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October 24, 2016





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The Department of Education Sohools Division of Sorsogon, in partnership with the
Department of lnformation and Communications Technology, announces the launching of
Tech4Ed Centers in the Division. This project aims to harness ICT to enable, empower and
transform society thereby creating an inclusive, integrated and equitable countryside, through
providing opportunities for employment and empowering entrepreneurs. lts mission is to
harness the power of ICT in society towards creating a progressive countryside in 42,000
Tech4ED centers nationwide.


Corollary to this, the Schools Division of Sorsogon encourages the recipient schools of
DepEd Computerization Program to enter into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to become
Tech4ED School Centers.


The following documents are enclosed for reference:

Enclosure 1: Description of the Location of Tech4ED Center
Enclosure 2: Contents of the Tech4ED Platform
Enclosure 3: Suggested Computer Specification
Enclosure 4: Memorandum of Agreement Template


lnterested schools need to submit the duly signed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to
the SDO Sorsogon-lcT Unit for reference,


For project inquiries, you may contact Engr. Ma. Divina E. Cantero, Focal Person of

DICT Tech4Ed at mobile numbers 0917-574-1522 or through her

vina.cantero@icto.dost.oov. oh or John Rey J. Perez, lnformation Technology Officer lthrough
his email iohn. perezO02@deoed.qov. ph.


. All expenses relative to the preparation and launching of Tech4ED Cente rs may be
charged against school MOOE subject to the usual accounting and auditing
les and



For your information and guidance.



o o Furnishings: Computer tables and chairs o Computers: At least 3 units of computers with headset and microphone (Computer background: Tech4ED Wallpaper) o Internet Connection: WiFi or Line (whichever is applicable) o Proper Signage: a.should be displayed at the door of the . Library. ANNEX A-DESCRIPTION OF THE LOCATION Office Space: At least 20 square meter office space to serve as the center can be located in Municipal/City Building or Compound.should be displayed outside the center e.) with partner Logo . 1to Division Memorandum No.should be displayed inside the center d.) with partner logo. Barangay Hall. Tech4Ed Center Services Offered . School Computer Laboratory. etc.s Enclosure No. Tech4ED Center Do's and Don'ts . Tech4ED Center Door Banner (6x2ft. Tech4ED Center Banner (5x4ft. 2016 -.should be displayed at the door of the Center c. Operating Hours of the Center center *CC|V Comera (optionol) .should be displayed outside the center b.

Printed Materials) 2. eAssist Segment Literary Colayco Foundation's Videos (Gusto Mo Bang Yumaman.Enclosure No. s. eGovServe Segment o Online Govemment Services *New Services/Contents will be added os soon os ovoiloble . o Go Negosyo's Training Videos o ICT for Digital Literacy o o lntel Easy Steps Leam My WaY o ICT for Career Shifters o lntel Teach Elements 3. eEduSkills Segment o Altemative Leaming System Modules (PDF) @ Altemative Leaming System eleaming Contents (eSkwela) o Rotary elibrary o Leaming English Application for Pinoys (LEAP) o eTESDA Courses o Values and Character Formation (Videos. _. 2 to Division Memorandum No. Bak Por Gud) o ICT for Financial o o o o ICT Commission on Filipinos Overseas' Peso Sense Website VISA Financial Football Game for Entrepreneurs . Games. 2016 ANNEX B: CONTENTS OF THE TECH4ED PLATFORM 1.

2. minimum (updated with the latest graphics driver) 1. Operating System Windows 7.0 Mbit minimum. minimum RAM 2 CB free RAM. Firefox.SUGGESTED COMPUTER SPECIFICATIONS CPU Dual Core.0 Mbit or higher Screen Resolution 1024 x 768 minimum. s. 96 DPI.. 2016 ANNEX C. Windows 8 or Higher Browser Microsoft Edge. _. 3 to Division Memorandum No.7 GHz CPU clock speed.Enclosure No. 4 CB or higher Hard Drive 1GB of free hard drive space or higher Bandwidth 1. Chrome. .

