MY BOOKS ON ISLAM Irshad and the Abuse of Muslim Women Prologue « Irshad was sitting in front of her tent

and looking with eyes flooded with tears at her six little children. She was feeling terribly hot from the heat of the blazing sun and the Islamic niqab that was wrapping her body from head to foot. She could see her children through a small single hole in her niqab that was as small as the eye of a needle. She was deeply engrossed in her suicidal thoughts. She was haunted for many days by a strong suicidal mood. Many times she tried to end her life but she was always prevented by the fear of leaving her children orphans and begging for food on the streets of Kandahar. Irshad knew for sure that her three little sons would grow up as terrorists and blow themselves up in the cause of Jihad. She also anticipated that her three daughters would be forced to marry Taliban Mujahedeen and give birth to more terrorists. To avoid such unpleasant consequences Irshad decided to return to Australia where she was born and brought up. Unfortunately, her application was rejected by the Australian Embassy for her association with the Islamic terrorists for so many years. The only relief Irshad thought of was to end it all and leave that miserable and hellish life. Her abuse and agony reached beyond her ability to endure it any longer. She even contemplated the idea of killing her children along with her. However, she could not believe that a day would come in her life that she would be reduced to such an inhumane thought of killing her own children. Irshad knew that in her country her children would be provided with all care and education that would make them grow up as good citizens. In Afghanistan her sons would not be able to avoid their fate of growing up as terrorists and her daughters of being illiterate and marrying Taliban Mujahedeen. Irshad remembered how her parents and friends tried to stop her from marrying a Muslim immigrant. Nevertheless, at that time she was so blinded by her strong love for her classmate, Mustafa. In those days she saw her Muslim boyfriend as an angel who came down from heaven to give her the love and joy that she longed for. She loved his reddish Arabic complexion and height. She enjoyed hearing his accent when he spoke English. She found Mustafa to be such a polite and loving person. Everything she loved in a man she found in him. In a short period he became her idol and she worshipped him. Whatever, he wanted her to do she did for him. He made her forsake her family, friends, and country and travel with him to his homeland in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Irshad even left her Christian faith and embraced Islam. Eventually, Mustafa changed her name from Susan to Irshad and married her« Read more about the abuse of Muslim Women and share the information with your friends and colleagues. Click on this link. It is available online.

Kristin posted something on your Wall and wrote: Hello Dr. Ahmed. I just received your book and started to just read it. I'm on Chapter 10 and it's chilling what this woman has endured up to this short point of the book! Gripping and Compelling! I highly recommend this book. "Irshad and the Abuse of Muslim Women". Thank you for getting this woman's story out here in the world! I bought 3 books and one of them I am donating to my local library. Thank you Dr.

Ahmed. God Bless you!... Logan Howlett commented on your wall post: I just finished reading your book, ³Irshad and the Abuse of Muslim Women!´ A very powerful book! Well done!! Once I started reading it I couldn¶t put it down!´.... (It is available online. Click on this link)

Intisar: A Story of a Muslim Girl INTISAR is a story of a Muslim girl who falls in love with a man. In a Muslim society Love is a crime which leads to honor killing. However, Intisar defied her society and puts herself in a dangerous situation. It is a book with no disguises. An explicit and refined look into the lives of young women in Muslim society. Click on the book's title or follow this link. It is availabe online.

Insaaf: A Story of an Arab Girl INSAAF is a story of a Muslim girl who falls in love with a Christian man. It is against the Sharia for a Muslim woman to marry a Christian man. In order to stop her for commiting such a crime her father gave her in marriage to a man who was as old as her grandfather. However, in their wedding night Insaaf was accused of killing her 77 years old husband. Insaaf spends her life in the run and every policeman is after her... It is a book of love and terror...Click on the book's cover or title. it is availabe online.

