Chassis : KSDA(N)_CB5G
Model : CL29A551GQ9XZD


1. Precaution
2. Product Specification
3. Disassembly & Reassembly
4. Troubleshooting
5. Exploded View & Part List
6. Wiring Diagram
7. Schematic Diagram


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Table of Contents
1. Precaution
1-1 Safety Precautions.......................................................................................................................................................1-1
1-2 Servicing Precautions...................................................................................................................................................1-3
1-3 Static Electricity Precautions........................................................................................................................................1-4
1-4 Installation Precautions................................................................................................................................................1-5

2. Product Specification
2-1 Product Specification....................................................................................................................................................2-1
2-2 Specifications Analysis.................................................................................................................................................2-2
2-3 Accessories..................................................................................................................................................................2-3

3. Disassembly & Reassembly
3-1 Overall Disassembly & Reassembly.............................................................................................................................3-1

4. Troubleshooting
4-1 Troubleshooting............................................................................................................................................................4-1
4-2 Adjustment....................................................................................................................................................................4-14

5. Exploded View & Part List
5-1 CL29A551GQ9XZD Exploded View.............................................................................................................................5-1
5-2 CL29A551GQ9XZD Electrical Part List........................................................................................................................5-3

6. Wiring Diagram
6-1 Overall Wiring...............................................................................................................................................................6-1
6-2 Pin Connection.............................................................................................................................................................6-3

7. Schematic Diagram
7-1 Circuit Description........................................................................................................................................................7-1
7-2 Schematic Diagram......................................................................................................................................................7-5

A high voltage is maintained within the specified limits using safety parts.1 and the Underwriter Laboratory’s specifications (UL1410. 6. This might cause physical damage. Make sure that no gaps exist between the cabinets for children to insert their fingers in to prevent children from receiving electric shocks. follow the instructions below. When any damage or overheating is detected. 7. Use the voltmeter to measure the voltage between the chassis and the earthed ground. make sure that the device is repaired before sending it back to the customer. any changes or additions to the original design/engineering will invalidate the warranty. Make sure all protective devices are properly installed including non-metallic handles and compartment covers when installing or re-installing the chassis or chassis assemblies. To make sure the AC power cord is properly connected. Use only those current leakage testers or mirroring systems that comply with ANSIC 101. follow the instructions below with regard to safety.Precaution 1. Furthermore. Warning for Engineering Changes: Never make any changes or additions to the circuit design or the internal part for this product.0V. Warning .0 ㏁ or over 5. Samsung Electronics 1-1 . installation. Some TV chassis are shipped with an additional secondary grounding system.Hot Chassis: Some TV chassis are directly connected to one end of the AC power cord for electrical reasons. material or wiring appear overheated or damaged. In these cases. 3. 1-1 Safety Precautions 1.2 ㏁. Precaution To avoid possible damages or electric shocks or exposure to radiation. Without insulated transformers. replace them with new regular ones immediately. These two grounding systems are separated in the circuit using an unbreakable/unchangeable insulation material. When any parts. Gaps mentioned above include ventilation holes of a too great magnitude between the vaccum tube and the cabinet mask. Ex: Do not add any audio or video accessory connectors. DEVICE UNDER TEST LEAKAGE CURRENT TESTER (READING SHOULD NOT BE ABOVE 0. 5. and the improper installation of the rear cabinet. Errors may occur when the resistance is below 1. Measure the voltage between the chassis and the ground again. 8. When voltage exceeds the specified limits. correct this immediately and make a regular check of possible errors. If the measurement is over 1. Check for Electricity Leakage (Figure 1-1) Warning: Do not use an insulated transformer for checking the leakage.7). service and ESD. The secondary system is adjacent to the AC power line. 59.5mA) TEST ALL EXPOSED METAL SURFACES 2-WIRE CORD ALSO TEST WITH PLUG REVERSED (USING AC ADAPTER PLUG AS REQUIRED) EARTH GROUND 4. unplug the AC power cord and change the polarity before re-inserting it. the product can only be repaired safely when the chassis is connected to the earthed end of the AC power source. calibration and tolerances. 2. check each special part.

Precaution 9. flame resistance and dielectric strength specifications). incorrectly placed or loose. Use only regular parts for replacements (in particular. Irregular parts or materials may cause electric shock or fire. ). any sharp edges. Safety Indication: Some electrical circuits or device related materials require special attention to their safety features. Samsung Electronics . 10. which cannot be viewed by the naked eye. Check for the original shape of the lead. Never change the space between the part and the printed circuit board. the AC power and the high voltage power. If an original part is replaced with another irregular one. 1-2 Critical safety parts should be bracketed with ( . especially that of the antenna wiring. Carefully check if the wiring is too tight. the safety or protective features will be lost even if the new one has a higher voltage or more watts. Keep the part or the lead away from any heat-emitting materials. Check the AC power cord for possible damages.

After the repair. The ground lead of the tester should be removed last. (b) Disconnect the electric plug or connector. Beware of risks of any current leakage coming into contact with the high-capacity capacitor. the metal panel. If the metal heat sink is not properly installed. Connect the insulating resistance meter (500v) to the AC plug blade. Check for insulation between the blade of the AC plug and that of any conductive materials (i. no connection to the AC power should be made. etc). 8. When there is a conflict between the service and the safety instructions. Insulated tubes or tapes are used for this purpose. 5. The insulating resistance between the blade of the AC plug and that of the conductive material should be more than 1㏁. 3. 2. so protect yourself by wearing gloves during the repair. Some parts are placed at a higher position than the printed board. follow the safety instruction at all times. input terminal. make sure to check if the screws. 7. The sharp edges of the metal material may cause physical damage. Warning 2: Any electrolytic capacitor with the wrong polarity will explode. 1. Samsung Electronics 1-3 . 6. Insulation Check Process: Unplug the power cord from the AC source and turn the switch on. Make sure no damage is caused to the repaired part and its surroundings. Any B+ interlock should not be damaged. (c) Connect the test part in parallel with the electrolytic capacitor. Make sure to unplug the AC power cord from the power source before starting any repairs. The internal wiring is clamped using buckles to avoid contact with heat emitting parts. Make sure the grounding lead of the tester is connected to the chassis ground before connecting to the positive lead. (a) Remove or re-install parts or assemblies. earphone jack. if any. and should be followed by any service personnel.Precaution 1-2 Servicing Precautions Warning 1: First carefully read the “Safety Instruction” in this service manual. parts or cables are properly installed. These parts are installed back to their original position.e. The service instructions are printed on the cabinet. 9. 4. 10.

Use only grounded-tip irons for soldering purposes. A solder removal device without an anti-static feature can store enough static electricity to cause damage to the ESD. Take extreme caution in handling any uncovered ESD replacements. 1-4 Samsung Electronics . 8. Some semi-conductive (“solid state”) devices are vulnerable to static electricity.this is a safety instruction for avoiding electric shock) 3. ESD includes the integrated circuit and the field effect transistor. which will cause a short to the entire unit due to the conductive foam. Do not remove the ESD from the protective box until the replacement is ready. 4. These devices are known as ESD. Remove the protective material from the ESD replacement lead immediately after connecting it to the chassis or circuit assembly. Remove the ESD assembly and place it on a conductive surface such as aluminum foil to prevent accumulating static electricity. To avoid any materials damage from electrostatic shock. Actions such as brushing clothes or lifting your leg from the carpet floor can generate enough static electricity to damage the ESD. Remove any static electricity from your body by connecting the earth ground before handling any semi-conductive parts or assemblies. CAUTION These servicing instructions are for use by qualified service personnel only. 6. Do not use any Freon-based chemicals. aluminum foil or other conductive materials. To reduce the risk of electric shock do not perform any servicing other than that contained in the operating instructions unless you are qualified to do so. Such chemicals will generate static electricity that causes damage to the ESD. Alternatively. wear a dischargeable wrist-belt. 7. 2. (Make sure to remove any static electricity before connecting the power source .Precaution 1-3 Static Electricity Precautions 1. follow the instructions described below. 5. Use only anti-static solder removal devices. Most solder removal devices do not support an anti-static feature. 9. Most ESD replacements are covered with lead.

Damage to the cord may cause fire or electric shock. more than two people are required for carrying the product. 7. it may cause a fire or electric shock. 6. Do not place the product in areas with poor ventilation such as a bookshelf or closet. Tilt adjustment.Precaution 1-4 Installation Precautions 1. as a melted covering may cause fire or electric shock. Keep the antenna far away from any high-voltage cables and install it firmly.Image position/size. . Also check the antenna cable or the external connectors if they are fully unplugged. For safety reasons. 2. Contact with the high-voltage cable or the antenna falling over may cause fire or electric shock. Bend the external antenna cable when connecting it to the product. Keep the power cord away from any heat emitting devices. Otherwise. 3. 4. Actuator activation . This is a measure to protect it from being exposed to moisture. Make sure to turn the power off and unplug the power cord from the outlet before repositioning the product. 5. Check the basics of the screen test. The increased internal temperature may cause fire. Samsung Electronics 1-5 .

MEMO 1-6 Samsung Electronics .

Product Specification 2-1 Product Specification Features Block CRT Specification Major IC 29” Slim CRT 29” Slim CRT RF Part 1 TUNER TDQ-6F/13F2S Power Input Voltage : AC 100~240V (Mexico: AC 127V) W6750 Video MULTI SYSTEM(NT/PAL/SECAM) Remark UOC TOP 1H Comb Filter Sound Output : 10W x 2 TDA7297SA Cabinet 29BG0 Cabinet Z50 Cabinet Specification Model CL29A551GQ Screen Size 29” Dimensions (WxHxD) 765 x 600 x 416.Product Specification 2.5 mm Weight 42 kg Voltage AC 100~240V (Mexico: AC 127V) Speaker Output 10W + 10W Samsung Electronics 2-1 .

Product Specification 2-2 Specifications Analysis ※ : application. refer to the label attached to the product. : non-application Model CL29A551GQ (KSDA) CL-29Z43MQ (KS7C) Design Picture Sound Convenience Screen Size 29” 29” CRT Slim CRT SLIM-FIT DNIe Jr. X X Comb Filter 1H 1H Velocity Modulation O X Video Noise Reduction O O Auto Kinetic Bias O O Color Tone Control O O Tilt Control X O Picture Mode 4 Mode 4 Mode MTS/SAP O O Output Power (RMS) 10W x 2 10W x 2 Tweeter X X BBE X X Surround X O Sound Mode 5 Mode 5 Mode Graphic Equalizer O X Sub-Woofer Speaker X X Auto Volume Leveler O O Melody On/Off O O Turbo Sound O O PIP X 2T Plug & Play O O Zoom Mode O O OSD Demo O O OSD Language E/F/S/P E/F/S/P Previous Channel O O Closed Caption O O On/Off Timer O O Sleep Timer O O Auto Power Off O O Clock O O Channel Scan X X Self-diagnostic System X X Remote Surf O O Channel Labelling O O Blue Screen O O Rack X X 100~240 AC120V Voltage Power Consumption Jacks On 145W 140W Stand-by under 3W under 3W RF Input R1 R1 A/V Input S1/R2 S1/R2 Monitor Output R1 R1 S-VHS Input S1 S1 Headphone X X DVD Input O O PC Input(VGA) Remote Controller X X TM85 TM85 ※ For the power supply and power consumption. 2-2 Samsung Electronics .

Product Specification 2-3 Accessories 2-3-1 Supplied Accessories Accessories Item Item code Remote Control Batteries AA59-00425A 4301-000121 Power Cord AA96-20127A Remark Samsung Service center Owner’s Instructions AA68-03967Y Warranty Card Registration Card Safety Guide Manual - 2-3-2 Accessories that can be purchased additionally Accessories Item Item code RF Cable - Video Cable - Remark Electronics Store/ Internal shopping mall Samsung Electronics Audio Cable - Component Cables (RCA) - 2-3 .

MEMO 2-4 Samsung Electronics .

Samsung Electronics 3-1 . Since there is a danger of injury from the remaining current and of damaging the product due to static electricity. make sure to remove the power cord and wait for a moment so that the remaining current is discharged completely before disassembling the product. : RH. +.Disassembly & Reassembly 3. ZPC(BLK). L15. Disassembly & Reassembly 3-1 Overall Disassembly & Reassembly 3-1-1 Disassembling the Cabinet Part Name Back Cover Description Description Photo ① Remove the 9 screws fixing the Back Cover. B. SWRCH18A ② Tap the Back Cover 2 or 3 times and pull the cover and remove it. M4.

pull it until the catch is out of the hole. ② Separate the power cord. ① Separate the CRT Ass’y from the CRT. DY-Cable and power cord from the Front Cabinet and Main Board. ① Separate the D-Coil. If you pull it with excessive power. Pull the chassis while pushing the clip fixing the Front Cabinet and the Holder Chassis. the TBC wire. ② Separate the TBC wire. 3-2 Samsung Electronics . ① Separate the CRT connection. it may cause damage to the catch or connector. Therefore.and the the speaker connection. Since there is a hinge fixing the Wire Connector and Connector Header. Pull the chassis while pushing the clip fixing the Front Cabinet and the Holder Chassis. Pull the chassis while pushing the clip fixing the Front Cabinet and the Holder Chassis. if the wire is pulled with excessive power. the Holder Chassis.Disassembly & Reassembly 3-1-2 Disassembling the CRT and Chassis Part Name Description Chassis Holder ① Separate the Ass’y Holder chassis from the Front Cabinet. it may damage the catch or connector. Description Photo ② Pull the Holder Chassis while pushing the catch up. Therefore. GND cables from the CRT Ass’y sequentially. DY-Cable by pushing the fixing catch to the side and pulling the wire up. pull it chassis only while after pressing the Pull the pushing the fixing the Front Cabinet and hinge down clip completely.

pressing on the fixing clip. In addition.Disassembly & Reassembly Part Name Chassis Holder Description Description Photo ① Separate the cable connecting the FBT and CRT from the CRT. Since a high voltage current resides inside the CRT. pull the wires while pressing the push-type clip at the connector. Samsung Electronics 3-3 . ② To separate thick wire. do not to touch the CRT hole with metal or your body when separating the cable. Pull the wires while pressing onwires the fixing Pull the whileclip. 3-1-3 Disassembling the CRT Ass’y Part Name CRT Ass’y Description Description Photo ① Separate the cables connecting the Main Ass’y and the CRT Ass’y. Take care when separating the wires because pulling the wires by force may damage the socket. separate the wires on a flat and clean surface so as to prevent scratching of the material and the PCB. ① Separate the wires from the FBT of the Main Board and the CRT Ass’y.

