Martika Dupigny-Williams

Score Notes

Type of Sound


Ambient Sound


Sound Effects

Diegetic or NonDiegetic




Diegetic/Non diegetic

Purpose of Sound

Used to tell the story of
our protagonist, Amy. It
signifies her story to the
audience as it’s as if she
is reading her thoughts
out loud allowing the
audience to sympathise
with this character

Sounds heard outdoors
such as wind and cars will
be used in order to give
our film a sense of

Will be used to show the
conversation between
Amy and the unidentified
male in the street scene

Will be used to hear the
staggered breathing of
Amy during the bathroom
scene as well build using
a heartbeat to build up
tension within the scene

The sounds that will be used are crucial towards the outcome of our film as it helps
tying it all together. It can also make the film seem more realistic with things such as
ambient sound. When inputting the different sounds it is also important that you
balance the levels to a good standard otherwise the video will fall apart.