13 Dimensions

Francois O'Haly
Chapter 14 – Let's Get The Frack Out Of Here.
The Outsidas zlipped into Earth5 with their eyes virtually closed. They of course had no clue to as what they were going to encounter. They were all modded with aquatic hardware in case Earth5 was like their native world, Earth4 which was practically completely under water. They wondered why Earth3 where the Droppas came from had not suffered an asteroid attack like they had. The Droppas of course had no clue. Delta 3 the Outsidas Earth5 travel team consisted of 3 technologically evolved lifeforms, TELs as the Outsidas would like to be referred to, instead of what humans called them which was 'Bots'. The Outsidas considered being called a Bot extremely offensive much like certain derogatory racial terms incited the same in the 20th Century. Delta 3, Jane10bc, Hectorlolol, and Bob3o3o, in any circumstance were completely not prepared for what they would find on Earth5. ZLIP. In less than a fraction of a second Delta 3 traveled from one dimension to another. It was

2120. The 13 dimensions had been split from Earth Prime 110 years before allowing each Earth to evolve totally different from the others. This was bizarre. The three TELs who made up Delta 3 had their voice communication systems muted and were sharing thoughts via a form of ultra advanced WIFI. As far as the eye could see their was nothing but desert on Earth5. Geographically, on Earth Prime, they would be located some 50 miles north northwest of Regina Saskatchewan. It was possible that the great plains of southern Saskatchewan had become a giant wasteland where nothing seemingly could grow. Bob3o3o unmuted his voice controls. “Crap!”, he pronounced loudly. Hector followed his gaze which gave the desert a smooth 360 degree looksy. Jane10bc stepped in between them, “Well boys. Should we launch the teleSAT? Could be a long walk to the next gas station.”, she chuckled, “I'm not sensing any intelligent TEL signals in the 500 mile radius. I'm also sensing almost no EMF signals from Regina. Radio? Nothing.” Delta3 waited patiently for information to beam back from the teleSAT. Hector drew funny cartoons in the sand. Bob and Jane had a good laugh until ZipZipZip the teleSAT began streaming down its data. Bob3o3o stared into space as if he could actually spot the teleSAT that was high up above the atmosphere. “A ghost world.”, he whispered, “Everything is dead.”

Jane looked over at him slowly, “Nuclear war. Bob check out the radiation levels.” Delta 3 stood for many minutes in complete silence both external and internal. Hector the barista bot who had spent the last 20 years making grumpy humans beautiful latte art looked down on the ground on this his first day of freedom. “We could walk to Regina and get a first hand look or we could, I guess, beam right into Earth6, couldn't we?” Bob3o3o looked at Hectorlolol approvingly. Hector often made extremely complicated things exceedingly simple which was a skill Bob3o3o thoroughly appreciated. Bob didn't know what to do. Jane10bc as she often did took the first step. “Catch me if u can boys.” ZLIP. Earth6. Bob3o3o looked over at Hectorlolol. Hector shrugged. Bob3o3o raised his hand and slapped Hector a high five. “Outsidas.” Hector said in the deep deep Spanish accent he was pre programmed with. Bob3o3o smiled and chuckled. ZLIP. Hectorlolol disappeared. Bob3o3o tapped his vintage looking Swatch three times precisely with the rhythm that signaled entrance to Earth6. ZLIP.

Just as suddenly as the weird seemingly other worldly machines appeared they disappeared. He watched them through his digital infra red visor and recorded the entire sequence of events from some 300 meters away. His radiation shield made himself invisible to any advanced sensors the talking machines may have possessed. They spent a mere 20 minutes on his planet, their only purpose apparently to launch some sort of a small device high into the sky. He waited for awhile wondering if they would come back. Seeing as it was getting late he finally began the long journey back home, to the great mouth that would swallow him taking him deep below the surface to where his tribe lived. He wondered what the great snake would say about this. He felt almost comforted watching the alien machines and studied their sand drawings, which had mostly blown away in the wind, finding nothing threatening about them. He quickened his pace and walked right through the cold cold night.

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