Ibtihal and Muslims¶ Liberation Movement Prologue « Dr. Ibtihal delivered a long speech in Copenhagen. She made it clear that it was the duty of the international community to free Muslims from being hostages of their own beliefs. Every Muslim man and woman was a victim of his own beliefs and it would be a crime on the conscience of the civilized non-Muslim world to leave such a person living in tyrannical beliefs. If the international community should wake up from its delusion that Islam was like any other religion but some fanatical groups like al-Qaeda misunderstood and misinterpreted it. According to Dr. Ibtihal, this was a kind of self-deception. Our modern world should stop deceiving itself and face the tyranny of Islam as an emerging global terror. Islam was not and would never be a compatible religion. In the past, the world called for the emancipation of black people from the slavery system that was believed for quite a long time to be justified religiously and morally. However, today everyone knew that slavery was evil and a crime committed against fellow human beings. Likewise, the men oppressed women for thousands of years but today women in many parts of the world had obtained equal rights with men. Dr. Ibtihal believed that she was called by God to pioneer the call for the freedom of Muslims from their own religion. Muslims

had been victimized by the teachings of the Qur¶an and the prophet Muhammad for over fourteen centuries but the time had come for the world to unite together and confront the danger of Islam. Dr. Ibtihal believed further that military confrontation of terror would increase terrorism in the Muslim world. The guns would not solve the problem of terror. Direct and honest speeches from the international community would help Muslims to see the deception and the danger of their own beliefs. No matter how much the Muslim was enlightened and westernized, still his/her religious beliefs would continue to hold him captive and hostage. No Muslim would agree with the Western modern values and principles. Wherever, he went and whatever education he received he still would consider his prophet Muhammad his ultimate ideal and the best example to be imitated. Muslims would still follow the commandment of Muhammad in which he said, ³I have been commanded by God to kill everyone refuses to believe that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad the messenger of Allah.´ In her Copenhagen speech, Dr. Ibtihal introduced an Islamic doctrine that she had not mentioned before in any of her speeches or writings. She talked about the teachings of the prophet Muhammad about ³Taqiyyia.´ Taqiyya was a teaching of the prophet Muhammad that permitted Muslims to lie to non-Muslims. According to Warner Mackenzie the word "Taqiyya" literally means: "Concealing, precaution, guarding. It is employed in disguising one's beliefs, intentions, convictions, ideas, feelings, opinions or strategies. In practical terms it is manifested as dissimulation, lying, deceiving, vexing and confounding with the intention of deflecting attention, foiling or pre-emptive blocking. It is currently employed in fending off and neutralizing any criticism of Islam or Muslims. Falsehoods told to prevent the denigration of Islam, to protect oneself, or to promote the cause of Islam are sanctioned in the Qur'an and Sunna, including lying under oath in testimony before a court, deceiving by making distorted statements to the media such as the claim that Islam is a ³religion of peace.´ A Muslim is even permitted to deny or denounce his faith if, in so doing, he protects or furthers the interests of Islam, so long as he remains faithful to Islam in his heart. Like many Islamic practices, taqiyya was formed within the context of the culture of Arab tribalism, expansionary warfare, and Bedouin raiding and inter-tribal conflict. Muslims have used Taqiyya since the 7th century to confuse, confound, and divide 'the enemy.´ Dr. Ibtihal believed that the Qur¶anic and the hadith¶s teachings made Muslims to be anti-Semitic to the Jews, Christians, Hindus, etc. Muslims always felt it was their divine right to possess the lands, wealth, women, children, and other properties of non-Muslims. Muslims would not hesitate for a second if chance permitted to slaughter a non-Muslim. Muslims would trust none other than a Muslim.In her speech, Dr. Ibtihal also spoke about the doctrine of apostasy. According to her, the doctrine of apostasy created deep psychological effects inside the Muslim. It created fear, hatred, and anger in the mentality of the Muslim. Islam used this doctrine as a tool to keep Muslims imprisoned inside that anti-humane system. It closed the door for any critical evaluation or historical reconstruction of the early teachings of the Qur¶an and the hadiths. Thousands of Muslim thinkers were condemned as apostates because they disagreed with some teaching or interpretation of the Qur¶an and the hadiths. Many terms were invented such as murtad, kafir, zindeeq, kharig min