MEMO 3-4 Samsung Electronics .

① Check that the power cord is correctly connected to a 100~240V wall outlet. ⑥ Check that channel setting has been set. Troubleshooting 4-1 Troubleshooting 4-1-1 First Checklist for Troubleshooting 1. LED Indicators: See table 4-1-2 Basic Troubleshooting: LED Diagnosis on the Front Panel. In case of a power failure or abnormal screen.Troubleshooting 4. ② Check that the Master Switch has been pressed. 2. 3. check the following items. Samsung Electronics 4-1 . ⑤ Check that the signal cable is properly connected. ④ Check that transmitter device selection is set to TV. ③ Ch eck that the transmitter is turned on. Power LED: Check that the LED works when the power cord is connected to a 100~240V wall outlet.

Replace the battery of the remote control with a new one. ■ Change the channel using the remote control of the cable or satellite receiver. ■ Check if the power switch at the back left of the TV is turned on. Satellite broadcasting does not work. Menu & Remote Control Problem Solution The remote control does not work. ■ To avoid direct sunlight to the receiving panel of the TV. Check if the menu is grayed out.Troubleshooting 4-1-2 Checkpoints by Error Mode 1. Cannot select a menu. Insert the battery making sure the polarity (+. Cannot change the channel with the remote control. 4-2 ■ ■ ■ ■ Samsung Electronics . If a menu is grayed out.-) is correct. 2. Cannot select an A/V channel. Air broadcasting does not work. When the AV item is grayed out. Check if the power cord is properly connected. Check if the angle or the distance is sufficient. ■ Press the Select Device button to select the TV. or if there is any interference between the product and the remote control. Press the Select Device button to select the TV or external device. you cannot select an A/V channel.. remove any indoor lighting or change the location of the TV. Troubleshooting Summary Problem Solution The power does not turn on. Subscribe to a local cable broadcasting firm and get support. it cannot be selected. Install a satellite antenna (Parabola) and connect it to the TV. Check if the connector is properly connected. ■ Make sure the user has pressed the correct button. Press the TV/AV button and check if the AV item is grayed out. Cable broadcasting does not work. Check if the antenna is properly installed.

angle or direction of the antenna. Only the screen is blank/it is dark or too bright.5 years. Screen Problem Solution The screen is black and there is no sound. The screen is black and white. ■ Check if the antenna is properly installed. Unusual lines appear on the screen when watching or recording to video. ■ Check if the connector is properly installed. Keep the video player as far away from the TV as possible. There is a lot of noise. Press the Multiplex button to select the TV. Keep the antenna away from the power cord or connectors if possible. Keep the antenna away from the power cord or connectors if possible. The screen is blue/the external channel is not displayed. ■ Select an AV channel that corresponds to the external device. 4. Unusual lines appear on the screen. Install the antenna as far away from the road as possible. Samsung Electronics 4-3 .Troubleshooting 3. The colors of the screen are odd/strange. The selected language does not appear. ■ Turn on the power. The sound is very low. The screen is snowy or unclear. The picture quality gets worse when it is windy ■ Check if the antenna has been bent or moved by the wind. Adjust the screen brightness. ■ Adjust the color density. ■ Set the auto volume control to ON. (Normally 3 . ■ Increase the volume. ■ Check the antenna for its lifetime. ■ Select an AV channel that corresponds to the external device. Adjust the color tones. Sound Problem Solution There is no sound. The screen overlaps (double/triple). 1-2 years near the coast) Dotted or semi-dotted lines are displayed on the screen. ■ Press the Mute button. ■ Check if the power cord is properly connected. ■ Increase the volume. ■ Check if the connector is properly installed. ■ Adjust the position.

Solution ■ Check if the antenna is properly installed. Use the number keys to select a specific channel and press Store/Clear to memorize it. Others Problem The TV makes a noise as if something is dropping inside. ■ ■ ■ ■ Adjust the position. Only the UHF (14-69) channels are not available.Troubleshooting 5. 4-4 Solution This noise may occur when the plastic material inside the TV expands or contracts according to the seasonal temperature or humidity. 6. Activate the Reception Sensitivity Boost feature. and there is no need for concern. angle or direction of the antenna. Samsung Electronics . Contact your local broadcasting service station. Channel Problem There are no channels available. ■ Press the Auto Channel button to store channels. This is like the noise from a furniture/cabinet/sink unit. Check if the antenna is able to receive UHF signals. ■ Contact your local broadcasting service station. Some channels are not available.

The Checksum value is determined according to the version of the software loaded on the set. ○→◑→● The LED blinks. while the unit is starting up or the unit is turning off. You can only use the checksume of the current direct-view TV to determine whether the software is corrupted or not. Therefore.Troubleshooting 7.g. if you know the correct checksum for that version of the software. 8. Basic Troubleshooting: Diagnosis of LED on the Front Panel LED ●: Light is On ◑: Light is Blinking ○: Light is Off Description Power ○ This happens when the Master Switch is not pressed or the power cord is disconnected. 0xab2b) ■ Checksum Examples T-URANSAS-1003. Factory Mode → Checksum → Enter → Output Checksum (e.0 checksum=9675 Samsung Electronics 4-5 . ● This happens when the power cord is connected. You can check the checksum according in the following order. you can determine whether the software has been properly downloaded. Troubleshooting by the Checksum ■ Diagnosis of trouble by the checksum is neither reliable nor convenient.

Flow Chart for Malfunction Does the TV work? Yes Is there something on the Screen.Troubleshooting 9. Is the power cord or the master switch out of order? Yes Is CRT higi voltage been measured? No Check that the cables ard properly connected to Main Board. Yes Does the OSD menu on the screen work? No Yes UOC TOP IC Replace. Yes Is the cable from the Main Board th the CRT Ass’y properly innected? No Connect the cable TUNER SOUND IC MICOM 1 CHIP IC RCA JACK VERTICAL IC OUTPUT TR Q401 BRIDGE DIODE FBT SMPS-IC MAIN TRANS 4-6 EW DRIVER DY-JACK Samsung Electronics .

Troubleshooting 4-1-3 Troubleshooting Procedures by ASS’Y 1 NO Power - Power part of the Main Board Check. No Picture & No Sound Is the power cord or the master switch out of order? Check the FUSE “LP801S” Yes Change “LP801S” Yes Check the “D801S” #1 No Change “D801S” Yes Check the IC801S #1 5Q0765R Yes Check the others part No Change “IC801S” Yes Complete FP801S D801S SMPS POWER IC SOUND IC D809A Samsung Electronics 4-7 .

when the power is normal No sound (1st power OK) Check the +14V line No Check FD801A Yes Check D809A Check IC802S Yes Change IC602 No No Change FD801A Yes Change D809A Complete FP801S SOUND IC D809A MICOM CHIP IC 4-8 Samsung Electronics .Troubleshooting 2. No Sound .


3. No Picture

- when the power is normall
No picture (1st power OK)

Check the +125V line

Check the others B+ line


open and check



T444 B+ Pin #3
Open and check

Check D407

Change the “D811” (D811A)







Check the “Q401”

Change D407

Change the “Q401”



Samsung Electronics



TR Q401



4-1-4 Troubleshooting by Blocks
1. Tuner Diagnosis
If there is no signal measured even though the RF signal received by the external antenna is input to the Main Board Tuner.
- Supplied Power: 5V, 8V, 33V
- RF Trouble Check: Check CVBS output
- AUDIO Trouble Check: Check SiF Signal output







Samsung Electronics



2. External Input Diagnosis
Component inputs and one monitor output (Video, Audio) are supported.
The signal is input to UOC TOP IC through the ports, and the signal selected in UOC TOP IC is output.
If the signal input and output are not detected, check the following.
- Supplied Power: UOC TOP IC (5V, 3.3V, 8V)
- Input Problem Check: Check the connecting jacks.
- Output Problem Check: Check the UOC TOP IC









Samsung Electronics


Troubleshooting 3. TDA12140 Diagnosis IF+MICOM+VIDEO 4-12 Samsung Electronics .

R+. TDA7297SA Diagnosis - Supplied Power: 14V - Input Problem Check: L/R - Output Problem Check: L+.Troubleshooting 4. R TP06 Samsung Electronics TP05 4-13 . L-.

General Adjustment : In general.Troubleshooting 4-2 Adjustment 4-2-1 Service Instruction 1. etc. This completes the basic performance examination. a color TV can provide ideal visual quality by adjusting the basic settings such as the vertical size. re-adjust the purity and the convergence. horizontal size. Display a black and white picture on the screen to check if the picture is clearly displayed. If there are some ‘spotted’ points on the screen when displaying a black and white picture. 4-14 Samsung Electronics . If the spotted points remain. focus. degauss the screen using the degauss coil.

press the keys on the remote control according to the following sequence.0 XXXX/XX/XX 3. (in Stand-by status) To Enter: Mute 1 8 2 Power ON 2.Troubleshooting 4-2-2 How to Access Service Mode 1.5± 0. Option1 XX XX XX XX XX Option2 Hotel Option Deflection Video Adjust 1 Video Adjust 2 Video Adjust 3 Video Adjust 4 YC Delay Others Bus Stop Off Checksum 0000 G2 Adjust Reset T-URANSAS-1003. W/B Setting No Item 1 White Balance 2 Screen Voltage Samsung Electronics Data x: 275 ± 5 y: 275 ± 5 Y: 30 ± 3 x :265 ± 5 y: 265 ± 5 Y: 1. The initial screen of Service Mode.2 Toshiba Pattern G2 Adjust Required Adjustment White Balance (Standard Data) Same As S17A Chassis 4-15 . MENU Show all menus ▲/▼ Move the cursor to select an item. Functions of the Keys within Service Mode. ◀/▶ Adjust the selected configuration value 4. To enter Service Mode.

Hotel Option No 4-16 Item 1 Hotel Mode On/Off Off 2 Power On Band Air/STD Air 3 Power On Channel 2~69 2 4 Power on volume 0~100 10 5 Max Volume 0~100 100 6 Pannel Button Lock On/Off Off 7 Power On Source Off/TV/EXT1/EXT2 Off Samsung Electronics . Option2 No Item 1 LNA On/Off Off 2 X-ray protect On/Off Off 3 Sound Carrier Mute On/Off Off 4 Turbo Effect High/Low High 5 Sound mode India/Europe Europe 6 CRT 4:3/16:9 4:3 7 Size On/Off On 8 PLM1000 On/Off Off Selection Initial Data 3. None of the others should be adjusted. Option1 No Item Selection Initial Data 100msec~1000msec/Off 900msec 1 Video mute 2 System CL/CP/CT-N CL 3 AV Jack 1Scart/2Scart/2Scart+S/2Scart+DVD/ 2Scart+S+DVD/1RCA/2RCA/2RCA+S/ 2RCA+DVD/2RCA+S+DVD 2RCA+S+DVD 4 Sound Line Stereo/Stereo/V-dolby Stereo 5 High Deviation ON/Off On 6 Volume Curve Large/Small/East asia Large 7 Initial Lang. English//Spain/Portugal/France English 8 Philippines On/Off On 9 Auto Power on On/Off Off 10 V-Guard On/Off On 11 Sound Detect BG/DK/I/M M 12 DNIe JR On/Off Off 13 Caption On/Off On 14 Tack key On/Off On Selection Initial Data 2.Troubleshooting 4-2-3 Factory Data ♦ The underlined are items applied during the service adjustment. 1.

Troubleshooting Samsung Electronics 4-17 .

Video Adjust 1 No 4-18 Item 1 R Cutoff Adjust 32 2 G Cutoff FIX 32 3 B Cutoff Adjust 32 4 R Drive Adjust 32 5 G Drive FIX 32 6 B Drive Adjust 32 7 Sub Bright Adjust 10 8 Sub Contrast Adjust 10 9 Bluescreen Contrast Adjust 15 10 G2 Adjust Bright FIX 33 11 AKB Option FIX 0 12 Cathode Drive Level FIX 4 Remarks Samsung Electronics .Troubleshooting 4. Deflection No Item Adjust Initial Data 1 V Amp Adjust 45 2 V Shift Adjust 48 3 H EW Adjust 44 4 H Shift Adjust 29 5 V Linearity FIX 28 6 V S-Correction FIX 23 7 V Slope FIX 47 8 V Scroll FIX 22 9 V Zoom FIX 45 10 H Parabola Adjust 41 11 Upper Corner Adjust 41 12 Lower Corner Adjust 42 13 H Trapezium Adjust 23 14 Bow Adjust 34 15 Angle Adjust 31 Adjust Initial Data Remarks 5.

Video Adjust 2 No Item Data Initial Data 1 Melody Volume FIX 35 2 PAL/SECAM Sub Color FIX 8 3 NTSC Sub Color FIX 8 4 NTSC Sub Tint FIX 20 5 YUV Sub Tint RF FIX 32 6 YUV Sub Tint AV FIX 35 7 YUV Sub Tint RGB FIX 35 8 Soft Clipping Level FIX 3 9 Peak White Limit FIX 15 10 SECAM B-Y Offset FIX 1 11 Peaking CF0 & Delay Mode FIX 2 12 Sub Sharpness FIX 23 13 Video Dependent Coring RF FIX 2 14 Video Dependent Coring AV FIX 2 15 Zoom amp FIX 10 Data Initial Data Adjust 28 Remarks 7. Video Adjust 3 No Item 1 RF AGC 2 IF AGC Speed FIX 1 3 IF Demodulator FIX 38 4 Fast Filter IF PLL FIX 0 5 RF FOA/FOB FIX 3 6 AV FOA/FOB FIX 0 7 RF PAL Ident Sensitivit FIX 2 8 RF NTSC Ident Sensitivit FIX 2 9 AV PA/NT Ident Sensitivit FIX 2 10 DCX0 Caps/Nicam Center FIX 54 11 DXC0 Scaling Control Gain FIX 3 12 Threshold Sound1 Carrier FIX 25 Samsung Electronics Remarks 4-19 .Troubleshooting 6.

