CCDS 3351
“A hope for Syria”. It is something for us to ponder upon. A hope for Syria
was a brilliant yet educative program that had been conducted by the EMS Society
featuring 3 powerful speakers, the World’s ESL best Speaker, Syed Saddiq, Asia’s
best Speaker, Mubarrat Wassey and the Founder of The Muslim Heroes, Muhammad
Saud Kashmiri. It was held on Tuesday, December 1, 2015 at the Engineering, Main
Auditorium. I have been reading a lot about the history of the refugees, Syria, and the
illustrated talk made it all come alive for me. It was thoughtful of them to add those
personal observations. Their talk also gave a great boost to our efforts to do something
in helping all the needy. Thank you very much for an enlightening and stimulating
The presentation started with the speaker talked on the history land of Syria.
After the occupation of Constantinople by British, French and Italian troops in
November 1918, the Ottoman government collapsed completely and signed the Treaty
of Sèvres in 1920. Besides that, he also give another example on how, India which has
17 languages, different culture, different custom yet still can be united and bind
together. Next, he gave an example on how Syiah and the Sunni’s was in conflicting
and resolve the conflicts by killing each other. People have to be reminded that it is
not worth killing and have to muhasabah back where are we coming from and why
and it shows like people do not know what is their boundary.
Then, move forward to the next point given by the other speakers which
concerned on the equality of human beings and the feelings of the refugee’s family.
Then, the speaker also mentioned on the political approach before the revolution of
Syrias which in year 2000 elections, Bashar al-assad won the elections and become
the next president continuing his late father legacy. Next, the speaker talk on the
importants of money for the country that accept the refugees in order to
maintain their life in a best condition.
Next, the second speaker mentioned on the statistic of the
refuges in the world, in Iraq, there is about 250 000 number of
refugees. Based on the statistic, it also mentioned that most of the
countries that accepted the refugees are the Muslim country, which
gives them a chance to start a new life. Syed Saddiq also mentioned
that, the Muslims do not ask the Western countries to take the
refugees and it is their own willingness and voluntarily to take in the
refugees to their countries.
In a nutshell, the presentation wan an eye-opener for us. The world needs to
come together and act as a united front. We shouldn’t be scouring behind xenophobic
views. Not only do we have legal obligations towards them, we also have ethical
obligations. We have to remember that these people fleeing death and persecution are
no different from us; they are human beings, and all humans are our people and we

. The blame is to be shared by all of us and the blood of that Syrian boy is in our hands.are all sharing one interconnected world.