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Industry Feedback Form

Note: Please send completed form to upon
completion. Your feedback will be held strictly in confidence.

Name & title:
Work email id:

1. Please provide name, institution of grant applicant, and title of the POC
project that you are providing feedback.

2. Please comment on the context of your interaction with the POC grant

3. Does your company have any previous research collaboration with POC
grant applicant? If yes, please elaborate.

4. Did your company enagage the applicant as a consultant before? If yes,

please elaborate.

The Business Proposition

5. Based on your understanding of the POC proposal, please categorize it into
the following
A disruptive technology which can solve an existing problem with
unquestionable value if successful
A novel technology which can address an existing problem with attractive
cost and performance attributes
An incremental enhancement of an existing solution
A new solution to a new (emerging) problem

If necessary, use the space below to explain your choice.

The Team
6. How would you rate this POC team?
Complete team with pedigrees
Strong team with all the relevant technology expertise and market focus
Strong team with all the relevant technology expertise but having an
academic focus.
Lack some key expertise but otherwise a competent team
Others, pls specify

The Market Opportunity

7. Based on your knowledge, how would you describe the market that this
POC project is targeting?
Large and growing market with strong and diverse base of relevant
prospects; positive and convincing feedback from would be customers
Sizable market with some early customer interest
Nascent market with uncertain timing; may need to create demand
Others, pls specify

The Technology
8. In your opinion, what risks/challenges are there in bringing this POC to

The Competition
9. What are the (1) advantages and (2) key differences of this POC
technology over the current solutions in the market place?

10.How would you rate this proposal based on your professional expertise in
this field?
The best encountered in my career
Outstanding, top 5%
Excellent, top 10%
Very good (well above average)
Others (pls specify)

11.If this proposal comes from within your organization, how likely will your
management support and fund the project?
Not likely
Definitely no go
If necessary, use the space below to explain your choice.

12.What would be the involvement of your organization in this POC? (please

be as specific as possible)

13.How would this POC project bring value to your organization?