YC Delay 4-20 Remarks Samsung Electronics .Troubleshooting 8. Video Adjust 4 No Item Data Initial Data 1 Bypass of Chroma Base Band FIX 0 2 Fixed Beam Current FIX 0 3 Fixed Beam Current1 FIX 0 4 Forced Colour On FIX 0 5 Beam Current Limiting FIX 0 6 Chroma Trap Mode FIX 0 7 EHT Tracking Mode FIX 1 8 Component R cutoff FIX 46 9 Component G cutoff FIX 23 10 Component B cutoff FIX 48 11 RGB Blanking Mode FIX 1 12 Wide Blanking Front FIX 1 13 Wide Blanking Rear FIX 4 14 ADCLEV FIX 16 15 Cut Offf Control Range FIX 1 No Item Data Initial Data 1 PAL Delay FIX 7 2 SECAM Delay FIX 7 3 NTSC Delay FIX 7 4 PAL AV Delay FIX 12 5 SECAM AV Delay FIX 12 6 NTSC AV Delay FIX 12 Remarks 9.

Others No Item Data Initial Data 1 Service Blanking FIX 0 2 Black Area FIX 2 3 Black Stretch FIX 2 4 Blue Stretch FIX 0 5 No Red Reduction FIX 1 6 OSD Brightness FIX 15 7 PWL Active FIX 1 8 Bypass Peaking Delay FIX 0 9 Ratio Pre & After Shoot FIX 2 10 Ratio posi & Nega Peaks FIX 2 11 Dynamic Skin FIX 1 12 Gamma & White Stretch FIX 1 13 DC Transfer Ratio FIX 0 14 NTSC Matrix FIX 1 15 Component Dynamic Skin FIX 1 Samsung Electronics Remarks 4-21 .Troubleshooting 10.

adjustments must be performed according to the following procedures when replacing the Main Board. 2. Display the Lion pattern. 4-22 Samsung Electronics . 3. Press “Power Off → Mute → 1 → 8 → 2 → Power On” using the remote control and enter Factory Mode. 4. 1. V-SHIFT.Troubleshooting 4-2-4 Service Adjustment 1. Adjust the V-AMP. H-EW and H-SHIFT items so that the width becomes 5 and the height becomes 4. Enter Deflection Mode. Adjusting the Picture Size Since the KSDA chassis includes a deflection adjustment of the Factory Data.

H-EW and H-SHIFT so that straight lines are displayed without curves. 3. Display the Cross Hatch pattern. 6. Adjust BOW and the Angle settings so that the center line becomes a straight line. 2. 7. 5. Adjust the V-Linearity and V-SC settings so that the intervals of the horizontal lines become uniform. finish the adjustments. Adjust the H-Parabola and H-Trapezium settings so thatthe left and right lines become straight. display the Lion pattern and check that the picture size has not been changed. V-SHIFT. If there is no change.Troubleshooting 2. When the adjustments are complete. Adjust the Upper Corner and the Low Corner settings so thatthe end of the lines become straight. 4. Adjusting the Picture Straight Lines 1. Samsung Electronics 4-23 . Adjust settings other than V-AMP.

Adjust W/B Toshiba Mode 2 Power B/D Adjust Screen. 4. Turn the Focus VR so that the horizontal and vertical lines are clearly displayed. Adjust Screen. Adjust Factory Data. 4-24 Samsung Electronics . Display the Cross Hatch pattern. Display the Toshiba pattern. Adjust Focus Toshiba Mode 5 SUB - - ■ Adjusting the Focus You must adjust the settings in the following order for the KSDA chassis when replacing the CRT PCB.Troubleshooting 4-2-5 Replacements & Calibration No Item Data Remark 1 Main B/D Adjust Tilt. FBT. Set the Screen Adjustment to “OK”. Adjust Focus. or CRT. Check the Focus for the entire screen and adjust the Focus VR if necessary. 3. Adjust Focus Toshiba Mode 3 CRT Assy - - 4 FBT Adjust Screen. Select: Power OFF Mute 1 8 2 Power ON 2. Focus VR ■ Adjusting the Screen Voltage 1. 2. 1.

Beacause using the TR pls adjust the offset data by the different models so that they will become the final date we give out in the W/B table in the next page. the picture below. Display the Toshiba pattern and adjust the White Balance using CA100 with the coordinates of the corresponding model.Then turn Screen VR of FBT until “Screen Adjust: OK”. the power time longer. Initialize all settings to the values appropriate to the corresponding model. Select: Power OFF Mute 1 8 2 Power ON 2. [CA100] 4.Troubleshooting 3. Screen VR ■ Adjusting the White Balance 1. Change to: Use remocon come into “G2 Adjust” mode by hand.the H-light and L-light will be higher. Samsung Electronics 4-25 .

- f there is a ghost line on the screen. and check if the Screen Voltage is normal after adjusting the White Balance. When the adjustment is finished.2 Required Adjustment White Balance (Standard Data) ■ Check List for the Screen Voltage and White Balance Adjustment 1.Troubleshooting 5. 6. check the following checklist. - Adjust R Drive to set x. Adjust Sub Bright to set Y. 8. - Adjust B Cutoff to set y. Adjust High/Light. - Adjust B Drive to set y. Adjust the White Balance after the Screen Voltage was adjusted. Check Low/Light and readjust it if its value has been changed.5 ±0. Enter Video Adjust1 of Service Mode. 3. . check the Screen Voltage again. adjust the Screen Voltage again. 4. 7. - Adjust R Cutoff to set x. - f there is a spot on the screen when turning the TV set off/on. and both of them have to be configured to the correct values. 2. The Screen Voltage and White Balance are connected to each other. 4-26 Samsung Electronics . If you have readjusted Low/Light. adjust the Screen Voltage again. ※ White Balance Standard Data No Item 1 White Balance Data x: 275 ± 5 y: 275 ± 5 Y: 30 ± 3 x: 265 ± 5 y: 265 ± 5 Y: 1. Adjust Low/Light. - Adjust Sub Contrast to set Y. readjust High/Light until the two values are identical to the coordinates of the corresponding model. If the White Balance is readjusted. Enter Video Adjust1 of Service Mode.

MEMO Samsung Electronics 4-27 .

Exploded View & Part List 5-1 T0156 T0022 T0023 CIS7 T0607 T0299 M0112 T0003 T0066 Color Television T0569 T0063 M0014 M0006 29AM0 5-1 CL29A551GQ9XZD Exploded View Samsung Electronics .Exploded View & Part List 5.

N.BK500 1 S.0mG.V0.N.HB 1 S.A T0066 AA96-02795A ASSY POWER CORD CP2/NO(4.NON-DECA 1 S.OD6.OD6 1 S.95.A Samsung Electronics SA/SNA Remark 5-2 .A M0112 AA63-01809A COVER-FRONT 29AM0(SEDA).CLR 1 S.Exploded View & Part List Loc.ABS.BLK 2 S.A T0156 AA61-01389A HOLDER-RAIL HIPS.PC.N.LED 29AM0(SEDA).A T0003 AA96-05581A ASSY COVER P-FRONT 29AM0. No.HIPS.H/S 300mm.HB 1 S.HIPS.BK500 1 S.HB 1 S.A T0022 AA64-04617A KNOB-CONTROL 29AM0(SEDA).HIPS.HIPS.NTR 1 S.HIPS.HB.1 1 S.A T0569 AA61-01481A SUPPORT-CRT 29Z58.GRAY.0).HB.CH 1 S.N.A T0607 AA61-40113A STOPPER-PCB 501H.V0.A T0063 AA03-00559B CRT COLOR A68QGX793X601 (M) P.HB.N.A T0023 AA64-04615A KNOB-POWER 29AM0(SEDA).N7. Description Specification Q’ty CIS7 AA61-60003J SPRING ETC-CS SUS304.A M0014 AA94-16546C ASSY PCB MAIN CL29Z43MQ9XXAZ 1 S.A M0006 AA63-01810A COVER-REAR 29AM0(SEDA). Code No.A T0299 AA64-04616A WINDOW-RMC.0.ABS.

5mm 220uF.HR.20%.7.GP.GP.10x16mm.5x11.A S.Exploded View & Part List 5-2 CL29A551GQ9XZD Electrical Part List Loc.TP.25V.5x25mm.GP.GP.5 1000uF.6.5 100uF.BP.GP.A S.TP.50V.20%.A S.A S.GP.GP.50V.5 100uF.GP.50V.TP.50V.GP.HR.25V.GP.GP.A S.6.TP.TP.7uF.10%.5 100uF.5 100uF.20%.5.16V.5 4. No.20%.5x11.6.TP.20%.10x16.25V.N.5 100uF.5mm 100uF.MLC-AXIAL CL29Z43MQ9XXAZ 220uF.6.5 4.5mm 100uF.25x40mm.5%.6.A S.TP.TP.Y5V 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 S.TP.50V.TP.GP.TP.5.GP.A S.5x11.5mm 1000uF.5 2.GP.5x5mm.TP.2uF.20%.3X11mm.TP.5 22uF.TP.50V.A S.8x11.20%.5x11.25V.+80-20%.TP.5x11.50V.16V. Code No.0x 10nF.WT.5 470uF.5 2200uF.A S.A S.25V.GP.5 100uF.5 47¥ìF.20%.3x11.LEAD-PEF C-CERAMIC.LZ.3x11.5x11.5mm 1uF.3x11.7uF.5mm 220uF.16x25.GP.20%.7uF.TP.20%.TP.5 330uF.400V.2uF.16V.12.20%.2 2.10%.5 100uF.TP.20%.5 10uF.5mm 47uF.BP.5 470uF.5mm.A M0014 C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C103 C111 AA94-16546C 2401-002128 2401-000025 2401-000025 2401-000025 2401-000025 2401-000025 2401-000025 2401-000262 2401-000262 2401-000302 2401-000302 2401-000302 2401-000360 2401-000365 2401-000430 2401-000430 2401-000444 2401-000444 2401-000480 2401-000493 2401-000493 2401-000553 2401-000560 2401-000603 2401-000603 2401-000620 2401-000620 2401-000649 2401-000649 2401-000649 2401-000660 2401-000703 2401-000703 2401-000832 2401-000913 2401-000962 2401-001101 2401-001101 2401-001397 2401-001397 2401-001527 2401-001914 2401-001914 2401-001998 2401-001998 2401-002075 2401-002075 2401-002075 2401-002075 2401-002075 2401-002075 2401-002300 2401-002594 2401-003019 2401-003036 2401-003036 2401-003036 2401-002144 2305-000665 2202-000127 ASSY PCB MAIN C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-AL C-FILM.GP.20%.GP.TP.16x25.GP.A S.20%.2 1UF.5 1UF.8x11.6.TP.6.GP.5m 10uF.LZ.GP.A S.20%.TP.5x11.GP.TP.5mm 10uF.20%.16V.A S.5.A S.8x11.6.GP.16V.20%.A S.5 1uF.2uF.A S.5x4.N.A S.5x5mm.20%.A S.160V.20%.20%.TP.7.5 47uF.20%.50V.5x11.5 4.A S.16V.A S.A S.5x11.TP.5mm 4.TP.20%.A S.TP.TP.TP.TP.63V.3x11.GP.5x11.5x11.20%.A S.50V.TP.5x11.7uF.5x11.TP.7uF.20%.TP.TP.GP.16V.10x16.20%.20%.20%.GP.TP.5X11mm.20%.TP.5 10uF. Description Specification Q’ty SA/SNA ASSY CHASSIS M0017 AA91-11367D ASSY CHASSIS CL29Z43MQ9XXAZ 1 S.GP.50V.250V.A S.TP.TP.25V.3x11.25V.50V.5 330uF.A S.20%.160V.5x11.5m 1uF.20%.20%.GP.5 2.20%.5 1uF.5X11mm.6.50V.A 5-3 Remark Samsung Electronics .A S.3x11.5 100uF.TP.5mm 100uF.20%.A S.5 100uF.20%.20%.3x11.5x11mm.25V.TP.20%.25V.GP.TP.25V.25V.HR.BP.TP.GP.160V. 10uF.50V.A S.20%.3x11.TP.A S.GP.20%.A S.5x25mm.A S.16V.GP.TP.6.TP.GP.20%.A S.7uF.5X11mm.10x20.5 22uF.6.A S.20%.GP.5x11.50V.A S.A S.A S.A S.A S.GP.25V.5X11.TP.16V.A S.GP.TP.8x11.5x11mm.20%.A S.7.TP.5 100nF.20%.50V.BK.50V.A S.10x16mm.A S.A S.A S.12.GP.16V.GP.TP.10%.GP.A S.GP.20%.16V.50V.A S.5 4.25V.A S.GP.3x11.50V.5mm 2200uF.50V.GP.50V.2uF.5 10uF.20%.20%.50V.TP.5 2.10x12.2uF.3x11.A S.5 100uF.20%.16V.TP.TP.BP.A S.A S.5 470uF.5m 10uF.A S.A S.TP.TP.50V.20%.2uF.GP.A S.250V.5 2.A S.A S.20%.20%.5 100uF.3x11.5x11.20%.5.A S.8x11.5x11.GP.3V.20%.250V.5x11.TP.GP.TP.A S.20%.BP.50V.20%.10 100uF.20%.5 2.6.20%.16V.TP.5x11.50V.5.16V.5 100uF.5 4.6.GP.5X11.A S.10x20.GP.13x25mm.A S.A S.

