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Retailers Insights

Retailers play an important role in this sector and hence it was important
that their point of view on different network operators be considered. We
visited around 20 retailers across different areas in Jamshedpur to know
their opinion on various performance parameters. Since, retailers are t
one who interact directly with the customers, so they pretty much are
aware of the consumers perception.
We asked them few basic questions related to

Different operators whose SIMs and recharge vouchers they sell

No. of new customer acquisitions(SIMs) they make for each operator
in a month
Monetary and non-monetary benefits provided by operators
Service quality received by retailers in terms of replenishment of new
SIMs and recharges
Customer choices and selection of operators for different needs(Voice
and Data)

By interviewing the retailers on above we were able to obtain some

valuable insights which are encapsulated below

The type of customers visiting retailers dependent on area. In areas

such as Bistupur, Sakchi and even Mango, many customers had their
own choice of operators while buying a new SIM. In almost 50% of the
cases the customer depended on retailers to guide them on which
telecom operators services to go for.
The retailers suggested operator choices based on customer
requirements. Most of the retailers suggested Aircel or Airtel to
customers whose primary need was for data. Meanwhile, Telenor was
the choice of most of the retailers to customers requiring cheap voice
The choice of operator also depended on occupation of the
customers. Mostly students and blue collared workers preferred
Telenor for its cheaper tariffs for voice calls and wider STV options.
Airtel was generally preferred by higher income groups because of
superior quality of service.
The retailers were indifferent to Idea in terms of quality, tariffs and
most of them had no complaints whatsoever. In spite of this the
retailers told that the customers had Idea lower on their preference
list primarily due to the lack of any unique proposition.
There were few retailers who complained about the distribution by
Idea. These were related to salesman not turning up at the retailer
on a timely basis, delay in replenishment of new SIM cards and delay
in providing e-recharges to the retailers.
The primary motivator of retailers for pushing a particular operator to
the customers was the landing price that they had against FRCs

and new SIMs. Most of them were averse to higher landing price
which ultimately resulted in reduced profit margins for retailers or
forced them to mark up the prices at which new connections were
offered. 70% of the retailers noted that Aircel was the most
favourable in terms of providing support towards landing price.
Airtel was next, however we found that recently Idea had caught up
and had competitive FRC plans.
*The answers obtained from retailers are appended at the end