Be sure to identify them and at what facility they work.

Facility: Catholic Charities Behavioral Health Center – Jamaica Branch
Given number to call
Dianne Martori
1. How long have you been working at this institution? What is your position at
this institution?
3 ½ years. Clinical director of Jamaica
2. Do you identify as Roman Catholic? If yes, how do you practice your faith (go
to church, pray before meals)
a. If no, do you identify with any other religion/ spiritual beliefs? How do
you practice?

Spiritual belief

Helps her in terms of stress management – high paced and
stressfull environment. Manage stress and stay grounded
3. In general, how do you think this institution exemplifies its Roman Catholic
Part of our mission to serve those who are most in need all programs
are designed for people are in need, whether its mental health
services. Assist those who assisted
4. Are there any procedures/ qualities that you have observed in this facility that
can be traced back to Roman Catholic beliefs/ tradition? If yes, what are they?
Probably like the holidays. Given off for things like immaculate
conception. Holy Thursday. In day to day work. Not usually
given off for other holidays.
5. If you have worked in a non-sectarian healthcare facility before, how does it
compare to working in a Roman Catholic healthcare facility?
a. Worked for st. Christopher oteley family – fairly similar- more
awareness about catholic holidays, whats going on in the
What does a healthcare institution mean when it says it is a “Roman Catholic” one?

Personally. although I went to the site prior to the phone interview twice in hopes for an in-person one. Catholic Charities develops effective responses to human need and joins with all people of good will in advocating for a social order which promotes justice and embraces human development” This is the mission statement of the Catholic Charities Behavioral Health Center. and to which the Interviewee mentioned a few times when asked about the relationship between the Church and the health center. which was showcased on the front desk of the Jamaica Branch. The Second interviewee took place over the phone. who does not currently practice going to church. Although the center was small. Reminds about the holidays. Diane Martoli. it means that there is the backing of the catholic church and also that within church theres a lot of assistance and a wide network of places that offer assistance. Many preists and members of clergy who still. carries on the catholic mission. whom I interviewed. church. the clinical director of the Health Center. She had been working as the director at the Jamaica branch for 3 ½ -visible presence – not really “Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens translates the Gospel of Jesus Christ into action by affirming the dignity and value of every person. described the Health center as being “around the clock” place. fosters relation Dianna 718-704-5488 Diane. people working at the facility were very busy. she explained how she uses her spiritual belief to manage with her stress management that comes with her “high paced and stressful environment”. Sometimes get referrals from church.martori@ccbq. especially the most vulnerable members of our diverse society. How does a Roman Catholic healthcare institution sustain its Roman Catholic identity without the visible presence / reminders of the women religious historically present throughout the healthcare facility? We still have members of the clergy who work – CEO is a monk senior. She identifies herself as a Roman Catholic. higher up. She also mentioned how her personal belief keeps her grounded . easy to refer to them. When asked about how she personally uses her faith for her work.

lead the way to carry out the Catholic mission. what a healthcare institution means when it identifies as a “Roman Catholic” institution. She explained how the church provides a lot of assistance to the Healthcare center. she did describe the scenario that was given to us in the introduction to this paper—there were still some members of the clergy who work in the institution of Catholic Charities as a whole. She explained how the Catholic belief shines through their work due to the fact that they help everyone one who needs assistance. the members of the clergy at this institution seemed to have very high up positions and leadership roles. how it has been before. Unlike the description of the declining leadership roles. Also.when working. and reinforce the workers to be aware about things such as Catholic holidays. She explained that “part of their mission is to serve those who are most in need. and fostering the institution’s relationship with the Church. but the Catholic healthcare facility observed the Catholic Holidays. but mentioned that specifically on a day-to-day basis.” whether it’s specifically mental health services or other. she said. a monk senior. When I asked about how the health institution specifically had any procedures or observations that trace back to Roman Catholic beliefs or traditions. The CEO of Catholic Charities. When I asked her about the lack of presence of religious members such as nuns and other clergy in today’s society. she said that they were very similar. When I was visiting their small center. She mentioned the above mission statement of the Catholic Charities when asked about how she thinks the Health Center exemplifies its Roman Catholic identity. To her. and other members with high up positions. vs. She says how a lot of the patients that have visited the facility were referred to by their Church. there did not seem to be any religious church members working there. there was not a special procedure. and were more in tune to what is going on in the Church. the Church uses these healthcare facilities to refer to the members of their churches who need help. Diane Martoli had worked at a non-sectarian healthcare facility before. When she compared the two facilities. . the only thing she mentioned was that they observe and are given off on Catholic Holidays. and also provides a “wide network of places that also offer assistance”. is that there is a backing of the Catholic Church in the institution.