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This study is entitled An exploratory Analysis of the Teaching-Learning
Process of Mathematics in the Basic Education Department of Iligan Capitol
Data showed that most of the respondents were female. In this study,
females were dominant than males thus females have higher contribution in their
responses as far as perception on the performance of students concerned.
Teacher handling mathematics subjects had a good performance based
on the data result of the study as perceived by the respondents.
On the other hand, it was found out that the respondents strongly agreed
on the interest I want to get good grades in the test, quizzes, assignments and
project. Thus, the respondents were really interested to learn.
Furthermore, it was found out that based on the data gathered there is a
moderate significant relationship between respondents level of agreement in
terms of the learning process and teaching process.
With the result of the study, it can be concluded that students must spend
their time in studying math lesson. It is recommended that teachers handling
mathematics will encourage students to study their lesson; teacher must give and
use more teaching method in teaching math.