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Thursday, November 17, 2016 Vol. 52, No. 26 Verona, WI Hometown USA $1

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Girls swimming

Survey says
yes to new
high school
Mixed response to
add-ons, elementary
Unified Newspaper Group

Most voters in the Verona

Area School District would
support a new high school
on the April 2017 ballot,
based on the results of a
community survey presented Monday.
Some of the options
outside of the base, high
school-only plan show less
clear support from the more
than 3,000 respondents,
Results from the survey,
which measured support
for different options for
a potential referendum in
April 2017, showed strong
support for the Base
Plan, a $153.4 million
project that would include
a 2,200-student building
opening in 2020 and renovations at current buildings.
That makes its appearance
on the ballot nearly a given.
But school board members will have a busy two
months considering whether to include additional
projects, and if so, how
many questions to have.

Other options being considered include an auditorium, athletic competition

fields and a swimming pool
all at the potential high
school site as well as an
elementary school at the
same time.
Each had less support
than the plan for the high
school, especially from the
non-parent, non-staff survey respondents, who make
up the largest bloc of voters.
That includes the elementary school option, which
Bill Foster of School Perceptions said was unlikely
to pass based on the survey
numbers his company compiled.
If those options were not
put on the ballot in April,
its likely the board would
come back to them in later
The timeline for the referendum allows the price
tag for a new high school by
itself to have little impact
on tax bills, as the current
plan allows the mill rate
remain at its current level
even with a $140 million
referendum. Because of
retiring debt and increased
a s s e s s e d va l u e i n t h e

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Ou td oo
gr ou p ex er ci se
w in te r br ac es
w ea th er
5 gr ea
t sp ot
fo r Fr id s
ni gh t di ay
ni ng

new life
to dead twork gives




le to


Sophomore Grace Bennin leads defending

state champion Lauren Stigler to the wall
in the 100-yard breaststroke with a time
of 1 minute, 2.13 seconds. Bennins race
helped the Verona Area/Mount Horeb
team swim to a second-place state finish
in Division 1.

Day Trip:


Veterans Day, Quilts

of Valor photos
Page 7

Read about Grace Bennins victory and the
second-place team finish in Division 1
Page 9

City of Verona

Plan would redevelop West Verona Ave.

Hotel, office, retail and 290
apartments proposed

It would clean up the junk

between the hotel and
Legion Street.

Verona Press editor



Swimming success


Your Family

wood r-local

Photo by Jeremy Jones

Adam Sayre, city planning director

For years, city leaders have lamented missed opportunities to redevelop

West Verona Avenue into a thriving
commercial corridor between Epic
and downtown.
First, there was the empty hole in
the ground that lingered for years
after the fire department razed the
Grandview Motel. Then, St. Vincent
de Pauls thrift store took over the
former Erickson Chevrolet dealership
in 2011, preventing one end of the
corridor from being included in redevelopment, and finally, in 2014, Sugar River United Methodist Churchs

move into the former Wildcat Lanes

building blocked the other side.
But theres still a 10-acre space
between those two refurbished buildings, and a local developer thinks
thats enough for a hotel, convention
center, a 63,000-square-foot office
building, 18,500 square feet of retail
and 290 apartment units.
Forward Development Group,
which shares an office on Horizon
Drive and ownership with Jenkins
Survey and Design, would purchase

10 properties and establish a strong

urban street edge, according to a
proposal it has submitted to the Plan
Commission. It hopes to bring that
concept plan for review in December, and city officials presented it to
a local group during Tuesday mornings State of the City address.
The redevelopment would include
the demolition of four apartment
buildings on Topp Avenue, the Badger Car Wash, Avenue Auto and the
former Chinmi truck stop, which has
been vacant for several years and got
city approval a year ago to reopen
under a different name and ownership but never did.
That assembly of properties from
a variety of owners is one of the
more remarkable aspects of this

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November 17, 2016

The Verona Press

Verona Area School District

Officials focus on support after election protests

VAHS students get
permission to stage

protest surrounding last evenings election results.

These students were
engaging in this protest outside of the high school, and
then moved to a local park
area, the email said. Other
than the students partaking
in the protest outside of the
school building, there were

District officials let parents

know last week they were
OK with a student protest
after the Nov. 8 presidential
The districts statement,
sent in an email Wednesday evening, mentions that
Unified Newspaper Group
a small group of students
Ve r o n a A r e a S c h o o l chose to participate in a

New Neighborhood
in the Verona School District

Surrounded by parks, trails and

walking distance to schools.
Contact: Michele Narowetz
Stark Company Realtors

no disruptions to the education happening inside the

school building.
The election of real estate
mogul and reality television star Donald Trump to
the presidency came after a
campaign that both Democrats and some in his own
party proclaimed relied on
racist and anti-immigrant
sentiments. The result led
students across the country to
stage walkouts and protests
at high schools.
The districts response has
been to emphasize support
for students and staff.
As you talk with your
child, please reinforce that
school is a safe place to process their feelings and deepen their understanding of the
political process, the email
home said. Not only are we
already providing discussion points for our teachers
to lead effective classroom
instruction, we also have student services staff available
to provide extra support.
Part of Wednesdays protest can be seen on a video
posted to Twitter by a VAHS
student. It shows students
sitting in the hallway outside

On the Web
Read the full blog post from teacher
Jason Knoll:

the main office as other students walk by.

VASD public information
officer Kelly Kloepping said
the protest began in the hallway, but soon after moved
outside to avoid disruptions.
Kloepping said the students involved got permission from principal Pam
Hammen for the protest, and
she requested they not disrupt the educational part of
the day for anyone.
VA H S t e a c h e r J a s o n
Knoll, who leads the schools
Model UN club and teaches social studies, wrote a
blog post published Thursday explaining his experience in the classroom while
acknowledging he was disappointed with the election
results as a liberal.
Yesterday (November 9)
was the most intellectually and emotionally draining

day I have had in my 15-year

career as a high school teacher, Knoll wrote. Ive talked
about the presidential and
midterm elections with my
students since 2004, but what
I saw yesterday was unlike
anything I had seen the day
after any of the previous
Knoll went on to write
that he offered his classroom
as a safe space and heard
concerns about deportations,
potential Muslim identification badges, attacks on
the LGBTQ community,
increased susceptibility to
rape and less reproductive
health rights.
I cried. I shook. I almost
threw up, he wrote. When
the school day ended, we had
a faculty meeting to discuss
the school climate. Some
of my colleagues cried and
shared stories of the hate
speech used by our students
towards other students. In
our school. In. My. School.
Contact Scott Girard at
and follow him on Twitter @

Fall election

Trump, Johnson victorious in Wis.

Verona favors Dem.

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Heinrichs Development

Unified Newspaper Group

Though City of Verona

voters overwhelmingly supported Democratic candidates, Republican U.S. Sen.
Ron Johnson won re-election
and GOP candidate Donald
Trump claimed the presidency.
Citywide turnout for the
election was 82 percent.
Clerk Ellen Clark told the
Hub that Election Day was
very busy early in the morning, but otherwise it went
very smoothly. In the Town
of Verona, 85 percent of

registered voters cast a ballot

Wisconsins 10 electoral
college votes went to Trump
over Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton. Clinton,
though, received 4,868 votes
in the City of Verona to
Trumps 1,984. Town of Verona voters also favored Clinton, who received 757 votes
to 461 for Trump.
Johnson outperformed the
top of his ticket, receiving
2,391 votes in the City of
Verona and 505 in the town.
Democrat Russ Feingold,
whom Johnson had unseated
in 2010, received 4,853 votes
in the city and 762 in the
town. Phillip Anderson, running as the Libertarian candidate, received 141 city votes

and 21 from town voters.

Down the ballot, incumbent Dane County Clerk Scott
McDonell, a Democrat, held
onto his seat in a race against
challenger Karen McKim.
Incumbent Democratic
U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan also
defeated Republican Peter
Some Verona voters also
helped re-elect state Rep.
Diane Hesselbein, a Democrat, over challenger Jordan
To see more election
results, visit the county clerks
website at

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November 17, 2016

The Verona Press

City of Verona

Town of Verona

Legends End scares alders

Taxes level in proposed budget

Despite spectacular look,

sprawl, scope are concerns
Verona Press editor

A Verona couples vision of a massive lifestyle center on the north edge

of the city was both stunning and
frightening for alders and commissioners over the past week.
The 65-acre Legends End proposal by Pan Capital longtime Town
of Verona residents Ken Keryluk and
Melissa Wee has been in the works
for months and is an undeniably awesome image, sheathed in glass and
grass and filled with underground
parking and high-end amenities. But
during its concept plan review at the
Plan Commission (last Wednesday)
and Common Council (Monday), its
size and its urban scope seven story buildings with hundreds of apartment units, a 275-room hotel, 240,000
square feet of commercial and office
were too much for some.
Im not against doing something
on this property. Im actually for it,
Ald. Evan Touchett (Dist. 4) said
Monday. But this scares me right
now. Thered be a lot of work in convincing me to go with something this
Other alders wondered about
how much staff work would go into

preparing anything on that property,

as its in an area of the town (west of
Woods Road, north of County Hwy.
PD) that had for 20 years prior to July
been reserved for the City of Madisons growth, and whether the city
should even be looking at that area.
This kind of seems like were
jumping a little bit, said Ald. Luke
Diaz (D-3). This looks like sprawl.
I dont like sprawl, because I dont
think its good for the city.
Some, like commissioner Jeff Horsfall, found it exciting.
Its spectacular, and 15 years ago
before Epic, we would have been
totally overwhelmed, he said. (But
its) on a similar scale.
A more common opinion was that
of commissioner Scott Manley, who
found it stunning and beautiful
but too much like a resort in the Gulf
of Mexico and too little like smalltown Verona.
I get that its desirable in downtown Madison, but we came to Verona
because it wasnt Madison, he said.
Ald. Jack Linder (D-2), the council representative on the commission,
Obviously, it looks nice, and I like
how you use the (vegetative) rooftops, he said. But is this Verona,
thats the question. And Im not sure
it is.
Chicago-based architect Todd
Halamka tried to explain that the scale
of the buildings and landscaping,

particularly as they fit nestled next

to the ridge of the terminal moraine,
would help make it feel less imposing, but alders and commissioners
couldnt take their eyes from what
was in some places 52 units per acre
more than four times Veronas most
dense zoning classification.
And Ald. Brad Stiner (D-3), though
he apparently was under the mistaken
impression it had been pitched to and
denied by the City of Madison, found
the whole concept very, very wrong.
The review this week was informal
only, an opportunity to offer feedback to the architect and the panel
of experts who attended and were
available for questions. The second of
three stages in the planned-unit development process would be the general
development plan, carrying a level of
detail the 81-page submission already
meets or exceeds but also providing a
significant level of entitlement with a
yes vote.
However, there is much the city
would have to do before that, as it is
not in an urban service area (which is
required for sewer service) and is not
included within any sort of Verona
neighborhood plan. Those steps likely would take several months or more
and would need to wait until the city
hires a second planner, which is in the
citys proposed budget for 2017.
Email Verona Press editor Jim Ferolie

Budget hearing set for Monday


Budget proposal

Verona Press editor

In previous years, the city

has held a working session
on its budget on Thanksgiving week and voted on it the
following Monday.
But this year, with much
to be thankful for, the public hearing is scheduled for
the Monday before, Nov.
With an increase in operating funds of well over $1
million and $6 million in
additional one-time funds
available, as well, the city
has plenty of choices. But
there has been relatively
little debate about anything
other than the potential of
funding an aquatic center.
The Nov. 14 working session brought up the issue
again, and for purposes of
the 2017 budget, nothing
needs to be decided yet.
The money $2.6 million
initially earmarked for an
upgrade to Firemans Park
and to build a splash pad
there likely would be borrowed next June, and alders
generally agreed Monday to
combine the two funds into
a single, generally designated item that can be put into
either project.
So the rest of the discussion next Monday which
is at least nominally dedicated solely to the budget

2015 final
2016 requested
2016 final
2017 requested
2017 proposed

$10.1 million
$11.2 million
$10.7 million
$13 million
$13.1 million

If You Go
What: 2017 budget
public hearing
When: 6:30p.m. Monday, Nov. 21
Where: Verona City Center, 111 Lincoln St.
Info: 848-9943

could be on any number

of projects, including the
12 proposed added fulland part-time positions, the
dedication of hundreds of
thousands of dollars to pay
for road work and beef up
revolving funds and $8.4
million in capital projects,
including part of a pedestrian/bike trail plan.
Among the highlights:
a second planner, an economic development director, $40,000 for a vision
consultant, additional fire

Mill rate Change


department, police, library,

parks and senior center staff
and a building and grounds
With all that, the hearing
is for a budget that would
reduce city taxes by 10
percent next year, to $6.03
per $1,000 of assessed value. The city could have
g o n e f u r t h e r, bu t w i t h
some upcoming expenses
in 2018, including half the
cost of adding a third ambulance to the Fitch-Rona
EMS and making up for the
loss of more than $200,000
in expenditure restraint
funds, the Finance committee agreed to keep taxes
more consistent and find
one-time funds to spend
this year essentially creating a structural surplus.
Most of that is the result
of the closing of the Epic
tax-increment financing
district, but also its owed
to an additional $200,000
in net new construction,

