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BFPS Cold Storage Inc.

Safety Program

2.0 Meetings and Management Review
2.1 Objectives and Targets
A Safety and Health Committee is a group of interested salaried and hourly
personnel that meet periodically to monitor the ongoing implementation of the
company safety and health program. The basic purpose of the committee is to
promote safety awareness by involving employees directly in the safety and
health programming efforts.
BFPS Cold Storage Inc. will develop a Safety and Health Committee comprised
of manager(s), safety coordinator(s), selected supervisory and employee level
personnel. Supervisory and employee personnel should be rotated each six
The committee will be chaired by a member of line management, but the position
of chairperson will also be rotated periodically. The Safety Coordinator will act in
an advisory capacity. The chairperson will chair the meetings; assign committee
responsibilities, and report committee activities and recommendations to his/her
immediate manager. A secretary should be chosen to record minutes of the
meetings as directed by the chairperson. Meeting notes/minutes will be
distributed to appropriate personnel and all committees’ members. Care should
be taken to correctly document all committee activities and to ensure that
corrective actions are followed up on through completion. Do not document the
company’s own negligence.

BFPS Cold Storage Inc.

Safety Program

2.2 Meetings
Safety committee meetings are held quarterly, or more often if needed. The
safety program coordinator will post the minutes of each meeting within one
week after each meeting and should follow an established agenda.
The meetings should be devoted primarily to the following:

Review injuries and accidents that have occurred since the last meeting,
along with corrective measures that have been implemented or scheduled.










inspection/survey reports.

Discuss unsafe work methods and hazardous conditions that have been
observed or reported by committee members.

Discuss safety educational and promotional activities that may be

Submit recommendations to appropriate management personnel.
Additionally the safety committee may be involved in providing safety
inspections/surveys of the workplace. If so, then the results of these
activities should be discussed during the scheduled meetings.

Additionally, the safety committee may be involved in providing safety
inspections/surveys of the workplace. If so, then the results of these activities
should be discussed during the scheduled meetings.


Reading Of Minutes Of Previous Meeting 3. Consideration of business held over from last meeting 4.) 9. 3. Report on safety instructions to employees (bulletins. Review of Safety Survey/Inspections. 6. Review of Loss Experience since last meeting.) 9. talks. Safety Program Suggested Order of Business            1. New business and discussion of special safety projects 10. Status of Recommendations 10. Meeting adjourned (Please check each item as it is completed) Company/ Department Name: Chairperson: Location: Date of Meeting: Date of Last Meeting: Committee Members Present: Printed Name Signature 7.BFPS Cold Storage Inc. (Identification of Loss Experience trends. Discussion of accidents that have occurred since last meeting 7. New Recommendations . 2. Roll Call 2. Reading and discussing of reports submitted to committee 6. Report on progress made on previous recommendations 5. Recommendations for prevention of such accidents 8. 5. 4. Reading of Previous Minutes/Old Business 8. etc.

BFPS Cold Storage Inc. SAFETY COMMITTEE ACCIDENT/INJURY REVIEW FORM INJURIES Name: Description of Injury: Identified Cause of Injury: Solution/Corrective Action: Implementation Date: Name: Description of Injury: Identified Cause of Injury: Solution/Corrective Action: Implementation Date: Name: Description of Injury: Identified Cause of Injury: Solution/Corrective Action: Implementation Date: Name: Description of Injury: Identified Cause of Injury: Solution/Corrective Action: Implementation Date: Name: Description of Injury: Identified Cause of Injury: Solution/Corrective Action: Implementation Date: Name: Description of Injury: Identified Cause of Injury: Solution/Corrective Action: Implementation Date: Safety Program .

