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There are lots of opportunities to make new businesses. The raw materials are very simple and
available around us. As well as there are demand too. So, I used the opportunities to plan for
business by introducing new product with different needs and demands for the people. I have
tried my level best to gather information regarding the report.
An information plan was structured to collect the relevant data consistent with the preparation of
the report to conduct the study, primary and secondary data were reviewed thoroughly in an
organized manner. This study is based on secondary data collected from Head office,
showrooms, open market, showroom managers, corporate level and gray market. Newspapers
and other printed materials were also used for collecting relevant data.
Interns are the category where businesses put themselves at risk because they are not
familiar with the law. An internship should meet all of the following requirements, or the intern
will have the right to make a claim for unpaid wages. The internship should provide actual
training, similar to that which would be given in a school. The internship is for the benefit of the
intern. The intern does not displace regular employees. The intern receives close supervision.
The business derives no immediate advantage from the activities of the intern and on occasion
operations may actually be impeded because of the time it takes to make sure the intern is
learning something. The intern is not necessarily entitled to a job at the completion of the
internship. There is a clear understanding that the intern is not entitled to wages.


1st week report

I started my intern on 1st October 2016 at Zaara Enterprise.

Company was established on April 2008, Zaara Enterprise is an enterprise company that
providing service and supplier for beauty products. Mrs. Norfarina Jamal as a manager holds a
degree in communication from UPM Bangi, Malaysia. Company operates 8:30am-5:30pm
Monday-Friday and half days on Saturday.

I was provided with my own office including a personal computer with internet access. On the
first day of my intern I have been assigned to collecting pictures from the owner and co-workers
of the company.

Apart from that, Mrs. Norfarina also as my supervisor to explain the work she had done and his
experience in the company.

These are some of the picture I have collected.

2nd Week Report


On my second week the task have been given is collecting the personal information about the
owner of the company.

Mrs. Norfarina Jamal

Manager Zaara Enterprise

Owner Name: Norfarina Bin Jamal

Position: Manager

Address: Kg. Pasir Putih, Jln. Sin San, 91000 Tawau.

Phone: 013-8890232


No. IC: 780321-12-5550

Race : Malay

Religion : Islam

Academic Qualification: Bachelor of Communications, UPM

Work Experience:

1. Department of Statistics (2004)

2. MUST Editor (2007-2008)

Attended courses:

1. Course Beauty (Mary Kay)

2. Basic Contractor (Supplies and Services)
3. Course Understanding (Road Construction and Cost Estimates)
4. Foundation
5. Food Handling Course

3rd Week Report

The 3rd week, Im doing an interview with the workers of the company about the main
The major activities of the administration department are as follows:

Administration department is responsible for all kinds of HR related rules monitoring

among the staff of the office.

Responsible for providing all kinds of office stationary as well as office transportation


Some additional activities benefiting the company


I had

been taught how to

make payments and how

to make

ordering with

the supplier.


Norfarina has taught how to make appointments with customers and how

to communicate well with them. There is many way to approach them, example as
be approachable, convey confidence, and be well groomed

I am interested because I have taken on the subject last semester, and I can practice what I
learned. Lastly Mrs. Norfarina always encourage me to be a confident person, he always
motivate me to be a good leader in future.

On this week, a bit busy because of the new project. Another task have been given to me are to
make a specific fail for the project, and I have to monitor the payment, ordering voucher, for
Mrs. Norfarina reference.

4th Week Report

Fourth week of a very busy week because I have to collect the information about the company
such as the products and the marketing plan.

Mrs. Norfarina provide guidance on how to create invoices and also organize project files. Her
assistance is very necessary for me to prepare the details of their marketing plan.

From her explanation, I learned how this company run. The most important is product,
promotion and price.

Zaara Enterprise chose the "quality service" as our guidelines and launched a strategy to win the
hearts of customers by providing quality service after sales, compared with a low price strategy
adopted by competitors.

Promotion strategy is how to introduce our products to the public, or the way for people to get
information about the products and services we offer. Promotion and advertising is an important

aspect to introduce products and services to market. The market for Zaara Enterprise business
can be divided into three major segments according to the individual customer groups, the
private sector and government agencies. Promotion is not limited to the preparation and
distribution of leaflets in the shop, but also use a variety of media channels, advertising for
example through print and electronic media. In addition, Zaara Enterprise expo or exhibition
related to business.

Pricing placed on products and services Zaara Enterprise is an affordable, competitive, and it is
the concept of "price follower" or the market price according to the market rate as determined by
the other competitors.

This week also I will focusing on the financial, though, it was not only my work, but it were also
many other activities and the meeting of so many interesting people, that made my internship a
valuable and enriching experience. I meet supplier, meet the officer in charge for the project and
I feel a bit nervous when having conversation with them, but I manage it with Mrs. Norfarina

I learned a lot in this week. What I learned is the material and stuff that needed for a beauty
Fun to get know new things in here, I gain a lot of knowledge and experience. Beside that I got
call from my observation tutor, and she said that she will be visiting me on next month and next
month would be my last month to intern.

This would be my last week of internship at Zaara Enterprise. On this week I have been observe
and evaluate by my tutor.

In this last week, I also provide the documents required to fill quotation for the future. All
documents are in place and only need to be updated. Mrs. Norfarina said the company is open to
entry after I graduated, I am very pleased to continue to work here, this is a good opportunity. On
my last day here, I update all the equipment that has been provided to me, and I clean all my


During the 4 weeks internship, I was allowed to visit some of the beauty class and participated in
some of the meetings. I learnt a lot more about the reality of the beauty industry and what is the
role of project manager. I found that project manager have to look after not only the major
deadlines, but also make decision on all matters; large from flat mix and feel of the
development to small like the color of the office curtain. The project manager is actually the
coordinator of each project and is responsible to make the projects progress smooth and on

All of the company colleagues are very friendly and willing to teach me. I learnt a lot of
technique which I would not able to learn from lectures and books. There are actually too many
information I found very useful that I cannot list them all out. Luckily I have drop down all of
them in a notebook and I can always revise them.

When talking about what I have actually done during the 4 weeks time, I helped in preparing
quite a number of degree programmes and I was briefed on the concept of it before actually
doing them. I also helped in working in the view and price analysis of the beauty class. It was

fun and challenging as I have to finish it on my own and afterwards explain why I would think in
that way to the others.

In the job, it is my pleasure to have chance to apply what I have learned into my work. But most
importantly, I learn many skills that are out of the academic field. For example, I learn to tackle a
problem in a professional and responsible manner. I also learn inter-personal skills, which can
only be learned through experience and is vital for my future career, as I notice that all
development tasks are team-work rather than individual work. These involve a beauty team, legal
team, project team and management team. From that, I also see how professionals from different
backgrounds look into a problem, and how to work with them.