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Dear Congressman Delaney,

My name is Dave Madaras and I am a Beirut Veteran who served at the time of the
bombing of the Marine Barracks in 1983. I am writing to bring you attention to an
Army Veteran who is serving time in Ft. Leavenworth for, murder, when he should
be decorated for valor. I know Derricks mother from my church. Please take a few
minutes and hear me out.
On October 23, 1983 a lone terrorist drove a truck loaded with explosives equaling
approximately 12,000 pounds of TNT into a four story concrete building and
detonated it. The building housed over 350 of our countrys finest men. 241 were
killed and 100 more were wounded. I was a short distance away when the building
blew up and experienced the event very up close and personal. It is by Gods grace
and a twist of fate that I was not in the building at the time of the blast but too
many of my Marine brothers as well as Navy and Army personnel were not so
fortunate. Needless to say those of us who experienced this event had a glimpse of
hell on that day. Thirty plus years later many still bare physical and emotional scars
from that evil. I know I am not the only one who if time was turned back would
willingly sacrifice my life and do whatever it took to stop that truck!
Today a young American Hero by the name of Derrick Miller sits in a cell at Fort
Leavenworth, Kansas for stopping a man with the same intent as the driver of the
Beirut Truck Bomb. Here is a brief excerpt from his website, Army National
Guardsman; Sergeant Derrick Miller was sentenced to life in prison with the chance
of parole by the United States Military for killing an Afghan national during combat.
Sergeant Miller justifiably shot a man who attempted to grab his weapon during
questioning. Shortly after this event their position was attacked. The full description
of this event unquestionably justifies the heroic actions of this Soldier
( I do not know of another competent combat veteran or

trained service member who would have acted differently. I believe these
actions rise to the level of a Bronze Star for Valor! It is a travesty this man is
in prison. Derrick Miller was able to have a, stop that truck, experience and
save lives.
I am appealing to you, every veteran, veterans organization, every American and
anyone with the slightest sense of justice and compassion. Please use your position
as a representative of the people of the United States to help free this man. The
fact Sargent Derrick Miller, American Hero, is in jail should outrage everyone who
hears this story. FREE DERRICK MILLER!

Semper Fi,

Dave Madaras