Mill rate
2016: -10 percent
2015: 0 percent
2013: 3 percent
2012: 1.95 percent
2011: 1.5 percent
2010: 3.7 percent**
2009: 3 percent**
2008: 0 percent
2007: 0 percent
2006: 3 percent
2005: 2 percent
*Based on equalized
value (reassessment
**Effective rate for
ave r a g e h o m e ow n e r
was 1.5 percent higher
because of addition of
stormwater utility fee.
also dominated by Epic and
likely to be repeated next
After Mondays working
session, alders have until
Thursday to offer amendments to the proposed budget, and theyll be discussed
at the hearing.

about timing, the orientation of buildings and most importantly, what sort
of accountability there would be to
ensure that the phasing plan would not
leave the city in the position of having
apartments there and still no retail. The
conditions the commission forwarded require three commercial building

If You Go

Unified Newspaper Group

Town of Verona residents

would pay nearly the same
amount as last year in the
town portion of their taxes
under the proposed 2017
Town officials will hold
the annual budget hearing
beginning at 7p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 22, at Town Hall.
A utility district meeting
will precede the budget
meeting at 6p.m.
Town clerk/treasurer John
Wright told the Press if the
budget is approved as proposed, the mill rate, in dollar figures, would be the
same as last year $3.77
per $1,000 of property value. To find any difference,
you need to go one further
decimal point, as last years
rate was 3.778 and this
years would fall to 3.775.
The meeting will include
a presentation of priorities
in the 2017 budget.
The largest increase

What: Town of Verona

budget hearing
When: 7p.m. Tuesday,
Nov. 22
Where: Town Hall, 335
N. Nine Mound Road

offset by decreases in
other expenditures is in
capital outlays. Town planner/administrator Amanda
Arnold told the Press that
is mostly funds for a final
payment and some building
expenses for the new Town
Hall. The rest, $320,000, is
for road projects.
Town residents at the
meeting will then vote on
a motion to approve the
$1,048,693 levy, according
to the agenda.
Contact Scott Girard at
and follow him on Twitter

Calendar parking begins

Alternate-side parking
begins Nov. 20. This ordinance began about 35 ago
to assist the public works
department with keeping
the citys streets plowed.
Vehicles may only park
on one side of the street
overnight, and that alternates each night.
Enforcement is from
1-6a.m., and the rule is
that vehicles should park

on the even-numbered
side of any public street
or highway on even-numbered calendar days, and
on the odd-numbered side
on odd-numbered calendar
The date is determined
after midnight.
For additional information, call the police department at 845-7623.


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Council approves West End retail despite commission concerns

Despite some strong reservations
at the Plan Commission, a plan to add
apartments, townhouses and retail
buildings to what remains of the West
End got unanimous support after almost
no discussion at the Common Council
on Monday.
Commissioners expressed concerns

Hearing is Nov. 22

permits to be taken out before any of

the townhouses are built.
The development as approved features 29 multifamily units and 15,200
square feet of retail along West Verona
Jim Ferolie

409 W. Main St., Mt. Horeb, WI 53572
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November 17, 2016


The Verona Press

Letters to the editor

Black mud snail poses local threat

Terrible news: The New Zealand
black mud snail has been found
in the Badger Mill Creek during a
vertebrae test in October. All it took
was one person to go from a contaminated stream to Badger Mill
We need everyone who fishes in these waters to clean their
boots, waders and equipment each
time they go fishing. There are
boot-cleaning stations at the public
locations for parking along the

Sugar River but none at the Hwy.

69 bridge, as this is all private property along the creek. Please, please
clean your equipment before entering or leaving any stream within the
watershed, especially Badger Mill
Creek, as we do not want to make
this spread faster or contaminate
other streams. The DNR is working
on a plan for what we will be doing
to help control this new problem.
Bill Keen,
City of Verona

Verona Area International School

improves chance of successful future
We have three children attending the Verona Area International
School (VAIS). They are thriving
academically and socially. What
I tried this year made me even
more thankful that the Verona Area
School District is giving our children this opportunity.
I enrolled in a Mandarin 1 class
through Madison College. After
listening to tidbits the kids had
been speaking over the past five
years and having studied French
for years, I thought Id catch on.
What I learned is that the sounds
in Chinese are like a musical
scale. Unlike English, Spanish
and French, the same sound
pronounced at different pitches
actually means different things. In
Mandarin, saying a word like cat
can mean completely different
things depending on whether you
say it in a high voice, a low voice,
a rising voice or a lowering voice.
My children understand this intuitively because of their immersion
experience. I started this class at the
same time my kindergartner started
VAIS he corrects me. I cant hear
the differences, but he can. Hes on

his way to being able to communicate with another billion people in

this world I have a very long way
to go.
I also learned that characters are
shared through many Asian languages, including Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Cantonese so
in addition to being able to verbally
communicate with over 20 percent
of the people on this planet, our
children may be able to communicate in written form with even more
We are so lucky that the Verona
Area School District offers VAIS
as an elementary school choice.
Our children are not only being
immersed in a valuable language,
they have teachers who grew up
halfway around the world. They are
learning about a variety of cultures
and innately understand that, while
different, we are also very similar.
This alone improves their chance
of a successful future. We strongly
support VASD extending VAIS
charter for another five years.
Kathy Lake,
City of Fitchburg

Thursday, November 17, 2016 Vol. 52, No. 26

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Community Voices

Being healthy for the holidays

means body, mind and soul

ext week is Thanksgiving,

and thereforethe unofficial
start of the holiday season.
Although Im excited to travel
and spend the holidays with my
family, I also recognize that the
holidays can be a stressful time for
many of us for many reasons.
There can be a lot of anxiety surrounding the holiday season. Family visiting from near and far often
means the house has to be prepared
and cleaned, and we have to be
ready to provide
meals and entertainment.
If you are
stressed about
the holidays,
focusing on
your mental
health is importOzbeki
ant during this
time. Find what
is helpful for
yourself and makes you happy
when dealing with stress.
Taking care of yourself during
this time can help you truly enjoy
time with your loved ones. For
some people, this may mean breaking away from family time to watch
a movie alone, taking your dog for
a walk, meditation, or yoga.
Another source of stress around
holidays surrounds gift-giving, but
its important not to neglect our
financial health.
Trying to curb spending can be
difficult, but there are ways to help
reduce spending. Secret Santa or

White Elephant gift exchanges

among family members and friends
can reduce the amount of gifts you
have to buy, while also making
gift-giving a fun game. Another
idea is do-it- yourself gifts; handmade presents and heartfelt cards
are often even more appreciated
than store-bought ones.
In addition to taking care of our
emotional and financial health
around the holidays, we all know
that the holidays can also be a time
of overindulgence. Trying to stay
on track with our physical health is
vital, too.
Portion control can be difficult.
Its hard to say no during holiday
meals, and even harder in the
weeks leading up to Thanksgiving
and Christmas. My co-workers
have been bringing in delicious
desserts to work on an almost daily
basis, and it has definitely been
tough not to have a taste (or two,
or three) each time someone brings
a treat in. I try to pick a one favorite treat to enjoy in order to limit
One helpful website is It has
information on appropriate portion
sizes and food groups. This can be
a helpful website to peruse before
heading in to Thanksgiving dinner.
Another helpful tip is to try to
focus on eating a variety of foods
and to not be afraid to say no to
second helpings when I am feeling
full even though that can sometimes be hard when grandma is

insisting on more!
Eating slower can also help with
portion control, because it can take
some time for our bodies to register
that we are full. Alcohol intake
can also add to excess unnecessary
calories during a holiday meal,
especially heavier drinks such as
eggnog. Recommended servings
for alcohol are up to one drink
per day for women and up to two
drinks per day for men.
Last, but certainly not least,
is trying not to neglect exercise
during the holidays. Taking a walk
with family before or after a meal
is a great way to spend time together while also staying active. If your
family enjoys shopping, such as
on Black Friday,taking an extra
lap or two around the mall can be
a great way to get some extra steps
in. Taking the stairs in the mall
instead of the elevator or escalator
is another way to build in some
more physical activity.
Formal exercise classes or visits to the gym can also be a great
option with your family. Oftentimes, gyms can have free classes
or discounts for first-timers or outof- town visitors.
Hopefully these tips can help
maintain your physical, emotional,
and financial health during a potentially demanding end of the year.
Tina Ozbeki is a second year
resident at UW Health Family
Medicine in Verona with an interest
in preventive medicine.

Trump has made it clear hes not interested in governing

In the primary, I was all in for
Bernie Sanders. After Hillary
Clinton won, I voted for her in the
general election. I believed Donald
Trump, an unhinged, narcissistic
authoritarian who, if unchecked,
will take us down a path to an
American-style fascism was not
even a consideration. He has no
principles except aggrandizement
and winning. He is neither a Democrat or a Republican. We have no
idea of what he will do.
Why did Trump run? I believe he
ran as a marketing tool for his business brands and the attention that
would address his narcissism. He
did not believe he could win, and
ran a campaign that reflected that.
This created low expectations, and
because this was the year for giving the finger to the establishment,
every insane, vile and disrespectful
thing he did was greeted with more

and more glee and support from

those with inclinations to support
Trump loved running and all the
adoration and attention he received
in doing so. He is not interested in
governing, nor does he have the
temperament or attention span to do
so. In winning, he has created a tremendous problem for himself. Just
ask yourself, does he have the interest, ability to specify what he will
do and focus to take the tremendous
amount of time and energy needed
to govern? He will end up taking
counsel from others or abdicating
responsibility to someone like
Pence (reserving the right to critique and modify). It may result in
total chaos.
The result is current chaos, but
there may be a silver lining. In his
meeting with President Obama,
Trump appeared perplexed,

confused and impressed with him.

He noted that Obama is a good
man and stated he will be looking
forward to his future counsel.
We are in difficult and dangerous
times with no guarantee of what
the outcome will be. We are in the
worst of times and maybe the best
of times. It may get worse before
it gets better. The low expectations
we have for Trump gives him a
tremendous opportunity to make
things better for the country and the
world or put us into very dark and
dangerous time which could result
in blowing up the world. Since
Trump is a constant liar, there is
no way to make predictions. Who
will Trump take counsel with, or
will he continue to govern by tweets
that pop into his head at 3a.m.?
Bob Menamin,
City of Verona

November 17, 2016

Dickens tale gets Seussified by VACT

What: Verona Area Community Theater

presents A Seussified Christmas Carol
When: 7p.m. Friday, Nov. 18, and 1 and
3:30p.m. Saturday, Nov. 19
Where: Verona Area High School Performing Arts Center, 300 Richard St.
Tickets: $9 at the door or in advance at

Above: Aria Johnson, Alex Christy, Jackson

Connor and Michael Pool appear as sailors in
A Seussified Christmas Carol.
Top left: Trinity Gardner, Lily Schmit and
Anna-Sophia Tsiolis appear as ghosts in Verona
Area Community Theaters youth production of
A Seussified Christmas Carol. Shows are set
for 7p.m. Friday, Nov. 18, and 1 and 3:30p.m.
Saturday, Nov. 19, in the Verona Area High
School Performing Arts Center.

