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17 NOVEMBER 2016


Edited by Brigit Grant


Jewish News 17 November 2016

17 November 2016 Jewish News


Your kitchen hero / Interiors

It is the most important room in the house so get an expert to look after it, says Brigit Grant

f your house were a movie, the

kitchen would be the hero. Obviously
the lounge would co-star along with
the bedrooms as romantic leads and
the bathroom as a possible detective.
But it is the kitchen where we come
together to, eat, socialise relax and cook
that drives the story.
For that reason, any building, refurbishment and decorating of the kitchen must be
done by those who appreciate its star status.
Wilson Fink is just such a company and
has been rebranded with completely new
and exotic designs, some of which can be seen
on its newly-developed website wilsonfink. The company does bedrooms, too, but
appreciates the importance of the kitchen
and will never compromise on quality.
That is why we have managed to win

the trust of our loyal customers and whatever the challenge, we never back away,
said a spokesman. Innovation is a must in
the field of designing and we think you will
find our German kitchen designs to be the
most unique and creative compared to our
Like anything you wish to consider for a
permanent instalment in your home, it is best
to see the products up close, and so Wilson
Fink advises you to drop by its showroom
in Radlett and see the fascinating interior
designs for quality German kitchens.
Our customers are in a state of awe when
they do, said the spokesman, which is surely
an incentive to visit.
When you have questions about doing
your kitchen, no one is better placed to
answer them than Oliver Wicksteed, the

A contemporary Wilson Fink kitchen with a country feel

co-owner and kitchen designer at Cameo

Kitchens. Curious about whats new in materials and colours? Then just ask Oliver.
White has been popular for an awfully
long time, but grey is becoming the colour of
choice, partly because it takes away the starkness of white and partly because of fashion
trends, he says. Grey looks great as a
contrast to other colours, but also mixes well
with materials such as wood and there is a
distinct trend towards matt and satin finishes
rather than glossy.
Oliver says the days of tiled kitchen
worktops are long gone for both practical and
hygiene reasons.
Tiles are almost exclusively now used as
feature elements of a kitchen design, with
materials such as porcelain very popular.
Otherwise, tiles are now primarily used on

Chic and exotic design by Wilson Fink

the floor, with larger tiles of up to 600mm

square, using colours such as whites, creams,
blacks and greys and natural stones such as
Cameo does worktops in materials such
as Silestone, Dekton, granite and laminate
and glass is used to create a wow factor in
your kitchen, with fashionable paint finishes
that complement a material such as slate
or porcelain from a feature wall and create
texture in a kitchen design.
Oliver will even chat about taps and
recommends installing a boiling water tap for
instant hot drinks. Get a spray tap too, which
is used by all the leading restaurant kitchens
as it is a great way of washing and rinsing
items and remember modern taps can also
come with a water filter or combinations of
features, such as mixer tap with water boiler.


Jewish News 17 November 2016

Interiors / Your kitchen hero

When it comes to new tech appliances,
Cameo Kitchens ( are at
the top of their game, citing wireless worktop
charging systems as a favourite, as it charges up
your mobile phone or tablet simply by placing
them on your kitchen worktop or counter.
LED taps turn your kitchen sink into a
major talking point among friends and dinner
guests, with amazing multicoloured water,
says Oliver. And Sous Vide vacuum drawers are
in fashion owing to TV cookery programmes.
Simply vacuum pack the ingredients, sealing
them in the bag in the drawer, and then you
place the bag directly on the oven shelf.
For those who are mainly interested in
setting up a shomer Shabbat kitchen, in-toto
Kitchens ( are the people you
need as they have made a point of finding out
the needs of the Jewish community.
To understand what is required and get
it right, they have invited Jewish News cook
Denise Phillips to their showroom to road-test
the Sabbath settings on their appliances.
We also know that more and more the
kitchen has become open plan serving as a
multi-function room, explains one of their
knowing designers.
Our aim is to create something striking and
practical, as it is all very well suggesting lots of
high tech gadgets, but if you arent going to use
them, there is no point installing them. We take
time to understand our clients needs and get
them exactly right whatever their budget.
And that is the ideal starting point for a
kitchen in a starring role.