almilah, mulheed, etc., and employed throughout Islamic history to condemn and murder Muslims who dared to leave Islam or oppose some of its dogmas. The doctrine of apostasy also formed indescribable hatred in Muslims toward the apostates. A Muslim father or brother being laden with that deep hatred and repulsion toward apostasy would not hesitate for a second to slaughter his own apostate son/daughter or brother/sister. Islam was the only religion that created such a unique repulsive doctrine to terrorize its own followers and keep them hostages in its control. Dr. Ibtihal concluded her speech by narrating briefly her own bitter experience of being apostate from Islam. Chapter 157 from my book, "Ibtihal and Muslims' Liberation Movement". Click on the book's title or follow this link to view the book.

IMAGINE A WORLD WITHOUT ISLAM ³Last night I had a very beautiful dream. In my dream I woke up and found my self-living in a world without terrorists, a world without Islam and Muslims. The people were astonished when I asked them where the Muslims went and what happened to their Qur¶an. They told me they had never heard of people called Muslims and they had never known a book called the Qur¶an. Then, I asked them about the prophet Muhammad. They said to me there had never been a prophet by that name. All the people who claimed to be prophets came from the tribes of the Jews. I told them I am sure there was a man came from Makka in Saudi Arabia and claimed to be the messenger of Allah. The people thought I was out of my mind when I began to tell them what that prophet taught. I did not believe them when they insisted that such a religion never existed in human history. I decided to find out by my self. I went to many public libraries and checked on the Internet about the prophet Muhammad and his religion. All my searches and efforts yielded nothing. I began to cry when I realized that I was sleeping and dreaming all those bitter experiences that I went through in my dream world of Islam. I concluded that my mind had tricked me for so long and made me believe there were such things as the Qur¶an and the prophet Muhammad. When I overcame my sorrow and sadness, I decided to travel around the world and see how the world could be without Islam.While I was traveling around, I had never seen a woman covered with those black clothes that I used to see in my dream world. Everywhere the women dressed up the way they liked. There was no dress code forced on them by the Shari¶a law as I used to do when I was in my native land. There were no fears filling the eyes of travelers while they were traveling in airplanes. On one of my air trips, I conversed with one gentleman. I asked him whether he heard of a religion that commanded its followers to kill those who refused to accept it. The gentleman at first thought I was beside myself. I assured him that I had a long dream and I experienced such a religion in my dream world. The man wondered and said to me how could any rational person follow such satanic teachings. Only the devil could teach its followers to do so. I said to him in my dream world I used to follow such a religion for almost half of my life. Then, I realized my mistake and converted out of it. The man asked me what religion I was following now. I said to him I was following the religion of Christ. The man felt pleased and told me that he was following Christ too. In order to make sure that I was not dreaming that fantasy world of people who never heard of Islam and Muslims, I decided to travel to Saudi Arabia. At the airport, I was

