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Corona literally means the disk of light that appears around the sun. the term
was brrowed by physicists and electrical engineers to describe generally the partial
discharge that develop in zones of highly concentrated electric fields, such as at the
surface of a pointed or cyilindrical electrode opposite to and at some distansce
from another. This partial breakdown of air is quite distinct in nature and
appearance from the complete breakdown of air gaps between electrodes. The
same applies for other gases.
The corona is also distrinct from the disarg dischargesthat take place inside
gas bubbles within solid and liquid insulation, although the underlying phenomena
of gas discharges are the same. The corona discharge is accompanied by a number
of observable effects, such as visible light audible nois, electric curren, energy loss,
radio interference, mecanikal vibrations, and cemical reactions, the chemical
reactions that accompany corona in air produce the smell of ozone and nitrogen
Corona has long been a main conceren for power transmission engineers
because of the power loss it causes on the noice it causes in radio and tv reseption.
On the other hand, corona does have several beneficial applications, as in van de
graaff generators, electrostatic precipitators, electrostatic printing, electrostatic
deposition, ozone production, and ionization counting (berg and hauffr 1972).
Mechanism of corona discharge
The discharge process depends on the polarity of the applied voltage. Therefore, it
will be discussed first for each polarity under dc.
Positive corona
At the onest level, and slightly above, there exists a small volume of space at the
anode where the filed strength is high enough for ionization by collision, It produces
an electron avalanche (chapter).
The cloud of positive ions produced at the avalance head near the anode forms an
eventual exsensionto the anode. Secondary generations of avalanches get directed
to the anode and to these dense clouds of positive ions (fig. 5.1). this mode of
corona consists of what are called onset streamers. If conditions are favorable, the
high filed space at the anode may suit the formation of streamers extending
tangentially onto the anode called ‘’burst-pulse streamers’’(loeb, 1965).
At slightly higher voltages a cloud of negative may from (fig. 5.1) near the
anode surface such that the onset-type streamers become very numerous. They are
short that in length, overlap in spase and time, and the discharge takes the from of

3 onset voltages of various positive corona models and sparkover voltage as functions of poin-to-plane gap spacing. this is in contrast with current pulsess corresponding to onset streamers (fig. 1971).4) (khalifa and abdel-salam. Fig. khalifa. At still higher voltages a could of negative ions at the anode can no loger maintain their stability and get ruptured by violent pre-breakdown streamer. 1967. . 1974. some photons get radiated from the avalanche core in all directions (fig. The positive current pulse corresponds to a succession of generations of electron avalanches taking plase in the ionization zone at the anode (khalifa and abdel-salam. breakdown eventually occurs across the air gap.) To gas molecules and from negative ions which continue to drift very slowly away from the cathode. zeitoun et al. Each current pulse corresponds to one main electron avalanche occurring in the ionization zone (fig. Beyond sucha point. [from giao and Jordan (1967). Nasser and wileyinterscience. 1973).5a. During the process of avalanche growth. more and more of the avalanche electrons get attached PRE-BREAKDOWN STREAMER Fig. 5. 5. Negative corona At the onset level and slightly higher.1 development of the first and subsequent generations of avalanches in positive corona discharges. In this case the ionization zone extends fron the catode surface outward and as far as the poin where the filed becomes too weak for the ionization by collision to compensate for the electron attachment. 1976). The motion of the electrons and ions away from and that of positive ions toward it correspond to the corona current pulses flowing through the high voltage circuit.] Fig. and could easily be computed. corresponding to irregular. Figure 5. 5. 5.a ‘’glow’’ covering a significant part of the hv circuit becomes a quasisteady current (fig. the trichel pulses increase in a repetitive rate up to a critical level at which the negative corona gets into the steady . 5. 5. With an increase in applied voltage. (courtesy of E.2).4).3 present the range for each type of corona discharge with positive dc voltage applied across a point-to-plane gap (Nasser.1 and 5. 1979). high amplitude curren pulses (fig. the corona at the catode has a rapidly and steadily pulsating mode known as trichel pulse corona.2) (giawo and Jordan. as shown in figure 5.2 photographs and corresponding current oscilograms of different modes of positive corona. 5. the photoelectrons thus produced can start subsidisry avalanches that are directed from the cathode. 5. if we continue to raise the voltage.2).