Employee training records will also be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure an adequate and effective training program is maintained and in compliance with regulatory requirements. Input from all levels of employment will be gathered to provide information and recommendations for corrective measures to eliminate identified trends. which allowed any injuries to take place.BFPS Cold Storage Inc. . This will include identification of identifiable. including injury. This review will be conducted on a quarterly basis. Management will conduct follow-up on implementation of corrective measures until the causal factor has been eliminated or controlled. Safety Program 2. workplace hazards or unsafe behaviors. The focus of this review will be on deficiencies in the injury prevention plan. Employees will be made aware of identified or developing trends as they are recognized with the trend factors being a focal point for corrective action and employee training. records and other documentation that pertains to the employee safety and health program. Employees will be interviewed from time-to-time to establish retention of training and determine when information should be supported or repeated. will review and analyze all data.3 Management Review The Management of BFPS Cold Storage Inc.

employees will receive specific guidance and instruction on safe operating procedures of each assigned job or task. The program's purpose will be to educate and familiarize employees with safety and health procedures. implement. Furthermore. Aside from the formal safety and health related training classes. 3. and work practices of BFPS Cold Storage Inc. The Safety Director will develop. is committed to providing safety related orientation and training to all employees at all levels.1 Training and Development Policy BFPS Cold Storage Inc. and maintain an aggressive safety and health orientation and training program. the executive level will support the orientation and training program with allocations in funding. and time to develop and implement this program. BFPS Cold Storage Inc. staff. will encourage and require involvement and participation of all managers. rules. and employees. Employee safety training will be administered in two phases consisting of new employee or reassignment orientation training and regular. supervisors.0 Educational and Information Programs 3. refresher or ongoing training.BFPS Cold Storage Inc. Safety Program 3.2 Training Needs Identification . resources.

but not be limited to. Emergency procedures. Training sessions will include. Injury investigation (supervisors and other designated personnel). and .     maintenance). Hazards associated with a specific job or task.BFPS Cold Storage Inc. Employee accident/hazard reporting requirements. Personal Protective Equipment (requirements. SAFETY TRAINING DOCUMENTATION use. proper 3. as well as training required by federal regulations. the following:      General safety rules and guidelines.3 Training Records All training should be documented and records should be maintained. Hazards associated with the work area. Specific safety guidelines for equipment operation. injury and incident data. Any additional regulatory required training. Safety Program The training subjects and materials will be developed utilizing industry and company specific criteria relating to identified and potential hazard exposures.

Orientation Safety and Health Orientation Workplace safety and health orientation begins on the first day of initial employment or job transfer.BFPS Cold Storage Inc.4 Induction. Briefings. and each . Employee Name. for review and future reference. Safety Program EMPLOYEE: DATE: SUPERVISOR: TRAINER: RULES AND REGULATIONS REVIEWED DATE: General Review of Safety Rules for All Employees Specific Safety Procedures for Employees Position General Maintenance First Aid Lifting Procedures Office Safety Furniture Use Equipment Use Climbing a Step Ladder Sanitation Health         All categories have been reviewed with employees. through his or her supervisor. Each employee has access to a copy of this safety manual. PRINTED: Signature: I have been advised of all Safety and Health Regulations and will adhere to them to the best of my ability. Supervisor Name. PRINTED: Signature: 3.

BFPS Cold Storage Inc. All new employees will be given a tour of the assigned work area and an opportunity to pose questions to expedite the familiarization process. received all pertinent information needed to safely perform the assigned job duties and signed the Employee Acknowledgment Form indicating his/her understanding of the general safety rules. Supervisors will ask questions of employees and answer employees’ questions to ensure knowledge and understanding of safety rules. policies and job-specific procedures described in our workplace safety program manual. policies and procedures pertaining to his or her job. Safety Program employee will be given a personal copy of the safety rules. keeping my work area neat. The orientation will consist of a review of the general safety rules. safe lifting guidelines and/or specific job assignment and work area safety requirements. I have received and read BFPS Cold Storage Inc. safety rules and understand that I must abide by these . New employees will not be released to a job assignment until it has been determined by their immediate Supervisor that the individual has retained the minimal acceptable requirements of the training provided. EMPLOYEE ACKNOWLEDGMENT FORM 1. clean and orderly is most important to my own safety and the safety of those around me. SAFETY RULES: I fully understand that working in a safe manner. All employees will be instructed by their supervisors that compliance with the safety rules described in the workplace safety manual is required. Safety orientation training will be administered to all newly hired employees prior to the initial work assignment and to employees assigned to new or different tasks or jobs.