told there was no country called Saudi Arabia. I looked at the world map, pointed my finger to a country, and told the airport authority where Saudi Arabia used to be. One young pretty lady at the airport told me that that place was called, ³The Desert of Death.´ No one lived in that desert any more. There was a nation of people called Arabs. They became extinct since the seventh or eighth century. They were hostile to outsiders and used to fight each other until they destroyed their race by themselves. They established a kingdom based on some bizarre religious beliefs, which justified the killing of outsiders and each other. Their kingdom flourished during the seventh and eighth centuries but quickly vanished from human history. No historian was able to visit them and survived. For that reason the outside world did not know much about them and their religious beliefs. They did not leave behind them any written history. Still I didn¶t believe the airport authority and I wanted to travel to that Desert of Death. The airport authority informed me that there was no city or place in that deserted area of the world that an airplane could land on. Then, I shifted my focus to other Muslim and Arab countries. I was told totally different names and kinds of people living in those countries. For example, in Egypt I was told the people over there were4 called Pharaohs and still worshipped very ancient and primitive religion that could be traced back to the time of Moses and the children of Israel. I was so happy when I came to know of this new world I found myself in, still there was the religion of Moses and the Jews of the past. I enquired about Iran because in my past world it was one of the seven countries that was named by America the source of evil. They said to me that country had never been called Iran before. It always was called Persia and its people followed a religion founded by a prophet called Zaridisht. Their religion was known as Zoroastrianism until today. I told my informant that I knew about that religion but the people of that country were forced to forsake their religion by the sword of the Muslims. The informant told me such a thing had never happened in that country.Then, I began to enquire about my native country where I was born and brought up. I was told that place was called Kush until today. The people of Kush converted to Christianity between the third and fourth centuries and they were Christians until today. In that way I came to know al those countries in the Middle East and Africa were Christian countries all the time. There had never been Islamic invasions happened to them or there had never been Muslim Mujahedeen. The informant said no one could do such an inhumane and wicked thing as forcing people to accept his religion or kill them unless his message was from Satan.Then, I traveled to the land of many religions. I landed in Bombay airport on a particular morning. I sat in a hotel restaurant and conversed with a beautiful Indian girl. The girl was sitting in one corner of the restaurant by herself before I approached her and introduced my self and told the reason of my visit to India. The girl smiled at me with that friendly Indian smile and asked me to occupy the empty chair that was placed before her. I proposed to pay for her dinner but she told me in India they liked to treat their guests. I asked her what religion did she follow. She said she was a Hindu by birth. I asked her what other religions the people of India followed. She said there was only one official religion in India but that religion was an umbrella for thousands of beliefs in India. I asked her what was the name of that religion. She said it was called Hinduism and the people of this country were named Hindus after that religion. Even the country originally was called Hindustan but the British people changed it to India. I asked my Indian friend to tell me about the tourist places in India. She said there was a place in India, foreigners called it paradise on earth. When I asked her to name it to me, she said it was called Kashmir. I told her but Pakistan unleashed many Islamic terrorist groups in that place. She said to me she had never heard of the word ³Pakistan´ before. She also wanted to know what did I mean by ³Islamic terrorist groups.´ I tried to explain to her what I meant by those scary terms but she could not

comprehend my words. Anyway, she said to me Kashmir was the most peaceful and secured area in India. Foreigners always praised the friendly nature of the Kashmiri people. I thanked her for the good news she told me about that wonderful region. She told me don¶t tell your people that you have seen India if you did not visit Kashmir. I promised her that I would not leave India until I visited the Paradise on Earth. I even invited my Indian girlfriend to join me on a trip to Kashmir, which she gladly accepted.We spent two wonderful weeks in Kashmir before I kissed my Indian girlfriend goodbye and traveled to my country Sudan and visited the city where I was born and brought up. I was so disappointed when I went to the house where I grew up. The inhabitants of that house denied that they had any relationship with me. When I asked about my father they admitted they had a relative by that name but they said he had never had a child in his life and he died many years ago. Even though I was disappointed with my family, still I felt happy when I saw my city was full of churches. I could not see a single mosque. I decided not to make fun of myself by asking the people of my city where those million-and-one mosques went. I spent one night in my city in a beautiful hotel. I was shocked when I saw the girls were putting on trousers and shirts like boys everywhere in the city. In the hotel, I could not believe my eyes when I saw the female guests were in short pants and some in their bikinis in the swimming pool. I could not resist the temptation of enjoying myself by joining them in the water. I stood for a long time admiring the lovely image of my body in the mirror while I was still in my swimming dress. A silly idea entered my mind and I could not help resisting it. I fell back on my bed and explored with my hand the private area that had been so brutally mutilated. Imagine my delight when I discovered my body was whole and perfect. My memory took me back to the time I was cruelly deprived of some important feminine organs when I was four years old. However, that day miraculously those sensitive organs were restored and I became a full female again. Nevertheless, I was not fully convinced that there was nothing called Islam. I concluded that somehow God miraculously wiped the memories of Islam from the minds of people. I decided to find something to prove to the people that there was a religion called Islam that its founder commanded his followers to spread it by the sword. That religion gained over a billion followers. In order to make such a discovery I decided to travel to the United States of America. While I was flying from London to New York, I had a chat with someone sitting near me. He was a young handsome African American. Like others, he said he had never heard about a religion called Islam. Ignorantly he claimed that there were only three religions in the world: Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism. I did not want to argue with him about his lack of knowledge of other religions such as Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, Confucianism, Taoism, Shinto, etc.When I told him about people known as Muslims who used to follow beliefs that justified the killing of any one who refused to convert to their religion he said to me the Bible said only Anti-Christ would kill those who refused to follow him. When I insisted that Muslim Mujahedeen did the same thing to those who refused to accept their faith, he said to me then those people must be a satanic race. I changed the topic and asked my African American friend about the tragic terrorist attack on New York on September 11, 2001. The young man laughed and thought I was joking with him. When he realized that I was serious, he told me no country in the world would dare to send jetfighters to attack America. He said the American Pentagon would shoot them down before they would reach the air space of the States. He said Japan attacked us in the past and we hit back with nuclear bombs. After that, no country dared to repeat such a deadly mistake. I told him the planes that were used to destroy the two twin Towers of the Trade Center in New York were not jetfighters. I explained to him that some Muslim terrorists stole passenger planes and flew them into the two Towers. The young African American laughed and said to me, ³you must be a

