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Sports Medicine and Massage Therapy Clinic

Nicole Figueiredo, RMT

123 Street Road
Mississauga, Ontario L6N 1R3
July 7, 2016
Mr. Sungmin Kim
Asian Physiotherapy Clinic
567 Korean Road
North York, Ontario, M6H 1R8
Re: Referral of Ricardo Quaresma for Physiotherapy Treatment
Dear Mr. Kim,
This letter of referral is for Ricardo Quaresma, who has been a patient
of mine since 2012. I have been treating Mr. Quaresma for hypertonicity and
pain of the hamstrings for the last 2 months. Although massage therapy has
been beneficial for reducing the pain in his hamstrings, I believe that you will
be able to further help Mr. Quaresma in preventing further injury. Mr.
Quaresma is 32 years old male soccer player for Portugal National Team. His
birthday is on September 26, 1983. You can contact with Mr. Quaresma
through his cell phone number (647) 555-4378. Approximately a week ago,
Mr. Quaresma noticed pain in posterior and lateral aspect of the knee, which
made his hypertonicity of his hamstrings worse. After assessment of manual
muscle test, which resulted in a weak an painless result, and palpation of the
hamstrings, which indicated tenderness and hypertonicity,
I came to the conclusion that Mr. Quaresma was suffering from hypertonicity
of his hamstrings.
I hope you will accept my referral of Mr. Quaresma, as I am certain that
your expertise will provide Mr. Quaresma with the treatment necessary to
reduce hypertonicity of his hamstrings.
I will be seeing Mr. Quaresma on August 1, 2016 to reduce pain on his
hamstrings. If you need any further information, do not hesitate to contact
me. I will like to receive a progress report on Mr. Quaresma every two-three
weeks, so I can be updated on his progress.

Asian Physiotherapy Clinic

Nicole Figueiredo, RMT
Sungmin Kim, Physiotherapist
567 Korean Road
North York, Ontario, M6h 1R8
July 25, 2016

Ms. Nicole Figueiredo

Sports Medicine and Massage Therapy Clinic
123 Street Road
Mississauga, Ontario, L6N 1R3
Re: Progress Report for Ricardo Quaresma of Physiotherapy Treatment
Dear Ms. Figueiredo,
I met with Mr. Quaresma on July 24, 2016. For my clinical impression, it
seems like he has hypertonicity to the hamstrings. I performed muscle
energy techniques followed by passive stretches and home-care. I plan on
seeing him for twice a week for four weeks. I anticipate seeing muscle
tension reduction to his hamstrings. I recommended that Mr. Quaresma use a
hot pack on himself for his hamstrings for 15-20 minutes once a day in the
evening and stretching for 15-20 minutes. I am going to keep this treatment
for Mr. Quaresma to reduce hypertonicity.
I will be seeing Mr. Quaresma on July 26, 2016. I would like to thank
you for the referral.

Sungmin Kim, Physiotherapist