Though Cucos Mexican Restaurant is no longer

operating in Verona, the
city is looking to revoke its
liquor license.
The business, which lost
its lease when the building was sold to become a
fifth Monks restaurant,
did not voluntarily give up
its Reserve Class B liquor
license. The city, which

In brief
Liberty Drive
Alders unanimously approved a developer
agreement for the last stage
of Liberty Drive.
The road through Liberty
Business Park previously
was planned to be built in
two stages, both supported
by tax-increment financing, but only the first stage,
about halfway between
County Hwy. M and Whalen Road, got city assistance. The payback period
for the TIF district is down
to its last six years, making
the prospect of repayment
increasingly more difficult.

normally would stay out of

such matters, is now in the
awkward situation where
it will not be able to allow
Monks to open until next
July if it does not revoke
the license.
It has issued a summons
for the licenses agent
to appear Monday, and
the council could decide
then whether to revoke
the license. The city has
n o t t a ke n s u c h d r a s t i c
action on a liquor license

Flood assistance
Alders agreed Monday to
support a claim of just over
$4,000 for a homeowner on
Basswood Avenue whose
home flooded during a
recent storm. Its a small
portion of the overall cost
of fixing the damage, Ald.
Evan Touchett (Dist. 4),
the Public Works committee chair, told the council.
Typically, such claims
are denied, based on insurance recommendations
and concerns about setting
precedent, but Touchett
explained that in this
case, the city could have
done something about
the problem had it been
disclosed by the previous owner and the city
was unable to locate the

since issuing Avanti Italian Restaurant a two-week

suspension of its license in
This is pretty straightforward from a factual
standpoint, city attorney
Bryan Kleinmayer told the
Kleinmayer said the
license agent clearly understood the situation, but
he declined to speculate
why he would not give up
a license he could not use
inspection records because
they had been destroyed
or misplaced when City
Hall moved into the current Verona City Center in

and could not transfer. He

did, however, add that this
situation could have been
addressed during the sale of
the property.
Email Verona Press
editor Jim Ferolie at

and home-run balls, but

in addition to the parking
concerns, VAGSA supporters noted that there
have been times balls had
to be retrieved in what
would be back yards in
the future.
The plan extends Hemlock Drive just far enough
to get to a parking area
containing 64 stalls, and
the buffer strip is marked
to be gifted by developer, indicating some sort
of a deal has been struck.
After VAGSA supporters expressed their concerns in consecutive meetings in August and September, the commission
and Common Council
still voted to approve the
final plat, something they
were essentially bound
to do, but commissioners
and alders encouraged the
group to work things out
with the school district
and developer.
The plan includes bus
parking zones on both
ends of the lot one for
softball, the other for

A plan to add permanent parking to the Verona

Area High School softball fields earned a quick
approval Monday.
Superintendent Dean
Gorrell had to sit through
90 minutes of debate
on other items before
answering a couple of
quick questions and getting a unanimous approval for the plan, which
will involve moving the
lacrosse field to the south
and adding a 15-foot buffer zone north of the diamonds.
The parking request was
a response to concerns
expressed this summer
by the Verona Area Girls
Softball Association about
the now-approved Kettle
Creek North subdivision
eclipsing the northern end
of the fields.
Since the Field of
Dreams was built on the
north end of the city, next
to Country View Elementary School, many spectators have parked on the
Email Verona Press
adjacent fields along the
editor Jim Ferolie at
gravel lane that extends
from the end of Hem-
lock Drive. But the Kettle
Creek North plat calls
for extending Hemlock
to the north, which will
cover that lane and those
5'x10' $38 Month
spots, and putting houses
10'x10' $60 Month
adjacent to the land the
10'x15' $65 Month
diamonds are on.
10'x20' $80 Month
The fields are ringed
10'x25' $90 Month
by trees that act as a
At Cleary Building Corp.
buffer to wayward foul
190 S. Paoli St., Verona WI
(608) 845-9700

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Verona Press editor

Softball parking
plan approved
Verona Press editor

City takes steps to revoke Cucos license


City of Verona


Photos submitted

Yeah, we can do that.

2016 State Bank of Cross Plains. All rights reserved. Data rates may apply. Check with your mobile phone carrier for details.


One of Charles Dickens

most well-known classics
gets a Seussified treatment in the Verona Area
Community Theaters fall
youth show debuting this
A Seussified Christmas
Carol, which will have
three showings at 7p.m.
Friday, Nov. 18 and 1 and
3:30p.m. Saturday, Nov.
19, features a new twist
on traditional holiday tale
with Dr. Seuss phrasing
as well as familiar characters, co-producer Terry
Dvorak told the Press in
an email. All shows will
be held at the Verona Area
High School Performing
Arts Center, 300 Richard
St., and feature a cast of
nearly 90 area kids in third
through eighth grades.
The show is directed by
Joanne Rash, who is making her directorial debut for
VACT, and lasts about one
hour. Other members of the
production team are co-producer Elizabeth Kraemer,
music director Brett Wagner, stage manager/choreographer Alyssa Dvorak,
costume designer Paula
B l a n ke n h e i m a n d p r o p
designer Jennifer Bradley.
Tickets are $9 and can
be purchased in advance or
at the door (depending on
availability) or in advance
online at
Kate Newton

The Verona Press


The Verona Press

Coming up


entertainment provided by Wayne the

VASD check-in
Wizard will begin at 12:30 p.m. Lunch
Verona Area School board members reservations are due by noon on ThursNoah Roberts, Meredith Stier Chris- day, Nov. 17. For information or to make
tensen and Russell King will host an a reservation, call 845-7471.
informal community check-in with
those interested in issues in the school VAHS garage sale
district from 7-9 p.m. Thursday, Nov.
Verona Area High School, 300 Rich17, at AJs Pizza and Diner, 300 S. Main ard St., will hold a garage sale fundraiser
St. The three joined the board in April from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 19.
and have heard many of you say that
There will many new and used items
youd really like the chance to sit and for sale ranging from toys, books,
talk ... with us about the issues affecting clothing, decorations, household items
our district, they wrote on a Facebook and more. The sale will be located
event page. For information on the event, in the Sugar River Gallery (parking
search VASD Community Check-In available near the main entrance by the
on Facebook.
Performing Arts Center), and serves as
a fundraiser for students participating in
Food drive
an educational trip this spring to Italy
Donate non-perishable food items or and Spain. For information or to donate,
cash to benefit the Badger Prairie Needs contact Carrie Punzel at punzelc@
Network during a food drive through
Nov. 18 at the senior center. There will
be a table set up in the front hall of the Sonatina recital
center for people to drop off donations.
Rhapsody Arts Center will hold an
For information, call 845-7471.
Honors Recital at 1:30 p.m. Saturday,
Nov. 19, at Sun Prairie United MethodBirthday, anniversary party
ist Church, 702 North St. The recital folJoin the senior center for the Novem- lows the centers 16th annual Sonatina
ber birthday and anniversary party Festival on Saturday, Nov. 12, and will
beginning at 11:45 a.m. Friday, Nov. 18. feature performers ranging in age from 6
Lunch will be served at 11:45 and live through 76 selected by the adjudicators.

Started in 2000, the Sonatina Festival is

the areas largest piano competition held
in the fall. For information, email info@ or call 848-2045.

Thanksgiving meal
Memorial Baptist Church of Verona,
201 South Main St., will host its annual
free community Thanksgiving meal in its
fellowship hall from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Thursday, Nov. 24. All individuals or
families in the community are welcome;
meals can also be delivered to the homebound and to places of employment in
Verona. The meal includes turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, assorted
sides and dessert. Reservations to eat in
or have a meal delivered are required by
Monday, Nov. 21. For information or to
make a reservation, call 845-7125.

Jam band
The Trippers Band, a group of local
musicians, will perform from 11 a.m.
to noon Tuesday, Nov. 22, at the senior
center. The band will play a variety of
tunes on guitars, drums, dobro, upright
bass, harmonica, steel guitar, mandolin
and banjo. Lunch will be available after
the performance at noon (RSVP the day
before; $5 suggested donation per meal).
For information, call 845-7471.

Community calendar
Thursday, November 17

6:30-8 p.m., Handwriting Without

Tears program session, library, 8457180
7-9 p.m., Informal discussion with
school board members, AJs Pizza
and Diner, 300 S. Main St.

Friday, November 18

10-11:30 a.m., The Young and

the Restless storytime (ages 0-5),
library, 845-7180
11:45 a.m. to 1:45 p.m., Birthday
and anniversary party (reservations
required), senior center, 845-7471
7 p.m., Verona Area Community Theater presents A Seussified
Christmas Carol ($9), Verona Area
High School Performing Arts Center,
300 Richard St., purchase tickets at
7 p.m., Michael Wolkomir, Tuvalu
7 p.m., Piano recital with Nicholas
Phillips, Rhapsody Arts Center, 1031
N. Edge Trail, 848-2045

Saturday, November 19

9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Garage sale fundraiser for Italy/Spain trip, Sugar River

Gallery, Verona Area High School,

300 Richard St., punzelc@verona.
11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Holiday bake sale
and luncheon, St. James Lutheran
Church, 427 S. Main St., 845-6922
11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., Prairie Kitchen
free community meal, BPNN, bpnn.
1 and 3:30 p.m., VACT presents
A Seussified Christmas Carol ($9),
VAHS PAC, 300 Richard St., purchase tickets at
7 p.m., Open Stage with Nick Venturella, Tuvalu

Sunday, November 20

City alternate side parking begins

Monday, November 21

6:30-8:30 p.m., Adult Coloring Club,

library, 845-7180
6:30 p.m., Common Council budget
public hearing

workshop, library, 845-7180

Wednesday, November 23

4:30 p.m., Tech Time with Tim,

senior center, 845-7471

Thursday, November 24

Thanksgiving: Library, City Hall

11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner (reservations required by Nov. 21), Memorial Baptist Church of Verona, 201
South Main St., 845-7125

Monday, November 28

9 a.m. to noon, Holiday Decorating

Party, senior center, 845-7471

Tuesday, November 29

7-8:30 p.m., Beginning computer

programming/coding class (registration required), library, 845-7180

Thursday, December 1

7:30 p.m., VACT presents Its a

Wonderful Life ($15 general admisTuesday, November 22
11 a.m. to noon, The Trippers Band sion; $10 students/seniors), VAHS
performance, senior center, 845-7471 PAC, 300 Richard St., purchase tick 3:30-5 p.m., Snapthat stop motion ets at

Whats on VHAT-98
Thursday, November 17
7 a.m. The Harmonica Man
at Senior Center
8 a.m.- Zumba Gold
9 a.m. Daily Exercise
10 a.m. Barbershop
Quartet at Senior Center
2 p.m. Zumba Gold
3 p.m. Daily Exercise
4 p.m. Volunteer
Appreciation at Senior Center
5 p.m. Accordion Music at
Senior Center
6 p.m. Salem Church
7 p.m. WI Monument
Signs at Senior Center
8 p.m. Daily Exercise
9 p.m. Richard Bong at
Senior Center

Manufacturing at Historical
Friday, November 18
7 a.m. Volunteer
Appreciation at Senior Center
1 p.m. Richard Bong
3 p.m. Halloween/CCR
Training at Senior Center
4 p.m. Accordion Music at
Senior Center
5 p.m. 2015 Wildcats
Football - New!
8:30 p.m. Richard Bong
10 p.m. Harmonica Man
11 p.m. Barbershop
Quartet at Senior Center
Saturday, November 19
8 a.m. Committee of the
Whole/Common Council from
Nov. 14

11 a.m. Halloween/CCR
Training at Senior Center
1 p.m. 2015 Wildcats
Football - New!
4:30 p.m. Carnes
6 p.m. Committee of the
Whole/Common Council from
Nov. 14
9 p.m. Halloween/CCR
Training at Senior Center

Manufacturing at Historical
11 p.m. Barbershop
Quartet at Senior Center
Sunday, November 20
7 a.m. Hindu Cultural Hour
9 a.m. Resurrection Church
10 a.m. Salem Church
Noon - Committee of the
Whole/Common Council from
Nov. 14
3 p.m. Halloween/CCR
Training at Senior Center
4:30 p.m. Carnes
6 p.m. Committee of the
Whole/Common Council from
Nov. 14
9 p.m. Halloween/CCR
Training at Senior Center

11 p.m. Barbershop
Quartet at Senior Center
Monday, November 21
7 a.m. Volunteer
Appreciation at Senior Center
1 p.m. Richard Bong

3 p.m. Halloween/CCR
Training at Senior Center
4 p.m. Accordion Music at
Senior Center
5 p.m. 2015 Wildcats
Football - New!
6:30 p.m. Common
Council Live
9 p.m. Hindu Cultural Hour
10 p.m. The Harmonica
Man at Senior Center
11 p.m. Barbershop
Quartet at Senior Center
Tuesday, November 22
7 a.m. The Harmonica Man
10 a.m.- Zumba Gold
9 a.m. Daily Exercise
10 a.m. Barbershop
Quartet at Senior Center
2 p.m.- Zumba Gold
3 p.m. Daily Exercise
4 p.m. Volunteer
Appreciation at Senior Center
5 p.m. Accordion Music
6 p.m. Resurrection
8 p.m. WI Monument
Signs at Senior Center
9 p.m. Richard Bong

Wednesday, November 23
7 a.m. Volunteer
Appreciation at Senior Center
1 p.m. Richard Bong
3 p.m. Halloween/CCR
Training at Senior Center
5 p.m. Common Council
from Nov. 21
7 p.m. Capital City Band
8 p.m. Volunteer

Appreciation at Senior Center

10 p.m. The Harmonica
Man at Senior Center
11 p.m. Barbershop
Quartet at Senior Center
Thursday, November 24
7 a.m. The Harmonica Man
8 a.m.- Zumba Gold
9 a.m. Daily Exercise
10 a.m. Barbershop
Quartet at Senior Center
3 p.m. Daily Exercise
4 p.m. Volunteer
Appreciation at Senior Center
5 p.m. Accordion Music
6 p.m. Salem Church
7 p.m. WI Monument
Signs at Senior Center
8 p.m. Daily Exercise
9 p.m. Richard Bong

Manufacturing at Historical

All Saints Lutheran Church

2951 Chapel Valley Rd., Fitchburg
(608) 276-7729
Pastor Rich Johnson
Sunday: 8:30 & 10:45 a.m.

(608) 845-6613
Fr. William Vernon, pastor
Saturday: 5 p.m., St. Andrew, Verona
Sunday: 7:30 a.m., St. William, Paoli
Sunday: 9 & 11 a.m., St. Andrew,
Daily Mass, Tuesday-Saturday: 8
a.m., St. Andrew, Verona

The Church in Fitchburg

2833 Raritan Rd., Fitchburg
(608) 271-2811
Sunday: 8 & 10:45 a.m.

St. James Lutheran Church

427 S. Main St., Verona
(608) 845-6922
Pastors Kurt M. Billings and Peter
Office Hours: 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday,
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday; 8 a.m.noon Wednesday
Saturday Worship: 5 p.m.
Sunday Worship: 8:30 and 10:45 a.m.