Brighter features in sierra by in-toto

21st century kitchen inspiration by Cameo

31 Kenerne Drive EN5 2NW

0 20 8449 5441
0 7803 260 216

Cameo kitchens (above)

Initial Complimentary Consultation Planning & Building Control Drawings

Party Wall Agreement Architectural Interior Design Project Management

In-toto Kitchens make keeping kosher simple

Hereford oak kitchen by in-toto

17 November 2016 Jewish News


Perfect Israeli pads/ Interiors


A home in the homeland

AT AZORIM, we believe that a home is

much more than four walls a home is
people, and a home is a community. And
what is inside those four walls matters
equally to us. One of our fundamental
beliefs is that people who live in our
homes have a sense of belonging.
The foundation for each of Azorims projects
is its design, striking a perfect balance between
the privacy of family life and a strong connection with the neighbours. We are dedicated
to our commitment to quality furnishing and
finishes. This is why, for nearly half a century,
we have been planning our projects with
meticulous attention to small details details
that make all the difference in granting our
residents a rich community life.

Our vast experience, as well as the companys commitment and financial stability, has
made Azorim one of the largest, most experienced companies in Israels real estate realm.
As we celebrate 50 years of entrepreneurship,
it is delightful that we have sold and built more
than 170 ,000 homes over the years.
We are constantly renewing and changing to
remain in sync with the needs of todays Israeli
and international families creating quality
neighbourhoods designed to meet residents
every need, including gardens, green spaces,
recreational facilities, shopping centres and
We currently have 2,500 apartments under
construction in prime locations. Our vision is
to create the very best residential environment

in Israel, opening a portal to living within a

quality, caring community.
Our architectural design offers a spacious
living environment and a range of practical
solutions for comfortable life. Our range of
apartments, across all our projects, include
modern spaces in various sizes, applying
advanced technologies and high quality
materials and amenities.
Take our Arzei HaBira project in Jerusalem. It has an underfloor heating system,
matched with electric window roller shutters
with Shabbat command for windows.
At Herzliya Hills, we offer a revolutionary
concept of innovation and a unique living
experience, which includes 600 apartments
on 17 acres of land, offering residents all the
community services they need and more.

Transform your home with quality flooring
from leading manufacturers

At Boutique Haneviim, nestled in the

hustle and bustle of Jerusalems Old City, is
a distinctive, luxury project that combines
state-of-the-art design with the art of urban
restoration, enhancing the ambiance of Jerusalems newly-restored Haneviim Street, the
Street of the Prophets. The seven-storey structure offers a broad variety of meticulouslydesigned apartment styles, ranging from two
to five rooms, as well as several spacious penthouses. These, and the rest of our projects, are
proof of our dedication to high-quality living.
Azorims commitment to remain in step
with an ever-developing world demands fresh
creativity and diligent efforts. Our team is
always thinking up new designs and methods,
providing our clients with refreshing initiatives
to ensure they are fit for contempory living.

We are registered specialists for The Carpet

Foundation and as such operate under a code of
conduct approved by the Trading Standards.


Over& 3000
to choose
Bathroom & Kitchen Installations
Guaranteed lowest prices on
& Kitchen
a like for
like comparison
Foundation Trading
Standards Approved Code of
Electrical Inspection & Installations
& Decorating
Services - Avoid the
dealing with
Property of
large companies
& Appliance
In house
teams -&No
subcontractors with speed
their only concern.
mowbray carpets was founded over 30 years ago and operates from shops in Edgware
HA8 and Cockfosters EN4.
We specialise and fit carpets and floors from all the leading british manufacturers
including :*Brintons *Cavalier *Ryalux *Ulster * Victoria * Westex *Woodward Grosvenor *Karndean
We also import carpets from around the world

78 Edgware Way,
020 8958 2243


Jewish News 17 November 2016

Interiors / DIY? You bet

FIXER UPPERS of the faith!

According to a famous comedian, we dont do DIY. Debra Barnes disagrees

hen Jackie Mason announced

on stage that Jews can do
nothing with their hands,
we all laughed. Ever see a
Jew measure a room in his house? Mason
asked, as he walked across the stage with
one foot tightly in front of the other. It was
hilarious, because it is a truism. Yet when
we asked readers if theyre handy with
a hammer, the response was surprising.
Turns out that some of us defy the myth
and, as DIY wizards, can change more
than lightbulbs.
Take Linda Bloom. When she needed some
new curtains, she decided to have a go at making
them herself. I watched one video and worked
it out from there. Once Id made the curtains,
I decided to fit the tracks too, she said. That was
20 years ago, but Linda, now 67 and recovering
from a hip replacement, is still a DIY queen.
I have a drill, glue gun and hacksaws in my
toolbox, she said with glee. I live alone and
do all the jobs around the home, including flatpacks, cutting blinds down to size and fitting
them, in fact every job from changing old fashioned electric fuses to installing a video camera
intercom. I also tackle painting and Ive laid four

metres of artificial grass in my garden.