and employees are required to participate and become involved in the ongoing safety and injury-prevention training program. 2. supervisors. and subject matter will be determined by training assessments. I have been informed and do fully understand that I am not encouraged to lift or transfer any object by myself. records review and workplace surveys to be performed as directed . Refresher And Ongoing Employee Training All managers. repetitiveness. I must report it immediately to my supervisor or management. unless I know I can safely lift or transfer the object by myself. Whenever I see an unsafe work condition.BFPS Cold Storage Inc. The frequency. I have been given a copy of these safety rules and instructed to refer to them on a regular basis. 3. Safety Program rules at all times. LIFTING: I have read the policy concerning the proper lifting techniques and do understand that I am expected to use these techniques in moving or lifting objects. REPORTING ACCIDENTS AND UNSAFE CONDITIONS: I have been informed and fully understand that any injury that occurs to me or another employee or the identification of any unsafe condition must be immediately reported to my supervisor. Employee Signature Date Printed Name SAFETY AND HEALTH TRAINING Regular.

a. All employees assigned to attend a training session must demonstrate competency and retention of the minimal acceptable information prior to returning to any job assignment. is essential to safety. supplemented by compliance. policies and procedures. Periodic Retraining of Employees All employees will be retrained periodically on safety rules. Additionally training will be scheduled as required by regulatory standards. . Health and safety training Training and education cannot be over-emphasized as a means of learning a healthful and safe approach to employee work effort. and when changes are made to the workplace safety manual. Individual employees will be retrained after the occurrence of a work-related injury caused by an unsafe act or work practice. practices or behaviors. and when a supervisor observes employees displaying unsafe acts. Training will be conducted at intervals that ensure demonstration of adequate employee training and at no time will an employee be approved to work if a period of greater than 12 months has passed without refresher training.BFPS Cold Storage Inc. Safety Program in this plan. Knowledge of the safety rules and how and when to function under the rules.

c. Employee orientation New employees shall receive an initial health and safety orientation. The first prerequisite for effective health and safety supervision is an understanding of the hazards. and emergency procedures associated with the supervised work. d. Re-orientation may be necessary when an employee changes job duties. including on-the-job training by supervisors or lead workers. Safety Program Employees shall receive appropriate training and continuing education for the knowledge. and emergency procedures. if the change involves significant new hazards. Supervisor health and safety training First-line supervisors are close to the work and have direct responsibility for personnel doing the work. BFPS Cold Storage Inc. Supervisors responsibility training . Safety Program specifies that training be provided to employees. major hazards and protections. This training may be formal or informal. or emergency procedures. protections. general safety and health rules.BFPS Cold Storage Inc. Supervisors will ensure their employees are scheduled and provided this training as required. skill and information necessary to conduct all work activities in a healthy and safe manner prior to hazardous exposures. protections. This orientation shall consist of at least announced health and safety policy. Examples of specified training include (but not limited to):       Fire extinguisher training Confined space entry Respirator care and use Hazard communication Lockout/tag-out procedures Industrial truck/forklift operation Electrical work b.

e. Supervisors may need coaching or specialized training to acquire these supervisory skills. can provide heat or cold stress training upon request. recognition and controls. Accidents and injuries cost money and affect the company’s bottom line. Managers who understand this are far more likely to ensure that the health and safety management system operates as needed. g.5 Slogans & Posters BFPS Cold Storage Inc. Cold Stress Training Supervisors shall ensure all employees have received Cold Stress training prior to working in such conditions. Safety Program In addition to hazard awareness. use the protective measures. and follow the emergency procedures. will make sure that sufficient information are being spread throughout the workplace. They shall also be trained to exercise leadership roles regarding health and safety issues throughout the workplace. 3. Management health and safety training Managers must understand both the way and extent to which effective safety and health protection impacts the overall effectiveness of the business. Different slogans & posters regarding. f. Supervisory effectiveness is key to health and safety performance.BFPS Cold Storage Inc. BFPS Cold Storage Inc. supervisors need to be able to train and motivate their subordinates to recognize the hazards. Therefore they must at least be trained to provide for their personal health and safety. Manager’s health and safety training Managers shall lead by example. By using slogans & posters to ensure that each and every one employee of the company will be knowledgeable enough about the ongoing safety and hazard prevention program.  Warnings about danger in the workplace  Prevention plan of dangers and hazards .