A S.50V.A S.TP.CHIP C-CER.3 1NF.DISC C-FILM.20%.1608 100nF.47NF. No.047nF.400V. 470nF.7x3.50V.5x17 0.5%.5mm 820nF.TP.TP.1608 100nF.A S.500V.50V.15x12x5.CHIP C-CER.N.5x12 100nF.5%.TP.C0G.TP.DISC C-CERAMIC.3 0. 470nF.500V.TP.5x12.X7R.0 0.A S.CHIP C-CER.A S.A S.A S.N.5%.BK.A S.0.DISC C-CERAMIC.10%.400V.5.X7R.5%.10.5%.47NF.A S.CHIP C-CER.X7R.500V.16V.LEAD-PEF C-FILM.63V.CHIP C-CER.5%.TP.LEAD-PEF C-FILM.33NF.DISC C-CER.X7R.DISC C-CERAMIC.1NF.2NF.A S.A S.50V.N.16X5 4.X7R.TP.5%.A S.Y5P.CHIP C-CER.N.2nF.Y5P.25pF.DISC C-FILM.10%.63V.5%.X7R.3.1608 1nF.A S.10%.10.10%.10%.A S.10%.TP.7nF.CHIP C-CER. 0.C0G.-.C0G.1608 0.1608 220nF.10%.16V.5 0.5.Y5P.-. C112 C120 C121 C228 C229 C301 C302 C305 C401 C403 C404A C408 C411 C413 C414 C504 C505 C508 C509 C607 C608 C610 C611 C620 C710 C711 C800S C807 C809 C820A C823 C824 C825A C828 C843 C844 C845 C888 C901 CB406 CB415 CB424 CB818 CD101 CD102 CD103 CD104 CD202 CD203 CD204 CD205 CD206 CD210 CD211 CD212 CD213 CD214 CD215 CD217 CD218 CD219 CD221 CD222 CD223 CD224 CD226 CD227 CD228 Code No.TP.A S.A S.5.800V.DISC C-FILM.C0G.TP.0x 0.X7R.A S.1608 10nF.CHIP C-CER.29x25.21.Y5P.N.A S.N.1nF. 10nF.1608 1nF.500V.63V.X7R.A S.5%.TP.Y5U.50V.A S.A S.LEAD-PEF C-CERAMIC.5%.DISC C-CERAMIC.CHIP C-CERAMIC.A S.X7R.N.CHIP C-CER.10%.10.5.10%.1608 2.56NF.400V.A S.LEAD-PEF C-CER.1608 100nF.5%.50V.33NF.50V.X7R.TP.10%.100V.CHIP C-CER.A S.25V.TP.A S.5.25V.CHIP C-CER.DISC C-CER.5%.A S.10.1608 0.2x 4.47NF.1608 10nF. Description 2203-000998 2201-000193 2201-000193 2203-000998 2203-000998 2301-000004 2201-000192 2305-000285 2301-000148 2201-000599 2303-000331 2201-000556 2201-000556 2201-000556 2301-001083 2301-001259 2202-000796 2201-000723 2201-000723 2202-000231 2202-000231 2301-000287 2301-000287 2305-000665 2203-000236 2203-000236 2201-000987 2301-001158 2301-000107 2201-000229 2201-000291 2305-000289 2201-000229 2201-000374 2301-000188 2301-000284 2201-000599 2201-000556 2305-000412 2306-000272 2306-000127 2201-000132 2201-000556 2203-002494 2203-002494 2203-002494 2203-002494 2203-000189 2203-000257 2203-000257 2203-000440 2203-000440 2305-000196 2203-005005 2203-002398 2203-005005 2203-006170 2203-001103 2203-000257 2203-000189 2203-005005 2203-000440 2203-006170 2203-000189 2203-000189 2203-005005 2203-005005 2203-005005 C-CER.TP.LEAD-PEF C-CERAMIC.A S.1608 2.A S.1608 220nF.1608 6.Y5P.6.50V.10%.N.TP.TP.5%.LEAD-PPF C-CERAMIC.A S.X7R.DISC C-CERAMIC.LEAD-PPF C-FILM.A Remark 5-4 .5%.100V.A S.8nF.6nF. 0.10%.LEAD-PEF C-CERAMIC.7.DISC C-CERAMIC.16V.5x3.A S.01nF.CHIP C-CER.1608 0.50V.5%.500V. 1nF.A S.MLC-AXIAL C-CERAMIC.20%.TP.50V.TP.2012 470nF.10%.5x4.10%.50V.63V.16V.6.N.TP.1608 100nF.4x3 0.047nF.A S.47NF.20%.10%.LEAD-PPF C-CERAMIC.3KV.N.A S.1608 22nF.1608 10nF.Exploded View & Part List Loc.10%.LEAD-PEF C-CERAMIC.CHIP C-CER.100V.TP.1608 100nF.CHIP C-FILM.CHIP C-CER.C0G.N.5mm 0.5X5.100V.19x8x16 1nF.X7R.Y5V.50V.C0G.2KV.15NF. 27nF.20x7.TP. 4.10.X7R.5X12.10%.10%.5%.CHIP C-CER.7NF.DISC C-CERAMIC.1608 1nF.CHIP C-CER.Y5U.5x12.6.DISC C-CERAMIC.LEAD-PEF C-CERAMIC.50V.DISC C-FILM.25V.LEAD-PEF C-FILM.+80-20%.0.A S.X7R.N.+80-20%.16V.16V.16V.5 1.A S.5%.Y5P.2012 470nF.5 100nF.A S.LEAD-PPF C-FILM.C0G.Y5V.5.CHIP C-CER.5%.X7R.6nF.MLC-AXIAL C-CERAMIC.10%.50V.5%.10%.A S.5.100V.5 47nF.X7R.500V.2KV.T 0.DISC C-FILM.A S.0.6.CHIP C-CER.TP.DISC C-CERAMIC.A S.TP.8.22NF.5 120nF.A S.Y5P.10%.3KV.A S.01nF.C0G.16V.400V.CHIP C-CER.Y5P.10%.5%.LEAD-PEF C-FILM.N.A S.Y5P.01nF.10%.X7R.A S.56NF.A S.TP.N.A S.100V.A S.Y5P.630V.50V.1608 100nF.500V.N.50V.A S.25V.TP.X7R.MLC-AXIAL C-FILM.N.5%.CHIP C-CERAMIC.10%.1608 Q’ty SA/SNA 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 S.12.TP.500V.N.X7R.+80-20%.TP.A S.500V.10%.T 5.DISC C-FILM.10%.TP.16V.A S.1608 150nF.A S.5%.N.+80-20%.CHIP C-CER.LEAD-PEF C-FILM.CHIP C-CER.400V.10%.CHIP Samsung Electronics Specification 0.1608 100nF.5.50V.A S.100V.A S.5x 220NF.2x7m 0.X7R.10%.50V.A S.Y5V.5x1 100nF.C0G.Y5P.TP.A S.1nF.7NF.5X10X 0.5 1nF.100V.N.19.A S.LEAD-PPF C-FILM.50V.Y5P.1608 100nF.LEAD-PEF C-CER.10%.CHIP C-FILM.16X5 0.5X3 220nF.5nF.Y5P.LEAD-PPF C-CERAMIC.4x3 0.Y5P.CHIP C-CER.DISC C-FILM.15NF. 0.A S.500V.5%.A S.10%.A S.A S.Y5V.A S.Y5U.CHIP C-CER.5 0.10%.A S.16V.A S.2012 470nF.16V.10%.047nF.25pF.A S.A S.TP.16V.10%.TP.TP.BK.A S.TP.7.5x12 5.2012 100nF.5x12 0.25pF.10%.5%.CHIP C-CER.47NF.A S.

+80-20%.Y5V.+.Y5V.CHIP SCREW-TAPTYPE OIL-SILICON OIL-SILICON OIL-SILICON OIL-SILICON OIL-SILICON TUNER HEADER-BOARD TO CABLE HEADER-BOARD TO CABLE HEADER-BOARD TO CABLE HEADER-BOARD TO CABLE C-FILM.26x7x1 1NF.50V.75V.X7R.TP RU20A.A S.A S.TP.N.A S.CHIP C-CER.25V.X7R.A S.TP.400V.TP.1A.4P.1 0.400V.N.DO-201AD Q’ty 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0.20%.7.200mA.400V.T BAV21.1.A S.1608 100nF.1608 100nF.16V.A S.16V.BK.5%.1A.Y5V.68nF.22nF.CHIP C-CER.1608 RH.A S.A S.DO-35.DO-35.A S.1608 0.LEAD-PPF C-FILM.LEAD-PPF C-FILM.50V.50V.A S.1608 0.CHIP C-CER.N.200mA.10%.+80-20%.10%.M3.N.400V.T BAV21.A S.A S.DO-201AD( RG10V.2 0.CHIP C-CER.181CH.Y5V.LEAD-PEF C-FILM.10%. No.200mA.6KV.10%.200mA.5mm.600V.A S.DO- BAV21.A Samsung Electronics .6KV.A S.N.200mA.1608 100nF.CHIP C-CER.1 0.N.10%.5x11 220nF.TP 1N4004.A S.A S.10%.1608 1nF.CHIP C-CER.A S.ST BOX.10%.DO-41.CHIP C-CER.50V.1R.5A.A S.50V.DO-35.TP.2 0.5mm.N.CHIP C-CER.CHIP C-CER.250V.4A.1608 470nF.T 1N4004.400V.BK.50V.A S.+80-20%.600V.A S.A S.20x7.A S. CD229 CD230 CD231 CD232 CD233 CD234 CD235 CD237 CD238 CD239 CD240 CD241 CD244 CD245 CD250 CD290 CD701 CD702 CD703 CD704 CD705 CD706 CD707 CIS CIS1 CIS1 CIS1 CIS1 CIS1 CIS3 CN330 CN330 CN330 CN330 CR401S CR402S CR403S CR406S CW405 CW414 CW415 CW428 CX801S CY802S D0254 D303 D402 D403 D404 D405 D406 D407 D408 D501 D502 D503 D504 D505 D602 D630 D801 D801S D803 D804 D805 D806 D809A D811 5-5 Code No.A S.2.250V.75MHZ.20%.600V.A S.22nF.1500.Y5V.4A.A S.A S.A S.A S.X7R.N.5MM.10%.5%.DO-15.1A.T BAV21.22nF.TP.4A.A S.7.Y5V.T 1N4148.5%.CHIP C-CER.Y5U.LEAD-PPF C-FILM.2nF.Y5V.25V.A S.A S.150mA.T TVR10G.250V.CHIP C-CER.1A.Y5V.1A.400V.TP BAV21.10P.600V.400V.1608 0.A S.45.1R.1608 0.1608 100nF.CHIP C-CER.9.20x9.2A.A S.1A.50V.22nF.TP RU20A.CHIP C-CER.16V.A S.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 SA/SNA Remark S.A S.5MM.20%.A S.A S.DO-35.T 1N4148.ST BOX.100V.1608 0.CHIP C-CERAMIC.DO-15.250V.25V.1R.LEAD-PPF C-FILM.+80-20%.10%.7 BOX.Z5U.TP 1N4004.0x 220nF.+80-20%.BK.22nF.5X6 RB441Q.1.A S.50V.1608 0.A S.5%.ZPC(WHT).400V.1608 100nF.DO-41.5%.5P.400V.1R. G746 G746 G746 G746 G746 TDQ-6F/13F2S.2.N.CHIP C-CER.1.X7R.X7R.A S.TP BAV21.A S.TP GUR460L-5700.DO-35.A S.-.DO-41.5%.2nF.A S.TP MUR420.X7R.Exploded View & Part List Loc.A S.A S.DO-34.CHIP C-CER.N.10%.5x1 8.+80-20%.BK.S BOX.2.25V.X7R.5 470nF.20x9.3A.LEAD-PPF C-FILM.N.N.TP GSIB460.50V.DO-41.DO-41.ST 27nF.2S.10%.1A.DO-15.5%.LEAD-PEF C-FILM.A S.A S.X7R.A S.X7R.LEAD-PPF C-CERAMIC. 2203-000189 2203-000189 2203-000189 2203-000189 2202-000632 2203-000189 2203-000440 2203-000189 2203-000189 2203-000189 2203-005005 2203-005005 2203-000440 2203-000440 2203-001126 2203-001652 2203-005194 2203-005194 2203-005194 2203-005194 2203-005194 2203-005194 2203-005194 6003-000333 0205-001154 0205-001154 0205-001154 0205-001154 0205-001154 AA40-00016A 3711-002644 3711-003043 3711-000577 3711-000999 2301-001083 2306-000357 2306-000357 2301-001091 2303-000163 2301-000016 2305-000665 2301-000213 2306-000318 2201-000963 0404-000156 0402-000132 0402-000132 0402-000132 0402-001599 0402-000534 0402-000540 0402-000540 0402-001295 0401-000006 0401-000006 0401-000006 0402-000254 0401-000006 0401-000005 0401-000005 0402-000132 0402-001477 0402-000546 0401-000006 0401-000006 0402-000546 0402-001604 0402-001603 Description C-CER.5x4.A S.CHIP C-CER.A S.X7R.25V.A S.250V.N.1608 1nF.200V.1.400V.1608 0.DO-35.NTSC.A S.5 2.TP 100nF.1608 100nF.CHIP C-CER. MUR480E.1608 100nF.DISC DIODE-SCHOTTKY DIODE-RECTIFIER DIODE-RECTIFIER DIODE-RECTIFIER DIODE-RECTIFIER DIODE-RECTIFIER DIODE-RECTIFIER DIODE-RECTIFIER DIODE-RECTIFIER DIODE-SWITCHING DIODE-SWITCHING DIODE-SWITCHING DIODE-RECTIFIER DIODE-SWITCHING DIODE-SWITCHING DIODE-SWITCHING DIODE-RECTIFIER DIODE-BRIDGE DIODE-RECTIFIER DIODE-SWITCHING DIODE-SWITCHING DIODE-RECTIFIER DIODE-RECTIFIER DIODE-RECTIFIER Specification 100nF.5 8.DO-201AD.TP 1N4004.5x 100nF.200mA.N.1608 100nF.4A.250V.150mA.L10.1608 100nF.X7R.10%.DO-41.A S.22nF.A S.10%.LEAD-PEF C-FILM.A S.TP.SIP-4.DO-41.A S.50V.T RGP10J.A S.800V.N.15x13x8 22nF.2nF.MLC-AXIAL C-CER.+80-20%.A S.X7R.A S.1608 1nF.75V.800V.A S.Y5V.A S.50V.ST TVR10G.1608 0.5P.DO-35.CHIP C-CER.TP DGP30L.DO-35.A S.250V.600V.63V.A S.+80-20%.275V.A S.X7R.25V.N.2x4.25V.N.22nF.5%.+80-20%.A S.A S.N.CHIP C-CER.A S.21.CHIP C-CER.40V.350MA.5A.2.50V.25V.1.26x21.

