Rosa G.

Professor Mark Jarvis
Life Span Human Development
8 September 2016

What are your views on abortion? Under what circumstances, if any, would you consider it? If
you were a lawmaker, what would be your stand on this issue? (*In India, boys are valued more
than girls and amniocentesis has become widespread. In one province, only one in thousands of
abortions following: amniocentesis was that of a male fetus, the rest were females. How do you
feel about abortion as a tool for gender selection? Suppose that one of the female fetuses in the
previous example was also identified as having suffered severe mental and physical damage to
the point that, after birth, the resulting child would mentally and physically be unable to care for
itself. Would this information influence (change) your decision?
Abortion has to be one of the most controversial topics there is. There’s Anti-Abortion as
well as Pro-Abortion. Many consider abortion to be immoral as well as murder others believe
otherwise. I believe it’s the woman's choice whether to abort or not. Although there are two
sides on which you can take, I support in having the option to abort. As a woman you should
have the right to your own body. We should have the ability to make any decisions on our own.
There are circumstances I believe you should have as well as I would consider if I were a victim
of any. If you’re neither ready nor stable to raise a child, a victim of rape, or the fetus has a
health problem, the list continues. Women have a right to their own body, they should be able to
make their decisions without anybody or the government interfering. If I were a lawmaker, I
would support abortion and keep it as it is, women should have a voice. Although I am pro-

abortion, I do not believe in aborting due to the sex of the child. In order to abort I do believe
there must be a comprehensive reason on why to do so. Knowing you had the ability to not make
the child suffer throughout their life and not doing anything about it, abortion should result as an
option. The whole controversy on abortion is due to different morals.
Many believe abortion is considered to be immoral, others disagree. The whole argument
is due to different morals. Some think it’s considered murder, while others don’t. There are many
reasons on why some are against, they believe everyone deserves to live. What if the condition
isn’t healthy for both the parent and child? In tough situations, I do believe abortion is the best
option. People have the right to make their own decisions without having any judgments. A child
should not come to the world where they will suffer.
Every woman should have the choice whether to bring a child into this world or not.
There are many reasons on why she might not. An example, rape might have occurred, forcing
stress upon her, she might not want to raise the child of the rapist because it would be very
difficult for her to do so, and in that case abortion should be an option. It’s a way to protect
women. Many have the inability to support and care for a child and it makes it very difficult for
them to give the child the life they deserve. Another reason is to prevent the birth of a child with
birth defects or health problems. There are many reasons on why abortion is committed not just
because the child is “unwanted”.
As a lawmaker I would keep abortion as it is. I would make sure that it’s always an
option for anyone who is having doubts and is incapable of raising and caring for a child. I do
believe that in order to abort there must be a reason, not just because they are unwanted or
because of the sex of the child. “For the past centuries millions of newborns were killed because
they were of the wrong sex, a practice that is considered murder today.” (Invitation to The Life

Span, 2016, pg. 52). Abortion is not just “murder”, most abortions take place during the third
semester when the fetus cannot live independently. Rather than people being open minded they
become ignorant and don’t realize the actual reasons one might choose to abort.
Abortion should always be available. Sometimes an abortion is the best or only solution
for a woman. I as well as others do believe why an abortion might be the only option, there’s
many reasons on why someone gets an abortion, not simply because they don’t want a baby. If
you’re against abortion you shouldn’t have an abortion. Abortions save lives; it saves the child
from coming into a world incapable of giving them the life that they truly do deserve. Abortion
prevents suffering, physical, emotional and financial for the parents as well as for the child.