Reengineering Process

Aldo R. Rappaccioli Montealegre
Prof. Jacoby
Monday, March 28, 2016
To improve businesses there a numerous methods we could use. Each method may be
called to improve consequently methodology instead, as it is the case of reengineering.
Starting over is the definition of reengineering. By no means to repair with what already
exists or make changes and leave intact the basic structures.
What it means is abandoning long established procedures and examine the work required
to create the product or service from a company and give some customer value. It means
asking this question: "If I were to create
Today this company, knowing what I know today, and given the current state of the
technology, how it would be? ". Redesigning a company means taking aside old and start
systems. It involves re-start and invent a better way to do the job. Reengineering does not
necessarily mean cutting staff, although it can happen. It should always be applied with a
long-term vision as any short-term attempt will fail. New trends believe the future is that
companies quickly realize the areas of opportunity in their constantly re-engineering and
re-do them.
In 1993 Hammer and James Champy Michale present their ideas of "Reengineering".
According to Hammer and Champy; Reengineering is the fundamental rethinking and
radical redesign of processes to achieve dramatic improvements in critical performance
1.Fundamental: Reengineering first determines to be done and how it should be done.
You forget completely what is and concentrates on what should be.

The pace of change in business life has accelerated to the point that they can no longer go to step initiatives capable of achieving incremental improvements in performance.2. but rather complementary: Administrative. managers or machinery when things go wrong. discard all existing structures and create new ways of doing work. This is the word that more work gives corporate managers. Individual tasks are important in a process. It happens often blamed employees.Process: it is a set of activities that receive one or more inputs and creates a valuable product for the customer. It is also important to note that it is not because the process is bad. These three forces are nothing new. 3. Operational. although they are very different from how they were in the past. Consumers Sellers no longer rule. discontinuous. . Financial. Marketing and Customer Service. it is bad today because the process was designed for other market conditions that occurred in the past. when in fact the fault is not theirs but the way it works. consumers themselves. not make superficial changes. when they want. but none of them have no importance for the client if the overall process does not work. they have divided them 5 phases. how they want it and in some cases how much they are willing to pay and how. 4. are the trends that are causing these changes. The only way to match or exceed the speed of change in the world around us is making progress decisive. but to make giant leaps in performance. To facilitate analysis of the processes to be performed. Competition and Change. Spectacular: Reengineering is not about making marginal improvements.Radical: The basis of this word comes from the Latin radix root meaning radically redesign get to the root of things. not mutually exclusive. Now consumers can ask the seller what they want. According Hammer and Champy the Three C's: Consumers. but leave the old.

Finally. You can compete based on price. Trade and industry must change. Mostly it has to change now it has become more scattered and persistent. must adapt and evolve to the new market structure. but we must also emphasize the fact that the way it is changed has changed. we must not forget that modern technology has introduced new forms to compete and new competition. In addition. based on variations of the product. would make it sell. Internet for example. the pace of change has accelerated. Change It has already been noted that consumers and competition has changed. * Creativity in the use of technology. * Ambition. * Breaking rules. So you must pay attention to this and be prepared to face this new kind of competition. during and after the sale. With globalization. Factors for effective reengineering: * Orientation towards progress. based on quality or service based on the prior. Common characteristics after performing a reengineering: * Several papers are compressed into one * Processes are vertically compressed . Globalization Another factor to consider in explaining why perform reengineering is globalization. companies face more competitors. also the speed of technological change promotes innovation. Now there are not only more competitive but compete in different ways.Before competition was simple and almost any company that could enter the market and offer an acceptable product at a good price. Globalization presents new challenges to the way of doing business.

Methodology rapid re-engineering Rapid Re-methodology consists of several currently family management techniques. such as brainstorming. Identify the processes that need to redesign. Design and develop a prototype of the process. * 5. Gather the people involved and conduct work sessions. Set priorities and goals. performance measures. process analysis. etc. identifying opportunities. To make reengineering management should: * 1. Stage 1 . Persuade staff to accept change * 2. The role of management to initiate a reengineering is basic. Identification of critical processes. The methodology is based on 5 stages that allow rapid and substantive results by making radical changes in the strategic value-added processes. etc. The methodology was designed for use by reengineering teams in business organizations without having to rely on outside experts. Develop the vision and goals of the business processes. Understand and measure the existing processes * 4. Clarify where the company is and that must change. technical implementation.Preparation . Educate from the beginning of the process * 3. Give clear messages * 4.* The process steps follow a natural order * There are processes in multiple versions * Work is performed where it makes sense * Checks and balances are reduced * Administration is given by cases * Opera centrally and decentralized Companies must perform these five general steps to give a new design to its operation processes: * 1. * 2. * 3.

Solution At this stage occurs a technical design and a cultural-organizational design of the company. success. performance. should be motivating and inspiring Step 4 . it helps adjust business from . Conclusion: The administrative reengineering is the fundamental tool and the last change. processes. as a process to be effective.Transformation The purpose of this step is to process vision design implementing step 4. specifying the technical dimensions of the new process The social design must necessarily be done while the technician. She runs the business process of an organization. Stage 2 . In its current state. Step 5 . etc. The vision of the new process must be understandable to all staff.Identification The purpose of this stage is the development of a customer-oriented model identifies specific processes and add value. Technical design stage seeks to realize the vision (Step 3).Define goals and strategic objectives justifying the re-engineering and the links between the results of reengineering and the results of the organization. is included It also requires a thorough understanding of the entire company and its processes. these designs should be congruent. The definition of customers. describe the primary characteristics of the process. Step 3 Vision The purpose of this stage is to develop a vision of the process capable of producing a breakthrough in performance. resources.

The opportunities organizations continue to grow if one considers that one way or another. Reengineering uses continuous change to achieve competitive advantage. so that they prepare themselves to change.old paradigms to a new service and information. businesses that earn the most are those who can assimilate the latest technology and take advantage of opportunities. However. . most of these organizations will benefit businesses without much effort. In the future it will continue moving the business.

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