Paris is the capital of France and one of the major European cities. It is
for many the most romantic and popular tourist destination around the
Located in the north central France, Paris is one of the most visited cities
in the world, besides being home to some avant-garde movements. Its
long history and rich cultural, culinary and social heritage makes it
preferred by thousands of tourists, lured by fantastic monuments such
as the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower
destination, among others, as well as the artworks that owns the Louvre.
Paris is also known by all as the City of Light, as the French capital was
the first that gave the streets of electricity. On the other hand it is often
called the City of Love, because of the charm and romance that follows
stroll through its streets.
It is said that Paris was founded after the settlement of the Celtic tribe of
the Parisii on Ile de la Cité, a small island located in the middle of the
Seine River. This tribe chose this island for its strategic and defensive
advantages. Today it is the heart of the French capital.
In the year 52 a. C. the Romans founded a city in the same place where
Parisians had their village and expanding it to both banks of the Seine
river called Lutetia, Paris is today, a name that takes the primitive Celtic

The weather in Paris, capital of France, varies by season. The city,
located in the center of the Ile de France, has a moderate climate that
reflects its proximity to Britain, near the coast, and Alsace, a
mountainous region to the east. Visitors to Paris can expect, in general,
summers with maximum temperatures below 80 degrees Fahrenheit
(26.7 C), and thermal marks just above the freezing level in elinvierno.
Rains in the city can be erratic and arrive without notice; however, any
time of year is good for tourism, since Paris exhibits the lowest annual
rainfall in the country.
Paris is known worldwide as the city of love, but not only that, it is the
second largest city in Europe, it is one of the European cities that
receives more tourists per year, specifically is the second after London.

Language in Paris As in the rest of France. The climate is more benign. Rain is quite abundant. Being the best time for weather conditions is also high season and there is much sightseeing for any of the tourist attractions such as the Louvre. in fact it is not unusual rain in the months of June and July. will be so transmits a walk through the streets of Paris . Summer in Paris is the best time to visit. August and September. About 25 degrees during the day and down about 14 degrees overnight.. will for the multitude of things to see that you have.And this city never disappoints to the visit. it will be for its magical atmosphere. it is also likely to then be surprised by some moments of rain this month. will be for its luxury boutiques. Remember that being in the Northern Hemisphere Summer in France is in the months of June. there are fewer of precipitation (That the rest of the year are usually abundant) and temperatures are appropriate to visit the city. While August has a lower probability of precipitation. be whatever it is a unique city. the Paris official language is French and. July. turististic places HOTELS Castille Paris La Reserve Paris . unlike in other countries.. the use of English is not very common (and much less than Spanish).Hotel and Spa Maison Souquet Le Bristol Paris FOODS . the Eiffel Tower or Notre Damme. the weather is milder.

Quenelle TRADITIONS La Nuit Blanche On that night it is offered for free to the public opening of museums. videos. sports facilities . installations and performance art. Ratatouille. Tournedos rossinis. exhibitions. La Fête de la Musique that night different concerts and music shows are organized amateur and profesionalesen public spaces: streets. which are used for shows.pote al fuego. omelettes. squares. parks. cultural institutions and other public and private spaces.