The Church in Verona

Verona Business Center
535 Half Mile Rd. #7, Verona
(608) 271-2811
Sunday: 9 a.m.
Fitchburg Memorial UCC
5705 Lacy Rd., Fitchburg
(608) 273-1008
Pastor Phil Haslanger
Sunday: 8:15 and 10 a.m.
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
(608) 271-6633
Central: Raymond Road & Whitney
Way, Madison
Sunday: 8:15, 9:30 & 10:45 a.m.
West: Corner of Hwy. PD & Nine
Mound Road, Verona
Sunday: 9 & 10:30 a.m. & 6 p.m.
Damascus Road Church West
The Verona Senior Center
108 Paoli St., Verona
(608) 819-6451,
Pastor Justin Burge
Sunday: 10 a.m.
Memorial Baptist Church
201 S. Main St., Verona
(608) 845-7125
Lead Pastor Jeremy Scott
Sunday: 10:15 a.m.
Redeemer Bible Fellowship
130 N. Franklin St., Verona
Pastor Dwight R. Wise
Sunday: 10 a.m. family worship
Resurrection Lutheran Church
6705 Wesner Rd., Verona
(608) 848-4965
Pastor Nathan Strutz and Assistant
Pastor Benjamin Phelps
Thursday: 6:30 p.m.
Sunday: 9 a.m.
St. Christopher Catholic Parish
St. Andrew Church
301 N. Main St., Verona
St. William Church
1371 Hwy. PB, Paoli

Salem United Church of Christ

502 Mark Dr., Verona
(608) 845-7315
Rev. Dr. Mark E. Yurs, Pastor
Laura Kolden, Associate in Ministry
Sunday School: 9 a.m.
Sunday Worship: 10:15 a.m.
Fellowship Hour: 11:30 a.m.
Springdale Lutheran Church
2752 Town Hall Rd. (off Hwy ID),
Mount Horeb
(608) 437-3493
Pastor Jeff Jacobs
Sunday: 8:45 a.m. with communion
Sugar River United Methodist
415 W. Verona Ave., Verona
(608) 845-5855,
Pastor Gary Holmes
9 & 10:30 a.m. contemporary
Sunday School available during worship. Refreshments and fellowship are
between services.
West Madison Bible Church
2920 Hwy. M, Verona
(608) 845-9518
Pastor Dan Kukasky Jr.
Sunday Worship: 9:15 a.m.
Sunday School: 10:45 a.m.
Zwingli United Church of Christ
Hwy. 92 & G, Mount Vernon
(608) 832-6677
Pastor Brad Brookins
Sunday: 10:15 a.m.
Zwingli United Church of Christ
Hwy. 69 & PB, Paoli
Rev. Sara Thiessen
Sunday: 9:30 a.m. family worship

Writing Your Own Obituary

While writing your own obituary might seem morbid,
the opposite is actually the case. Writing your obituary
can focus the mind on what is important in your life
and help you redirect your energies if you arent on the
right path. Obituaries these days tend to be a bit more
personal than in the past. People may confess that they
struggled with addiction or other serious problems, and
they may share opinions or express words of wisdom
from the deathbed. Thinking about and writing your
own obituary will force you to be clearer about what is
important to you. So consider writing yours. Dont just
include the dry biographical facts, but be sure to write
about your lifes work and what it meant to you. You
may think that your lifes work is trivial or humble, but
did it give you the opportunity to help and serve others? And what did you feel passionately about outside
of work, and why? Were you devoted to your family
and friends, and if so, how? And how, in the final analysis, do you want to be remembered? These are questions that are too important to be left to the end of life
and the sooner we think about them, the more likely we
are to have an obituary that tells a life story worth reading about. Christopher Simon, Metro News Service
We remember before our God and Father your work
produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and
your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus
1 Thessalonians 1: 3 NIV

Support groups
AA Meeting, senior center, Thursdays at 1 p.m.
Caregivers Support
Group, senior center, first
and third Tuesday, 10:30
Healthy Lifestyles
Group meeting, senior
center, second Thursday
from 10:30 a.m.
Parkinsons Group,
senior center, third
Friday at 10 a.m.


430 E. Verona Ave.


Call 845-9559
to advertise on the
Verona Press
church page


November 17, 2016


The Verona Press

November 17, 2016

receive Quilts
of Valor

On the web
See more photos from the Quilts of Valor ceremony at the senior center:


The Quilts of Valor foundation distributed quilts to

Verona area veterans on
Veterans Day.
The foundation, founded
in 2003, is a group of volunteers that believes quilts
= healing, according to its
The group honored 22 local
veterans during the ceremony
at the Verona senior center
on Friday, Nov. 11. Veterans
were wrapped in their quilts,
which were monogrammed
with their name for remembrance by future generations,
and were given hugs as their
biographies were read to the
crowd of close to 50 veterans
and their families and friends.
At the end of each hug, the
Quilts of Valor volunteers
welcomed the veterans home.

2650 N. Nine Mound Road, Verona, WI 53953

(608) 845-9156
Solar Installation Residential Commercial
Industrial 24-Hour Service

Solar Panels Saving Energy Today

For a Brighter Tomorrow!

Photo by Amber Levenhagen

Anson Beckwith is wrapped in his quilt and hugged by Janie Froehlich, a Quilt of Valor vol Amber Levenhagen unteer. Beckwith was a corporal in the U.S., Army, serving from 1951 through 1953 during
the Korean conflict with the 24th Division. Beckwith is a member of the American Legion.

Veterans Day

Dozens attended the annual

Veterans Day ceremony at
Hometown Junction Park. The
15-minute program, taking
place around the newly-constructed fountain at the park,
included the National Anthem,
speeches and the raising of
the U.S. flag and each of the
divisions of the U.S. military.

OPEN! 2016
The redesigned Hometown
Junction Park hosted its
first Veterans Day ceremony,
complete with a functioning

Photo by Scott Girard

On the web
See more photos from the Hometown Junction Veterans Day ceremony:

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Congratulations to the
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8 The Verona Press - November 17, 2016

Grace Bennins Championship Leads Team to Best Division 1 Finish!

So Proud Of You Girls!

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So Proud of our
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Very Impressive Season!

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Thursday, November 17, 2016


Verona Press
For more sports coverage, visit:

Girls swimming

Girls swimming

Bennin is
fifth to win
a state title
Sports editor

Photo by Jeremy Jones

Senior Sophie Henshue (left) makes a heart gesture to the crowd Saturday at the WIAA Division 1 state swimming and diving meet. Henshue
reached the podium with a sixth-place finish in the 500-yard freestyle with a time of 5 minutes, 2.55 seconds.

Silver finish

Cats bring home first

WIAA D1 state trophy in
girls swimming
Sports editor

Senior Maizie Seidl celebrated

her 18th birthday a day early Saturday, helping the Verona Area/
Mount Horeb girls swimming
team to its best-ever Division 1 finish inside the UW Natatorium.
Seidl and fellow senior Kristi
Larsen each earned their first individual medals at the WIAA state
tournament, and sophomore Grace
Bennin added her first state title to
help the Wildcats finish second to
Middleton 265-215.5.
It was a fitting end to a season in
which VA/MH hadnt lost to any
team other than the Cardinals. And

Team scores

Verona/Mt. Horeb
Madison West

Verona Area/Mount Horeb medalists


it followed the graduation of the

most talented swimmer in the history of Verona girls swimming and
one of the most decorated female
swimmers in Wisconsin history.
People doubted us when Beata
(Nelson) graduated, but we strived
almost all the way to the top,
Larsen said. And Im really proud
of our team for that.
Verona won the Division 2 state
title in 1998 under Paul Wetter and

Grace Bennin, 100 breaststroke, 1st, 1:02.13

Grace Bennin, 50 freestyle, 2nd, 23.43
Maizie Seidl, 100 freestyle, 3rd, 51.33
Maizie Seidl, 200 IM, 4th, 2:05.17
Kristi Larsen, 100 breaststroke, 4th, 1:04.57
Stewart, Bennin, McCartney, Larsen, 200 medley relay, 4th, 1:45.96
Seidl, Larsen, Gnewuch, Bennin, 200 free relay, 4th, 1:36.65
Sophie Henshue, 500 freestyle, 6th, 5:02.55
Jacob Schultz.
I didnt really see it happening,
Though people had told the team but its definitely something special
how they were lined up to finish that I will remember for the rest of
second this year, Seidl said it didnt my life, she said.
really hit her until well after the
The team returned home with a
trophy presentation.

Turn to State/Page 10

A runner-up finish in the 100-yard

breaststroke at state a year ago lit a fire
inside Grace Bennin.
Saturday the Verona
Area/Mount Horeb sophomore stoked the fire
inside her even bigger,
defeating the defending
state champion at the
WIAA Division 1 state
swimming meet by .27
The victory, in 1:02.13,
wasnt a huge surprise, as Bennin had
entered the state meet with the third-fastest time in the state across both divisions
and as the second seed to only Muskego
senior Lauren Stigler, who had beaten her
last year.
I remember last year I was ahead (of
Stigler) for the entire race until the last
turn, Bennin said. This year Ive been
really working toward that last 25 yards in
order to bring the race home better, and I
think I did.
Still, Bennin wasnt convinced she had
won even after the race because of a clock
malfunction. The UW Natatorium scoreboard flashed a preposterous time of 34.67
nearly 30 seconds faster than anyone in
the field when she touched the wall.
I kept waiting, even when we lined up
to go to the podium for someone to tell me
I had actually gotten second, Bennin said.
No one did, though, and it was really
Her actual time was the fifth fastest in
Wisconsin history.
Im just really happy that all the people who were rooting for me got to see
how well I did, Bennin said. Ive been
working really hard, and I was happy that
I could help the team and the seniors finish
runner-up as a team today. Its really emotional.
Benin became the fifth girl in Verona
swimming history to win an individual state title, joining Beata Nelson, Amie
Osten, Caitlin Girdley and Dana Kuehn.

Turn to Champ/Page 10


Nine players make first team, Richardson named Big 8 Coach of the Year
Assistant sports editor

The Verona Area High School

football team shared the Big Eight
title with Sun Prairie this past season
and earned 19 spots on the all-conference list.
Head coach Dave Richardson was
named Big Eight Coach of the Year
after the Wildcats finished 8-1 in the
conference (9-2 overall).

The defense allowed 11.8 points
per game, which was the best in
the conference ahead of Sun Prairie
(12.7 ppg) and Middleton (13.6 ppg).
Five defensive players also earned
first-team honors senior defensive
line Jaquay Willis, senior defensive
end TJ Hollis, senior inside linebacker Jake Keyes, senior outside linebacker Jack Scott and senior defensive back Brad Laufenberg.

File photo by Anthony Iozzo

Senior quarterback Max Fink

earned first-team All-Big Eight Conference honors this season.

Willis finished with 89 total tackles, including nine for a loss, and two
sacks. He also added a forced fumble
and a fumble recovery. Hollis had
76 total tackles, including nine for a

loss, and four sacks.

Keyes collected 75 total tackles,
including two for a loss, and a teamhigh five sacks. He also had three
fumble recoveries. Scott had 89 total
tackles, including nine for a loss,
and 1 1/2 sacks. He also forced two
fumbles, recovered one and added an
Laufenberg was the team leader
with 109 total tackles, including one
for a loss. He added four interceptions and two fumble recoveries.
Junior defensive back Bui Clements was the lone second-team
defensive player. He finished with
53 total tackles, including four for a
loss, and added a fumble recovery
and an interception.
The defense also had three honorable mentions senior defensive
back Brandon Daniels, senior Brian
File photo by Anthony Iozzo
Karebu and senior Noah Anderson.
Senior offensive lineman Colton Reiber (71) and senior defensive lineman
Daniels had 60 total tackles, Jaquay Willis (5) were two of nine first-team All-Big Eight selections.
Turn to Football/Page 10 Senior offensive lineman Sean Dobson (72) was an honorable mention.


November 17, 2016

The Verona Press

Football: 19 on all-Big 8 team

Continued from page 9
including five for a loss and
a sack. He also had two interceptions, a forced fumble and
a fumble recovery. Anderson added 46 total tackles,
including two for a loss, an
interception and two forced
fumbles. Karebu picked up
20 total tackles, including
two for a loss, and a sack. He
also had a forced fumble.