5.DO-35.01V.DO- MTZJ9.OD2.N.73V.94-5.3V.1000mW.A S.500mW.A S.7.1000mW.3.8-12.7C.8.TP 1N4148.N.2V.8-12.8.OD2.2C.A S.22.L3.DO-41.75V.A S.NI+SN.8.OD2.A S.2A.A S.22.3V.57-9.1A.A S.5.150mA.B 1N4148.11.A S.NI+SN.A S.L2.BSP3-1/2H ID1.A S.BSP3-1/2H ID1.79V.57-9.DO-35.A S.L2.N.6.5%.1.93V.1.1000mW.5.DO-35.150mA.1B.5.8.5.OD2.N.N.7.500mW.N.A S.A S.01-3.TP TZP33A.6B.500mW.N.DO MTZJ9.L2.A S.22V.35.1B.BSP3-1/2H ID1.DO- MTZJ12B.BSP3-1/2H ID1.A S.BSP3-1/2H Q’ty SA/SNA 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 S.5.8.A S.L2.DO MTZJ5.1.3V.52-6.2A.150mA.DO-201AD.8C.1B.OD2.75-23.77V.500mW.N.A S.NI+SN.57-9.01V.7.N.500mW.400V.2.T ID2.A S.5.2.DO MTZJ9.8.BSP3-1/2H ID2.DO-35.NI+SN.8.A S.400V.A S.01V.A S.A S.DO- MTZJ12B.6.500mW.8B.T 1N4148.A S.6B.DO- 1N4148.57-9.4-5.5.57-9.DO MTZJ9.A S.A S.16-6.A S.75V.5.22.DO-15.6.8.A S.A S.4.500mW.L2.500mW.8.97V.OD2.1B.DO-35.32-3.500mW.D MTZJ24B.A S.DO-3 MTZJ12B.OD2.NI+SN.57-9.11.A S.A S.57-9.36-37.NI+SN.8.DO-3 MTZJ5.T TZP12A.11.75-23.500mW.DO-35. 0402-000493 0401-000005 0402-000005 0401-000005 0401-000005 0401-000005 0401-000005 0401-000005 0401-000005 0403-000698 0402-000534 0401-000005 0402-000534 0403-000509 0403-001329 0403-001329 0403-001221 0403-001329 0403-000700 0403-001319 0403-000509 0403-001211 0403-001211 0403-001211 0403-000720 0403-000720 0403-000720 0403-000720 0403-000720 0403-001322 0403-000720 0403-000718 0403-001373 0403-000700 0403-000700 0403-000720 0403-001320 0403-001321 0401-000005 0403-000714 0403-000717 0403-000509 0403-000509 0403-001317 0403-000716 0403-000720 0403-000720 0403-000720 0403-000720 0403-000720 0403-000717 0401-000005 6042-000001 6042-000001 6042-000001 6042-000001 6042-000001 6042-000002 6042-000002 6042-000002 6042-000002 6042-000002 6042-000002 6042-000002 6042-000002 6042-000002 6042-000002 6042-000002 Samsung Electronics Description DIODE-RECTIFIER DIODE-SWITCHING DIODE-RECTIFIER DIODE-SWITCHING DIODE-SWITCHING DIODE-SWITCHING DIODE-SWITCHING DIODE-SWITCHING DIODE-SWITCHING DIODE-ZENER DIODE-RECTIFIER DIODE-SWITCHING DIODE-RECTIFIER DIODE-ZENER DIODE-ZENER DIODE-ZENER DIODE-ZENER DIODE-ZENER DIODE-ZENER DIODE-ZENER DIODE-ZENER DIODE-ZENER DIODE-ZENER DIODE-ZENER DIODE-ZENER DIODE-ZENER DIODE-ZENER DIODE-ZENER DIODE-ZENER DIODE-ZENER DIODE-ZENER DIODE-ZENER DIODE-ZENER DIODE-ZENER DIODE-ZENER DIODE-ZENER DIODE-ZENER DIODE-ZENER DIODE-SWITCHING DIODE-ZENER DIODE-ZENER DIODE-ZENER DIODE-ZENER DIODE-ZENER DIODE-ZENER DIODE-ZENER DIODE-ZENER DIODE-ZENER DIODE-ZENER DIODE-ZENER DIODE-ZENER DIODE-SWITCHING EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET Specification 1R5GU41.A S.L2.T MTZJ3.4-5.A S.A S.5A.5.OD2.400V.5.500mW.DO-3 MTZJ24B.5.A S.8.500mW.500mW.3.500mW.BSP3-1/2H ID1.T 1N4148.N.N.75V.6B.BSP3-1/2H ID1.7V.1B.1B.150mA.5.T 1N4148.73V.DO MTZJ9.8.1.L2.500mW.DO MTZJ6.DO- MTZJ5.L3.500mW.A S.1.75V.A S.DO- MTZJ6.7.NI+SN.57-9.4-5.4.A S.A S.A S.N.A S.A S.A S.57-9.A S.TP MTZJ5.0B.NI+SN.6B.85-5.L3.73V.BSP3-1/2H ID1.N.500mW.1B.OD2.2.N.A S.2V.01V.A S.DO-41.7V.01V.A S.A S.A S.A S.DO MTZJ9.BSP3-1/2H ID2.TP MTZJ4.N.19V.8.OD2.150mA.A S.1B.N.L2.7V.8.OD2.1B.A S.NI+SN.500mW. No.OD2.2.DO MTZJ4.BSP3-1/2H ID1.75-23.8.500mW.OD2.N.150mA.8.7B.N.94-5.T RG10V.L2.8.A S.A S.A S.A S.500mW.DO-35.BSP3-1/2H ID1.5.DO-3 MTZJ3.NI+SN.Exploded View & Part List Loc. D813 D819 DB807 DD204 DD205 DD208 DD209 DD210 DD211 DDZ801 DW404 DW405 DW407 DZ242 DZ301 DZ302 DZ303 DZ305 DZ306 DZ401 DZ403 DZ501 DZ502 DZ503 DZ701 DZ702 DZ703 DZ704 DZ705 DZ804 DZ806 DZ807 DZ810 DZ811 DZ812 DZ813 DZ814 DZ815 DZ816 DZ819 DZ901 DZ902 DZ903 DZ905 DZD201 DZD203 DZD206 DZD207 DZD208 DZD209 DZD210 DZW402 EL801 EL802 EL805 EL806 EL807 EY401 EY402 EY403 EY404 EY405 EY406 EY407 EY408 EY409 EY600 EY601 Code No.N.500mW.DO MTZJ5.DO MTZJ9.OD2.N.01V.8.DO- 1N4148.DO MTZJ9.1B.A S.DO-35.5%.8-12.5%.19V.75V.A S.T 1N4148.T 31DF4.1B.500mW.7.5%.4.N.68-4.DO-41.BSP3-1/2H ID2.500mW.8.TP RG10V.A S.75V.5.57-9.BSP3-1/2H ID1.03V.500mW.L3.A S.150mA.8.2B.4.2.A S.OD2.500mW.L3.01V.DO MTZJ6.NI+SN.500mW.57-9.DO MTZJ9.1.N.500mW.500mW.L2.D UZ39BSB.75V.L2.NI+SN.N.NI+SN.500mW.A S.150mA.DO MTZJ9.A S.N.3A.OD2.57-9.8.75V.N.TP MTZJ9.78-8.DO MTZJ8.8.NI+SN.8.500mW.1B.N.DO MTZJ5.500mW.500mW.BSP3-1/2H ID2.500mW.1000mW.DO-35.D TZP33A.A S.NI+SN.BSP3-1/2H ID1.DO MTZJ9.T 1N4148.01V.A S.4-5.N.59-4.150mA.400V.DO-41.4.3B.7-6.A S.DO TZP33A.DO-35.01V.01V.DO-15L 1N4148.1B.75V.DO-15.500mW.7V.D MTZJ24B.N.01V.150mA.A S.53V.1.A Remark 5-6 .NI+SN.DO MTZJ5.01V.75V.1.4V.N.1B.7.

N.BSP3-1/2H ID1.A S.1608 0ohm.A S.NI+SN.3.A S.HEAT/SINK.5.5.A S.OD2.5x4mm.L2.A S.L2.BSP3-1/2H ID1.10%.A S.A S.OD2.L2.5.A S.N.36PI.A S.A S.FAST-ACTING.N.8.OD2.NI+SN.L2.36PI.N.BSP3-1/2H ID1.NI+SN.OD2.L2.A S.N.OD2.5.3.N.A S. C-CERAMIC.5.NI+SN.NI+SN.N.9x7.1203- 393.BSP3-1/2H ID1.BSP3-1/2H ID1.TP 3A.A S.5.2.N.BSP3-1/2H ID1.L2.-.+.A S.5.STR-W6750F.5.BSP3-1/2H ID1.BSP3-1/2H ID1. CT-29A20HR.2Kx8.A S.A S.EPO 250V.A S.-20 to +115.2.5.A S.L2.5.N.BSP3-1/2H ID1.5.N.ANGLE 3P/9P.6003-000334 TDA7297SA.N.7A.A S.8.A S.50V.SN 4P.5.4.L2.SN BRASS.A S.SN BRASS.5x5mm.SN BRASS.HEAT/SINK.A S.N.8.N.N.TO-3P 24C16.HEAT/SINK.A S.N.5%.BSP3-1/2H ID1.5.1608 0ohm.OD2.36!.TP.5.8.BSP3-1/2H ID1.N.A S.ANGLE 1UH.A S.A S.A S.N.N.A S.8P.N.22NF.OD2.A S.A S.A S.5 125V.N.A S.OD2.-.7/5.5.BSP3-1/2H ID1.OD2. BP62-00063A.A S.BSP3-1/2H ID1.8.NI+SN.N.OD2.N.L2.N.OD2.8.8.BSP3-1/2H ID1.1/10W.BSP3-1/2H ID1.8.8.8.BSP3-1/2H ID1.8.L2.6003-000334 AA62-30175D.N.6.NI+SN.N.4x7.LOCKING BRASS.N.N.5.TP 3A.N.HEAT/SINK.A S.NI+SN.C0G.A S.NI+SN.5%.1/10W.L10.2534 0ohm.OD2.5%.OD2.L2.NI+SN.D2.NI+SN.N.36!.HEAT/SINK.5.A S.36!.L2.10/5mm.TP 6A.8.NI+SN.A S.A S.BSP3-1/2H ID1.N.N.L2.A S.N.A S.T1.OD2.A S.L2.NI+SN.GLASS.OD2.3P.A S.D2.DIP.DUAL.OD2.L2.SN BRASS.1608 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 S. SCREW.10.BSP3-1/2H ID1.5mm.8.TP.N.AA62-3018 AA62-30181V.5A.OD2.OD2.5x5mm.A S.5.A S.A S.N.L2.N.5.L2.SECC.L2.NI+SN.2S.N.NI+SN.NI+SN.ADJUST REG.NI+SN.OD2.A S.BSP3-1/2H ID1.N.BSP3-1/2H ID1.BSP3-1/2H ID1.58MIL STR-W6750F.1/10W.NI+SN.5.OD2.OD2.OD2.BSP3-1/2H ID1.8.L2.L2.BSP3-1/2H ID1.8.DISC R-CHIP JACK-PIN JACK-PIN INDUCTOR-AXIAL R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP Specification Q’ty SA/SNA ID1.8.NI+SN.NI+SN.BSP3-1/2H ID1.A S.L2.N.NI+SN.SN 3P.SLOW-BLOW.OD2.300MIL.36!.L2.Exploded View & Part List Loc.8.L2.M3.L2. No.36!.N.OD2.A S.0 431.5.OD2.NYLON66.N.D2.A S.A S.6/12/14mm.NYLON66.GRN/BLU/RED.TP.A S.8. Code No.NI.A S.N.BSP3-1/2H ID1.TP 30MOhm 30MOhm 125V.N.OD2.LOCKI BRASS.5x5mm.N.NI+SN.8.TP.A S.36!.A S.NI+SN.A S.5.NI+SN.BSP3-1/2H ID1.A S.L2.D2.L2.OD2.L2.8.TP.OD2.N.5.5.A Remark Samsung Electronics .5.N.NI+SN.N.5.5.8.EPOXY.N.1mm BRASS.D2.8.5.8.BSP3-1/2H ID1.N.A S.5 0ohm.36!.1/10W.NI+SN.SN RH.L2.5%.HEAT/SINK. EY602 EY603 EY800 EY801 EY802 EY803 EY804 EY805 EY807 EY810 EY858 EY859 EY863 EY864 EY865 EY867 EY868 EY870 EY871 EY872 EY875 EY876 EY879 EY881 EY882 EY883 EY888 EY889 EY890 EY891 EY893 F101 F101 F101 F101 F801A F801B FD801S FD802 FDB802S GT101 GT301 GT501 GT502 GT503 GT801 GT804 GT805 GT806 H/S H/S IC012 IC063 IC112 IC301 IC501 IC602 IC801S IC802 ICW401 J179 J714 JA333 JA333 JD178 JD201 JD203 JD204 6042-000002 6042-000002 6042-000002 6042-000002 6042-000002 6042-000002 6042-000002 6042-000002 6042-000002 6042-000002 6042-000002 6042-000002 6042-000002 6042-000002 6042-000002 6042-000002 6042-000002 6042-000002 6042-000002 6042-000002 6042-000002 6042-000002 6042-000002 6042-000002 6042-000002 6042-000002 6042-000002 6042-000002 6042-000002 6042-000002 6042-000002 2901-000297 2901-000297 2901-000297 2901-000299 3602-000001 3602-000001 3601-001228 3601-000414 3601-001163 BH71-40300A AA60-40012F BH71-40300A BH71-40300A BH71-40300A AA60-40012G BH71-40300A BH71-40300A BH71-40300A 6003-000333 AA61-01390A 1203-001217 AA13-00116A 1103-001314 BP96-00712B AA96-50311Q AA96-50398E AA96-50373P AA96-00243Q 1202-000103 2201-000374 2007-000070 3722-001333 3722-001457 2701-000142 2007-000070 2007-000070 2007-000070 5-7 Description EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET EYELET FILTER-EMI ON BOARD FILTER-EMI ON BOARD FILTER-EMI ON BOARD FILTER-EMI ON BOARD FUSE-CLIP FUSE-CLIP FUSE-AXIAL LEAD FUSE-CARTRIDGE FUSE-AXIAL LEAD PIN-HINGE PIN-GT PIN-HINGE PIN-HINGE PIN-HINGE PIN-GT PIN-HINGE PIN-HINGE PIN-HINGE SCREW-TAPTYPE BRACKET IC-POSI.N.10A.BSP3-1/2H 3A.D2.A S.BSP3-1/2H ID1.A S.NI+SN. 9P. 0.2.NI+SN.2.5.5%.OD2.A S.A S.8.AA62-00045A.A S.BSP3-1/2H ID1.3.N.N.8.BSP3-1/2H ID1.N.5.SOP.HEAT/SINK.OD2.8P.ZPC(WHT).OD2.L2.N.NI+SN.N.NI+SN.-.TO-92.A S.L2.N.BLK.NI+SN.NI.8.8.A S.A S. IC HYBRID IC-EEPROM ASSY HEAT SINK P ASSY HEAT SINK P ASSY HEAT SINK P ASSY HEAT SINK P ASSY HEAT SINK P IC-VOLTAGE COMP.N.8.D2.L2.A S.A S.