The management of the BFPS Cold Storage Inc. is aware that these regulations should be implemented at all times inside and outside of the facility.BFPS Cold Storage Inc.0 Regulatory and Technical Standards 4. is committed in strictly following the various regulations regarding safe operations of the workplace.1 Regulatory Compliance BFPS Cold Storage Inc. DRUG-FREE WORKPLACE . these slogans and posters will be placed in:        Work Area Entrance Area of the facility Exit Area of the Facility Emergency Exits Hallways Offices Workers’ Quarter 4.     Safety Program Information drive about the Top Management commitment to safety First-aid procedure in case of injuries Emergency plan in case of accidents Hazards present in the workplace In order to make this information be known throughout the whole workplace.

Encourage the designation of a totally or partially smoke free workplace. transfer. d. The Department of Health also provides information on their website. instruction. or may be contacted directly. discipline and/or discharge. The consequences for violation of the drug-free policy may include. training and supervision to ensure they are able to perform their work in a safe manner and without risk to health. A list of community resources that provide substance abuse treatment and prevention services is posted at the bulletin board where they may be regularly viewed by employees. c. The unlawful use. b. 4.2 Technical Standards a.21) requires employers. possession. or sale of illegal drugs or controlled substances and the misuse of alcohol by employees during work hours are prohibited. Part of this is providing employees with information. so far as is reasonably practicable. a referral for therapeutic help. The Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act 2004 (S. to provide and maintain a working environment that is safe and without risk to employees’ health. Safety Program a. . but are not limited to.BFPS Cold Storage Inc.

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) has developed this Heat and Cold Stress Program to minimize the effects of heat and cold stress on Ohio State University (OSU) employees. While the OHS Act prescribes the general principles and duty of care provisions of Victorian health and safety legislation. which range in severity from discomfort to death. and consult with employees who are likely to be affected by any activity that relates to their health and safety. Employers and operators of cold storage facilities should be aware they have a responsibility(S. Managers of cold storage facilities – as well as employees – have prescribed individual responsibilities (S. 28). 23) to others apart from employees. 144) for ensuring the health and safety of employees and others in the workplace. Heat and cold stress can contribute to adverse health effects. This program contains the procedures and . Safety Program This duty extends to contractors and employees of the contractor. When the body is unable to warm or cool itself. Working in extreme temperatures (hot or cold) can overwhelm the body’s internal temperature control system. 25) as officers of a company (S. heat or cold related stress can result. there are a number of specific hazard-based regulations (Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2007) that require employers to identify and control risks.BFPS Cold Storage Inc. The OHS Act also requires the designers of buildings and structures to design the building or structure to be safe and without risks to the health of those using itas a workplace (S. b.

” In addition. the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 General Duty Clause (Section 5(a)(1)) states that “Each employer shall furnish to each of his employees employment and a place of employment which are free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm to his employees. 5. 29 CFR Subpart I relating to personal protective equipment requires employers to provide protection to employees exposed to hazards in the workplace. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) does not currently have specific standards for heat or cold stress. Safety Program practices for safely working in temperature extremes.0 Hazard Management BFPS Cold Storage Inc. The OSHA website contains Fact Sheets and Guidance Documents that relate to heat and cold stress that have been incorporated into this program. hazards identified in the work area will be .1 Job Hazard Analysis Whenever possible and feasible.BFPS Cold Storage Inc. is committed to and will correct or control all hazards identified through any of the avenues of recognition established in this plan. All identified hazards will receive a timely response. 5. However.

