definition Culture
The word culture is taken from language Sanskrit is buddhayah which means that
everything that has to do with reason and the human mind. Literally, culture is a way of life
owned by a group of people who inherited from generation to generation to the next
generation.The difference between religion, ethnicity, politics, clothing,songs, language,
buildings, and works of art that will making the formation of a culture.
Understanding Culture According to the Experts
-Soelaiman Soemardi & Selosoemardjan
explained that a culture is the fruit or result copyright work and a sense of community. a
culture indeed have a very close relationship with developments in society.
-R. Seokmono
explained that culture is labor or human effort in the form of objects as well as the fruit of
human thought the days of his life.
-Effat al - Syarqawi defined culture
based on the viewpoint of Islam, he
explained that culture is a treasure of history
a society that is reflected in the testimony
And various values outlined that a
life must have meaning and spiritual purpose.
-Lehman, Himstreet, and Batty defined culture
as a collection of some of the life experiences of existing
on a certain group of people. Life experience
question can be a belief, behavior, and style
life of a society. While Parsudi Suparian,
said culture will underlie all behavior
in society, because the culture is
human knowledge is entirely used to
know and understand the environment & experience
happened to him

customs customs or reason. custom customs. rational. culture is a whole the complex includes trust. Culture means a thought. abilities and other habits .B. an action and work produced by humans in life society. which made hers with learn.-Ki Hajar Dewantara. safety and happiness in life -Koentjaraningrat According Koentjaraningrat. which was a time. as a reference potential human behavior. who explained that culture is the result of the struggle of the people against Nature & times prove prosperity & the triumph of life in addressing or facing difficulties and obstacles to reach welfare. -KBBI According KBBI. the meaning of culture derived from the culture in which tend to refer to human thinking. Taylor According E. -⇒ Kluckhohn and Kelly According to Kluckhohn and Kelly. irrational. art.B. In grammar. laws. ⇒ E . Culture is everything living concept created historically. morality. Taylor. either implicit or explicit. Culture is a a system of ideas and taste.

html 2. is an overall culture of attitudes and patterns of behavior and knowledge which is a habit inherited & dimilik by a members of a particular community.which are often studied by humans as part of the community.com/2015/03/pengertian-budaya-menurut-para-ahlilengkap.d4efference bettween Indonesian Culture and American Culture .seputarpengetahuan. ⇒ Linton According to Linton. https://www.