Remote Support

Infrastructure @ SAP
A Brief Overview

Martin Rink

Remote Connections Purpose of Remote Connections „ Analyze and solve problems in customer solutions „ Run Services on Customer Solutions SAP customers have to establish a remote connection once Security Issues „ Customer has full control and opens connections „ Every remote connection to a customer system is logged „ Connection can be established now and used later „ Various encryption mechanisms are available ‹ Software encryption with Secure Network Communications (SNC) ‹ Hardware encryption with Virtual Private Network (VPN)  SAP AG 2003. Remote Support Infrastructure @ SAP. Martin Rink / 2 .

Overview of Customer connection to SAP Customer SAP SAP Solution Support System SAP Solution SAProuter Solution SAP Solution  SAP AG 2003. Remote Support Infrastructure @ SAP. Martin Rink / 3 SAProuter Support System .

Martin Rink / 4 . SAP service center connects to customer network) „ reads in Route Permission table which connections are admissible „ SAP Customers once set up an SAProuter to establish a physical connection to SAP‘s Support infrastructure WAN LAN no entry in route permission table SAProuter  SAP AG 2003.g.SAP Remote Support Infrastructure SAProuter proven technique „ can be used as addendum to the firewall „ can manage network access through the firewall „ can log network access (e. Remote Support Infrastructure @ SAP.

Configuration of Service by customer Customers have to register an available Service once Configuration of SAProuter (ports. Martin Rink / 5 . Remote Support Infrastructure @ SAP.…) has to be done as well All registered services can be used by the customers Customers has full control  SAP AG 2003.

Process description – how to open a connection SAP Service Marketplace/ SAPNet R/3 Frontend SAP SAProuter Firewall Firewall 3. Martin Rink / 6 Firewall Service Connector establishes a connection from SAProuter on customer side to SAP‘s SAProuter Customer registers a service connection – on SAP Service Marketplace / SapNet R/3 Frontend and decides how long a connection should be established. PC Customer . 2... Customer Physical connection is available (X..25. ISDN.) 1. Remote Support Infrastructure @ SAP. SAProuter  SAP AG 2003.

Remote Support Infrastructure @ SAP A Brief Overview Martin Rink SAP AG .

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