Ordinance Article

House Number and Street/Alley Vacation Fees

Article I

Article III, Section 3

Projected New Revenue

3-50 (new)


$.07 per bag with $.05 remitted to
the City and $.02 retained by the

$9.2M (City portion)





The City's Uniform Revenue Procedures Code (URPO) contains rules for allocating tax payments and for limiting the periods that the Department of Finance can issue tax assessments. The proposed
ordinance includes the following amendments to URPO:
(1) Authorizes the allocation of any tax overpayments to the earliest period of underpayment starting with interest, then the tax and finally, any penalties. Current rules only provide for allocation
of payments to current taxes, allowing a taxpayer to avoid the carryback of the overpayment for which there are underpayments, thereby creating a refund for the taxpayer.
(2) Clarifies that the Department of Finance may extend the four year assessment or audit period for an additional two years for any taxpayer that paid less than 75 percent of taxes owed.
Amusement Tax -- Tour Boat Operator Tax

Article III, Section 2

Proposed Rate
$50 House Number, $1025 Alley
Vacation Fees

Implements a 7 cent tax on disposable paper and plastic bags. The retailer will keep 2 cents and the remaining 5 cents will be remitted to the City. The proposed ordinance includes a number of
exemptions including: bags customers bring to a store, disposable bags provided by dine-in or take-out restaurants, paper and plastic bags used for package of loose bulk items, bags for
prescriptions, dry cleaning bags, bags sold in packages containing multiple bags intended for use as garbage bags, pet waste bags or yard waste, and other uses. The proposal also repeals the
current plastic ban.
Clarification of Credits and Refunds and Statute of
Limitations for City Tax Procedures

Article III, Section 1

Current Rate
$5 House Number, $50 Street/Alley Vacation

Amends the fee and clarifies requirements for obtaining a house, property, or address number from CDOT. Specifically, the proposed ordinance:
(1) Increases the fee for establishing a new official address number for property in Chicago from $5 to $50. The increase aligns the fee with CDOT's cost of processing the application. Additionally,
the proposal clarifies that the fee will be assessed on each main door entrance for a residence or property.
(2) Increases the fee for vacating the public way (streets and/alleys) from $50 to $1,025 and requires applicants to pay for any third party costs associated with vacating the public way incurred by
CDOT, including survey work, real estate appraisals, utility work, piping work and wiring work. Current practice and policy requires that applicants pay all third party costs, the proposal codifies
this existing requirement.
(3) Requires the applicant to pay fair market value, which is current practice, for the vacated public way unless City Council adopts an ordinance which vacates the property at less than market

Chicago Checkout Bag Tax
Article II




No Change


Clarifies that the nine percent amusement tax applies to tour boat operators. Most operators currently remit the amusement tax on the sale of tickets or services provided by the tour boat operator.
Code changes clarifies that all tour boat operators are obligated to pay amusement tax.
Lease Tax -- Exemption for Annual Bike Share
Provides a lease tax exemption for Divvy's annual bike share memberships.




Ground Transportation Tax -- Suburban Taxi, Limo
and Bus Companies


Article III, Section 4

$3.50 daily rate for vehicles with a capacity
of 10 or fewer people, $6 daily rate for
vehicles with a capacity between 11 and 24
people, $9 for all vehicles with a capacity
over 25 people

No Change


Requires suburban taxi, limo and bus companies picking up and dropping off at O'Hare and Midway Airports to pay the daily ground transportation tax rate at their first trip to the airport. This
will be effective April 1, 2017.

Amusement Tax -- Ticket Resale

4-156-020, 4-156-030

Article III, Section 5

5% or 9% depending on amusement type
applied only to ticket mark-up value

3.5% applied to full value of the


Changes the application of the amusement tax for ticket resales from applying the 5 percent and 9 percent tax only on the mark-up to 3.5 percent applied to the full value of the ticket.
Garage Parking Tax -- Eliminate Minimum Charge
Article III, Section 6



22% weekdays, 20% weekends


Eliminates the minimum threshold exemption for the Garage Parking Tax, applying the tax rate to all garage and lot charges, regardless of amount. Currently, garage fees at or below $2 for 24 hours
or less, $10 for weekly, and $40 for monthly are exempt from the Garage Parking Tax. The proposed ordinance maintains an exemption for government entities, including CTA parking lots, Park
District lots, and the Juvenile Court House.

Commercial User Paid Loading Zones

9-64-165, 9-64-166, 9-64-190, 9-64200, 9-64-205, 9-64-206, 9-100-020

$500 for first 20 feet in Central Business
District and $110 for 20 feet outside CBD;
$50 for each additional foot

$14 per hour


Article IV
Authorizes a pilot program to convert current business-paid loading zones to user-paid loading zones. The user-paid loading zone rate will be $14 per hour. The proposed ordinance does not
impact loading zones or standing zones adjacent to medical centers, private residences, day care centers, government buildings, churches, hotels, and schools. The ordinance increases fines for
parking violations only within the pilot commercial loading zones to $140.

