Our story is set in Raveback City – 100,000 civilians, known for it’s wonderful
aesthetics, but more recently it’s rising crime rate which is becoming
untameable. The crime rate has been continuously rising at such an incredible
rate, that the government have passed on The Cameron Act – an act which
allows civilians to help the authorities passively to bring in criminals.
A man sees a woman at the end of the street. In absolute awe, he slowly
walks towards her. She is of significance and the man cannot believe his
BANG! A gunshot from the distance soars through her temple, and the man
runs towards her dying body.
It was all a dream.
John Staples wakes up from his nightmare in awe, dripping in sweat and
coming to terms that what he visualised was not real at all. He slowly grabs
his phone – on the lock screen, a young woman. This is Linda Staples, his
wife who was a victim of manslaughter. As he remembers his wife, her giggles
ring through his ears.
John is disturbed mentally by these traumatic experiences. He deals with
alcoholism, drug abuse and excessive smoking of cigarettes that are eating
away at his life, which was once promising.
On the television, the night news is showing. His wife appears on the news…
again. The news reports on The Cameron Act, explaining it’s premise and it’s
purpose, and the effect it may have on the societies of Raveback City. John
rises from his bed, walks to his wardrobe and finds a black mask. He picks it
up, and stares.
We cut to the following night. John is walking down the road, paying attention
to his surroundings. He walks into a thug by accident, who responds with
vulgar language. As he walks into his alleyway, he hears the click of a pistol.
The barrell of the M9 Baretta scrapes his head. The thug demands for John’s
phone. Out of fear and unwillingly able to face up to the criminal who is much
bigger than him, he gives up his phone. Flashes begin to appear on the
screen of his wife with a gun to her head. The thug scurries out of John’s
alleyway with the phone, putting the gun in his pocket.
John gets into his house through the back door. Immediately, he collapses in
a fit of fear, a puddle of tears and feelings engulfed with loneliness. Once he
has gathered himself, he remembers his wife once again, and vows to use
The Cameron Act to his advantage.
The black mask is on his bedroom floor…