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If Sun is hemmed between two malefics, or is conjoined with

malefics, one born during day-time loses his father early without any doubt.
The child's father at once quits the world, if planet Sun has Mars and
Saturn in 8th from him unaspected by benefics.
49-50. If at birth Sun is in a Movable Ri along with malefics, the father of
the child dies of poison, weapons etc. Malefics (or even a malefic) in 8 th, 9th,
or 7th from Moon can cause death of the child along with its mother.
51-52. The father of the child was away at the time of birth, if Sun is in a
Movable Sign, in case of day birth and aspected by Mars. Saturn in a
Movable Ri and in aspect to the Sun in the case of night birth denotes
same results.
53-54. In the case of night birth, if Saturn is in a Movable Sign along with
Mars, the father undoubtedly dies in a distant place. If Sun joins Mars and
Saturn in any Ri, the father dies before the birth of the native.
55-56. If malefics are disposed in Ascendant, 8 th, 7th, 6th and 12th, the child
dies along with its mother. There is no doubt in it. Should only 6 th and 8th be
occupied by malefics, the mother does not die, but the child dies. The
reverse is true, if malefics are in Ascendant, 8th and 7th.
57-67. Mars, or Saturn in 12th can deprive the native of his eyes. Saturn
right and Mars left eye. The native becomes blind, if Sun and Moon are in
12th, while 6th and 8th are occupied by malefics. Even, if one among the Sun
and the Moon is in 12th, damage to eye is indicated (Sun affects the right
eye, while Moon affects the left one). If Rahu is in Ascendant, while Sun is
in 7th, the native is blind by birth. Should 2 nd and 12th be occupied by Moon
and Sun, while malefics are in 8 th and 6th, the person born is blind. If Moon
is in 6th, Sun in 8th, Saturn in 9th and Mars in 2nd, simultaneously, the native
is blind. Should Moon be in the company of Mars and Saturn and be
posited in 8th, or 6th, the native looses his eyesight due to bilious and
phlegmatic imbalances. Should the said Moon be conjunct other malefics,
apart from Mars and Saturn, in this combination, if the House involving
Moon is the 8th, the damage is to the right eye and, if it be the 6 th, the left

eye is damaged. Should, however, this combination be aspected by

benefics, the damage is not at birth, but will be later on. If Moon is in 8 th, or
12th along with Saturn and be aspected by malefics, eyesight is lost due to
windy and phlegmatic complaints (here also 8 th indicates right, while 12 th
the left eye). And, if benefics aspect the said Moon in 8 th/12th, the loss is not
at birth, but in the course of time. If Moon is thus associated with Saturn
and Sun (in several ways), damage to eyes is to be predicted.