WHEREAS. . by and between this-. the HEAD/PRINCIPAL. 2016 Enclosure No. represented herein by its Cluster Director. and with Field Operations Office located at Capitol Site. teachers. hereinafter referred to as the'DICT'. indigenous people. -. UP Diliman. Batangas City. the Parties have agreed for the free use of the platform. Garcia Avenue.Technology for Economic Development Project. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) as well as their families and relatives. WHEREAS. MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: This Memorandum of Agreement(l\{OA) made and entered into. SY. under the Tech4ED Project are different segments. REYNALDO T. and entrepreneurs as its target market or END-USERS. senior citizens. women. in particular. the The herein by its SCHOOL WITNESSETH: That- WHEREAS. particularly through the Program. WHEREAS. DICT and have agreed to cooperate jointly promoting and commit in community development through the use of information and communications technology for effective and efficient governance in the country. Quezon City. with principal office address at DICT Building. -and- represented HEAD/PRINCIPAL. WHEREAS. in line with its rnandate. through its "nt"r irto . DICT aims to bridge the digital divide to enhance socio-economic condition providing inclusive growth to the country by establishing Tech4ED Centers under its eFilipino . Persons With Disabilities PWD's). transparent and accountable governance and. Kumintang Ibaba. hereinafter referred to as the SCHOOL. 4 to Division Memorandum No. technology and brand for Tech4ED Project by way of usufruct under the herein below conditions for the sole purpose of furthering the objectives ofthe project. WHEREAS. which aim to cater to Out-of-School Youth and Adults (OSYA). C.s. birrding MOAf SCHOOL Page I of 7 .P. effective. support the speedy and efficient enforcement of rules and delivery of accessible public services to the people. duly authorized for purpose. has urrth*ity to .. DICT is mandated to ensure the provision of efficient and effective information and communications technology infrastructure to support efEcient. The DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY' an offrce existing by virtue of Republic Act 10884 dated 23 May 2016.

DICT and-asPartiesinvolvedhavemutua1lyreachedthe following agreement: I. PURPOSE OF THE MOA This MOA is an agreement between the parties for the free use by way of usufruct of DICT's platform.8 Under no circumstances shall the fees collected by the be released to the DICT. for and in consideration of the above premises. services. in 2.7 The shall not impose additional charges or fees order to access the contents ofthe platform under the Tech4ED Project. 2. solutions. honoraria. Furthermore. Page 2 of 7 .4 T}. 2. The location(s) and description(s) of site(s) is/are found in ANNEX A. technology and brand shall remain with DICT.1 The Parties hereto understand that they share the common goal of implementing the project: 2.2 The parties hereto acknowledge that proper coordination between the parties shall be made to ensure the success of the project. between the parties possible. technology and brand of the Tech4Ed Project undeer this MOA.5 The Parties know and understand that the DICT is providing the use of its Parties hereby undertake to faithfully and strictly perform the responsibilities enumerated under this MOA and fully understand the consequences therein in case of non-compliance thereof.NOW THEBEFORE. solutions. its officers and staff as payment of fees. technology and services by way of usufruct free of any charge. 2. from its community or from the public for the use of the platform. II. solutions. solutions. subject to adherence to minimum requirements of the Iaw. and other similar disbursements.6 The at a cost the of the Tech4ED Centers computers may deem appropriate and sufficient to be used exclusively for the maintenance and expansion of the Tech4ED Centers in order to achieve the Parties shared goal oflong term sustainability ofthe Tech4ED Project. the Parties hereby declare rhat the DICT is NOT charging any fee from the . shall remain with the 2. rnay impose charges or fees for the use ofthe 2.3 The parties hereto acknowledge that ownership of the platform. technology and brand of Tech4ED Project by the by which to provide services to the marginalized sectors of society in order to make the collaboration and cooperation . while those provided by the if any. AGREEMENT OF THE PARTIES 2.

