Quality Assurance- Supplier Quality System Self Evaluation

Sabreliner Corporation
Quality System – Self Audit


Warehouse Floor Space 44.com Key Personnel: D. Shop Space Sabreliner Seeger warehouse and offices consist of approximately: 50. Quality Assurance V.Sabreliner. Louis. MO 63134 Sabreliner Corporation Perryville (Repair Station) Premier Turbines (Repair Station) Repair Station JV2R940K Perryville Municipal Airport 1309 HWY H Perryville. Buerck Sr. Hangar Space 38. Ian Glendinning William E. Herman Claire Stewart III Ann Hein Gene Findley Deborah Tutka Craig T.000 Sq. Ft. Quality Assurance. Operations & Administration Director.500 Sq. Louis.Supplier Quality System Self Evaluation General Company Information Locations: Sabreliner Corporation (Company Headquarters) Pierre Laclede Center Suite 1500 7733 Forsyth Blvd.P. MO 63775 Phone: (314) 863-6880 Fax: (314) 522-8510 Internet: www. Ft. Office Personnel: Sabreliner Staff Consists of Approximately: Administration : 138 Production: 158 Quality Control: 39 Purchasing: 5 Engineering : 6 2 .800 Sq. Office Space 21.Perryville Facilities: Sabreliner Corporation and Premier Turbines FAA Certified Repair Station Number JV2R940K consists of approximately: 52. Material Director Corporate Aviation Marketing Manager. Ft. Supplier Quality Assurance Supervisor.P. Sales. Ft. St. St. Niedringhaus Ronald A.800 Sq.Perryville Supervisor.C. Ft. MO 63105 Sabreliner Corporation (Seeger Warehouse.P. Quality Assurance.800 Sq. V. & General Manager Sabreliner & Premier Turbines – Perryville V.Quality Assurance.000 Sq. Procurement) 8849 Seeger Industrial Dr. Warehouse 8. Ft.

Has your Quality System ever been audited and approved by any of your customers or an outside audit firm? Lockheed Martin.2 Who is responsible for document control in your company? Senior Distribution Specialist.9.1 Does a Quality Approval System exist for suppliers X 3.9. Maintenance Release. Boeing.5 1. FAR 145 AS9100/ISO9001:2000 How long has your Quality Program Been established? 25+ years Who does the Quality Control Director Report to? SR VP Operations & Administration. FAA ASCEP – no findings or observations SAI Global Does your Quality System provide for retention of inspection records> 1.1 Inspection Stamps? X 1. Withholding.1 Does your company have an established Quality Program? X 1.8 Are Quality Procedures available to all Inspection personnel? X 1.3 Are quality Policies and Procedures periodically reviewed and revised? X 2. X 2.3 X 1.Supplier Quality System Self Evaluation 1 Quality Program Administration YES 1.2 Does you company have a Quality Manual? X 1.3 Acceptance.2 X 1.7 What Specification/Standard doe your program use that describes your Quality System? FAR 21. Corrective action tags and Forms? Separate holding areas for Rejected and Material Review Items? 1. specifications. Specification and Document Control YES 2.10 Are your Procedures approved by Management? X 2 Drawing. Material Review. Reject.9 Do Procedures detail inspection methods? X 1.9.4 Are customers furnished Drawings and Specifications to accompany purchase orders? X 2. procedures and QA forms controlled X 2.Supplies and Suppliers YES 3.6 Are vendor document changes approved and controlled X 3 Purchasing.4 1.6 NO N/A NO N/A NO N/A X X X X Do your procedures use: 1. Serviceable.5 Are records of changes documented and maintained? X 2.1 Are drawings.2 Does this program monitor vendor performance after approval X X 3 .Quality Assurance.

3 Are all parts /materials received identified and have evidence of inspection and acceptance? Does the company maintain a system for Traceability of parts and materials? Are procedures in place for the storage of customer supplied materials? 4.8 Are Non Conforming material segregated.7 5.3.7 Is raw stock controlled and identified? X 5.8 Are Source inspections conducted at vendor facilities? X 4 Material Handling Stores and Stock Control YES 4.5 Are parts/materials that have a shelf life identified and controlled? X 4.5 Are Quality Requirements/Codes applied to purchase orders? X 3.11 6 X NO N/A NO N/A NO N/A X X X X X X X X X X 4 .2 4.4 Are customer supplied materials segregated from other stock X 4.7 Are certifications and test reports required to be sent with shipments from suppliers? Does the company maintain product/component traceability 3.5 Do Receiving Inspection records indicate acceptance or rejection of incoming material? Does Quality Assurance conduct source inspection on vendors? 5.8 Are Traceability records available for inspection by controlling authorities and customer surveys? Are incoming materials to the corresponding Purchase Order and Material Certifications? Are parts and materials subject to “First In First Out material control? 5 Inspection and Conformance YES 5.3 5.1 X 4.6 X 3.9 5.2 5.4 5.6 X 4. identified as such and held in a controlled area? Does your company maintain a Material Review System for disposition of items found to be non-conforming? Are Material Review Board dispositions documented and reviewed by MRB members? Does your company have a system for Corrective Action and maintain records of such? X Calibration of Test and Measuring Equipment YES 4.1 Are all parts / materials /assemblies subject to receiving inspection acceptance? Does receiving inspection have written instructions as to how to perform inspection functions? Are rejected materials/parts tagged and separated from accepted stock? X X 5.6 Does your company do First Article Inspections on new products? X 5.4 Are purchase orders reviewed by Quality Assurance prior to issuance? X 3.10 5.3 Is there a list of approved suppliers? X 3.

6.7 Is a calibration recall list issued periodically X 7 Quality Audits X 7.5 8.4 6.2 Is There a schedule for periodically re-calibrating measuring/test equipment? Are Calibration dates labeled on the equipment? X X 6.1 Is a quality audit program maintained? X 7.6 Are records maintained of Calibration activities and compliance with procedures? Is employee owned measuring equipment included in the calibration procedures? Are calibration standards traceable to “NIST” 6.4 X X X NO N/A X X 5 .2 Are quality audits accomplished using audit checklists? X 7.3 8. Are pre-employment drug and alcohol tests conducted? Safety Sensitive Positions.1 Are there written Calibration procedures? X 6.3 Are quality audits documented? X 8 FAA Approved Drug and Alcohol Program YES 8.1 Is an FAA approved Drug and Alcohol program established in your company? Is the program directed by company personnel? Directed by MCM Medical Case Management. X Are random drug and alcohol tests conducted? On Safety Sensitive Positions(Covered Positions) X 6.3 6.2 8.