Self-taught Linda says it helps to be good at
maths for getting the measurements right.
She continued: I like a challenge and enjoy
the sense of achievement I get from doing stuff
myself, and obviously the financial aspect is
also a factor.
The leg on my sewing cabinet needed
replacing and a builder told me it was going to be
a big job to repair, so I went to Homebase, bought
some hinges and wood and fixed it myself. My
white Audi was scuffed, so I repaired it with an
8.99 kit. When my son saw it, he asked where
I had taken it, as it looked like new!
Linda, who lives in Stanmore, is also a dab
hand with a sewing machine and made the
dresses for her daughters bridesmaids. Its
satisfying to do it yourself. I have to confess that
my talents do not stretch to the kitchen though
youre most likely to find my son cooking and me
on the floor fixing the waste disposal!
Im a fiddler, announces Howard Messias,
70, from Borehamwood. My forte is wiring. I
was an auto electrician by trade before I retired
and although most modern items these days
are throw away, I can often find a fix. I enjoy
fiddling about trying to repair things. I was able

DIY Queen Linda Bloom likes a challenge

Wiring is Howard Messias forte

Its barbells and a glue gun for Mitchell Klein

to fix the front and back washers on a Ford Focus

recently for 50 instead of 400 by realising
they worked the same way as an electric window
motor. I once fitted a waste disposal using a car
jack to lift it up. Its all about lateral thinking,
which is something I learnt from my trade.
Unlike most Jewish men, Neil Gold doesnt
need to hunt around for his toolbox as he keeps
it under the bed in the spare room for DIY emergencies. Fuses, putty, a drill, spanners, chisels
you name it, its there and out of the packaging.
Ive been building stuff since I moved into
my own flat in my early twenties and created a
headboard with internal speakers around my
bed, says Neil. Ive tiled floors, built and fitted
cupboards and shelves, colour schemed and
decorated a nursery and several bedrooms.
Neil will give way to the experts when it
comes to extensions and roof repair, but Ive
yet to hire anyone who can hang wallpaper as
well as I do, he says and loves the trend for
feature walls. For a keen amateur like me,
they are a showcase.
When Carolyne Klein returned from an aerobics class 20 years ago and found her kitchen
cupboards ripped off the wall, she realised her
future husband Mitchell was a keen DIYer. Id
had my eye on those cupboards for a while, they
didnt look right and anyway I wanted to have a
go at tiling her kitchen floor, admitted Mitchell.
He still gets satisfaction out of his own handiwork. He has decorated, tiled, plastered and
laid laminated flooring throughout the whole
house, explains Carolyne proudly. Before
launching his personal training business last

Neil Gold loves a feature wall

year, he laid the flooring in the play room and

converted it into a gym with full length mirrors.
The results are great and his clients comment on
how tranquil the atmosphere is in there.
Mitchell is a perfectionist. We could be
getting ready to go out and he will get the paint
pot out because he can see a mark on the wall.
Anything thats broken he will try to fix; in fact,
he wants to fix things that arent broken. For
example, when we had the rear extension done,
he wasnt happy with the plastering carried
out by the builders, so he replastered it himself
and then tiled the new kitchen floor. He wasnt
happy with the tiles we chose, so he retiled the
kitchen floor a year later.
Residents of Edgware may be familiar with
the problem of flooding gardens owing to
the clay soil. Rather than pay out 5,000 to a
drainage specialist, Mitchell decided to have a go
himself. He dug the most enormous ditch in the
ground it took him ages and we all thought him
mad as he would spend hours out there. Then
he placed large crates in the ground, and relayed
the grass. He raised the level of the lawn so we
dont get the rainwater collecting in our garden
now and we were delighted with the results. I
never thought it would work, admits Carolyne.
Jackie Mason , we proved you wrong.