the corona current corresponds to the motion and recombination of residual ions in the gap between the high-voltage conductors the periods shown in the oscillogram. thus positive onset streamers and burst-pulse streamers may appear only over an extremely small range of voltage at onset. such a figure cannot be prodused by dc because of the choking effect of accumulating clouds of space charges. 5. Fig.5c).[from giao and jordan (1967).4 and 5. THE CORONA ONSET LEVEL .5b). 5.] Fig. fllowed by a positive glow. Impulse corona Under impulse voltages. as shown by experiment and compuration (chapter). at still higher voltages pre-breakdown of the gap (figs. 5. 5. note that when the voltage Va-b is below the corona-onset level Vc. If the applied voltage has a suitable magnitude depending on the electrode geometry. (a) positive polarity.5 photographs and corresponding current osilllograms of various modes of negative corona.7 photographic teaces of corona discharge under impulse voltage (lichtenbreg figures). 5. the current corresponding to corona discharges under the traveling extra high voltage surges has the beneficial effect of reducing the surge peak and front strepness.‘’negative glow’’ mode (figs. Therefore. the corona starts in an air gap almost clear of any space charge. 5. 5. 5. Fig.6). The onset streamers produced and their branches can easily from trances on photographic films in contact with the anode or cathode. On long HV transmission lines. in what is known as lichtenberg figures (fig. AC Corona The basic difference between ac and dc coronas is the periodic change in direction of the applied field under ac. and its influences on the residual space charge left over from the discharge during preceding half-cycles (fig. (b) negative polarity. thus their stresses on the power system insulation are relived. Under ac a very large number of traces get superimposed on each other. Both negative trichel pulses and negative glow can be observed in an ac corona.6 AC corona current for a symmetrical gap between two parallel conductors a and b. Fig. electron avalanches and streamers extend over significant distances.4 and 5. bolth positive and negative glows and streamer coronas can be observed in each cycle.4 development of electron avalanches in negative corona discharges.7).

Methods of field calculations were discussed in chapter 2.6 for new rough stranded conductors and about 0. correspondingly. At any point of mocroroughness on a practical conductor surface the field would be highly concentrated and the critical field strength for corona onset would be reached there while the average field strength over the entire surface would be considerably lower. Example A there pase single circuit overhed line has a bundle of two conductors per phase arranged as shown in figure 5. relative air density δ. referred to STP.4) For a given conductor radius r.8. a slightly higher field strength Ev corresponds to corona being clearly visible on the conductor surface and could be experessed as Ev=30 δ(1+0. The air pressure p (kPa) and temperature Ɵ ( °C) are usually combined into one factor δ the relative air density.8 to 8.are in the recepective ranges 31 to 39. It should be realixed that field calculations would normally be based on the assumption of perfectly clean smooth conductor .85 for weathered conductors. Humidity has a minor effect. Under ac. This factor is usually taken as about 0.3.9 to 7.3. A corresponding surface factor should be taken into account while estimating the corona onset voltage Vo for the conductor arrangement. The difference is normally about 7% for practical line diminsions. it is aviden that the surface field strength is higher at the middle phase than at the over phases.3/ δr) kv peak /cm. the line voltage corresponding to corona onset on the middle pase could be . The Corona Onset Voltage This could easily be calculated using Eo or E± once the conductor arrangement and dimensions are known.It has well estabilished by experiment and by comporation that corona discharge starts at surfaces of HV electrodes and conductors when their surface voltage gradients reach a critical value Eo.different from practical conditions.4 and 9. Thus δ A+ and A.8 and 29. The magnitudeof Eo depends on the voltage polarity and on the pressure and temperature of the amblent gas.4 to 40. B+ and B. 11. r being the conductor radius in centimeters. and conductor surface factor. The filed strength at the surface of the middle phase conductors is in terms of the line voltage V : (5.are.

