialist for GPRS/Edge (1week). Fast uplink handover. TOOL EXPERTIES  NPO                Planet EV. o o o o Astellia &Nokia Siemens Certificates o Cigale view. Map info professional. Vertune and troubleshouters. SFH and other new features for network performance improvement. o New features activation and trial. K12&K15. Atoll. The Siemens I and C Training institute Tunisia. Actix Analyser.0 Performance Measurement o From April 25th 2007 untill April 30 th 2007. o Spectrum Allocation Strategy (Assign Frequency Spectrum for each layer). Cigale view & Activity Analysis. o SBS BR 9. The Siemens I and C Training institute Tunisia. o Mn251P02 Siemens Traffic Model Analysis for Network Planning(1 week). The Siemens I and C Training institute Tunisia. From April 21th 2007 untill April 24 th 2007. o MN 1736EU11MN SBS BR 8. solving BTS overload. QVoice&SwissQual Metrica Performance Management (IBM tivoli ex Vallent). Roaming view. Implementing Concentric cell.RF Planning Tool TEMS Optimiser. OPTIMI. MN 1789EU11MN SBS BR 8.o Detecting swap sectors on the Dual band sectors with hanover statistic( intra sites). Power Control.0 System specialist for GSM (2 weeks). . o Parameter Review: Define and review BSS Nokia parameters. Roaming view( GSM& GPRS) & Activity Analysis 2007(1week).

Edge. GPS. o Delta from BR10 to RG10. WCDMA. FSK.  Programming language experience: C#. Software and Hardware Engineering. (3 days) o UTRAN QoS Analysis and Traffic Load monitoring from 15 th September till 18th September 2008 (UA5) Nortel equipment o QoS Analysis and Traffic Load monitoring from 9th November till 13th November 2008. Microcontrollers (MICROCHIP families).  Practical Works experience in: Digital electronics. Thesis : Contribution à l’analyse en mode hybrid des ciruits planaires à supraconducteurs SHTC en configuration multicouche (Nano technologie). OFDM. Technologies and Computer (ESTC). Protel. FDMA. RS422. Systems: GSM. Assembler. option: Telecommunications. Speciality: Electronic.o Mn1795e01_0001 BSS GPRS/E-GPRS Radio Network Planning and Optimization (1 week) o Delta from BR7 to Br8. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). MATLAB. HSDPA. Skills & knowledge  Proficient at: giving presentations. UMTS.  Working knowledge of: CAO electronics: Eagle. TDMA. 1999 -2001 computer engineering at the computer National school (ENI). HFSS (High Frequency Structure Simulator). Algiers. Computer network installation. electronic design. Pascal.  Expert in: telecommunication. Wimax and LTE. 2006-2007 First year Post Graduation in Electronics instrumentation. . Networks: GSM. scientific and technical writing. GPRS. 2006 Electronics Engineer in Telecommunication. Oued Samar Algiers. ADS (Advanced Design System). exhibition. HSUPA. Exactes Siences. Workbench. and Origin. lab view. Common cycle. June 1999 Baccalaureate Exactes Sciences Algiers Academy. Degrees 2007-2008 Second years Post Graduation. visual basic. (3days). GPRS. Radio Frequency Transmission and electronic measurement. o Radio Fine tuning from 16th November till 20th November 2008. Option : Instrumentation.  Theoretical knowledge of Standards: RS232. 2001-2003 First cycle: University of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumediene (USTHB). Thesis: Modelization and conception of directional coupler using iterative method (hyperfrequency) 2003-2006 Second cycle: University of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumediene(USTHB).

studies on the fibers optic. Telecommunications skills: antenna&propagation. electronic functions (analogical and digital). electromagnetic field&transmission lines. . probability for digital transmission. signal processing . electronic and electric measurement instruments. studies of automatic system. studies of electronic components.