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Julie Modson

1st Grade

Field Elementary

Working with Words

20-30 minutes
Materials needed:

Weeks Word Wall Words

Dry Erase Marker
Word Family Worksheet

Small Piece of Paper



R.WS.01.02 recognize that words are composed of sounds blended

together and carry meaning.
R.WS.01.05 automatically recognize frequently encountered words in
and out of context with the number of words that can be read fluently
increasing steadily across the school year.
R.WS.01.10 in context, determine the meaning of words and phrases
including objects, actions, concepts, content vocabulary, and literary
terms, using strategies and resources including context clues, mental
pictures, and questioning.
W.SP.01.01 in the context of writing, correctly spell frequently
encountered one-syllable words from common word families.
W.SP.01.02 in the context of writing, correctly spell less frequently
encountered words using structural cues (letter/sound, rimes) and
environmental sources (word walls, word lists).

Purpose: To be able to visually recognize common sight words and

how they are spelled. Also to understand word families (-ade).

Anticipatory Set: I need three suggestions for our chants. Who has
a suggestion? Do we know of any word families in this weeks Word
Wall Words (WWW)?


Please take out your white boards and dry erase markers.


If they do not have one, they can grab a scrap piece of paper and

Call on three different students for suggestions. They might

suggest Snorkel, Robot, Jump, ect. All of these are different ways to
spell out the word(s).

Once you have all three suggestions, tell the whole class again what
we are doing (demonstrating the actions for each).

Choose one of the WWW off of the front white board.

Have class tell you what the word is.(**Repeat the Following for
each WWW)

Now who can give me a sentence for _(WWW)__?**

Choose three different students.**

Say their sentence again aloud for whole class to hear**
You may have to reword the sentence to make it

After you have three sentences, have the students stand up and
chant the spelling of the WWW to the actions they chose**

Have the student write the word, on their white boards, that they
just chanted as you write the word next to the WWW you just did on
the front white board.**

Do you see any word families?

Which ones do you see?

Good! Today we are going to work with the -ump family.

Now which of our WWW is part of the -ade family?

-ump as in jump. Good!

Who else can tell me a word that goes with the -ump family?

Have the student spell the word for you as you write it on the white

Once you have a decent amount of words, pass out the word family
worksheets to the students

Have them fill out the worksheet with the words up on the board.

At a later time, transfer students words onto the small piece of

paper so that it can be put up on the wall for the students to see.

Go around and star students worksheets if they wrote the words

correctly. If not, try to help they see their mistake so that they can
fix it.

Guided Practice:

Show action that they want to use for chanting when called on

Students will provide a sentence with the WWW in it when called


Students will chant WWW with the actions chosen.

Students will write the WWW on their white boards.

Recognize what words have word families

Tell what word had -ump in it.

Students will provide other -ade word family words when called

Students will complete word family worksheet with words from the


Show the action the student chose.

Write WWW on front white board

Write word family on board (-ump)

Write students word up on board with correct spelling

Check for understanding:

The student will complete the word family worksheet.
Which of our Word Wall Words is part of the ump family?

Any other word families in this weeks Word Wall Words?

Which ones?