Photons were shown to be the main contributors to the emission of electrons from the cathode.8 conductor arrangement for a three phase transmission line with single conductors (a) and with bundle conductors at the same level (b). The discharge would be self sustaining and the applited voltage the electron and ion populations of the successive avalanches and their motion could be computed and hence the positive corona current pulse Case of negative polarity In this cace electron avalanches start at the conductor surface and extend outward up to the distance where almost all of their electrons have formed negative ions by attachment to gas molecules. they could also be computed according to an algorithm based on the ionization and deionization process acting in the corona discharge of either polarity Case of positive polarity The frist avalanche proceeds toward the anode and ends at its surtvace. Corona onset on bipolar dc lines . to keep the discharge self sustaining. The effect of conductor bunding and of hight above ground could also be calculated. If at least one photoelectron is produced during the lifetime of the first avalanche.estimated. The computed onset voltages were in good argement with experiment (khalifa and abdel salam 1974b). and photons could be computed. ions. The numbers of electrons. 5. The criterion for onset is that at least one photo electron is emitted by the photons of the first avalance.3). Fig. also the current pulse shapes could be computed. Camputation of DC Corona onset voltages Onset voltages of dc corona could be estimated using the relation (5. It develops a cloud of positive ions. and photons are emitted from its core.

A much more recent and more scientific approach was the computer program developed. This makes it more difficult for electron avalanches to grow. Therefore. which takes the from Where f is frequency V the line voltage . Thus electrons produced at the cathode by photoemission and filed emission would have to contribute more substantially to the discharge in order to maintain its stability. and D and r the phase conductor separation and radius. K is a factor depending on the ratio of the operating voltage V to the corona onset line voltage Vo (fig . the voltage level corresponding to positive corona onset can be calculated according to the method described above for monopolar corona.4). peek’s formula was superseded by that of Peterson. which has not yet reaced its corona onset level. 1977).3 to 1. 5. there are positive corona discharge at the positive conductor. Above a certain critical gas pressure sparkover occurs across the gas gap without any preceding corona (selection 4. the fair weather corona losses of overhead transmission lines. This slight difference could also be computed (abdel salam and khalifa. Typical values measured range from 0.It is know that the onset voltage gradient for a positive corona is slightly lower than that for a negative corona. At the negative conductor. These ions enhance the filed intensity at the negative conductor and cause a corona to start at a voltage slightly lower than the value calculated for the monopolar case. Ac lines Empirical formulas were suggested early in this century by peek and Peterson for estimating Pc. Corona power loss Empirical formulas have been suggested for evaluating corona losses on ac lines and on both monopolar and bipolar dc lines. Thus corona and spark over occur at voltages conciderably higher than those in air.7 . Possible corona in the compressed air and sf 6 Because sulfur hexafluoride is an electron negative gas. at such high pressures the coefficient of ionization by collision becomes lower than the coefficient of electron attachement.9). it has a high affinity for electron attachement. In propely designed transmission lines the corona loss in fair weather is usually insignificant. Because of several flaws.

9 factor k to be used in Peterson’s corona loss formula as a function of the per unit operating voltage referred to the corona onset voltage. we have both positive and negative ions in the interconductor space and there is a high probability for ion for 500 kv lines and from 0. On the other hand. With bipolar lines. Naturally. wind. rain. The same goes for humidity unless it approaches 100%. No perceptible effect of wind could be noticed on the ac corona. Effect of conductor bundling For transmission lines with bundled conductors. pressure.7 to 17 kw/conductor/km for 700 kv lines. and between the conductors and ground. peterson’s formula can be modified by including the capacitance geometric mean radius of the bundle instead of the single conductor radius. snow. however. the fair weather three phase ac lines. Fig 5. In comparison with ac lines having equral per unit effective voltages with respect to the corona onset levels. Effects of weather The principal weather parameter are air temperature. There is an optimal separation between subconductors in the bundle that corresponds to minimum corona loss. humidity. the separation between subconductors in the bundle has an effect on the amount of corona loss. Dc lines In unipolar dc lines. inceases in bipolar line corona loss with voltage and in foul weather are . The air temperature and pressure are included in the factor δ. and dust. we have only ions of one polarity in the space between conductors.

5. 6.not as rapid as in the case of ac lines. Television and . Corona noise Corona noise includes interference with radio. The effects of atmospheric humidity and wind could be measured and computed.5 mm in diameter and 45 cm apart. The conductor arrangement is indicated.10 appearance of bipolar dc corona on two conductors. ±63 kv. and at different wind speeds. Fig.