Y5P.18mH.3000mA.0x6.5x1.A S.7UH.50 .10%.2534 1UH.NPN.10%.1/10W.1608 0ohm.SOT-23 KTC3875S-GR..SO KSC2331-Y.A S.0x6.0mm.A S.A S..10%.N.3.10%.1608 0ohm.3000mA.50 .2mm SQE2222.+30%/-20%.N.A S.A S.7UH.7UH.AA.2.A S.50 .2534 10UH..N.1/10W.2534 10UH.TP.A S.3.SO KSC2331-Y.NPN.AA.A S.1/10W.A S.0x6.1/2W..200mA.3.A S.A S.A S.A S.A S.50 .TO- FQP630TSTU.0.NPN.8x3.1/8W.150mW.TO-92.7UH.1000mW.220V.4x6.50 .5ohm.5x1.A S. 2007-000070 2007-000070 2007-000070 2007-000070 2007-000070 2701-000114 3301-000287 3301-000287 3301-000287 3301-000287 3301-000287 3301-000287 3301-000287 3301-000287 2701-001040 2701-000142 2701-000142 2701-000142 2701-000142 2701-000184 2701-000184 2701-000184 2701-000184 2701-000184 2701-000184 2701-001030 2201-000132 2701-000114 2701-000114 2701-000114 2701-000114 2701-000114 2701-000114 2701-000106 2701-000114 2701-000106 2701-000114 2001-000281 2001-000281 AA29-00021A AA97-17567C AA97-17534D AA96-30001C AA39-00422A 1404-001154 0604-001032 AA96-05572A 0501-000369 0505-001723 0505-000109 0501-000434 0501-000369 0501-000389 0501-000389 0501-000369 0501-000280 0501-000434 0501-000434 0501-000280 0501-000280 0501-000434 0501-000280 0501-000434 0501-000434 0501-000369 2004-005278 2001-000107 2004-005283 Samsung Electronics Description R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP INDUCTOR-AXIAL BEAD-AXIAL BEAD-AXIAL BEAD-AXIAL BEAD-AXIAL BEAD-AXIAL BEAD-AXIAL BEAD-AXIAL BEAD-AXIAL INDUCTOR-AXIAL INDUCTOR-AXIAL INDUCTOR-AXIAL INDUCTOR-AXIAL INDUCTOR-AXIAL INDUCTOR-AXIAL INDUCTOR-AXIAL INDUCTOR-AXIAL INDUCTOR-AXIAL INDUCTOR-AXIAL INDUCTOR-AXIAL INDUCTOR-AXIAL C-CERAMIC.1608 0ohm.A S.N.2534 4.5UH.150mW.N.0mm 150Kohm..NPN.0x6.5%.150mW.A Remark 5-8 .SO KTC3875S-GR.5UH.A S.A S.A S.0mm.4514 0.N.0mm Q’ty SA/SNA 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 S.500V.9A..1/8W.TP.A S.150MW.5%.3.TO-92.2534 4.1NF.6Kohm.150mW.TP.A S.10%.NPN.1..Exploded View & Part List Loc.NPN.10%.5x1.A S.KSDA.N.A S.50 .10%.1608 0ohm.N.1.A S.A S.7UH.A S.0mm.AA.1/2W. 2N7000.10%.150MW.1/10W.TP.2534 10UH.0x6..3.0mm.10%.10%.1608 10UH.SO KTC3875S-GR.5 10UH.A S..A S.10%.TP.10%.150MW.0mm.400mW.150mW.6003-000333 KSC2331-Y..TP.SO KSA1182.A S..T KSC2331-Y..3.10%.A S.A S.TP.PNP.N.3000mA.A S.5ohm.TP.10%.50 .5%.PNP.A S.1 CL29Z43MQ9XXAZ T-URANSAS-1004.A S.A S.9Kohm.5%.A S.A S.NPN.TP.3.2534 10UH.10%.A S.10%.DL-G7RA CS29Z40.A S.AA.TP.0.A S.5P/5 4.A S.2534 1UH.0mm.A S.10%.0x6.400m KTC3875S-GR.DISC INDUCTOR-AXIAL INDUCTOR-AXIAL INDUCTOR-AXIAL INDUCTOR-AXIAL INDUCTOR-AXIAL INDUCTOR-AXIAL INDUCTOR-AXIAL INDUCTOR-AXIAL INDUCTOR-AXIAL INDUCTOR-AXIAL R-CARBON R-CARBON FILTER LINE NOISE ASSY AUTO-MAIN ASSY MICOM ASSY MISC LEAD CONNECTOR THERMISTOR-PTC PHOTO-COUPLER ASSY HEAT SINK P TR-SMALL SIGNAL FET-SILICON FET-SILICON TR-SMALL SIGNAL TR-SMALL SIGNAL TR-SMALL SIGNAL TR-SMALL SIGNAL TR-SMALL SIGNAL TR-SMALL SIGNAL TR-SMALL SIGNAL TR-SMALL SIGNAL TR-SMALL SIGNAL TR-SMALL SIGNAL TR-SMALL SIGNAL TR-SMALL SIGNAL TR-SMALL SIGNAL TR-SMALL SIGNAL TR-SMALL SIGNAL R-METAL R-CARBON(S) R-METAL Specification 0ohm.1%.A S.A S.10%.5x1.A S.PNP..UL1007#26.25ohm.2534 100ohm.1000mW.A S.3.TP.60V.A S.TO- 3.A S.3000mA.NPN.3000mA.2534 1.TDA1214 AA61-50055A.NPN..A S.1/2W.SOT-23 KTC3875S-GR.A S.A S.TP.150mW.3.SOT-23 KTC3875S-GR.150MW.5%.2534 .A S.UL.2534 4.5x1.TP.A S.3000mA.A S..NPN..3x9.TO- KSA1182.DIP-4.2534 1.TP.AA.A S.SO KSA1182.2%.0x6.3x9.NPN.1000mW.A S.2534 43UH.ST AA62-00172A.7UH.3070 10UH.10%.270 TR.10%.300mW.TO- KSC815.10%.TP.10%.2534 4.A S.10%.T KSC815.A S.A S.1.5%.5x1.A S.5x1. 1.SOT-23 KSA1182.170-260%.1/10W.2mm 100ohm.8x3.400mW.N.2534 4.N.5%.3070 10UH.2534 10UH.PNP.5%. No.0mm.TP.2534 1UH.4514 1UH.A S.3000mA.4OHM.6.0mm.50 10UH.NPN.A S.3000mA.200V.TP. JD205 JD301 JD302 JD303 JD703 L103 L2514 L2514 L2514 L2514 L2514 L2514 L2514 L2514 L303B L424 L701 L702 L703 L704 L705 L706 L707 L710 L711 L808 L825 LD201 LD202 LD203 LD204 LD206 LD207 LD209 LD210 LD211 LD213 LD214 LD215 LX801S M0014 M0018 M0245 M2893 P803T PC801S Q401 Q403 Q409 Q409 Q602 Q801 Q805 Q806 Q810 QD206 QD207 QD208 QD209 QD210 QD213 QD214 QD215 QD216 QD801 R205 R244 R302 Code No.5x1.0x6.TP.3.1000mW.A S.2534 4.A S.A S.10%.A S.TP.

49Kohm.TP.5%.TP.8x3.A S.0mm 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 S.TP.1/10W.5%.8x3.1/8W.1608 4.4x6.1W.AA.A S.TP.2mm 100ohm.3ohm.1/2W.9x 470ohm.5%.TP.AA.5%.1%.7Kohm.1/2W.A S.AA.A S.1/8W.5%.2mm 560ohm.1/8W.TP.TP.3.5%.4m 33Kohm.Exploded View & Part List Loc.1.8x3.1608 4.TP.A S.3.1/8W.0mm 1ohm.A S.2W.3.TP.N.A S.A S.AA.5%.A S.3.8x3.3ohm.TP.AA.A S.TP.TP.3.TP.9 33ohm.A S.AA.5%.15ohm.A S.TP.5%.5ohm.TP.1.A S.1/2W.AA.1/2W.2.TP.1/10W.A S.2mm 2Kohm.TP.1/8W.A S.1/8W.AA.4 1ohm.0mm 1Kohm.1/2W.A S.1%.5%.2.AA.TP.4x6.A S.2W.AF.3.2.A S.A S.2mm 4.8x3.A S.AA.5%.1/2W.N.7Kohm.5%.CL.5%.1/2W.2mm 100ohm.1/2W.TP.2.1/8W.A S.1.4x12 22Kohm.2W.AA.4m 1Kohm.A Remark Samsung Electronics .1.8x3.A S.7Kohm.AA.2.5%.5%.5%.2.A S.2mm 22Kohm.AF.8x3.5%.TP.1/2W. No.1/10W.6Kohm.0mm 2.AF.2W.2.AA.1/2W.2W.TP.5%.94-5.A S.10%.TP.9x10mm 5.TP.A S.5%.A S.5%.2mm 470ohm.3x9.5%.AA.4mm 4.TP.N.AA.1/2W.TP.AF.TP.9x10mm 3.1W.3.4x6.TP.1.2mm 1.A S.A S.2mm 2Kohm.A S.N.5%.N.1/2W.9x10mm 1.TP.A S.TP.TP.5%.1.1.4Kohm.1/8W.A S.1/2W.TP.AA. 0.1/8W.4x6.7 10Mohm.A S.1%.4 2.A S.AA.4x12 1Kohm.500mW.TP.5%.3.5%.8x3.5%.TP.3.AF.5W.5x14x 1Kohm.5%.7 470ohm.TP.5%.5%.3x9.A S.1/2W.AF.5%.N.5%.TP.1.AA.N.TP.A S.TP.1%.3.4m 22Kohm.8x3.TP.1/2W.3.8x3.TP.2mm 1ohm.N.1608 75ohm.2.A S.5%.TP.8x3.2mm 1.1.1/8W.AA.10%.A S.5%.5%.1/8W.TP.TP.A S.5x6.TP.AA.AA.8x3.2W.2.4x6.4x6.10%.A S.A S.TP.3x9.5%.2mm 0ohm.AF.2W.2.7Kohm.1.10%.3.4 270ohm.TP.TP.AA.1/10W.A S.AA.5%.8x3.N.A S.AA.5%.TP.1/10W.AA.2mm 1.A S.1/2W.2V.5%.1/2W.1.TP.AA.5Kohm.1608 560ohm.A S.1/8W.5%.AA.9ohm.1608 0ohm.5%.5%.AA.1/8W.2.1608 75ohm.1/8W.2.9x 1.2.8x3.TP.TP.AA.1.TP.A S.10%.8x3.5%.9x10mm 100ohm.AA.4x6.AF.A S.N.4m 120ohm.A S.A S.2534 470ohm.2W.5%.1608 22Kohm.5%.2mm 560ohm.5%.1/2W.AA.1.1/10W.8x3.1608 0ohm.AA.1.2Kohm.TP.7 470ohm.N.4x6.A S.5m 100ohm.2mm 39Kohm.5%.AA.AA.9x MTZJ5.3.DO- 10ohm.1.1/8W.5%.5%.AA.TP.A S.9x 10Kohm.A S.1/2W.A S.TP.1/2W. 2.AA.AA.AF. 20Kohm.A S.4 470Kohm.2%.2mm 100ohm.4x6.A S.3.3x9.1/8W.AA.1.AF. 470Kohm.5%.1/10W.TP.A S.A S.8x3.3.4x6.4x12 22Kohm.1/2W.1/8W.2W.3.AF.4x6.9x 1.1. R303 R304 R305 R306 R307 R309 R310 R311 R315 R319 R330 R401 R402 R404 R405 R408 R409 R410 R413 R414 R417 R418 R423 R450 R501 R501H R502 R502H R503 R504 R505 R506 R511 R514 R516 R551 R552 R601 R607 R608 R620 R621 R622 R623 R624 R625 R700 R701 R702 R703 R710 R711 R801 R802 R803 R804 R805 R806 R807 R808 R809 R810 R813 R814 R816 R817 R818 R819 5-9 Code No.4 33ohm.TP.3.5%.TP.1.TP.4x6.5%.AF.TP.2W.TP.5%.2.4.A S.4x6.1/8W.AA.2.2W.5%.8Kohm.TP.2mm 120Kohm.TP.A S.5%.AA.1/8W.1B.TP.1/10W.8x3.A S.A S.AF.2mm 470ohm.1/2W.TP.N.3.TP.8x3.1/10W.1608 75ohm.5%.1.2mm 1UH.AA.8Kohm.TP.2W.A S.5%.A S.8x3.4x6.1/8W.8Kohm.A S.A S.A S.2mm 330ohm.1.A S.A S.9x10mm 1ohm.AF.5%. 2003-002238 2003-002238 2004-005232 2001-000016 2001-000734 2003-002069 2003-002069 2001-000290 2701-000142 2003-002069 0403-000717 2001-000019 2001-001070 2001-001114 2001-000022 2004-005240 2001-001093 2001-000009 2003-002070 2008-000264 2008-001015 2008-001135 2003-001042 2008-000294 2001-000281 2002-001008 2001-000780 2002-001008 2001-000780 2001-000281 2001-000281 2001-000780 2002-001008 2001-001062 2008-000206 2001-000281 2001-000702 2007-000070 2001-000734 2001-000734 2001-000281 2001-000577 2001-000577 2007-000119 2007-000084 2007-000070 2007-000070 2007-001167 2007-001167 2001-000969 2007-000119 2007-000119 2001-000522 2003-000586 2003-000586 2003-000586 2001-001088 2001-000522 2001-000037 2001-001150 2001-001150 2001-001097 2009-000026 2004-000433 2004-005235 2001-001088 2001-001131 2004-005264 Description R-METAL OXIDE(S) R-METAL OXIDE(S) R-METAL R-CARBON(S) R-CARBON R-METAL OXIDE(S) R-METAL OXIDE(S) R-CARBON INDUCTOR-AXIAL R-METAL OXIDE(S) DIODE-ZENER R-CARBON(S) R-CARBON(S) R-CARBON(S) R-CARBON(S) R-METAL R-CARBON(S) R-CARBON R-METAL OXIDE R-FUSIBLE(S) R-FUSIBLE(S) R-FUSIBLE(S) R-METAL OXIDE(S) R-FUSIBLE(S) R-CARBON R-COMPOSITION R-CARBON R-COMPOSITION R-CARBON R-CARBON R-CARBON R-CARBON R-COMPOSITION R-CARBON(S) R-FUSIBLE(S) R-CARBON R-CARBON R-CHIP R-CARBON R-CARBON R-CARBON R-CARBON R-CARBON R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CARBON R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CARBON R-METAL OXIDE(S) R-METAL OXIDE(S) R-METAL OXIDE(S) R-CARBON(S) R-CARBON R-CARBON(S) R-CARBON(S) R-CARBON(S) R-CARBON(S) R-METAL PLATE R-METAL R-METAL R-CARBON(S) R-CARBON(S) R-METAL Specification Q’ty SA/SNA 1.AF.

