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My 5 year-old could have done that! When bringing non-arty friends to

galleries, this is their common reply. With exhibit after exhibit being swept
away and binned by cleaners, the art scene is in need of a clean-up. Though
art is consulting the everyday for inspiration, to common folks, it can be
difficult to access. The placard not cutting it for them, not having the right
delivery of information to fill their needs. Having people who know art and
can explain it can help more people grow their passions for it.
Untitled landed into this as a project informed by current attitudes within
critiques of art that flag up the cold, plastic sheen of contemporary art.
Jettisoning from this, Untitled aims to break down the initially exclusionary
look of modern art with free crowdsourced digital guides on current
Our community is at the very heart of this all. Roping together artisticallyinclined people, from galley curators, scholars, to visitors. All working
together to open a dialogue with the public about art. Using a Facebook
community as a space for our contributors to engage with the industry,
navigating the urinals and chairs and breaking it down with simple
explanations. Writing as if they were chatting to friends.
The Jeff Koons: Now exhibition at the Newport Street Gallery acted as a
springboard for this. Our passionate art enthusiasts have pooled together
their exclusive insights and knowledge, helping people explore the poppy
pieces of Koons through our digital guide.
With joining the team being simple and easy, weve reached out to many
with our guide and weekly newsletter. Racking up an audience growth of
over 500% to currently 5,000 within the last 3 months. | | +447879705862