1 Provide at least 20 m2 ofEce space to serve as the Tech4ED where computers shall be deployed and accomodate constituents who shall avail of the center's services.7 Ensure the availability of service center or computer technicians within the area who shall promptly address report/cmplaint of the user and do preventive Page 3 of 7 . from eight o'clock in the morning until five o'clock in the afternoon.3 Provide two permanent or full-time personnel to be designated as the Tech4ED Center Manager and the Tech4ED Center Assistant Manager preferablly belonging to the non-teaching staff.1 The responsibilities OF THE PARTIES of DICT under this MOA shall be as follows: free use of the platform of the 3. 3.6 Ensure that each computer shall be readily available and functional for use ofthe target market or END-USER for at least the prescribed operational days in a year.1.4 Acknowledge the collaboration the implementation of the project.4 Shoulder the costs of travel and training for its Tech4ED Center Manager and Tech4ED Center Assistant who sahll already be tasked to attend the training under the Tech4ED Project such as but not limited to to the Center Manager's Training and anual Summit for Knowledge exchange to enhance the centers performance. and CCTV Camera per center for use at the prescribed hours of operation in accordance with the suggested specifications (attached as Annex C).6 Evaluate and conduct periodic monitoring of and the Tech4ED Center Performancc 3.1.5 Provide at least three (3) operational laptops or desktop computers.1. scanner and copier. 3.2. to manage the day to day operations of the Center and ensure its safety and security.1 Allow the Tech4ED project. comprising of the digital content stipulated in ANNEX B.2 The responsibilities of the under this MOA shall be as follows: 3.2. in the initial 3. 3. 3.5 Review reports required to be submitted by 1n the .2 Allow and ensure the operation of the Tech4ED Center from Monday through Friday.1.III. for the duration of the Contact. 3.2.2 Conduct the appropriate training and orientation to the Tech4ED Team prior to operation.1. 3.2. for at least eight (8) consecutive hours. RESPONSIBILITIES 3.1. the Center shall be open on Saturday and Sunday subject to the availability of school personnel who will manage the Center. with the 3.3 Support and assist the implementation of th eTech4ED Project.2. 3. 3. 3. an all-in-l equipment of printer.2.2.

viruses. and regularly update with relevant news and accomplishments of the Centers. electric. 3.2. IV.2. Any lapse or breach of obligations shall be brought to the attention ofthe other through notices under these addresses: Page 4 of 7 .2. 3. and at least two (2) extra tables and chairs. 3.maintenance against such items.11 Provide at least three (3) computer tables.12 Shoulder the costs of monthly operating expenses. FUNDING This MOA wiII be subject to the availability of funds and other resources of the parties. 3.2.9 Ensure connectivity of the above-mentioned laptops or desktops at the Tech4ED Center through WiFi with at least 2mbps Committed Information Tate (CIR) and at least one (1) router. supplies and materials and other incidental expenses for the continuous operation of the Tech4ED Centers.15 Use the fees to be collected exclusively to ensure the sustainability of the Tech4ED Centers for the entire duration ofthe Agreement.2.2. UI.13 Institute and spearhead the advocacy and promotional activities for the dissemination of the Tech4ED Center's existence and service offering to the community. MONITORINGANDCOMPLIANCE The parties shall mutually monitor the adherence and compliance of their counter-party. internet and telephone bills. The cost of the activities and the performance of Parties' respective responsibilities shall be for the separate accounts of the Parties. 3.10 Provide security measures such as. such as salaries of the Tech4ED Center Manager and other personnel. V. 3. DURATIONAND EFFECTIVITY OF THE MOA This MOA shall take effect upon signing of the parties hereto and shall be valid for ten (10) years unless earlier terminated or revoked or cancelled for cause by giving thirty (30) days prior written notice to the other party. and 3. Both parties warrant that it has the funding to pursue and comply with the obligations and responsibilities found in this Agreement. but not limited to operational security camera for the protection of any and all materials in the Tech4ED Center against theft. on a quarterly basis. 3.14 Promote the Tech4ED Centers on the website.8 Prepare and submit to DICT monthly incident management report of complaints and incidents escalated by the target market or END-USER/s with information on the actions taken by the service center or technicians and the corresponding response time . malware and the like.2. but not limited to.2.

