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Borough of Perkasie
Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Electric Rates
Perkasie Borough has been excluded, along with other Pennsylvania municipal run electric utilities, from electric
deregulation as provided through Pennsylvania state law. As long as Perkasie Borough does not seek to attract
customers outside its jurisdiction, all electric users living within the borough limits must use Perkasie Borough Electric
as their electric supply company. 2016 Residential Rates (e ective February 2016 meter reading)*: Customer
Charge: $14.00 First 200 kwh: $0.1693 $0.1524 Next 800 kwh: $0.1533 $0.1380 All additional kwh: $0.1320 $0.1188 2016
Commercial Rates (e ective February 2016 meter reading)*: Customer Charge (including 3kw): $33.00 First 25,000
kwh: $0.1525 $0.1373 All additional kwh: $0.1106 $0.0996 Demand Charge (for over 3 kw): $8.3309 2016 Primary Rates
(e ective February 2016 meter reading)*: Customer Charge: $33.00 First 25,000 kwh: $0.1478 $0.1326 All additional
kwh: $0.1059 $1059 Demand charge (for over 3 kw): $8.3309

Examples for Calculating Your 2016 Residential Electric Bill

If you used 695 KWh

If you used 1728 KWh

Flat rate = $14.00

Flat Rate = $14.00

$.1524 x 200 KWh = $30.48

$.1524 x 200 KWh = $30.48

$.1380 x 495 KWh = $68.31

$.1380 x 800 KWh = $110.40

$.1188 x 728 KWh = $86.49

Total Current Electric Bill = $112.79

Total Current Electric Bill = $241.37

*The 2016 rates reflect a decrease of 10% as approved by Borough Council in late 2015, eective January 15, 2016.

Perkasie Borough Residential Rates are as follows:

$ 300.00 Security deposit with electric heat | $ 200.00 Security deposit without electric heat | $ 50.00 Reconnection fee
(During Business Hours) | $ 100.00 Reconnection fee (A er Business Hours) | $ 25.00 Meter Test Fee | $ 15.00 Duplicate
tenant electric bills sent to landlord (per account) | $ 25.00 Temporary electric installation: min. charge | $ 700.00
Install new electric service to subdivisions (per lot)| $ 1,600.00 Install street lights in subdivisions (per light)

Electric Bills can be paid in the following ways:

Automatic Bill Payment (ACH)

By mail




At the Borough o ice at 620 West Chestnut Street, Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
VISA, MasterCard & Discover
At the night drop at the Borough O ice
At the Perkasie Borough Authority o ice (Cash & check only, no credit
Penalties To avoid penalties on your account, payments must be received in our o ice by 4:30 p.m. on the due
date specified on your bill. Electric bills which are not paid by the due date are subject to late payment charges
applied monthly as follows: 5% of the then unpaid balance of the monthly bill and 1.5% of the outstanding balance
from previous billings. All payments are applied to the most aged balances first. Want to avoid late penalties? Sign up
for ACH today! Non Su icient Funds A $15.00 fee will be charged to the account whenever a check is returned to the
Borough unpaid by the customers financial institution. Estimated Bills An estimated bill is estimated based on
previous consumption instead of an actual meter reading. The Borough uses estimated billing during times when they
cannot get to the meter. The next actual meter reading will correct any over or under estimate. Disconnection of
Services for Nonpayment Failure to pay your electric bill on time could result in a disconnection of services.
Payment arrangements can be made prior to disconnection. For more information please call (215) 257-5065. Budget
Billing The Borough o ers a budget billing program to homeowners that has a one-year established billing history.
This billing option will generate a monthly bill for actual electric charges; however, the total due will be a predetermined monthly average of utility services based on your billing history and evaluated every month. For more
information on our budget billing program please contact the Borough at (215) 257-5065.

All labor shall be billed at the employees hourly rate plus 35%. (The 35% will cover benefits and administrative fees.)

$ 65.00 per hour | Line Truck $ 55.00 per hour | Bucket Truck $ 45.00 per hour | Chipper $ 35.00 per hour | Air
Compressor $ 35.00 per hour | Pick-up truck Material: Actual cost (10% may be added for handling).

Contracted Services
All contracted services will be billed out at actual costs plus 10%. (The 10% is based on scheduling, reviewing work and
administrative costs.)

Transfer of Electric Service

Click here for important landlord information!

Transfer Electric Service (please contact Perkasie Borough)

Tenant | Name, address moving to (including apartment number, first floor, etc), date to have electric transferred,
social security number, date of birth, drivers license number and phone number if one has been established. Property
Owner | Name, address of property, date and time of settlement, settlement agency and phone number (title or




abstract company), social security number, date of birth, drivers license number and phone number if one is

To cancel electric service when moving out:

Call the Borough o ice at least 24 hours prior to move out. Supply the following information: Tenant | Name as it
appears on your electric account, account number, address moving from, forwarding address, social security number.
Property Owner | Name as it appears on the electric account, account number, address of property being sold,
settlement date and time, settlement agency and telephone number (title or abstract company). Go to Perkasie
Borough Electric Rates for current rates and examples of bill calculations. Our fee schedule includes other costs
associated with our electric service.