Airline Reservation Systems a .

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October 27, 2011 by Projects Helper

Airline reservation system project
or air ticketing system is a computer science final year project which is
developed in .Net platform.Students interested in this project can download
information given below.
1.Project code

Add a flight.aspx


Available seats.aspx



This folder covers documents which contain code and database table
You can download documents like abstract document,Final
document,paper presentation and print

using System.Security. using System. using System. } } .Visible = false.UI. This projects main idea is to implement a online web application for air ticket booking. using System.UI. In order to implement these features application is developed in to three modules.flight scheduling. Panel3.Data.Visible = true.Visible = false. using System.Explanation about the project.MasterPage { protected void Page_Load(object sender.WebParts.WebControls.Web. } else { Panel1. using System.Web.UI.Web. This application uses inventory data importing system which is maintained using scheduled distributing system.Collections.Web.Web.ToString() == "admin") { Panel1.HtmlControls. using System.Configuration. public partial class home : System.Web.UI. Panel2. EventArgs e) { if (Session["Type"] != null) { if (Session["Type"]. using System. Panel3.Web.Visible = true.Visible = false. using System. Source Code using System.Visible = false.ticket reservation and details of different airlines fare.UI.WebControls. Panel2.

MenuEventArgs e) { } protected void LinkButton1_Click(object sender. Response.aspx"). Initially user should log in to the account to get a unique username and password and then follow online reservation application features. } } MODULES: Registration module 2.Visible = false. Panel3.else { Panel1. These are the major features available in this module.Visible = true. EventArgs e) { Session. This module provides login facility for every user who what to use online reservation facility. MenuEventArgs e) { } protected void Menu2_MenuItemClick1(object sender. } } protected void Menu2_MenuItemClick(object sender.reservation information in regular intervals. This modules main features is to update information on flight details . 2. fare and timings of the Flight. Panel2.Redirect("login. Passenger module 1.Visible = false.RemoveAll(). . 1. Administrative module 3.  Create and maintain airline schedule. Administrative module. Registration module.

 Cancel the tickets. project Code and paper presentation of CSE Airline Reservation System A .This module includes these features.  View the available seats in the flights.  Send feedback. from there they can view use site features.  . 3.  Updating the flight schedule and timings and fare. fare details and seats availability.  Book for the tickets. download Project Report.  View and cancelling of the ticket.View the passenger list. Passenger module  As users get there username and password they can log in to there own pages. timings. View all airline schedules.Net Project .