The offense had four players earn first-team honors
senior offensive lineman
Colton Reiber, senior tight
end Hunter Bourne, senior
quarterback Max Fink and
senior running back Drew
King, who also earned a second-team selection for being
a return specialist.
Fink was 94-for-188 with
1,373 yards, 15 touchdowns
and seven interceptions.
He added 115 yards on the
ground and four rushing
King ran for 938 yards and
eight touchdowns on 154

attempts and caught nine

passes for 166 yards and a
touchdown. King added 18
punt/kickoff returns for 484
yards and three touchdowns.
Bourne added 26 receptions and led the team with
342 yards and six touchdowns. Rieber anchored an
offensive line that helped the
Wildcats earn 1,871 yards
and 17 touchdowns on the
The offense earned three
other second-team spots
senior offensive lineman
Colin Van Altena, senior
wide receiver Jack Herkert and junior kicker Aaron
Herkert finished with 10
receptions for 228 yards and
four touchdowns. Young had
18 punts for 608 yards, a 33.8
average. He also was 4-for-5
on field goal attempts and
39-for-40 on extra points.
Senior tight end Michael
Coyne and senior offensive
lineman Sean Dobson round
out the list as honorable mentions. Coyne finished with
nine receptions for 252 yards
and three touchdowns.

Diving success
Season bests
Junior Maggie Nunn just

missed the medal podium in diving after tying

Cedarburg junior Adriana
Avila for seventh place
with a final score 439.05.
It was the highest finish
for Nunn since her freshman year, when she placed
Last year, she didnt
make it out of preliminaries.
I was sick the week prior to state last year, so it
was a little rough, Nunn
said. This year theres 11
dives, so you could miss
one and still place well if
you did well on the rest. I
hit most of them today.
Still, Nunn who scored
a 457.75 last week to win
her third straight sectional
title, said she expected the
scores to be a little lower
at state.
At state there are so
many girls who are really
good, so the judges tend
to keep the scores low,
Nunn said. Im just looking to work on some harder dives and cleaning some
things up in order to hopefully reach the podium
next year.

VA / M H h a d s ev e r a l
other season-best swims
throughout the course of
the three-hour meet.
Gnewuch posted nearly a three second drop to
finish 11th in the 500 free
(5:07.51) and was 17th in
the 200 free (1:55.34) with
a .73 time drop.
Sophomore Rachael
Drapp had a .39 personal-best swim in the 100
breast, taking 18th place.
Drapp also touched the
wall of the 200 IM in 14th
place with another personal-best (2:10.08) a best
time by 1.36.
The Wildcats finished
just off their best times in
a handful of events as a
underclassmen had been
tapered for sectionals,
rather than state.
McCartney (58.86) and
Stewart (59.92) both finished .67 slower than their
season-bests, taking 17th
in the 100 butterfly and
21st place in the 100 backstroke, respectively.
Stewart also added a
15th-place finish in the 50
free, finishing .32 off her
season-best in 24.71.

Photo by Amber Levenhagen

Seniors make commitments

Seniors Grace Schraufnagel, Alex Luehring and Jack Herkert signed their National Letter of Intent Nov. 9 at Verona Area
High School. Luehring is planning to play basketball at the NCAA Division 1 University of Wisconsin - Green Bay, while
her teammate Schraufnagel signed to play basketball at Quincy (Ill.) University. Herkert signed with Stanford University
for track and field.

State: Three girls finish on the podium

Continued from page 9
fire-truck escort before carrying the party over to Seidls
18th birthday on Sunday.
Im going to celebrate
with my team tonight. Theyll
be with me when the clock
strikes midnight, and we can
all celebrate, she said. This
is definitely a good to start (to
my birthday).
Arrowhead (180) and
Cedarburg (168.5) rounded
out the top four teams, while
Madison West (135), Sun
Prairie (128) and Madison
Memorial (83) added fifth,
sixth and 10th-place finishes,
respectively, as the Big Eight
Conference made up half of
the top 10.
We tried to stayed focused
on what was happening in
our lane and not to put too
much pressure on ourselves
today, VA/MH head coach
Bill Wuerger said. We had a
phenomenal meet at sectionals last week, so to drop even
more time today was really

Seidls top individual swim

came in the 100 free, where
her time of 51.33 seconds
earned her third place. A
personal best by .56, it was a
drop of 1.3 from last seasons
ninth-place finish.
She added a fourth-place
finish in the 200 IM (2:05.17)
with a second personal-best
a season-best by .76.
I havent really had a best
time at state since I think my
sophomore year, so it was
really cool to be able to come
back and be able to do that
again she said.
Seidl and Larsen had both
been to state all four years
and part of some top relays,
but Saturday marked their
first time each reached the
podium for an individual
That was really cool,
Seidl said. That was my
goal. To be able to do it
twice exceeded my wildest
Sophomore Gabby
Gnewuch, Larsen, Bennin
and Seidl touched the wall of
the 200 free relay (1:36.65)

in third place. They finished

behind a pair of familiar
teams in Middleton (1:33.72)
and Madison West (1:35.75).
Seidl ended her meet two
spot shy of a fourth medal
Saturday on the 400 free relay
with freshman Sara Stewart,
sophomore Gabby Gnewuch
and junior Sophie Henshue.
The quartet finished eighth in
3:35.28, roughly six-tenths of
a second slower than they had
been sectionals.
Bennin was crowned
state champion in the 100
breaststroke with close to a
two-second PR, defeating
defending state champion
Lauren Stigler of Muskego in
Earlier in the meet, the
top-seeded Bennin finished
second to Brookfield Central junior Gwen Gustafson
(23.31) in the 50 free with a
season-best 23.43.
Larsen added a fourthplace finish in the 100 breast
with a personal-best time of
1:04.57. She finished one
spot shy of a second medal in
the 50 free, taking seventh in

23.94 despite being seeded

I was nervous throughout
the meet, but then I kind of
shock it off right before the
50 free and moved up quite
a few spots, she said. The
breaststroke is my best stroke,
so I had a lot of emphasis on
it. I took it out as fast as I
could and I was really happy
to make the podium.
Henshue also added her
first individual medal, securing a sixth-place finish in the
500 free (5:02.55) with a 1.46
personal-best. She finished
.62 off her seeded time, however, and took 16th place in
the 200 free.
Verona Area/Mount Horeb
opened the meet with a
fourth-place finish in the 200
medley relay as the team of
freshman Josie McCartney
Stewart, Bennin and Larsen
posted a time of 1:45.96.
Cedarburg (1:43.44), Middleton (1:45) and Madison
West (1:45.71) were the only
teams to place ahead of the

Champ: Bennin with fifth fastest 100 time in state history

I know Grace had been
motivated ever since the
state meet last year, Wuerger said. Today she wanted
the result to be different.
Shes a very tough competitor and she had a great
Bennin ran her medal

Continued from page 9

count to eight over her first

two years, including a runner-up finish in the 50 freestyle (23.43), helping the
200 medley relay (1:45.96)
to fourth place and anchoring the 200 free relay to
third place (1:36.65). She
swam to four PRs.

It means a lot, and I

hope I can just keep it going
throughout my career, Bennin said. It would be pretty
awesome to finish my high
school career with all of
those medals, and hopefully
a couple more state championships.


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November 17, 2016

Continued from page 1

Photo submitted

The six Verona Area High School seniors recognized as National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists are, from left: John Wang, Jason Barr, Alankrist Shatadal, Jacob Wellnitz, James
Wellnitz and William Cioci.

National Merit program recognizes 11 VAHS students

Photo submitted

The five Verona Area High School seniors recognized as

National Merit Scholarship Commended Students are, from
left: Alan Heatley, Gabriel Selzer, Jillian Ybanez, Erich Vrany
and Otto Baier.
release from the scholarship
The corporation will award
2,500 $2,500 scholarships,
with 190 colleges and universities funding an additional
4,000 scholarships for finalists attending their institution.
About 1.6 million juniors
entered the scholarship program by taking the 2015


Survey: Less support among non-parents/staff

Verona Area School District

Six Verona Area High

School seniors are among
16,000 National Merit Scholarship semifinalists in the
United States.
Five other VAHS seniors
were recognized in September as Commended Students,
recognized for their test
scores, by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation,
among 34,000 nationwide
with that status.
The six semifinalists are
Jason Barr, William Cioci, Alankrit Shatadal, John
Wang, Jacob Wellnitz and
James Wellnitz.
The five Commended
Students are Alan Heatley, Gabriel Selzer, Jillian
Ybanez, Erich Vrany and
Otto Baier.
Among the 16,000 semifinalists, 7,500 will be awarded National Merit Scholarships in the spring, totaling
about $33 million. About 90
percent of the semifinalists
are expected to earn finalist
standing, and about half of
them will receive a scholarship, according to a news

The Verona Press

preliminary SAT.
To become a finalist, semifinalists and their schools
will have to submit information about academic record,
participation in school and
community activities, leadership, employment and
honors or awards received,
according to the release.
Scott Girard

T hanksgiving
D eaDlines

B e c a u s e o f t h e p a rent and staff respondents,

Foster said an auditorium
would likely be successful, while the other two are
more on the bubble.
The non-parent, non-staff
group had similar outcomes
for the base plan-plus,
which would cost $186.1
million and include the
elementary school. Just 33
percent of that subgroup
said they would support
such a referendum, with 42
percent opposed.
When including all survey respondents from inside
the district, that plan had 40
percent yes, 37 percent no
and 23 percent undecided.
This would likely not be
successful if put on a ballot, Foster said.
There was likely a simple
explanation for that, he added in response to a question
from an audience member.
Every kid goes through
the high school in Verona, he said. Not every kid
goes through a new elementary school.
School board president Dennis Beres told the

crowd the board would now

have to seriously consider delaying the add-ons for
the high school.
But I think well be discussing that and trying to
put forward the best plan
that we can thats comprehensive, Beres said.
The board has until Jan.
21 to get the final wording for the referendum to
its lawyers to finalize and
submit to get on the April 4
Voters will have to decide
on at least two questions,
one capital and one operational, but the board could
also split the add-ons or
the elementary school into
separate questions to ensure
the plan that has the strongest support the new high
school isnt sidetracked
by less-supported plans.
The board is expected to
begin discussing timing and
a process for the developing
a referendum question at its
Nov. 21 meeting.
Contact Scott Girard at
and follow him on Twitter

Make Christmas even more magical

for your little ones with a

Letter from Santa

out the form below (1 completed form per child) and send with
your payment to: Verona Press, Attn: Letters to Santa, PO Box 930427,
Verona, WI 53593.
Orders with payment must be received by Friday, November 18, 2016.
Letters will be mailed in time for Christmas.

November 24, 2016 Community Newspapers

Childs First Name __________________________ Boy / Girl Age ________

Display & Classified Advertising:

Friday, November 18 at Noon

Our offices will be closed November 24 & 25, 2016

Total Y/N Parent Staff Non-parent,
Base plan
81/9 83/9
Base plan-plus 40/37
43/35 55/22
Auditorium 61/24 70/16 70/14
Swimming pool 53/30
62/21 60/21
Athletic fields 60/25
69/17 70/18

Each letter is personalized, so order one for each child in the family. All letters are
printed on Holiday stationery and will be postmarked North Pole, Alaska.

Display Advertising: Wednesday, November 16 at 3 p.m.

Classified Advertising: Thursday, November 17 at Noon

Childs Last Name _________________________________________________

Childs Mailing Address ____________________________________________

Display Advertising: Tuesday, November 22 at 3:00 p.m.

Classified Advertising: Wednesday, November 23 at Noon

Survey results

For Only $6

November 23, 2016 Great Dane Shopping News

November 30, 2016 Great Dane Shopping News

district, the $153.4 million

base plan would $23 per
$100,000 of the 2017 property tax bills and beyond.
Foster called the 21 percent response rate (3,187
responses so far) outstanding, which gave him confidence in the results.
This is very, very strong,
very, very encouraging
data, Foster told the crowd
of about 40 community
That data showed that 74
percent of respondents supported the base plan, with
14 percent opposed and the
other 12 percent undecided.
Foster said in his companys experience, onethird of those in the undecided camp usually break
to the yes, while the other
two-thirds vote no. While
that wont likely affect the
outcome of the base plan
vote, Foster pointed out,
those undecideds could
play a key role in the other
Throughout the presentation, Foster stressed the
importance of the non-parent, non-staff demographic, the most important
group because they literally
get the most votes.
That group supported the
base plan at 62-23, with 15
percent undecided.
However, that key group
identified by Foster was at
46-37 on the auditorium,
44-40 on athletic competition fields and 38-46 on a
swimming pool.

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*Letters will include as much information above as possible.