1608 100ohm.2.N.A S.A S.5%.TP.8x3.TP.2Kohm.1608 4.1/10W.AA.4x6.5m 330ohm.1/10W.1.1608 100ohm.5%.AA.AF.5%.A S.TP.5%.1608 27Kohm.1608 6.A S.TP.5%.2mm 4.A S.A S.2mm 1.4x6.8x3. 8.1/8W.1/8W.A S.A S.2mm 100ohm.TP.TP.2.A S.A S.4 39Kohm.1.1608 1.7Kohm.A S.1608 27Kohm.TP.1.1/10W.1/10W.1608 100ohm.1/10W.A S.A S.5%.A S.1/2W.4 39Kohm.5%.TP.1608 12Kohm.5%.2%.5%.N.A S.AA.9x 4.TP.5%.2Kohm.4x6.TP.8x3.N.A S.AA.A S.5%.TP.5x6.AA.2W.2mm 100ohm.1608 15Kohm.N.1/10W.1/2W.5%.5%.A S.TP.A S.1/10W.AA.TP.5%.A S.1608 1Kohm.8x3.TP.1/10W.4x6.1/10W.5%.1608 560ohm.1/8W.A S.AA.8x3.1/8W.2mm 47ohm.A S.AA.A Remark 5-10 .2mm 100ohm.5Kohm.2.A S.AA.7Kohm.TP.N.5%.5%.A S.Exploded View & Part List Loc.A S.TP.N.A S.1608 15Kohm.5%.1/10W.N.5%.2mm 4.1608 15Kohm.1/2W.5%.5%.A S.5%.3.1608 1ohm.9x10mm 390ohm.1/10W.5%.0mm 1ohm.AA.2.5%.N.5%.TP.TP.TP.7Kohm.A S.A S.7Kohm.4x12m 15Kohm.AA.1608 1Kohm.7Kohm.8x3.AA.8x3.A S.TP.8x3.5%.1/2W.2Kohm.5%.A S.4x6.TP.TP.1/8W.5%.5%.N.5%.A S.2.5%.5%.TP.A S.A S.5%.TP.8x3. R820 R821 R822 R823 R824 R827 R828 R829 R830 R831 R834 R836 R836A R841 R847 R863 R888 R895 R915 R916 R917 R926 R927 R933 R934 RB426 RD101 RD102 RD103 RD104 RD105 RD106 RD107 RD108 RD200 RD205 RD205A RD214 RD215 RD222 RD223 RD224 RD225 RD226 RD227 RD228 RD229 RD230 RD231 RD232 RD233 RD234 RD236 RD237 RD238 RD239 RD240 RD243 RD245 RD250 RD255 RD257 RD258 RD260 RD261 RD262 RD263 RD264 Code No.A S.2W.TP.2mm 47Kohm.1/10W.1/10W.5%.A S.A S.8x3.TP.1/2W.1/2W.TP.1/10W.2.A S.1608 100ohm.TP.1/10W.N.5%.AA.A S.1608 47Kohm.TP.AA.1/10W.5%.1.A S.1608 Q’ty SA/SNA 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 S.N.AA.4x6.1608 560ohm.5Kohm.A S.TP.1/10W.1608 12Kohm.1/8W.TP.1608 0ohm.4 100Kohm.1/10W.A S.TP.AA.4 43Kohm.TP.A S.1608 4.1/10W.5%.5%.A S.TP.4x6.A S. 2001-001088 2004-005235 2001-000016 2003-002020 2001-000734 2008-000206 2001-000037 2001-001139 2001-001149 2001-001139 2008-000299 2001-001138 2001-000273 2001-000734 2001-001045 2001-000977 2001-000734 2001-001152 2001-000221 2007-000084 2007-000084 2001-000429 2001-000793 2007-000074 2007-000074 2003-000540 2007-000092 2007-000129 2007-000092 2007-000129 2007-000092 2007-000129 2007-000092 2007-000129 2007-000070 2007-000084 2007-000084 2007-000074 2007-000074 2004-001914 2007-000118 2007-000119 2007-000088 2007-000097 2007-000070 2007-000074 2007-000091 2007-002425 2007-002425 2007-000084 2007-000084 2007-000113 2007-000074 2007-000074 2001-000281 2001-000281 2001-000281 2007-000074 2007-000074 2007-000074 2007-000119 2001-000878 2007-000084 2007-000074 2007-000123 2007-000097 2007-000097 2007-000091 Samsung Electronics Description R-CARBON(S) R-METAL R-CARBON(S) R-METAL OXIDE(S) R-CARBON R-FUSIBLE(S) R-CARBON(S) R-CARBON(S) R-CARBON(S) R-CARBON(S) R-FUSIBLE(S) R-CARBON(S) R-CARBON R-CARBON R-CARBON(S) R-CARBON R-CARBON R-CARBON(S) R-CARBON R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CARBON R-CARBON R-CHIP R-CHIP R-METAL OXIDE(S) R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-METAL R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CARBON R-CARBON R-CARBON R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CARBON R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP Specification 1Kohm.A S.5%.A S.AA.1608 100ohm.5mm 390ohm.7Kohm.TP.1.1608 4.TP.5%.TP.4x6.N.1/8W.A S.1/10W.1608 4.5%.A S.8x3.7Kohm.1.5%.A S.1/10W.A S.1608 39Kohm.1/10W.2.1.5%.1.N.4 1.5%.AA.TP.5%.N.5%.A S.A S.8x3.1/10W.1/10W.TP.TP.2.1/10W.TP.5%.1/10W.A S.5%.1608 100ohm.1/10W. No.5%.1.1/2W.3.1608 0ohm.1608 100ohm.7Kohm.1608 1ohm.TP.2Kohm.AF.2mm 100ohm.5%.1/8W.TP.1608 100ohm.3x9.1608 47Kohm.1608 27Kohm.4m 120Kohm.TP.AA.A S.4 47ohm.5%.1.3.N.5%.1/10W.5%.1.1/10W.1.1/10W.TP.5%.1/10W.1/8W.5%.5%.A S.A S.A S.1.7Kohm.TP.TP.1608 27Kohm.1/2W.TP.5%.TP.4mm 56Kohm.2.1608 100ohm.TP.1608 4.1/10W.A S.1/10W.A S.N.1/2W.AF.5%.A S.TP.1/10W.AF.5%.1/2W.TP.TP.TP.TP.TP.TP.1608 7.1/10W.TP.1/10W.AA.TP.5%.1/10W.1%.AA.A S.2.2mm 1ohm.1/10W.1/10W.1608 33ohm.N.5%.5%.1608 100ohm.5%.TP.5%.1/10W.A S.8x3.2W.A S.1/8W.TP.1/8W.TP.4x6.A S.AA.AA.2mm 4.2mm 4.TP.TP.A S.TP.5%.7Kohm.A S.1/8W.5%.1/8W.1/2W.1/10W.1608 47Kohm.TP.TP.TP.

A S.8Kohm.TP.N.15 5 75ohm.1%.2.TP.TP.TP.AA.5%.0).TP.N.A S.1/2W.5%.1/10W.5%.TP. 2007-000129 2007-000097 2001-000281 2007-000074 2007-000074 2007-000074 2007-000074 2007-000084 2007-000076 2007-000074 2007-000074 2007-000074 2007-000078 2007-000074 2001-000281 2007-001167 2007-000828 2007-000084 2007-000119 2007-000119 2007-000084 2007-000074 2007-000074 2007-000119 2001-000857 2007-000119 2001-000857 2007-001167 2007-001167 2001-001178 2007-000087 2007-000087 2008-001140 2003-002070 2008-001140 3501-001111 AA32-00015A 2007-001167 2007-001167 2007-000084 2007-000081 2007-000084 2007-000081 2001-000028 2008-001018 2004-005278 2001-000109 2004-005274 2001-000429 2004-005244 2004-005235 2004-005240 2004-005271 2004-005232 2001-001070 2002-000133 2002-001012 2904-001107 2904-001418 AA27-00038B AA27-00308B AA27-00425A AA62-30181V AA62-30182E 1201-002491 AA41-01312F 1201-002118 1203-002018 Description R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CARBON R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CARBON R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CARBON R-CHIP R-CARBON R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CARBON(S) R-CHIP R-CHIP R-FUSIBLE(S) R-METAL OXIDE R-FUSIBLE(S) RELAY-POWER Module Remocon R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CHIP R-CARBON(S) R-FUSIBLE(S) R-METAL R-CARBON(S) R-METAL R-CARBON R-METAL R-METAL R-METAL R-METAL R-METAL R-CARBON(S) R-COMPOSITION R-COMPOSITION FILTER-SAW AV FILTER-SAW AV COIL CHOKE COIL CHOKE COIL CHOKE HEAT SINK-ES HEAT SINK-ES IC-VIDEO AMP PCB MAIN IC-AUDIO AMP IC-POSI.TP.7Kohm.5%.A S.TP.FIXED REG.5%.5%.AA.A S.3.A S.1/10W.3x9.3dB 700uH.1%.N.A S.1%.3x9.AL6063.TP.1608 75ohm.1608 100ohm.2W.A S.3.N.5%.N.AA.5Kohm. RD265 RD266 RD267 RD270 RD271 RD272 RD275 RD280 RD285 RD286 RD287 RD288 RD289 RD292 RD293 RD294 RD298 RD299 RD304 RD305 RD621 RD630 RD631 RD704 RD705 RD706 RD707 RD712 RD713 RD802 RD952 RD953 RL414 RL415 RL416 RL801S RM901 RV704 RV705 RV914 RV915 RV916 RV917 RW408 RW410 RW412 RW413 RW415 RW416 RW418 RW426 RW427 RW431 RW432 RW433 RX801S RY801S SF01 SF02 T0010 T0010 T0010 T0066 T0066 T0074 T0077 T0085 T0087 5-11 Code No.1/10W.5%.TP.1/2W.113.AA.3x9.BK.1/10W.1/10W.A S.TP.ZIP.TP.8Kohm.15P.TP.1/2W.8x3.5%.9x10 3.1/2W.TP.A S.9x10mm 12Vdc.1608 680ohm.1/10W.9ohm.A S.N.A S.1608 100ohm.2mm 560ohm.1/10W.1/2W.0mm 33Kohm.FR-1.A S.1/10W.TP.8x3.1608 39Kohm.3.A S.A S.5%.5%.AA.2mm 75ohm.4x6.1/2W.1608 4.5%.5%.1.AF.0mm 120Kohm.A S.N.TP.A S.5%.5000mA.3.1608 75ohm.1/10W. CT-29M16V.1608 100ohm.1608 47Kohm.TP.F.40 A6063 EXTR TDA6107AJF/N1B.TP.AA.5%.5%.TP.1%.A S.1608 100ohm.T2.TP.5%.TP.8x3.1/10W.1/10W.TP.A S.TP.AA.5T 3mH.5%.1608 560ohm.TP.0mm 120ohm.1608 100ohm.N.10%.TP.A S.5%.1/10W.7Kohm.AA.3.AA.7dB 45.1/10W.TP.TP.5%.3x9.5%.4 0.1.4 3.1/2W.9ohm.AA.1608 100ohm.AA.AF.1/10W.3.5x 8.N.AA.1/8W.A S.1/2W.1608 4.1/10W.4x6.AA.2W.A S.330*245*1.A S.1608 100ohm.5%.1Kohm.3x9.7Kohm.N.1%.1608 560ohm.1/8W.3x9.TP.1FormA.TP.1/2W.2mm 100ohm.N.1608 4.0 DR 10 ¡¿ 12 (C:6.1608 4.TP.1/8W.TP.TP.A S.A S.A S.8x3.TP.8x3.1/10W.5%.A S.2W.5%.5%.9Kohm.A S.A S.250mW.21.1608 6.3x9.N.A S.TP.A S.3.5%.1/2W.N.A S.1%.3.A S.A S.1608 100ohm.ZSIP.A S.TP.AF.A S.1%.TP.A S.9.1608 560ohm.7Kohm.TP.6.TP.TP. TDA7297SA.TP.1608 0.1/10W.0mm 1Kohm.A S.Exploded View & Part List Loc.TP.A S.1/8W.3.1/10W.2.1.1608 560ohm.TP.TP.5%.1/10W.0.N.1/10W.A S.1/10W.N.A S.3.1/10W.A S.A S.5%.1/10W.1/10W.N.5%.7.1/2W.4x6.7x 45.A S.5%.A S.1.A Remark Samsung Electronics .7Kohm.TP.A S.1.5%.3.A S.I ROBOT2.N.1/10W.TP.5%.1608 2.TP.4 6.9P.A S. No.A S.1.5%.1/2W.1608 100ohm.AA.TP.A S.1608 560ohm.A S.A S.A S.TP.14X20 C6.2mm 4.5%.3.A S.10MIL Q’ty SA/SNA 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 S.47ohm. Specification 27Kohm.1/10W.64.TP.5%.1/10W.1/10W.TO-220.N.1/10W.10%.2.75MHz.8ohm.0mm 470ohm.2mm 75ohm.AF.A S.A S.A S.1/8W.N.A S.ST.2Mohm.A S.AA.A S.5%.5%.A S.N.TP.1608 1Kohm.5%.1608 330ohm.N.2.14.9x10mm 0.1/10W.0mm 1.4P.1/10W.5%.4 9.7Kohm.TP.AA.TP.75MHz.2W.1608 100ohm.3.6 CS29Z45.A S.A S.0.5%.1608 100ohm.5%.TP.0mm 1Kohm.5%.1608 4.3Mohm.1608 2.A S.5%.15x27.DUAL.7Kohm.5%.AA.TP.1/10W.TP.TP.1.1608 100ohm.A S.9x10mm 1ohm.4x6.7Kohm.5%.1/10W.1.A S.1/2W.32dB 78R05.2%.SIP5K.A S.A S.AA.5%.

