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Madison Macek

Lesson #6
Odd and Even Numbers
CC.K-12.MP.1, CC.K-12.MP.3, CC.K-12.MP-6, CC.K-12.MP.7
Morning Work
Remembering Page 6 in student math book
Supplies in Classroom
Counters/ chips

Supplies Students Have

Whiteboard markers
Math work books
Colored Pencil

Vocabulary: Even, Odd, Pair

Introduction (15 minutes)
Students will start by thinking about the question, What does the word pair mean?
I will then call on students after a few seconds to see what their thoughts on the
word are. My goal is to get the students to realize that when you say pair it means
two, as in things come in two. Students will work on the class activity page 17. They
will first number the rest of the sleeping bags from 1-50 and then they will go back
and pair up (circle 2) the sleeping bags with a different color. Once students have
paired the sleeping bags, they will turn to their elbow partners and work on
counting by 2s. Both students will count from 1-50 by 2s to the best of their ability.
I will then ask students if they noticed a pattern when they were counting
(0,2,4,6,8) and then talk about the pattern. Even numbers are always going to end
in a 0,2,4,6 or 8. If I have 8 coins I can make 4 pairs, and if I have 28 coins I can
make 14 pairs. Lets take a look at making pairs with some different numbers and
our chips to see what I am talking about.
Lesson (40 minutes)
We will work together as a class to learn how pairs can be made with none left over
and that the name of that group is even and when there is a left over that the name
of that group is odd. Students will be given a handful of chips and together we will
go through making pairs. I will first ask students to pull one chip out of their pile and
then ask them if with one chip they can make a pair. (I will be looking for them to
say no) Then I will follow up with so is the number even or odd since we cannot
make a pair? Remember a pair is when two things are together. Think back to the
pattern we talked about with 0,2,4,6,8 as out even numbers. (I will be looking for
students to say odd) We will continue this pattern up to 8 chips asking the same
questions and looking for the appropriate responses.
1- No pairs, odd
2- One pair, even
3- One pair with one left over, odd


Two pairs, even

Two pairs with one left over, odd
Three pairs, even
Three pairs with one left over, odd
Four pairs, even

Students will then start the class activity on page 19. This class activity asks the
students to connect the dots and circle if it is even or odd. Before they start the
class activity I will go over the following questions with students to remind them of
what they should be asking themselves with each of these problems while doing
problem 1.
1. Are there any leftovers? Yes
2. What does it mean if there are leftovers? It means it is odd
3. What does it mean if there are no leftovers? It means it is even
4. As a class we will say (insert number) is an even/odd
Students will then finish the worksheet on their own.
Wrap Up (5-7 minutes)
We will go over the rest of the worksheets students did on their own answering the
questions above to make sure students understand the concept. This will be used as
a quick assessment on my part to see where to need to start the following day.
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