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November 17, 2016

The Verona Press

Star Wars
night at the


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Madison, dressed up as
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library, shown here walking
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going 1-2 over its last three
On Oct. 27, the team of
Bruce Milestone and Janice Magnuson came just
one point short of a perfect
score with a 119, defeating
J&Ms Bar. On both Nov. 3
and 10, though, the Montes team lost.
Nov. 3, the Hooterville
Shufflers won by 39 points.
One week later, the New
Glarus Cheese-Eaters won
by 46.
Through six weeks,
the Kleemans and Norsk
teams are tied for the firsthalf lead, both with 5-1
M o n t e s w i l l p l a y a t
Hooterville Express Nov.
17. The Express team is in
third place in the standings
with a 4-2 record.
Stan Hook

Kleemans: 5-1
Norsk: 5-1
Hooterville Express: 4-2
Eagle Heights: 3-3
Hooterville Shufflers:
Jones Plumbing: 3-3
Shenanigans: 3-3
Montes: 2-4
New Glarus: 2-4
J&M Bar: 0-6

November 17, 2016

The Verona Press


Verona Ave: Proposal would assemble 10 properties west of Legion St. for new development
Continued from page 1
development, and city planning director Adam Sayre
told the Press on Monday
it is all being done by the
developer, which has been
working on it for a while.
Also notable is that it would
contain 393 underground
parking stalls.
But more importantly, it
would fill in an area that
has been quietly underused
for several years and could
someday be part of a corridor with a redevelopment
of the current Sugar Creek
Elementary School site,
as the Verona Area School
District likely would not
continue to reuse that
building if it passes a successful referendum next
It would clean up the
junk between the hotel
and Legion Street, Sayre
told attendees at the Chamber event.
Mayor Jon Hochkammer added that this project wouldnt reduce the
citys focus on building the
downtown area.
Were looking for areas
that are blighted or need
our help, he said. This
needs a lot of help.
Email Verona Press
Map courtesy Forward Development Group
editor Jim Ferolie at The properties that would be assembled for the FDG project are the former Chinmi truck stop, an adjacent parking lot with two separate owners, Badger Car Wash, Avenue Auto and four small apartment buildings.

APRIL 4, 2017


election to be held in the Town of Verona,
on Tuesday, April 4, 2017, the following
offices are to be elected to succeed the
present incumbents listed. The term for
all offices is for two years beginning on
Tuesday, April 18, 2017.
Office, Incumbent
Town Board Chairperson, Mark
Town Board First Supervisor, Laura
Town Board Second Supervisor,
Mike Duerst
the first day to circulate nomination papers is December 1, 2016, and the final
day for filing nomination papers is 5:00
p.m., on Tuesday, January 3, 2017, in the
office of the Town of Verona Clerk.
primary is necessary, the primary will be
held on Tuesday, February 21, 2017.
Acceptable Photo ID will be required
to vote at this election. If you do not have
a photo ID you may obtain a free ID for
voting from the Division of Motor Vehicles.
Done in the Town of Verona, on November 11, 2016.
John Wright
Town Clerk/Treasurer
Town of Verona
Published: November 17, 2016



Notice is Hereby Given that the Plan

Commission of the City of Verona will
hold a public hearing on December 5,
2016 at 6:30 p.m. at the Verona City Hall,
located at 111 Lincoln Street, for the purpose of providing the community a reasonable opportunity to comment upon
the proposed creation of, and proposed
Project Plan for, Tax Incremental District No. 8 (the District). The proposed
boundaries of the District are detailed on
the map below.



The City of Verona Plan Commission

will hold Public Hearings on Monday December 5, 2016 at City Hall, 111 Lincoln
Street, for the following planning and
zoning matters:
1) Conditional Use Permit to allow a
group development land use located at
324 South Main Street that would allow
for the construction of a 480 square foot
carriage house.
2) Zoning Map Amendment to rezone property located east of the Verona Technology Park from the current
Rural Agricultural zoning to the proposed Suburban Industrial zoning
district. Specifically, the land is located
in the NW1/4, SW1/4 of the NW1/4 and
in the NW1/4 of the SW1/4 of Section 25,
T6N, R8E, City of Verona, Dane County, Wisconsin, to-wit: Beginning at the
West quarter corner of said Section 25;
thence N003403E, along the west
line of the said NW1/4, 2603.91 feet to
the southerly right-of-way of CTH M;
thence S893343E, along the said
southerly right-of-way, 89.29 feet; thence
S002617E, continuing along said
southerly right-of-way, 10.00 feet to a
point of curve; thence southeasterly on
a curve to the right, continuing along
said southerly right-of-way, which has a
radius of 1577.10 feet and a chord which
bears S691633E, 1093.59 feet; thence
S485922E, continuing along southerly
right of way, 251.24 feet to the east line
of the NW1/4 of the said NW1/4; thence
S003628W, 2028.60 feet to the northeast corner of the NW1/4 of the said
SW1/4; thence S002843W, 1303.32 feet
to the southeast corner of the NW1/4of
the said SW1/4; thence S893838W,
1302.82 feet to the southwest corner
of the NW1/4 of the said SW1/4; thence
N002036E, 1298.64 feet to the point of
Interested persons may comment
on these planning and zoning matters
during the public hearings at the December 5th Plan Commission meeting. The
Plan Commission will make recommendations for these matters, which will then
be reviewed by the Common Council for
final decisions on Monday, December
Contact Adam Sayre, Director of
Planning and Development, at 608-8489941 for more information on these items
or to receive copies of the submittals.
Ellen Clark,
City Clerk
Published: November 17 and 24, 2016

APRIL 4, 2017

Proposed projects costs include

cash grants to owners, lessees or developers of land located within the district
(development incentives).
All interested parties will be given a
reasonable opportunity to express their
views on the proposed creation of the
District, the proposed boundaries of the
District, and the proposed Project Plan.
A copy of the Project Plan, including a
description of the proposed boundaries,
will be available for viewing in the offices
of the City Clerk at the Verona City Hall,
located at 111 Lincoln Street, during normal business hours and will be provided
upon request.
Such hearing shall be public and
citizens and interested parties shall then
be heard. This hearing may be adjourned
from time to time.
By Order of the City of Verona, Wisconsin
Published: November 17 and 24, 2016


an election is to be held in the City of Verona on Tuesday,
April 4, 2017. The following offices
are to be elected to succeed the present
incumbents listed. The term for alderperson begins on Tuesday, April 18, 2017. All
terms are for two years unless otherwise
Office, Incumbent
Alderperson, District 1, Elizabeth
Alderperson, District 2, Scott Stewart
Alderperson, District 3, Luke Diaz
Alderperson, District 4, Heather
Information concerning aldermanic
district boundaries may be obtained on
the City Website or
at City Hall, 111 Lincoln Street, Verona,
WI 53593.
the first day to circulate nomination papers is December 1, 2016, and the due
date for filing nomination papers with the
Municipal Clerk is 5:00 p.m. on

Tuesday, January 3, 2017.

primary is necessary, the primary will be
held on Tuesday, February 21, 2017.
Done in the City of Verona on November 17, 2016.
Ellen Clark
City Clerk
Published: November 17, 2016



application for Reserve Class B Intoxicating Liquor and Class B Fermented
Malt Beverages License for the period
from December 1, 2016 through June 30,
2017 has been filed with the City Clerk,
CITY OF VERONA, by GRG Management,
LLC, d/b/a Monks Bar & Grill, 1050 North
Edge Trail, Verona, WI 53593, Gregory
Hedrich, S1292 Lost Oaks Ct., Wisconsin
Dells, WI 53965, Agent. Anyone having an
objection to the granting of such license
shall file that objection with the City
Clerk, City of Verona, 111 Lincoln Street,
before November 18, 2016 during regular
office hours.
Ellen Clark, City Clerk
City of Verona
Published: November 17, 2016


Notice is Hereby Given that the City

of Verona will hold an organizational
Joint Review Board meeting on November 22, 2016 at 9:00 a.m. at the Verona
City Hall, located at 111 Lincoln Street.
The purpose of this meeting is to organize a Joint Review Board for purposes
of considering the proposed creation of,
and proposed Project Plan for, Tax Incremental District No. 8.
By Order of the City of Verona, Wisconsin
Published: November 17, 2016

OCTOBER 24, 2016

1. Mayor Hochkammer called the

meeting to order at 7:10 p.m.
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Roll call: Alderpersons Diaz,
Doyle, McGilvray, Stewart, Stiner and
Touchett present. Alderpersons Linder
and Reekie absent and excused. Also in
attendance: City Administrator Mikorski,
Planning & Development Director Sayre,
City Attorney Kleinmaier, Public Works
Director Jacobson, City Engineer Montpas, City Clerk Clark, Ehlers Representative Todd Taves, and WisDOT Representative Mark Vesperman.
4. Public Comment:
Alderperson Stiner spoke regarding City Ordinance 13-1-285(d), which
addresses exterior parking or storage
of vehicles in residential districts. Stiner
asked residents to properly store their
recreational vehicles.
5. Approval of Minutes from the October 10, 2016 Common Council Meeting:
Motion by McGilvray, seconded by
Stewart, to approve the minutes of the
October 10, 2016 Common Council meeting. Motion carried 6-0.
6. Mayors Business:
A. Mayor Hochkammer proclaimed
November 17, 2016 as World Pancreatic
Cancer Day in the City of Verona
B. Presentation by Wisconsin De-

partment of Transportation Regarding an

Update on a Salt Building Construction
between Verona Road and Maple Grove
WisDOT representative, Mark Vesperman, spoke regarding this project.
Vesperman presented plans for a 10,000
ton salt storage shed and garage for
Dane County, to be built between Verona
Road and Maple Grove Drive. This location was selected because the land is already owned by the Department of Transportation, and because it ties directly into
Verona Road. The project is scheduled to
begin in September, 2017.
Mayor Hochkammer and City Administrator Mikorski attended a Strategic
Planning Meeting with Dane County Cities & Villages on Saturday, October 22nd.
Proposed upcoming meeting
Nov 14th Presentation of the 2017
budget at a Committee of the Whole
meeting at 6:00 p.m., followed by the
Common Council meeting
Nov 21st Public hearing and possible adoption of the 2017 budget at 6:30
Nov 28th If business is concluded
on the 21st, there will not be a Common
Council meeting on the 28th
There will be only one meeting in
December. The preference of the Council was to hold the meeting on December
Alderperson Linder now present.
7. Administrators Report:
For the education of the public,
early voting hours at city hall were announced. Please register early.
8. Engineers Report:
Downtown Street Reconstruction
Phase I Church, S. Marietta and Grove:
Restoration is scheduled to be complete by November 1st
CTH PD Reconstruction Shady
Oak Lane to Woods Road:
Remaining land acquisitions are
scheduled to be completed by October
28th. Clearing for the new roadway is
scheduled to begin October 31st.
Downtown Streetscape Project
Phase I:
The fountain is being constructed,
brick pavers are being installed, and decorative lights are waiting to be installed
9. Committee Reports:
A. Finance Committee
(1) Discussion and Possible Action
Re: Payment of Bills. Motion by McGilvray, seconded by Doyle, to pay the bills
in the amount of $818,484.67. Motion carried 7-0.
(2) Discussion and Possible Action
Re: Resolution No. R-16-050 Authorizing
the Redemption of the Community Development Lease Revenue Bonds, Dated
July 1, 2002 and Community Development Lease Revenue Bonds, Dated July
17, 2003. Motion by McGilvray, seconded
by Doyle to approve Resolution No. R-16050 Authorizing the Redemption of the
Community Development Lease Revenue
Bonds, Dated July 1, 2002 and Community Development Lease Revenue Bonds,
July 17, 2003. Todd Taves, representing Ehlers, spoke regarding Resolution No. R-16-050. With the closure of
TIF District 7 earlier this year, and with
the investments of that TID cash starting
to mature, the district is in a position to
retire its two primary public debt issues
totaling approximately $3,800,000, saving the city approximately $713,000 in
interest. Motion carried 7-0.
(3) Discussion and Possible Action
Re: Professional Services Agreement
with Ehlers for Feasibility Analysis and
Project Plan Related to Creation of Tax
Increment District No. 8. Motion by McGilvray, seconded by Doyle to approve
a Professional Services Agreement with
Ehlers for Feasibility Analysis and Project Plan Related to Creation of Tax Increment District No. 8. Motion carried 7-0.
B. Public Safety and Welfare Committee
(1) Discussion and Possible Action
Re: Ordinance No. 16-883 Amending Section 10-1-26 of the Code of Ordinances to