Regular health and safety self-inspections This company has a procedure for conducting periodic inspections of workplaces/jobsites for compliance with health and safety rules. b. materials. private consultants. or appropriately trained and experienced employees of the organization shall conduct annual comprehensive hazard surveys. insurance loss control specialists.  Discontinuation from use or removal of hazardous equipment or machinery until replaced or repaired to safe operating condition. a. Formal safety and health inspections will be conducted under the following minimum timelines: a. This will include. but not be limited to the following:  Discontinuation or removal of identified hazardous chemicals. Health and Safety Manager: {Monthly/quarterly} of all fixed facilities and shops. Safety Program corrected by eliminating the cause of the hazard at the source.BFPS Cold Storage Inc. or substances from the work area. not in conjunction with the above inspections. Manager/superintendent: {Monthly/quarterly} of his/her area of responsibility. The purpose of the in-house inspection is to identify hazards and unsafe practices before they cause an injury or accident. Comprehensive health and safety surveys Qualified persons such as OSHA consultants. The company's health and safety program will be reviewed at least annually. b. d.  Implementation of additional corrective action as identified. Supervisors: {Weekly/monthly/quarterly} of area of responsibility.  Retraining of employees to correct any unsafe employee act or behaviors existent in the work area. c.  Repair of facilities to remove identified hazards. .

corrections. supervisors and all employees) to identify. Reports should be made to the safety manager or supervisor for appropriate action. report. Hazard Reporting System It is the responsibility of everyone (management. Discuss findings with employees/persons responsible for creating the condition. h. all possible hazards. and correct. Surveillance Of Established Hazard Controls Surveillance for workplace hazards shall be a constant and on-going process. the person making the inspection will: e. d. Safety Program After completing jobsite or facility inspections. Ensure recommended corrections/changes are transmitted to/discussed with the proper supervisor/person for correction. Reporting hazards is a protected activity and no action will be taken against anyone for identifying unsafe conditions. f. Follow up on changes.BFPS Cold Storage Inc. c. and other actions necessary. g. along with statement of corrective actions taken or still required. Daily surveillance by supervisors and employees is necessary for the elimination of hazards before an accident or incident occurs. Employees are particularly important in this process as they are in the best position to identify hazards in the workplace and day-to-day operations. . Provide copy of checklist to company health and safety person.

Planning procedures shall ensure the safety and health input of appropriate personnel such as safety staff. f. or processes. Safety Program e. Material Safety Data Sheets Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS’s) shall be reviewed and evaluated to assist in the prevention. This investigation shall not be concluded until there is a recommendation to prevent another similar accident. Incident Investigation A health and safety incident is a "near miss" event. Effective job hazard analysis Identified hazardous job activities shall be subject to a job hazard analysis. personal protective equipment. Change Analysis All levels of the organization shall be responsible for current and future planning activities involving changes in facilities.BFPS Cold Storage Inc. the safety committee. This investigation shall be conducted by the Safety Manager and include the injured employee. i. Accident Investigation Accidents involving personal injury or property damage shall be investigated. any witnesses and the safety committee. This is particularly necessary for new activities or processes. h. their immediate supervisor. including the safety and health aspects of such changes. The results of this investigation shall be documented and include the root cause of the accident. materials. administrative controls and lastly. All reported incidents at this company shall be investigated as though they were accidents. equipment. elimination. g. All employees are encouraged to report any health and safety incident. or control of workplace hazards posed by chemical products. The hazards identified on the MSDS shall be controlled by the hierarchy of engineering controls. Job . and affected supervisors and workers.

and other specialized safety and health services. but is not limited to industrial hygiene testing. a. the hazard will be effectively controlled by engineering. j. identifying existing or potential hazards associated with each step.2 Hazard Labeling and Control When identified hazards cannot be eliminated from the work area. Safety Program hazard analysis is a formal technique for hazard detection involving careful study and recording of each step in a job. administrative. Expert hazard analysis Identified hazardous job activities shall be subjected to an expert hazard analysis.BFPS Cold Storage Inc. Feasible engineering controls The hazards identified during the hazard identification and assessment shall be . work practices. Informal examination of a job does not constitute job hazard analysis. procedures. personal protective equipment. and determining the best way to perform the job to reduce or eliminate these hazards. or any suitable combination of these measures. 5. ergonomic evaluations. Such analysis may consist of.

