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47K Watt Resistor

100F Electrolytic Capacitor


R2, R4 6,2-6,8

R3, R6 1











307, 557, 558

. .

237, 547, 548

. .

US1.US NE555, ULY7855


BD135, 137, 139

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0-28V, 6-8A Power Supply Circuit Diagram using LM317 and 2N3055
This design can produce a current of 20 amps with little modification (use proper rating
transformer and a huge heat sink with fan). Huge heat sink is required in this circuit, as
2N3055 transistors produce large amount of heat at full load.

0-28V, 6-8A Power Supply Circuit Diagram using LM317 and 2N3055
Circuit Components:

30V, 6A Step down Transformer

Fuse F1 1 Amp

Fuse F2 10 Amp

Resistor R1 (2.5 watt) 2.2k ohm

Resistor R2 240 ohm

Resistor R3, R4 (10 watt) 0.1 ohm

Resistor R7 6.8k ohm

Resistor R8 10k ohm

Resistor R9 (0.5 watt) 47 ohm

Resistor R10 8.2K

Capacitors C1, C7, C9 47nF

Electrolytic capacitor C2 4700uF/50v

C3, C5 10uF/50v

C4, C6 100nF

C8 330uF/50v

C10 1uF/16v

Diode D5 1n4148 or 1n4448 or 1n4151

D6 1N4001

D10 1N5401

D11 LED red

D7, D8, D9 1N4001

LM317 adjustable voltage regulator

Pot RV1 5k

Pot RV2 47 ohm or 220 ohm, 1 watt

Pot RV3 10k trimmer

12V-24V PWM Motor controller circuit using TL494 and IRF1405

Controls & Timers

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AdminOctober 27, 20149

24V motor control, PWM DC Motor Controls, TL494

This is the high quality 12V-24V PWM Motor controller circuit using TL494-IRF1405 for
that has the low voltage battery checker system, working with soft start, adjust pulse
frequency, use for 12V or 24V battery at current up to 20A. Although small and simple, but
could be easily used to create an easy, no need to program software.

Fig:1 Schematic diagram of this projects.

Fig:2 The Copper PCB layout

Fig:3 Th components layout of this projects.

Note: My friend sent me this circuit. He said it is very good high current DC motor controller.
But is fully article and not clear photo.
Project features
Power supply range : 12V to 30V
Current usage: maximum at 20A
Current output : Maximum at 20A
Standby current : 20mA
Motor controller: 0 to 100%
Cut off working when lower battery voltage: As setting at 11.5V for 12V and 23V for 24V
Adjusting pulse frequency: about 100Hz to 1.1 Khz(129 Hz to 1.28 Khz in this projects)
Soft start: between 0 to 100% in range lower than 1 second
Pulse rising-edge and falling-edge at the gate of MOSFET: 1.5uS and 1.6uS
-VR1:speed controlled
-VR4: Low voltage output protection
-VR3-adjust the pulse frequency output
-VR2-sub speed controller
Parts will you need
IC1____TL494___Pulse width modulation(PWM)
Q1,Q2__IRF1405___N-channel MOSFET
Q3_____BC327_____45V 800mA PNP Transistor

Q4_____2N5484____N-Channel FET
D1_____MBR20100CT___High frequency Diode
D2-D6__1N4148________75V 150mA Diodes
ZD1,ZD2__1N4744______Zener Diode
C5______________22uF 16V___Electrolytic
C3,C6,C7,C10____10uF 16V___Electrolytic
C4______________1uF 63V____Ceramic
C1____________470nF 63V____Polyester
C2,C8_________100nF 63V____Polyester
C9____________56nF 63V_____Polyester
1/4W Resistors tolerance: 1%
R8,R9_________47 ohms
VR1__________10K Trimpot
VR2__________10K Trimmer Potentiometers
VR3,VR4_____100K Trimmer Potentiometers
10K Potentiometer
The other parts, PCB, Heatsink and more.
Eleccircuit highly recommends EasyEDA for PCB design and order