Restrict Overnight Parking in the Public

Parking Lot at the Corner of Park Lane
and S. Franklin Street. Motion by Stewart, seconded by Touchett, to approve
Ordinance No. 16-883 Amending Section
10-1-26 of the Code of Ordinances to
Restrict Overnight Parking in the Public
Parking Lot at the Corner of Park Lane
and S. Franklin Street. This amendment
will restrict overnight parking in the new
public parking lot at the corner of Park
Lane and S. Franklin Street between 3:00
a.m. and 6:00 a.m. to prevent overnight
parking in the lot, and allow time for snow
removal. Motion carried 7-0.
C. Public Works/Sewer and Water
(1) Discussion and Possible Action
Re: Awarding the Contract for Northern
Lights/CTH PD Water Main Extension
Project. Motion by Touchett, seconded by McGilvray, to award the contract
for Project A of the 2016-119 Northern
Lights/CTH PD Water Main Extension to
RG Huston Company, Inc. AECOM recommends the award of Project A to RG
Huston Company, Inc., for the low bid of
$136,202. Motion carried 7-0.
(2) Discussion and Possible Action
Re: Change Order No. 1 for the 2016
Streets Rehabilitation Project. Motion by
Touchett, seconded by Diaz, to approve
Change Order No. 1 for the 2016 Streets
Rehabilitation Project. This project extends the pedestrian crossing at the intersection of S. Main Street (CTH M) and
Whalen Road, including a refuge island
with curb and gutter, sidewalk, and pavement markings. Total cost not to exceed
$69,455.75. Motion carried 7-0.
(3) Discussion and Possible Action
Re: A Professional Services Agreement
with AECOM for Surveying Services for
the CTH PD Project Woods Road to
CTH M. Motion by Touchett, seconded
by McGilvray, to approve a Professional Services Agreement with AECOM for
Surveying Services for Project 2016-123
CTH PD. This agreement is for surveying
services for the design of the CTH PD
reconstruction from Woods Road to CTH
M. Motion carried 7-0.
(4) Discussion and Possible Action
Re: An insurance claim from Spencer and
Darcy Stagman, 523 Basswood Avenue,
for Property Damage from a Storm Event
on July 21, 2016. Committee is waiting
for more information, so there was no
motion on this item.
10. New Business
A. Discussion and Possible Action
Re: Potential Development and Use of
Public Funds for a Project Located Along
Verona Avenue. Mikorski stated there has
been a request for potential public funding for a redevelopment project along
Verona Avenue. Motion by McGilvray,
seconded by Touchett, to go into closed
session for discussion of potential development and use of public funds for a
project located along Verona Avenue, as
authorized by Section 19.85(1)(e) of the
Wisconsin Statutes for the purpose of
deliberating or negotiating the purchase
of public properties, the investing of public funds or conducting other specified
public business, whenever competitive
or bargaining reasons require a closed
session. The Common Council may reconvene in open session and discuss
and take action on the subject matter discussed in the closed session. On roll call:
Alderpersons Stewart, Stiner, Touchett,
Linder, McGilvray Aye; Alderpersons
Diaz and Doyle Nay. Motion carried 5-2.
The Council convened in closed session
for this item at 8:14 p.m.
8:35 p.m. Alderperson Reekie now
Motion by Diaz, seconded by Doyle,
to reconvene in open session. Motion
carried 8-0. 8:43 p.m. No action was taken by the Common Council in closed
B. Discussion and Possible Action
Re: Approval of Operator Licenses. There
are no operator licenses to be presented
for approval.
11. Announcements:
Mayor Hochkammer asked those

council members that were not at last

weeks EMS meeting to review the numbers in the proposed EMS budget. Separate action will not be taken on this portion of the budget.
12. Adjournment:
Motion by McGilvray , seconded by
Doyle , to adjourn at 8:45 p.m. Motion
carried 8-0.
Ellen Clark
City Clerk
Published: November 17, 2016



WHEREAS, pursuant to Section

62.23 of the Wisconsin Statutes, the
City of Verona is authorized to prepare
and adopt a comprehensive plan in accordance with Section 66.1001(1)(a) and
66.1001(2) of said Statutes, and adopted
its Comprehensive Plan on September
14, 2009; and
WHEREAS, the City of Verona last
updated its Comprehensive Outdoor
Recreation Plan in 2007; and
WHEREAS, the City desires to proactively plan for the growth and demand
for park and recreational resources within the community; and
WHEREAS, the Citys Parks, Recreation and Forestry Commission has the
responsibility of updating the Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan for the
City of Verona; and
WHEREAS, the Commission held
several meetings to discuss the Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan and
solicited input from the public regarding
improvements to the Citys park system;
WHEREAS, the revised Plan provides for an integrated system of open
space sites and parks within the City of
Verona, a system that will preserve natural resources and enhance outdoor recreational activities for present and future
residents of the City; and
WHEREAS, the Plan findings and
recommendations are set forth in the
City of Verona Comprehensive Outdoor
Recreation Plan 2016-2021; and
WHEREAS, pursuant to Section
66.1001(4), Wisconsin Statutes, the City
of Verona must follow administrative procedures for amendments to its Comprehensive Plan; and
WHEREAS, the City of Verona has
held at least one (1) public hearing on
said Ordinance in compliance with Section 66.1001(4)(d), Wisconsin Statutes;
WHEREAS, the Plan Commission
held a public hearing on November 9,
2016 and voted to recommend approval
of the Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan.
ORDAINED by the Common Council of
the City of Verona that the Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan 2016-2021
is hereby approved and adopted as an
amendment to the City of Verona Comprehensive Plan.
Ordinance shall take effect upon passage
by a majority vote of the Common Council of the City of Verona and publication/
posting as required by law.
Jon Hochkammer, Mayor
Ellen Clark, City Clerk
Enacted: November 14, 2017
Published: November 17, 2016


November 17, 2016

The Verona Press

Crystal clear at VAIS

Blanche B. Blake

Blanche Blake

Blanche B. Blake, age

79, passed away on Friday, Nov. 11, 2016, at
Agrace HospiceCare in
She was born to Thomas and Beatrice Leffingwell on Oct. 20, 1937.
Blanche graduated from
Verona High School in
1955. On Oct. 22, 1955,
she was united in marriage to Kenneth E. Blake
at Salem United Church
of Christ in Verona. They
were blessed with two
sons, Bret and Kurt.
Blanche was a member
of the Eastern Star Melody Chapter #150 and was
proud to become a Worthy Matron in 1962. In
1975, Ken and Blanche
bought Verona Electric
from Blanches family.
They owned and operated
the family business for 46
years. In 1996, Ken and
Blanche proudly sold the
family business to their
boys. Ken and Blanche
were long time residents
of Verona, where they
raised their family and
were members of Salem
United Church of Christ.
Blanche enjoyed cooking and baking, traveling and camping with
her husband, watching
340 Autos
2008 IMPALA 54,000/mi. Fully loaded,
dark blue, excellent condition $9200.

350 Motorcycles
2013 KAWASAKI Ninja 300. 14K+miles.
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Puig racing windscreen. Red shorty
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if interested.
The Verona Press Classifieds. Call 8736671 or 835-6677.

the Packers, Badgers and

Brewers and spending
time with her family.
Blanche is survived by
her son, Kurt (Rhonda)
Blake and daughter-inlaw, Susan Blake; grandchildren, Kelly (Nick)
B o r e l l i , Ko r y ( M a r i s sa) Blake, Kari (Cody)
Pechan and Bryan Blake;
great-grandchildren, Halle and Blake Borelli; sisters, Jan (Wayne) Albertson and Barbara (Daniel) Elmer; nephew, Tom
Elmer, nieces, Melissa
(Jeff) Shockley and Karen Albertson; and other
extended relatives.
She was preceded in
death by her husband,
Ke n ; t h e i r s o n , B r e t ;
niece, Sharon Albertson;
nephew, Duane Albertson;
and her parents.
A celebration of her
life was held Wednesday,
Nov. 16, at Salem United
Church of Christ with
the Rev. Dr. Mark Yurs
officiating. The family
wishes to thank the staff
at St. Marys Care Center
and Agrace HospiceCare
for their compassionate
care provided to Blanche
and her family. Memorials
may be made to Salem
United Church of Christ
in her memory. To view
and sign this guestbook,
p l e a s e v i s i t : w w w.

Verona Area International

School fourth- and fifth-graders are growing crystals of
cupric sulfate. The students
first made seed crystals last
week before preparing a
supersaturated solution to
help the small seed crystals
grow larger while being suspended in the solution until it
evaporates. The UW-Madison

Photos by Scott Girard

Sierra Ejercito stirs the solution in which her group would

place their small crystals to grow larger.

On the Web
See more photos from the VAIS
crystal experiment:
Molecular Structure Laboratory is co-sponsoring the
activity with the school.

Teacher Sarah Shaw ties fishing line around a crystal to keep

it secured for growing larger in a solution the students created.

Ryan Funeral Home

& Cremation Services
Verona Chapel
220 Enterprise Drive

Amelia Heil pours solution into a petri dish to separate out the small crystals that would form.

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Whalen Rd and Kimball Lane
-Join the other businessesGray's Tied House, McRoberts
Chiropractic, True Veterinary, Wealth
Strategies, 17th Raddish, State
Farm Insurance, MEP Engineers,
Adore Salon, Citgo, Caffee' Depot.
Tommaso Office Bldg. tenants
-Single office in shared Suite
-3 office Suite
-5 office Suite, reception/waiting room,
conference room, private shower
-Individual office possibilities
Call Tom at 575-9700 to discuss
terms and possible rent concessions
Metro Real Estate

10x10 through 10x25
month to month lease
Call Karen Everson at
608-835-7031 or
Veronica Matt at 608-291-0316

and these attachments. Concrete
breaker, posthole auger, landscape rake,
concrete bucket, pallet forks, trencher,
rock hound, broom, teleboom, stump
By the day, week, or month.
Carter & Gruenewald Co.
4417 Hwy 92
Brooklyn, WI, 608-455-2411
Friday for The Great Dane and Noon
Monday for the Verona Press unless
changed because of holiday work schedules. Call now to place your ad, 873-6671
or 835-6677.

965 Hay, Straw & Pasture

6x10 thru 10x25
Market Street/Burr Oak Street
in Oregon
Call 608-520-0240

SMALL SQUARE bales of Hay, 3.00.

Split oak firewood $75/face-cord 608873-7995




Full/Part Time Positions Available
Locally andWages
Support your Community
Bonus for Van Drivers
Sign-On Bonus
for Qualified School Bus Drivers
Training and Available
Bonus to get in
your CDL
Full and


Apply Locally at: 219 Paoli St., Verona, WI

Call: 608-845-2255 or Go Online:

Come to the Job Fair November 30, 2016

567 E Main St, Stoughton, WI

Apply at: or
call Deb at (608) 835-3535.

Get a head start, applications available online


Learn about careers in Direct Support at

Community Living Connections!


Who can apply?

Anyone 18+ years old. High school diploma (or equivalent) required.
Must have an acceptable background.

Join the leading team in residential,

commercial and municipal drain cleaning
with more than 68 years of Quality Service!

Family owned since 1948.


Duties include answering phones,
data entry, invoicing and general office duties.


Will train the right person
Must be able to pass a physical
Excellent benefits and competitive pay
Must have a good driving record

Please call or apply in person at:

roto rooter
4808 Ivywood trail, McFarland, WI

As the Chinese cuisine expert on our culinary

team, youll be involved with menu creation,
ingredient preparation, and scratch cooking for
Epic staff, customers, and guests at our newest
dining venue, Chopsticks. In addition to crafting
and carrying out our menu, youll serve as a
mentor for others on the team as they learn the
art and technique of Chinese cuisine.

To learn more & apply go to


Sales Representative

Skilled Plumber Wanted

Join Epics facilities team where your expertise
will keep our one-of-a-kind campus running
smoothly and help us improve healthcare.

Plumber First Shift

You will work to maintain our plumbing fixtures,
install and repair pipes and fittings, and keep our
systems running smoothly. You will also perform
preventative maintenance and repair work and
resolve unplanned issues as they arise.
As a member of our dynamic team, youll work in
a state-of-the-art, air conditioned facility, enjoy
consistent, full-time hours, earn competitive
wages, and receive benefits befitting a leading
software company (401k match, great health
insurance, life insurance, performance bonuses
and stock appreciation rights).
To learn more and to apply


Call 608-442-1898

At least 2 years of authentic Chinese cuisine
International experience preferred
Fine dining, large-volume experience preferred
Eligible to work in the US without sponsorship

A small town, Five Star Skilled Nursing Facility

is seeking WI licensed, full-time CNAs for our
PM shift. If youre looking for a position where
youll be appreciated and where your input
matters, come and join our growing team.

Now Hiring!

Seeking caregivers to provide care

to seniors in their homes.
Need valid DL and dependable vehicle.
FT & PT positions available.
Flexible scheduling.

Chinese Cuisine Cook


Call 608-833-4726

980 Machinery & Tools


In Oregon facing 15th hole
on golfcourse
Free Wi-Fi, Parking and
Security System
Conference rooms available
Autumn Woods Prof. Centre
Marty 608-835-3628


10x10 through 10x40, plus
14x40 with 14' door for
RV & Boats.
Come & go as you please.

for quadriplegic gentleman to spend

4 months (Dec.-March) at private
villa on the west coast of Mexico
with family. Full staff.

$WANTED TO BUY$ Horses, ponies,

donkeys, goats and sheep.