This MOA can be preterminated on the ground that upon periodic evaluation by DICT. As a consequence thereof. extended or undeer a new agreement subject to the requirements ofthe Iaw. technology and brand of Tech4ED project and shall no Ionger be a part of the project. the Parties may renew the same subject to the evaluation of the performance of the centers established under this agreement. VI. Kumintang Ibaba Batangas City (Name School ) (Name of School Head) (Address) The parties agree to settle issues. In such a case. the costs of the retrieval. and no further corporate action. it has been determined that the Center is not performing within the standard set by ICTO for the Tech4ED projects and/or violations and/or nonperofrmance of any of the responsibilities enumerate herein have been committed. In case of non-renewal of the agreement or termination for whatever cause. delivery and performance of this MOA have been duly and validly authorized by all necessary corporate action ofeach Party. REPRESENTATION AND WARRANTIES Each Party has all the requisite corporate power and authority to execute and deliver this MOA and to perform aII ofits obligations hereunder. the shall immediately stop using the platform. solutions. VII. Page 5 of 7 . the equipment and technology/platform used for the Tech4ED project subject of this agreement shall be immediately return to its rightful owners. Capitol site. The execution. the offended party may. lapses and breaches of obligations through internal negotiatiohs. remove any or all contributions to this endeavor and rescind this agreement. as a matter of right given and agreed to in this agreement. Sixty (60) days prior to the end of the agreement. SY Cluster Director DICT Building. consent or approval on the part of each Party is required to the valid performance of its obligations hereunder and the consummation of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement. if issues. TERMINATION Upon expiration of the period of agreement. the Parties shall discuss whether the project shall continue or shall be terminated. However.ICTO REYNALDO T. removal and/or return thereof shall be for the separate accounts of the parties. Iapses and breach continue for 3 consecutive events and notices.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF. the Parties may modifi. PRE. CANTERO Provincial Field Team Lead Page 5 of 7 . technology and brand and nothing contained in this Agreement between the Parties. except as expressly provided for herein. shaII 8. Any modification.4 The Tech4ED Center Managers and other personnel ofthe Tech4ED shall Any liabilities and remain the employees of the obligations emanating from such empolyer-employee relationship shall solely for the account of the D( AMENDMENTS At any time while this MOA is in effect.1 There is no employee-employer relationship or principal-agency between the DICT and 8. revision or amendment hereto shall become valid and binding only when the same is in writing and signed by both Parties. (NAME OF HEAD/REP) Title SY Cluster Director IN THT. the Parties have signed this Memorandum of Agteement in the place and on the date first above written. Any Iiabilities and obligations remain their the employer-employee relationship of the respective parties shall be solely shouldered by the respective employers.SENCE Otr MA. or a merger of their assets or their {iscal and other liabilities or undertaking. DIVINA E. solutions.3 The employees of the DICT and emanating from respective employees.. DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY [Department/Public School] REYNALDOT.VIII. Neither Party shall have the right to bind the other party.2 The relationship between the Parties shall be that of a usufruct on the platform. and 8. revise or amend in writing the existing terms and conditions or requirements of this MOA as circumstances may warrant. RELATIONSHIP 8. -.

a notary public for and in the above jurisdiction. Page No. signed by the parties and their instrumental witnesses at the spaces herein provided and acknowledged to me that the same is their free act and deed. Book No. IN WITNESS WHEREOF. Pampanga both known to me and to me known to be the same persons who executed the foregoing Memorandum of Agreement which consists of seven (7) pages.ACKNOWLEDGMENT BEFORE ME. Series of 2016 Page 7 of 7 . No. SY Name of School Head Government ID cRN 006-0066-5289-6 Date & Place Issued San Fernando. including this page in which the acknowledgment is written. this personally appeared: Name REYNALDO T. I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my notarial seal on this NOTARYPUBLIC Doc.