17 November 2016 Jewish News



Jewish News 17 November 2016

Interiors / Bathrooms

Time for taking a bath

Radlett Premier Bathrooms Ad_Layout 1 06/07/2015 10:31 Page 1


talk bathrooms all day and
often does. As managing
director of Radlett Premier
Bathrooms, its no surprise that
he is preoccupied with taps, valves
and drains, as he and his brother
are responsible and want
everything to be perfect when
one of their four installation
teamsset out to do a bathroom.
And they have done many bathrooms, including one for none other
than Le Professeur of the Emirates
Stadium, Arsne Wenger. For the
record, it wasnt red and white, but
that is as much as Trevor will reveal,
as he is an Arsenal fan.
When it comes to designing the
layout of a bathroom, the guys hand
over to their designer, Sarah Gore,
who can do a full computer-aided
design drawing for a client and will
advise on colour combinations and
product features from the latest ranges
and technology in the business.
The rest of the Radlett Premier team
do the estimating and installation, as
well as associated building work, such
as plumbing, tiling, electrical works
and decorating.
Creating bathrooms for onebedroom flats to large houses is what
we do well, explains Trevor simply.
The company stays on top of bathroom
trends and in the past few years has
replaced eternally popular white tiles
with on-trend grey, moved away from
fitted furniture to the more userfriendly modular kind and noticed
our love for showers.
The bath has really been sidelined in favour of fixed head showers
or showers on a slide rail, clarifies
Trevor, who acknowledges that as
weve become time-short, luxuriating
in the tub is not as popular as it
once was.
Not that Radlett Premier Bathrooms
dont do great baths, but youll definitely be wanting a shower with them.

Call 01923 850 444

Showers have always been more popular than baths on screen... and not just in Psycho
Jewish actor Matthew
Broderick sang Danke
Schoen under the
spray in Ferris
Buellers Day Off

64 Watling Street, Radlett, WD7 7NP

Tel: 01923 850444 | Fax: 01923 850456

Soapy Emma
Stone got into
Pocketful of
Sunshine in
Easy A
Mel Brooks and
Dom DeLuise
surprised Burt
Reynolds in
Silent Movie

Killed in a
car crash,
Bobby Ewing
returned to
Dallas in 1986

17 November 2016 Jewish News

Weve got the look!

Stunning showroom on two floors - search Cameo showroom video

Units 5, 5 & 7 Hillgrove Business Park, Nazeing Road, Nazeing. EN9 2HB
Telephone: 01992 721485 -



Jewish News 17 November 2016

Interiors / Stylist

A week in the life of interior stylist

By Alex Galbinski

Next week Im doing a four-day spring/summer 2017 shoot for partyware company Talking Tables. The company had already told me
the 10 ranges it will display and the budget
so, as the stylist, I have to make sure that I
have all the right elements, such as tablecloths and flowers. So today I went to a prop
house big warehouses that have rows of
every imaginable prop in various styles and
colours, including china in any design and
ordered furniture, tables, backgrounds and
accessories. As Im not at my desk for much
of the day, I check in with clients all the time
about upcoming shoots for their magazine,
brochure or press launch. When youre working on one job, youre always having to prep
for the next one.

Residence in the
Heart of Jerusalem
Enjoying the Finer
Things in Life

As the former craft editor for different

magazines, including Prima and Essentials,
Ive done everything from building tables to
recovering chairs, making cushions and table
decorations. Today I was organising, spray
painting and gluing all the things I need for
a major shoot tomorrow Im upcycling
six items. As its for the January issue of a
magazine that wont be out until next month,
I cant tell you exactly what Im doing, but
upcycling is a big thing, especially in the new
year, when people want to give their home a
new lease of life. I never throw things out if
theyre detailed or an interesting shape, as no
one wants their house to be a carbon copy of
anyone elses. I ended the day making notes
on the steps Ill be doing.

We started shooting by 9am in a tiny but very
central and trendy location house on Columbia Road in Londons East End. We looked
around the house actually two that had
been knocked through and chose the spots
we thought would work. It took six trips to
empty my car of props, which I pack in plastic tubs so I know whats in each. The first
shot always takes the longest to set up, but
this time it was quite quick. As companies
want images for their websites, Facebook
and Twitter feeds as well as their magazines,
shooting takes twice as long.


3 bedroom apartments for immediate occupancy

starting from


and the remainder in 2 years from now

Only 2 apartments per floor | Sukkah balcony in each apartment

High technical specification

Arzei Ha-Bira offers you to reside in a unique project, close to many Shuls,
Yeshivot, shops and just a short walking distance to the Kotel.
Arzei Ha-Biras exclusive apartments are designed with a perfect luxury and comfort.
To arrange a personal meeting please contact


Simulation for illustration only

Subject to terms and conditions of the company

I wrote up all the steps for the six crafts I

styled yesterday companies are keen to get
the copy straight away. Some of the projects
are very easy its a case of getting things
together and just gluing them but for those
you have to sew, they can be very difficult to
explain in words. After filing the copy, I can
return the props and make sure any damage
done is paid for. Then I can invoice.

