Today I will be discussing about the CRITERIAS IN GRANTING COMMERCIAL RADIO
STATION LICENSES. (Show slide 1)
To conserve and effectively manage the radio frequency spectrum which is considered to be a
limited national resource and in compliance with Act 3846, the following are the Guidelines in
establishing, operating and maintaining a private commercial radio communications
network. (Show slide 2)
(Still on slide2) Only private commercial radio communications network intended for use in
conjunction with the following services/activities shall be allowed:
Just Read No.1 and 2.
No. 3, Public Utilities.. Such as such as power generation and distribution, gas, water and water
utilities and maintenance of public facilities including common carriers.
(SLIDE 3) No. 4, Land Transportation such as taxis, buses, trucks, railway services, freight
forwarding and transport services specifically for highly perishable items such as food and
agricultural and/or aquatic products and including transport services for hazardous chemicals.
No. 5, Public Safety particularly emergency services such as fire, police, paramedic teams, and
hospital ambulances including armoured car security services.
Just read No. 6 and 7
(SLIDE 4) No. 8, Construction companies and/or contractors who are involved in the provision
of electrical, plumbing, telecommunications, electronics and industrial works.
Read No.9 and 10 and then add this after No. 10 *For 9&10- however, the private radio
networks will only be allowed within the areas of operations in the remote area and from the
remote areas to the central/regional offices.
Next is the General Qualifications of applicants for private radio communications network
No. 1,the applicant should be a Filipino, but in the case of a company or a corporation the 100%
of the stocks should be owned by Filipinos, if not 100% then majority of it should be owned by
Filipinos, majority meaning atleast 60% of the company. Failure to do so would render the
company not qualified for the license.
No. 2, The company or the corporation should be involved in any of the activities I have
mentioned awhile ago. Added to that they should also be accompanied by their business
licenses, and certificate of registration issued by the SEC (Securities and Exchange
Commission) and/or by the BDT (Bureau of Domestic Trade).
After the general qualifications, now we have the Technical/Personnel Requirements of
applicants for private radio communications network. (SHOW SLIDE 6)
No. 1 only equipments that are approved and accepted by the Commission shall be used in
their operations.
Just read No. 2 and add, including the mode of operation (whether it is simplex or duplex) as
determined by the Commission’s Frequency Management Division.
And lastly, Just read NO. 3 and add, For private radio communications networks with six (6) or
more Fixed/Base Stations, the supervision of a duly licensed Electronics and Communications
Engineer shall be required.