Lesson Plan

Content Standard


9.00 – 10.00 am (60 minutes)
Year 2 Merah (30 pupils)
World of Self
By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will
be able to demonstrate understanding of a variety of
linear and non-linear texts in the form of print and nonprint materials using a range of strategies to construct

Leaning Standard


Able to read and understand a paragraph of 5-8

Language Skills Focus
Integrated skills
Cross Curricular Element



Interpersonal intelligence, Linguistic intelligence,

Moral Value
Behavioral objectives


Teaching aids


Sentence pattern


Pupils Prior Knowledge


Steps /

simple sentences
Listening, Speaking, Writing
Multiple Intelligence


Intrapersonal intelligence.
Pupils will appreciate their family members
To know their family members.
By the end of this lesson pupils should be able to:
1) List down their family members
2) Pupils will be able to pronounce difficult words
1) Power point
2) Picture of a family
1) This is my family.
2) This is my father
Simple present tense

Teacher/ Pupils’ Activities


MI/ Values
/Teaching aids/

Whole class

Teacher divides pupils

MI: Interpersonal

Teacher reads aloud the  story to the children. meaningful chunks and intonation asks the students to and word stress. Multiple Intelligence s: -Verballinguistic intelligence Intrapersonal intelligence 2. Teacher gives some examples of new nouns what nouns are?  and some from the text. n    Reading Aloud Teacher and Teaching aids: the picture Each group has to give hands to answer the Presentatio Linguistic  follow.Induction discussion (5 minutes) Describing the  picture given  into 5 groups Teacher shows the Intelligence. Each answer will be consist the story of a  boy about his family. Teacher asks whether Students will co-operate and give feedback on the task given EDUCATIONAL EMPLHASES: 1. Question: -Do you know farm Power point Moral one answer Pupils have to raise their read text A picture of values: praised by the teacher. Teacher reads in chunks with the correct Teacher gives out reading task sheet that in meaningful pronunciation. picture of a family by Intelligence using power point Teacher asks the pupils what you can see in the  picture? Pupils have to list down the family members in (15 minutes) students the  be able to  question. Teacher asks the  students about nouns. Thinking Skills: -Making associations and connections. .

Practice  Fill in the (15 minutes) blanks. teacher should explain  the meanings. There are a number of strips of papers which contain different family members. -Classifying.  MI: Verbal- Linguistic students. MI: Interpersonal Intelligence. verbalLinguistic Intelligence .there are any difficult words. Teacher distributes the worksheet to the Students fill the  blanks with the correct nouns. Teacher should students to look for nouns related to family in the text. If there are. Production Magic Box (20 minutes) Magic box containing different family members and  Pupils will be sitting in a  circle. Students are asked to fill Intelligence in the blanks with the nouns in 10 minutes. and categorizing. b) Love family members. Teacher discusses the answer with the Teaching aids: Worksheet students after they finish the exercise. grouping. Teaching Aids: a) Reading task sheet (Task sheet A) Moral Values: a) Appreciate family members.

pupils have to describe the member that  Teacher explains the rules of  the activity. Then. Pupil with the box in the hand will describe the family  member that he or she got. Teacher plays music and starts pass the box to pupils they have Teaching aids:   Magic Box Music and the pupils will pass it gotten.  around until the music stop. Teacher will observed and list down pupils’  mispronunciation. Teacher correct pupils’ Pupils will learn how to appreciate God’screation. Intrapersonal Intelligence Moral Value: To increase awareness about the responsibility towards family members among the pupils. . Teacher asks pupils why they Intelligences – should respect and love the family members. Interpersonal Intelligence. the box be passed Moral values: Pupils will learn to respect others family. mispronunciation after it Closure (5 Minutes) Discussion  Teacher discuss with the pupils about the responsibility towards family members. Teacher asks what they CCE: should do to help their family Multiple members.  finish. around again while the music  is on.

.To instill respect towards family members.