Special Event Congestion Parking Rates

Article V, Section 1


$2 per hour

$4 per hour during special events,
$2 per hour all other times


Implement special event pricing of $4 per hour at approximately 820 parking meters around the area of Wrigley Field and approximately 670 parking meters around Soldier Field. The special event
pricing would begin two hours prior to the start of a scheduled special event (football and baseball games, concerts, etc.) and extend for seven hours. The regular meter rate of $2 per hour will
continue to apply during all non-special event times.
(1) The meters impacted in the Wrigley Field area are bounded on the north side by West Irving Park Road, the west side by Ashland Avenue, the south side by Belmont Avenue, and the east side by
North Broadway.
(2) The meters impact in the Soldier Field area are bounded on the north side by Roosevelt Road, on the west side by State Street, on the south side by Cermak Road, and on the east side by Lake
Shore Drive.

Additional Parking Meters


$6.50 per hour in the Loop, $4 per hour in
the CBD, $2 in the neighborhoods

No Change




Article V, Section 2
Adds 752 parking meter spaces: 374 in the Central Business District, 153 in the Loop, and 225 in the neighborhoods.

Taxicab Medallions

Article VI


Clarifies that business entities and individuals can apply for a taxicab medallion. Current ordinance specifies only corporations can apply for a taxicab medallion. Also eliminates requirement for
a medallion owner education course.

Special Events: Street Fairs, Outdoor Special
Events, and Athletic Events

Article VII

9-112-090, 9-112-100, 9-112-110

10-8-332, 10-8-335

$35 application fee, $25 per day

Varies Application Fees, $100 per
block per day in CBD, $50 per block
per day outside CBD


Implements the following changes:
(1) Establishes an application fee structure for all street fairs, special events, and athletic events based on when the completed application is submitted to DCASE. The fee ranges from $100 when
submitted 60 days or more prior to the event to $2,000 for applications submitted less than 14 days prior to an event. Applications submitted fewer than seven days prior to the event will not be
(2) Converts the $25 per day permit charge for all street fairs and outdoor special events requiring a street closure to a per block per day charge with a $100 per block per day charge for street fairs
within the CBD and $50 per block per day for street fairs outside the CBD.

Airport Parking





Streamline the parking rate structure at O'Hare and Midway Airports to establish a maximum 24-hour rate per type of parking facility and increase rates for certain parking facilities. There are
varying garage types with varying day, hour and quarter-hour rates at Midway Airport and at O'Hare Airport. The ordinance streamlines the rate structure and allows CDA to vary rates up to a cap,
allowing rate adjustments during the upcoming construction.

Article VIII

There are three proposed rate changes for Midway Airport Parking, including:
- 24 hour max rate increase for hourly terminal parking from $46.75 to $50;
- 24 hour max rate increase for daily terminal parking from $24.75 to $32; and
- 24 hour max rate increase for overflow parking from $5 to $11.50.
The 24 hour max rate remains unchanged for long term parking, economy parking and valet parking at Midway Airport.
There are eight proposed rate changes for O'Hare Airport parking, including:
- 24 max rate increase for daily parking from $26.75 to $32;
- 24 hour max rate increase for hourly parking from $46.75 to $59;
- 24 max rate increase for valet parking from $41.75 to $54;
- 24 hour max rate increase for international terminal parking from $46.75 to $59;
- 24 hour max rate increase for remote parking in Economy Lot E from $12.75 to $15;
- 24 hour max rate increase for remote parking in Economy Lot F and Multi-Modal from $6.50 to $24;
- 24 hour max rate increase for Remote Parking in Economy Lot G from $10.50 to $12; and
- 24 hour max rate increase for Temporary Overflow Parking from $21.75 to $30.
The 24 hour max rate for Remote Valet Parking in Economy Lot E did not change at O'Hare Airport.

Michael Reese Promissory Note
Article IX

Provides the Chief Financial Officer the authority to refinance the existing promissory note for the Michael Reese property.
Community Catalyst Fund

Article X

Provides the City the authority to establish the Community Catalyst Fund, which is a neighborhood focused fund-of-funds, meaning this Fund will invest in other funds rather than making direct
investments in an asset. The ordinance creates a separate Board of Trustees responsible for the administration and direction of the Fund comprised of seven voting members (the City Treasurer, the
Chief Financial Officer, the Commissioner of Planning and Development, and four additional members appointed by the Mayor). It also establishes a five member, non-voting Advisory Board. The
Advisory Board will consist of two members of the City Council and three additional members appointed by the Mayor.