N.N.N.A S. Code No.7ohm.U427 EER4950.A S.A S.A 5-12 .T1.05.ZPC(WHT).0.3/5/8V.12.65000mW.+.0.NTSC.A S.50mA.7P.M3.A S.N.5X7.SP 12VDC.T1.L10.M6330-00070A AA59-00425A.9 SAMSUNG.A S.TO220.SEDA M2010-00830A M2630-00006A M1430-00062A M2230-00005A M1210-00283A M1810-00001A M1610-00006A 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Samsung Electronics SA/SNA Remark S.N.N.15X8.TO-3PML.T1.25T.0.23.A S.YL-81 DR 14X15 C:5.1.22.T1.A S.1.-.9.N.95.8.+50-10%.0mG.1 4.5.M3.4.7.A S.4 32Z30.8.A S.TRP.3.130GF.50.N.A S.29PI.A S.T0.28.28-AAM.A S.A S.AL.A S.4x22.M6010-00154D PC.130GF.20%.N.130Turns.33X15X30 FT-2 KS9A.A S.130GF.VIOLET SILICONE.N.A S.99.2S.A S.N.A S.PC.M6110-00176X SUS304.50MA.A S.N.A S.T2.A S.A S.A S.N.N.50MA.0.80Pin.N.AC90- 8P+SEN.A S.A S.0.BLK TM-88.7.N.ABS.2900K.A S.TP 500V.20%.N.HB.EZ AA59-00425A.A S.NYLON-66.N.20X20(8)X45 SECC. No.L400.HB.A S.0mW/C 80mH.KS7A BASIC.25 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ASSY CPT T0521 T0063 T0089 T0527 T0603 AA91-11446C AA03-00559B AA27-00359A AA65-00056A AA96-04062A ASSY CPT CRT COLOR COIL DEGAUSSING CLAMPER CORE-WIRE ASSY TBC WIRE P AA03-00559B. .A S.-.A S.N.0A.A S.SEDA TM-85.A S.A S. Description Specification Q’ty T0087 T0088 T0105 T0119 T0174 T0175 T0175 T0175 T0175 T0245 T0245 T0296 T0310 T0310 T0310 T0310 T0313 T0313 T0313 T0313 T0313 T0313 T0900 T401 T444 T801S V999S VX801S XD201 1203-001944 1204-002183 AA60-30001A AA09-00568A AA97-17568C AA62-00045A AA62-30175D AA62-00172A BP62-00063A 0202-001608 AA39-20010D AA27-00166B 4715-000001 4715-001036 4715-001036 4715-001036 3404-001004 3404-001252 3404-001252 3404-001252 3404-001252 3404-001252 1404-001045 AA26-50001M AA26-00306A AA26-00217A 3704-001197 1405-000187 2801-003316 6003-000335 6003-000334 0502-001292 6003-000333 6003-000334 IC-POSI.L6.160gf.YFH800-01.A1050S.TO-220.A S.1250A. RH.A S.ABS.TP 12V.A S.A S.N.5X7.N.5x7mm.A S.1.400.50MA.15 M3.EI19 BSC29-0167H.48mH.BLK TM-88.A S.A S.A S.2S.130GF.7.URANUS.NTSC.A1050.V0.100.5.A S.565A.N.D0.1 12VDC.A S.+.M3.ID3.A S.30ppm.ZPC(WHT).A S.1 12VDC.3Sn/0.N.N.ZPC(WHT).5X7.1.+.BLK TM-85. IC-VERTICAL PROCESSO WASHER-PLATE IC MICOM ASSY SMD HEAT SINK-PS HEAT SINK-PS HEAT SINK-PS HEAT SINK-PS SOLDER-WIRE FLUX LEAD CONNECTOR-ASSY COIL LINEARITY SURGE ABSORBER SURGE ABSORBER SURGE ABSORBER SURGE ABSORBER SWITCH-TACT SWITCH-TACT SWITCH-TACT SWITCH-TACT SWITCH-TACT SWITCH-TACT THERMISTOR-NTC TRANS-H.DRIVE TRANS FBT TRANS SWITCHING SOCKET-CRT VARISTOR CRYSTAL-UNIT SCREW-TAPTYPE SCREW-TAPTYPE TR-POWER SCREW-TAPTYPE SCREW-TAPTYPE 78RM33.3.520uH.N.N.N.A S.20UH.A S.A S.N.2 CL29Z43MQ9XXAZ DREAM.-.2S.7.45mH.A S.20%.5PI.N.TP 24.N.ABS.HB.0mA 500V.1 CORSET.PLAS LA78045.N.SWR RH.-.N.W250.7.A S.A S.42.2.7mm.A S.L8.A S.ZPC(WHT).N.1 12VDC.1.20pF RH.A S.30.A S.S RH. .5X7.Exploded View & Part List Loc.A68QGX793X601 (M) P A68QGX793X601 (M) P.S TT2206-YD.S.NTR K64A.NPN.2P 1 1 1 4 1 ASSY ACCESSORY M0045 M0045 T0524 T0074 M0014 T0501 T0531 M0006 T0603 T0174 AA92-12625F AA96-05394F 6902-000110 AA59-00425A AA94-16624A AA63-01356A AA63-01360A AA63-01361A AA64-04321A AA83-00351A AA83-00352A AA83-00353A AA97-17654A AA83-00338A AA83-00339A AA83-00340A AA83-00341A AA83-00342A AA83-00343A AA83-00344A ASSY ACCESSORY ASSY ACCESSORY BAG PE REMOCON ASSY PCB MAIN COVER-TOP COVER-BOTTOM COVER-REAR SUB WINDOW-RMC CKD-KEY-RUBBER CKD-INLAY CKD-SPRING(C) ASSY SMD CKD-PCB CKD-RESONATOR CKD-C-ELEC CKD-IR-LED CKD-IC-CHIP CKD-DIODE-CHIP CKD-R-CHIP CL29Z43MQ9XXAZ CL29Z43MQ9XXAZ LDPE.S 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0.A S.A S.SBHG TDA12140H/N300.L6.2S.NI+SN 615Vdc.Manaslu2. 1000V.FIXED REG.+.0.0.M3.3P.130GF.TM85.6.50MA.N.29.50MA.576MHz.1 12VDC.WH LFC7-107.5X7.TP 500V.WHITE CHAMP.0.N.1P.

M4.N.NTR SUS304.35 TOOL.FELT.SAMSUNG.B.A S.A S.BLK.A S.HIPS.N. .A S.LED KNOB-CONTROL CLAMPER CORE-WIRE CKD-SPEAKER CKD-SPEAKER HOLDER-CARE 29AM0 RH.CLR 29AM0(SEDA).M4.A S.A S.L12.N7.N.PC.5/T0.3 1 1.+.HIPS.M4.N.SWR FELT.A S.5 HIPS.HB TH. LEAFLET A/S-LABEL-E PASS M6310-00107A M6320-00102A COMM.N.HB ALL MODEL.2939.N.+.KS7C.A S.A S.SWR TH.Exploded View & Part List Loc.GRY.M4.N.A S.YEL.8ohm.0mm 1 7 2 4 2 4 1 1 1 4 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 0.V0.GRAY.OD6 29AM0(SEDA).330X10.A S.HB 29AM0(SEDA).A S.HIPS.W30.V2.250X10.HIPS.A S.ZPC(BLK).0 1 1 ASSY COVER FRONT M0001 CB+CF CR+RCA T0238 T0569 T0609 T0003 KC+CF RMC+CF SPK+CF T0069 T0069 T0156 T0607 CIS7 M0112 T0023 T0299 T0022 T0527 T0382 AA90-05995A 6003-001026 6003-001026 AA60-10050V AA61-01481A AA63-60004P AA96-05581A 6003-001268 6003-001268 6003-001268 AA60-00091J AA60-00091R AA61-01389A AA61-40113A AA61-60003J AA63-01809A AA64-04615A AA64-04616A AA64-04617A AA65-00011C AA83-00245A AA83-00372A BP61-00495C ASSY COVER FRONT SCREW-TAPTYPE SCREW-TAPTYPE BOLT-HEX SUPPORT-CRT SPACER-GUM.W783.A S.5 1 1 2 1 1 1 2 ASSY FIXING T0892 AA91-11366B ASSY FIXING CL29Z43MQ9XXAZ 1 5-13 Remark S.BLK.N. Code No.T0.N.SWR FELT.L30.A S.N. No.A S.V0.A S.T0.ABS.N.B.N.T3.133 PJT.T0.NYLON 66.A S.A S.HIPS.N.A S.N.T0.A S.015/T0.+.A S.BK500 29AM0(SEDA).A S.L15.N.N.HB. CL29Z50 Speaker wire.A S.T2 29AM0.SWR M6.BLK.ZPC(WHT).D459.BLK NTR RUBBER.N.N.A Samsung Electronics .N.BK500 29Z50.H636.N.10w.T0.OD6.W42.A S.A S.500X10.2 ASSY COVER REAR M0002 AA90-05996A HOLDER+C/R6003-001019 T0069 AA60-00091K HOLDER+C/RAA61-00468A M0006 AA63-01810A T0066 AA64-04387F T0069 AA60-00091P ASSY COVER REAR SCREW-TAPTYPE SPACER-FELT HOLDER-FBT COVER-REAR INLAY-BACK SPACER-FELT 29AM0 RH.B.A S.600/900 CL29A55.A S.A S.N.N.SHEET.N.SWR TH.N.HB.N.NON-DECA 501H.ZPC(BLK).0.A S.B.ART PAPER.N. LCD/CDT Leaflet SEDA.A S.25.N.SPEAKER.MOLD 29AM0(SEDA).L15.CRT ASSY COVER P-FRONT SCREW-TAPTYPE SCREW-TAPTYPE SCREW-TAPTYPE SPACER-FELT SPACER-FELT HOLDER-RAIL STOPPER-PCB SPRING ETC-CS COVER-FRONT KNOB-POWER WINDOW-RMC.+.L12.N.ACRYL-FOAM.A S.DW.ZPC(BLK).ABS.5 FELT.01 ASSY P/MATERIAL M0113 T0524 AA92-12758A 6902-000005 ASSY P/MATERIAL BAG PE 29AM0 HDPE/NITRON/HDPE.HB.SWR RH.L12.L12.BLK.N.B.N.L12.N. Description Specification Q’ty SA/SNA S.A S.+.N.+.PS.A S.A S.PORTUGUESE.ZPC(S/BLU).A M0284 AA83-00345A AA83-00346A AA68-03967Y BN68-00844A BN81-02301A CKD-SPRING(+) CKD-SPRING(-) MANUAL USERS-02 MANUAL FLYER-01.BLK.A S.A S.330X10.A1.ZPC(WHT).M4. 1 1 1 1 1 ASSY LABEL M0019 AA92-12640C ASSY LABEL CL29A551GQ9XZD 1 ASSY BOX M0003 AA92-12757A AA69-04593A ASSY BOX BOX-SET 29AM0 29BG0.A S.A S.N.M4.ZPC(WHT).T0.B.WC 29Z58.N.

AA65-30018A AA96-02795A AA65-30008A Samsung Electronics Description CLAMPER CORE-WIRE ASSY POWER CORD CLAMPER CORE-CORD Specification DONG-A.CH PE.BLK Q’ty SA/SNA 1 1 1 S. T0527 T0066 T0522 Code No.NYLON-66.A S.0). No.HB.DATL-6 CP2/NO(4.A S.N.N.A Remark 5-14 .H/S 300mm.Exploded View & Part List Loc.

MEMO 5-15 Samsung Electronics .

Wiring Diagram 6-1 Overall Wiring Signal Signal Samsung Electronics 6-1 .Wiring Diagram 6.

” Use ① CRT Board ↔ Main Board ② Power Code ③ Speaker Wire Code AA39-00422A AA96-20109D AA96-04414A Photo Use ④ AV Wire Code AA39-20068J/ AA39-20070B Photo 6-2 Samsung Electronics . see “5. Exploded View & Part List.Wiring Diagram ※ The code number of cable(Lead-connector) can be changed.


C 2 GND 3 H/T Pin No. Pin Name Pin No. Pin Name 4 N. Pin Name 1 R+ 2 R- 3 L+ 4 L- 6-4 CN702A Side-AV connect Samsung Electronics .C 1 S-Y-OUT 5 200V 2 GND 3 S-C-OUT 4 GND 5 S-Y-IN 6 GND 7 S-C-IN CN601 Speaker connect Pin No. Pin Name 1 BK 1 VO 2 GK 2 GND 3 RK 3 VI 4 GND 4 GND 5 AKB 5 LO 6 RO 7 LI 8 RI CNA502 CRT Board connect Pin No. Pin Name 1 N.Wiring Diagram 6-2-1 Main Board Connector Pin CNA501 CRT Board connect CN701 AV connect Pin No.

No.Wiring Diagram 6-2-2 Connector role Loc. Description CNA501 Main Board and CRT Board connect CNA502 Main Board and CRT Board connect CN601 Main Board and Speaker connect CN701 Main Board and Side-AV connect CN702A Main Board and Side-AV connect Samsung Electronics 6-5 .

MEMO 6-6 Samsung Electronics .

Schematic Diagram 7-1 Circuit Description 7-1-1 Overall Block Description Samsung Electronics 7-1 .Schematic Diagram 7.

Schematic Diagram 7-1-2 Power Signal 7-2 Samsung Electronics .

Schematic Diagram 7-1-3 Partial Block Diagram 1. Main Block Description Samsung Electronics 7-3 .

MEMO 7-4 Samsung Electronics .

Schematic Diagram 7-2 Schematic Diagram 7-2-1 Main Board This Document can not be used without Samsung’s authorization. Power Video Audio Samsung Electronics 7-5 .

Schematic Diagram 7-2-2 Sound This Document can not be used without Samsung’s authorization. Power Video TP05 Audio TP06 TP06 7-6 TP05 Samsung Electronics .

Power Video TP02 Audio TP02 Samsung Electronics 7-7 .Schematic Diagram 7-2-3 Power This Document can not be used without Samsung’s authorization.

Schematic Diagram 7-2-4 CRT. PIP Module This Document can not be used without Samsung’s authorization. Power Video Audio 7-8 Samsung Electronics .