carefully maintained. as applicable to this facility shall be developed and implemented.BFPS Cold Storage Inc. and properly used. these engineering controls shall be instituted to the extent feasible. b. available. These basic rules are established as minimal standards. PPE must be appropriate. Hazard Communication Program Personal Protective Equipment Lockout/Tagout Respiratory Protection Confined Space Entry Exposure Control Plan d. g. Personal protective equipment This company has conducted a Personal Protective Equipment Assessment and is available. c. administrative controls and lastly. Those identified programs are listed here. Even though engineering controls may not eliminate the hazard. personal protective equipment. Safety Program controlled by the hierarchy of engineering controls. Housekeeping The appearance of the facility as maintained with proper housekeeping is indicative of the overall health and safety program. Housekeeping requirements . Failure to comply with these basic rules may result in disciplinary action. Applicable OSHA-mandated programs Any mandated program. All employees shall be instructed in these requirements prior to any relevant exposures. Health and safety rules and work practices This facility has developed a basic set of health and safety rules.

h. Emergencies This company has planned and prepared for reasonably anticipated emergency situations. and perhaps. Contact your supervisor for assistance.BFPS Cold Storage Inc. catastrophic failures in the company or neighboring facilities. Emergency situations include fire. located within the facility. . performing scheduled maintenance and responding to employees’ concerns and repair requests. Minor injuries may be treated at the first aid stations or the eyewashes. Appropriate medical care is available from a Professionally Licensed Healthcare Provider (PLHCP). i. Safety Program are defined in the company’s health and safety rules in Appendix A. j. damage property and be very costly. injure employees. Preventive maintenance consists of following the manufacturer’s recommendations. terrorist acts. natural disasters known to the area. if appropriate. Defective equipment shall be tagged out of service and lockedout. Emergency medical care This facility and the surrounding area has emergency medical and rescue services available by dialing 911. Preventive maintenance program Preventive maintenance is important because equipment failures can cause accidents. workplace violence.

3 HAZARD PLANNING AND EVALUATION a. Safety Program k. Corrective actions taking 30 days or longer shall be reviewed by the safety manager / safety committee. Corrective actions shall be completed in a timely manner pending its seriousness. In some cases.BFPS Cold Storage Inc. Injury/illness data analysis The OSHA Form 300 log of all recordable occupational injuries and illnesses is maintained for and/or at each work facility. In addition. 5. job surveillance and employee concerns shall be documented and tracked to verify corrective actions. the log may be kept at the main office (This involves ensuring the information from the initial accident report is posted onto that facility’s log in the main office within seven days after the accident has occurred). all scheduled maintenance activities and repair orders shall be documented and tracked to verify the completion or corrective action. Tracking hazard corrections All identified hazards from inspections. .

Annual review of OSHA-mandated programs During the annual comprehensive health and safety survey of this facility. action statements should incorporate SMART criteria (Specific. milestones. Annual review of the overall health and safety management system An annual audit of the organizational safety and health system shall be . the operational effectiveness of applicable OSHA-mandated programs shall be evaluated. and to determine proportional distributions among operations and personnel. Health and safety action plan The health and safety goals for this company shall be achieved by comprehensive health and safety hazard inspections. Safety Program Workplace injury and illness data shall be evaluated and analyzed to enumerate injury and illness types. Results of the analyses are useful in detecting hazards and setting priorities for hazard corrections. c.BFPS Cold Storage Inc. d. adequate and necessary training for all managers. Results of the analyses are useful in setting hazard prevention priorities. As with objectives. Measurable. or other progress points. supervisors and employees. Attainable. and to determine proportional distributions among operations and personnel. Hazard incidence data analysis Workplace “near misses” and incident data shall be evaluated and analyzed to enumerate hazard types. accident and incident investigations for root causes. to detect time trends and spatial patterns. to detect time trends and spatial patterns. Incremental goals may be established using steps. e. b. Relevant and Trackable) when appropriate.

This shall be conducted during the annual comprehensive health and safety survey of this facility. Safety Program conducted on a formal basis. .BFPS Cold Storage Inc.