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October 18, 2016

Attention: Parole Board of Canada and Correction Services Canada

My name is Don Edwards, the proud son of Arnold & Donna Edwards who on March 21, 1991, were
brutally and savagely murdered by George Harding Lovie. The events of that horrifying day which we are
here to speak about and the personal after effects that are directly attributed to the indescribable and
gruesome actions that were committed by George Harding Lovie, eternally scarred and shattered all of
the Edwards Family lives. Words cannot describe the aftermath or our loss.
For the purpose of these proceeding, to avoid further pain, nightmares and anguish that polarizes my
mindset that further subjects me to the diagnosed symptoms which I battle daily - post traumatic stress
disorder, I request that the Parole Board of Canada kindly refer to my last two my most recent Victim
Impact Statements.
Both statements clearly describe the pain and loss The Edwards Family experience. Further, both
statement clearly reverberates and echo the control and master manipulation George Harding Lovie
exhibits, which was witnessed and continues to be experienced by numerous factions which include but
are not limited to: Michelle Edwards, The Hamilton Wentworth Police, The Justice of the Peace, Ontario
Provincial Court, Judge Borkivich Supreme Court Judge of Canada, Canadian Federal Court, Parole Board
of Canada, Correction Services of Canadian and most importantly the entire Edwards Family, etc.
Just a little over a year ago June 2015, the Edwards Family attended and once again delivered Victim
Impact Statements to the Parole Board of Canada involving another George Harding Love parole hearing.
At that time, during the examination/review by the Parole Board of Canada of George Harding Love, the
Edwards Family witnessed and learned first-hand many things about the convicted murderer, areas of
concern that only heightened our level of apprehension, raised our uneasiness and cause for concern and
With that to list just a few of the items we learned from the June 2015 parole hearing, I refer to the line
of questions and answers given to the Parole Board of Canada concerning:
1) In Federal Prison, why did the convicted offender contest the Sexual Assault taking a Sexual
Assault Course? The offender responded I felt that I didnt need too
2) When asked about the sexual assault and unlawful confinement with a deadly weapon?
The offender responded I have new evidence
3) Do you still love Michelle Edwards?
With hesitation the offender responded I dont know, I dont think so
4) When it was suggested and clearly defined that the offender take a Sexual Assault
Examination and Course before the offenders next parole hearing with hesitation the
offender responded Ill consider it
From proceedings of the last parole hearing, having witnessed for the first time George Harding Lovie
answer any direct questions, we learned and now aware of the four (4) categories the offender must pass
to receive consideration for Administrative ETAs, Unescorted Day Passes or Parole. At that time, it is the
Edwards Family understanding, George Harding Lovie failed all of these categories miserably.

From this, since June 2015 what dramatic events or lessons learned have changed or impacted the
decision to reward George Harding Lovie with these new requests? Once again and as stated in my
previous Victim Impact Statement despite any recommendation from within this Correctional Services
Institution may suggest Simply and emphatically, this is not a case for any Warden, Case Worker or
Case Psychologist who is assigned the duty to monitor the behavior of George Harding Lovie to impact
or influence any decision.
Simply, George Harding Lovie is a very desperate individual murderer in denial. The metaphor for his
behavior and actions: a deceptive, deceitful, desperate and very dangerous manipulator that can never
ever be trusted.
Over for the past twenty-five years George Harding Lovie has had multiple chances and opportunities to
receive or seek professional assistance that changes his behavior patterns. Yet chooses and continue to
demonstrate manipulative patterns and behavior problems. In addition, at no cost to himself, in custody
and while incarcerated the offender received the opportunity to learn a skill a true profession. I
question, what meaningful and trusted profession has the convicted offender learned?
Added to the concerns of the purpose of this hearing that has raised our suspicions, what is the real
purpose and goal of George Harding Lovies parole request to visit, explore or be released to a halfway
house in municipal regions which include both the Peterborough/Kawarthas and Sudbury/Muskokas
This request seriously raised The Edwardss Family eyebrows, a concern that we believe is very real. The
reason, could these be the regions The Edwards Family reside, own vacation property or take extended
stays of visit. With this, any release of George Harding Love to these regions immediately threatens the
safety of The Edwards Family. As a family, havent we suffered enough excruciating and emotional pain
without the added worry and burden of George Harding Lovie possibly being released into in our own
To once again quote my Dad, Grandpas last words before his life was so savagely taken were so spot-onright, I quote; YOU BASTARD, LEAVE MY FAMILY ALONE, unquote!
To imagine the strength, energy, passion and good health my parents enjoyed on that horrifying day, on
the day of their deaths my father was 61 and my mother 59 years of age. Today, and for the past few
months, when both my wife and I look at ourselves in a mirror, we are reminded that we too are now 61
and 59 respectively. Because of it, let our faces, bodily functions and voices be a reminder of the get-upand-go vitality, goodwill, friendship and romance my father and mother truly embraced, lived and
enjoyed. Full of love and laughter, an ever expanding and growing list of grandchildren and great
grandchildren on the horizon, now in retirement years looking forward to the great experiences and good
times that still lied ahead all abruptly ended by a desperate manipulative cold blooded murderer.
The Edwards Familys resolve, steadfastness and determination to keep George Harding Love incarcerated
will never ever waiver!!! Thank you for the kind consideration.