Last week we broke a vase on a shoot,
so today I paid for it and arranged the
return of all the hired props and
packed away my own. I have so
many five or six big boxes that
I put them away, not just so my
family doesnt trip up on them,
but also so I can find them again
before the next shoot. This can take
a good hour or two and you cant even
see my kitchen table at the
moment! One client wanted to
see drawings of how I think
their video shoot should be
styled, so I emailed them.
They were happy, but we need
another table and a coat rack.

I sent a poster to the printers for the video

shoot on Monday and made a note to pick it
up over the weekend. Happily, I invoiced the
client from Wednesdays shoot as well as the
one from last week. My work is often all or
nothing no week is ever the same
and its certainly not glamorous,
but its very varied and theres
always something new and

17 November 2016 Jewish News


Sleep tight / Interiors

And so to bed
Debbie Collins has got her mattress
requirements all tucked up
MOST of us greedily watched the weekly
instalments of The Great British Bake Off and
when it came to the innuendos, they were as
plentiful as doughnuts at Chanukah.
Soggy bottom, firm base, nice bounce to
it these were just a few of quips we sniggered
at behind Mary Berrys back.
When buying a new bed, you could apply the
same bake logic firm, soft, springy. Except its
no laughing matter; gone are the days of setting
aside an hour or so at the weekend to buy a

bed. It is a serious business that requires much

research, not to mention hands and feet-on
The Sleep Council advises replacing your
bed every seven to 10 years, so if you do your
homework properly, then a trip to the shops
hopefully wont make you feel like crawling
back under your duvet. Here are the Four Ps
to consider when buying a new bed:


If your dream is to kip like a Kardashian, then

check that your budget can handle the price
tag of a super king. A bed is most definitely
a luxury item and we all want to sleep like
royalty, so if you can afford the extra money on
a higher-quality mattress, then definitely go for
it. For affordable quality beds, a wide range of
mattresses and frames that have much-needed
storage, there is no better place to go than the
Bed Mattress Factory (bedmattressfactory. where owner Benny will help you to find
the sort of bed you have dreamt about and at
the best price.


Memory foam, feather-topped, motorised,

water-filled, sprung and thats just the
mattresses. What about the bases? Divan
(with or without drawers), bedstead, sleigh,
wrought iron, four-poster and so on. Browse
the web, ask your friends, post queries on
social media these are all great ways to
narrow down your options, but you need to
be realistic that a trip or two to a showroom
will still need to happen.
Its a tactile experience and you shouldnt
just go with the first one you try. Go compare, as the ad says, and if the bed is for
you and your partner, then schlep them
along, too! Zip together or dual mattresses
are no longer just the domain of the uberobservant. The ability to choose medium
for Mordechai and soft for Safta has such
broad appeal because it means neither party
has to compromise on comfort. Curl up,
stretch out, fluff those pillows, argue with
each other sales people have most likely
seen it all.


If you stayed at a hotel and remember having

the best nights sleep on record, call and find
out what brand the beds were chances are
you can buy one. Just bear in mind that their
bed sizes might be bespoke and therefore
finding linen to fit can be a pain. If buying for
your children, then consider if they will have
sleepovers. Trundle beds with an extra mattress tucked underneath are a brilliant spacesaving idea. Bunk beds are, too, but consider
ceiling height.


Have you got space for a double bed in the

back box room for when your Mancunian
relatives come to visit? Estimating the space
by using the length of your middle child may
seem a good marker, but you need to mark
out the floor space accurately. Can you open
the door fully? Access the wardrobe? Are
you able to walk round the bed easily or
does it require a Greg Rutherford-style
leap to escape the confines?

Welcome to the family

With family, and work commitments,

our get-togethers are few and far between
these days. But our catch-ups always start
and finish in our kitchen.

We love creating kitchen designs that are perfectly suited to each unique home, as well as your personality,
tastes and lifestyle. Meet your local designer at one of 50 in-toto studios nationwide and transform your kitchen.

Visit our in-toto Northwood Hills (London)

66a Joel Street Northwood Hills HA6 1NW
For more information or to book a free design appointment call: 01923 822332
or visit

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Jewish News 17 November 2016