801 Office Space For Rent

Only 6 miles South of
Verona on Hwy PB.
Variety of sizes available now.
Call 608-424-6530 or

Comfort Keepers in Madison



Spacious 2 Bedroom in 8 Unit.
Off street parking, one cat okay. $680.
per month. 608-444-1649


Convenient location behind
Stoughton Lumber.
Clean-Dry Units
5x10 thru 12x25


16379 W. Milbrandt Road
Evansville, WI


OREGON 2-Bedroom in quiet, well-kept

building. Convenient location. Includes all
appliances, A/C, blinds, private parking,
laundry, storage. $200 security deposit.
Cats OK. $690/month. 608-219-6677

970 Horses


10x10 - 10x15
10x20 - 12x30
24 / 7 Access
Security Lights & Cameras
Credit Cards Accepted
1128 Union Road
Oregon, WI
Located on the corner of
Union Road & Lincoln Road

Goodin Company is looking for sales

associates and outside sales people for
our Madison branch. We are a wholesale distributor of plumbing, HVAC,
pipe-valves-fittings, water well and
industrial supplies. With 15 branches,
a vast inventory and our own fleet of
trucks, we offer quality products and
exceptional service. Our customers
include licensed contractors, OEMs
and municipalities.
Goodin offers competitive salaries,
401K and health insurance. Based
on experience, successful applicants
either start as full-time outside sales or
go through an eight week training for
sales associates. Check our website
To apply, email resume to:


NEW GLARUS: 4plex-1Apt, 3 Bedroom,

2 Bath, 1 Car Garage. Heat included.
See to appreciate. $1,150 + utilities. and
security. No Pets. December 1st. 608527-2680 Larry/Pat

Located behind
Stoughton Garden Center
Convenient Dry Secure
Lighted with access 24/7
Bank Cards Accepted
Off North Hwy 51 on
Oak Opening Dr. behind
Stoughton Garden Center
Call: 608-509-8904


Apartments for Seniors 55+, currently
has 1 & 2 bedroom units available
starting at $775 per month, includes
heat, water, and sewer.
608-835-6717 Located at:
139 Wolf St., Oregon, WI 53575


The Verona Press


705 Rentals

November 17, 2016

16 The Verona Press - November 17, 2016

Ask the Verona



Q. What is the best way to start investing in Real Estate?

Q. What is influenza and why is it more dangerous for seniors?

A. Influenza, also known as the flu, is caused by a virus, or a germ. While most people


5396 King James Way, Suite 210, Madison, WI 53719

(608) 442-1898




Q. My furnace is not working. Is there anything I should do before calling for

Q. I get pain in my jaw when I eat and it sometimes makes a clicking

noise. Is there anything a chiropractor can do to help?

A. Yes, and with great success. You are exhibiting two of the most common
symptoms of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD). Other common
symptoms include: headaches, dizziness, limited ability to open the mouth, and a
jaw that gets stuck. Some of the common causes include: injuries to the head,
neck or face from an accident or whiplash injury, stress and clenching of the teeth.
Jill Unwin,
Lee Unwin,
In our office, we utilize Chiropractic Adjustments, Massage and Rehabilitation
Exercises to treat TMD. Chiropractic treatment involves adjusting the joint between the jaw and the skull (TMJ). This relieves
pressure on the disc in that joint and allows the jaw to open and close properly, which reduces pain and restores normal function. With
specific adjustments to the spine and TMJ, chiropractic treatment restores proper nervous system control of involved muscles and
ligaments. Massage treatment to the affected muscles will reduce adhesions, trigger points, and tension which are all factors that can be
contributing to your symptoms. Lastly, we prescribe specific exercise that works to strengthen and balance the muscles of the head and
neck. We find this 3-tiered approach to be most successful.
102 N. Franklin Street Verona, WI 53593
(608) 848-1800


Q. What should I do when my cat or dog vomits or has diarrhea?



A. First remove all food and water. If the diarrhea or vomiting continues or your pet acts

lethargic, seek veterinary attention. Diarrhea and vomiting can quickly lead to serious fluid
loss and electrolyte imbalance, especially in very young and very old animals.
If no vomiting occurs for 6 to 8 hours, begin to frequently give small amounts of water. A
rule of thumb is to give 1 teaspoon per pound of body weight every 2 or 3 hours throughout
the day and night. If your pet does not vomit the fluid, then the following day offer small freChristopher Voss
quent meals of boiled hamburger or boiled chicken and white rice. If your pet does not want
to eat, starts to vomit, or continues to have diarrhea, go to your veterinarian for medical care. If vomiting or diarrhea
episodes occur more frequently than every six months with no known cause your pet should be seen by a veterinarian.
Do not administer any over-the-counter or prescription medications to your pet without talking to a veterinarian
first. Vomiting and diarrhea are associated with a host of problems that are
referred to collectively as gastroenteritis. Some cases are quite severe (e.g.,
poisoning), and some are not (e.g., dietary indiscretion).

203 West Verona Avenue (608) 845-6700

First be sure that the thermostat is in the heat position and the temperature is set above
the indoor temperature. Next, check for power at the furnace by turning the fan switch (on the
thermostat) to the on position. If the furnace blower does not turn on, check the circuit breaker
for the furnace and the switch at the furnace, to ensure they are on. Also check the air filter to
ensure it is clean. If you have LP gas or oil heat, ensure that you have sufficient fuel. Some LP
gas furnaces have pressure switches that will not allow the furnace to run if the tank is low on
fuel. Even though the water heater sitting right next to the furnace lights and runs, the pressure
may be too low to allow the furnace to light. If you have a high efficiency gas furnace with pvc
vent pipes, be sure that the piping is clear of obstructions such as snow, birds or rodent nests.
Also look to see if there are any flashing diagnostic lights on your furnace. For all your heating
and air conditioning questions, contact Dave at OK Heating and Air Conditioning.


Dave Kaltenberg

161 Horizon Dr., Suite105 Verona, WI

53593 (608) 845-8494

The Caring CenTer

Q. Our lives are so busy. Is it a problem that we

dont eat many meals at our table?
A. Many families find their busy schedules make it
easier to just eat on the go or have different family
members eat at different times. Family meal time
can be a challenge but its important. Apart from
the opportunities to teach appropriate table manners and etiquette, meal time
is also about sharing experiences with your family. Take advantage of any
times you can arrange for a true family meal time and focus on enjoying that

The Caring Center/Verona Montessori House

402 W. Verona Ave. Verona (608) 845-8620


Q. Are you a dog owner?

A. As dog owners, we love our dogs. We walk them, we play and run with our dogs, and we love our loyal animal friends.

Unfortunately, thousands of people are bitten, mauled, or chased by dogs each year that are left at-large or left loose, off-leash. Many
of those people are the elderly or children, where the victims body frame is particularly vulnerable to severe injuries from a vicious
dog attack. Also, cyclists are another category, as they may not be aware that there is a dog at large, about to jump on them, as they
cycle past the dog. These dog attacks usually require that the victim go to the ER hospital for treatment. Some people also have to have
shots against rabies, and those with severe injuries, may need surgery. The law is clear that dog owners are required under Wisconsin
law to have control of their dogs. A dog owner is strictly liable and may be liable also in negligence for all the damages caused by his/
her dog. In these instances, damages are not only the physical injuries resulting from the dog bite and all the medical bills, but also
Gail Groy
the pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, disability, scarring, disfigurement, psychological and mental health issues, post-traumatic
stress, and loss of earnings. Finally, if the dog owner was aware that his/her dog had previously bitten someone, the victim of a dog attack may find themselves entitled to
double the compensation awarded for the damages. In short, dog owners are responsible for damages resulting from a dog attack to the injured person. Better still, if you
are a dog owner, secure, control, and leash your animal, and check your home insurance to make sure you have liability coverage should your dog bite or injure someone.


Q. Tooth Whitening- How does it work?

A. Tooth whitening has remained quite popular in the United States.

An estimated 10 million Americans will spend a staggering 1.7 billion dollars on tooth whitening pastes, products and services this year
alone. Although teeth can stain or discolor for a variety of reasons, the yellowing that many of us dislike
occurs from exposure to a variety of foods and drinks and from age.
Tooth enamel is hard and durable but it is also porous, making it susceptible to stains. Surface stains can often
be polished off by a dentist and sometimes with whitening toothpastes. Pastes utilize a more aggressive abrasive
to serve their function. They do not actively whiten. Sub-surface discoloration can often be treated with topiDr. James Sands, DDS cal whitening gels you can get from a dental office or with certain, over-the-counter whitening strip products.
Whitening gels are carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide based chemicals that get into the enamel layer
and produce a chemical reaction or oxidation that breaks down the staining compounds. When used properly,
they are safe and effective. Whitening can cause some tooth and gum sensitivity and in rare cases tooth pain or
damage. The potency of these chemicals determines the speed and aggressiveness of the whitening. The type of
delivery of these agents is what differentiates the types of whitening. Whether it be dentist administered In-Office whitening, dentist supervised Take-home whitening, or Over-the-Counter Whitening Strips, your dentist
can advise you of which option might work best for you.

1010 North Edge Trail Verona, WI (608) 848-4000




This article was written by Edward Jones for the use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor.

Q. I am interested in your opinion of scar tissue and the pain that can be caused
by it. My scar is over 3 years old. Can you still make changes to the scar?

A. A good rule of thumb is that normal tissue healing takes approximately 6-8 weeks.

Scar modification is able to begin around 2-4 weeks with significant results throughout
the remainder of the healing process. However, once the tissues are fully healed (and the
scar tissue has already formed), a common misconception is that the scar will always
be present. Not only is the person left with thick, darkened scar tissue, they may also
have blood vessels, nerves, muscles or other soft tissue trapped in the scar. There may
Susan Armstrong, MPT be chronic pain, lack of circulation, and muscle and soft tissue imbalance related to the
density of the scar tissue. Scar mobilization is an important, yet often overlooked, part
Physical Therapist
of the healing process. A skilled therapist will utilize modalities to prepare the tissue,
then a series of skilled manual techniques to modify the adhesions which cause the scar
tissue. Significant reduction in the thickness and appearance of scar tissue is usually
noticed within a few visits. Contact Stellar Rehab today to learn more about the process
of scar modification and relief of associated chronic pain.

Comprehensive Therapy Services

1049 N. Edge Trail Prairie Oaks
(608) 845-2100 Verona, WI 53593

If you would like to join our Ask a Professional page, contact Donna Larson at 608-845-9559 to find out how!


Its almost Thanksgiving a holiday centered on family, caring and sharing. You can carry these
same values into your daily life and you can certainly incorporate them into your financial strategies
for taking care of your loved ones. First of all, protect your family by maintaining adequate life and
disability insurance. Next, invest in your children. If you have young children, you may want to open
a tax-advantaged college savings vehicle, such as a 529 plan. If you have adult children, you could
write them each a check to help them fund their IRAs for the year. Heres another financial move
that can ultimately benefit your family: Maintain your own financial independence throughout your
life. Specifically, consider working with a financial professional to find a solution for the potentially
Brendon Diers, AAMS devastating costs of long-term care, such as an extended nursing home stay. Finally, share your estate
Financial Advisor
plans with your loved ones. By informing them of your wishes now, you can avoid hurt feelings and
unpleasant surprises later.
By applying the lessons of Thanksgiving to your financial plans, both you and your family will have
reason to be thankful.

161 Horizon Dr., Suite 107a Verona, WI 53593

(608) 845-2533 Member SIPC



Q. How Can I Put Thanksgiving Lessons to Work in My Financial Plans?

Brendon Diers, AAMS, Financial Advisor

(corner of Hwy. M and Cross Country Rd.)


2 E. Mifflin St., Ste. 200, Madison WI 53703 608.260.2485

recover in 1-2 weeks from the flu, others develop serious lung infections. This type of
flu complication can land one in the hospital, and also lead to Pneumonia, Bronchitis
and other serious infections. More than 60% of seasonal flu-related hospitalizations and
90% of related deaths occur in people 65 years and older. The flu is a greater concern for
the elderly because, as we get older, our immune system becomes weaker. This makes it
easier for seniors to get the flu, and much more difficult to fight off complications from
it. Ask your doctor if you should get a flu shot and when to get it. You can go to your
local clinic or even the local pharmacy to receive your flu shot. Nows the time to set up
your flu shot appointment because most medical experts recommend you get a flu shot
in November. In general the flu season begins in December and can last until spring.
If you wait until the midst of flu season to get a shot, these antibodies in the flu shot
wont have enough time to develop immunity from the flu. According to the National
Institution on Aging, Medicare will pay for a flu shot.


Making a Difference, One Home at a Time!

(608) 492-2272

Stephen Rudolph


Keith & Kinsey Schulz

Real Estate Team

many ways of investing in real estate, but the two most common are rental
properties and flips. Rentals are generally a long term investment, with small monthly profits
as well as long term equity gain. While fixing and flipping is a short term investment, which (if
done well) generally yields more income on the short term but requires more work and is riskier.
A great way to start with rentals is to buy a duplex and live in half or turn your current home into
a rental when you move up to your next home. Also, manage the property yourself to start with.
This way, you become very familiar with the property, the rental process, the neighborhood,
and the maintenance required.
A great lower risk way to start flipping is to flip homes that you live in. Buy yourself a home
that has potential for improvement and potential for a higher sale price once improved. Slowly
fix the home up, sell it for a profit after a couple years, and repeat. Eventually youll gain enough
knowledge and experience to be comfortable flipping a home you dont live in.
Whatever you do, start small, start slow, and ask for advice from real estate experts in your area.