Joseph D.

Face-to-Face Staff Dev. Workshop

Instructional Design Model: Universal Design for Learners (UDL)
Staff Development: ClassDojo
After teachers participate in this particular training, teachers will be able and
become familiar with:
1. Learning the varied uses for ClassDojo and its impact on the classroom.
2. How to set up and personalize your class.
3. Learning how to create the home/school connection and showcase
work and personalized student information concerning behavior with
1. ClassDojo Introduction: What is ClassDojo
a) Introduction, benefits, and overview of ClassDojo
b) Forms and Parent Letters-Student and Parent Invites
2. Creating a class and Customizing Behaviors
a) Create an account
b) Adding students and groups
c) Behavior and skill customization
d) Adding parent information
3. Adding, Subtracting points-Adding student notes
a) Awarding points to students and groups
b) Adding student notes and messages
c) Utilizing data for review and specialized reports
4. Home/School Connection
a) Parent and Student Invitations and Codes
b) Classroom Story Feature
c) Instant messaging feature
d) Class group messaging