Pocketbook “sahabat IPA” is teaching materials specially designed in the form of practical so easy to be carried

and studied by students anywhere , draw from the perspective of a display and content being presented, and
consisting of a particular theme that is integrated in some the field of scienc . The purposes of this research are:
(1) To produce pocketbook “sahabat IPA”,(2) To describe the effectiveness of students during learning using the
pocketbook “sahabat IPA” , and (3) To describe the student’s response of the pocketbook “sahabat IPA”. The design
development used in this research is the 4-D development model. The techniques of data collection were interview,
observation, documentation, test and questionaire. The validity of the pocketbook are shown by logic and user
validity. Results or research development suggests that pocketbook developed can be described as perfectly valid
with validity expert at the score 81 % and validity users to score 88 %, having the effectiveness of which can be
described as very effective by reached the effectiveness of 82,58 % and in the category of the respond positively to
all aspects raised in the survey response. Based on research it can be concluded that pocketbook “sahabat IPA” be
used as a proud and learning is a means of supporting interesting.

Sahabat IPA pocketbook is designed carefully to enable students to bring and learn the materials anytime and
anywhere due to its practicality. The pocketbook is interesting not only because of its design but also the contents
presented. Besides, sahabat IPA pocketbook contains selected topics that are related to two fields of study: physics
and biology. The theme presented in sahabat IPA pocketbook focus on a specific theme; the auditory process which
is related to the chapter of sense of hearing and sonar system in the curriculum. The theme is integrated with two
fields of study including physics and biology covering vibration, wave, sound, and sense of hearing. The purposes
of this research are: to produce a valid pocketbook, 2) to describe the effectiveness of the pocketbook, 3) to
describe student’s response towards the use of sahabat IPA pocketbook. The development design implemented in this
research was 4-D development model. The researcher employed several techniques to collect data including
interview, observation, test, and questionnaire. The results of the research show that the pocketbook is highly valid
with 81% of expert validity and 88% of user validity. The results of the data analysis also show that sahabat IPA
pocketbook is highly effective with the score of 82,58% achieved. Regarding the third purpose of the research , the
students responded the pocketbook positively for every aspect presented on the questionnaire. In short, sahabat IPA
pocketbook is a good and appropriate alternative to be used as a learning material to support fun learning .