new prophetess of doom.´ I was surprised when I arrived in New York and saw the two Towers standing like two giant skyscrapers in the heart of the city. I decided to make other two visits before I stopped searching for clues to prove to the world that there was Islam before. In my first visit, I decided to travel to Israel and see how the Palestinians and the Israelites were living together. When I arrived in the holy land I was amazed when I found the Jews and other nations around them living peacefully as the Americans and the Canadians neighboring each other on one continent. All the inhabitants of the countries around Israel were Christians. Those people regularly visited the Christian holy places in the Jewish land. I traveled around the country and I did not spot any terrorist. It seemed I was alone had a long dream in which I saw all those ugly realities of Islam and the Islamic terrorists. In order to end my search I decided to make one last trip. This time I had strong feeling that I was going to get some tiny clue to prove my claim. I traveled to Afghanistan. When I landed in Kabul, I doubted that I was living in the same world I used to live in before. I did not see any Taliban terrorist look alike. The women of that city reminded me of the pretty women I saw in Bombay. None of them was covering her body with that black tent I used to see on the TV when there was news about a terrorist attack on the NATO troops. I talked to a young pretty Afghani lady about the religion and the culture that governed the society. She said most of the Afghanis were either followers of Zoroastrianism or Hinduism. She said there were a good number of other faiths such as Christians, Buddhists, and Jews. I traveled around Afghanistan but I did not find anything to prove my claim. At last, I gave up and began to enjoy my short stay in that country. Then, I went to a city called Kandahar. In my previous world, that city was considered to be Hell on Earth. It was teeming with Taliban and Arab terrorists. In my dream world, every man in that city was bearded and looked like the devil. Women were covered from head to foot with black clothes, which made them look like demons. There were no girls¶ schools in that city because the Taliban decreed that a woman should not go out of her father¶s house except to her husband¶s house or the grave. They based their rule on hadith of the prophet Muhammad which said, ³The woman is µawarah (bare-naked), when she goes outside (the house), the devil takes charge of her ´ (Tirmizi Vol II hadith no. 65). While I was in Kandahar, I saw an old man. That man looked like those bearded men I used to see in my previous world. When I saw him, I felt I had seen him before. I went to him and sat near him. He did not want to talk to me. He turned his face to avoid my look. I greeted him and asked him about his real name. He turned his face and looked seriously at me. When I had full view of his face, I recognized him. Then, he told me no one could see his face and live. At first, his face resembled the face of the most wanted terrorist in the world, Osama Bin Laden. However, his mouth opened and two long teeth extended until they reached his long beard. I saw suddenly two horns come out on his head. When he tried to attack me I woke up from my sleep and behold it was a dream." Chapter 174 from my book, Ibtihal and Muslims' Liberation Movement. Click on this link to view the book,

IMAGINE A WORLD WITH EVERYONE A MUSLIM (A dream of a Muslim). ³Yesterday night I had a beautiful dream. In my dream, I woke up in a world with everyone a Muslim. I asked the people around me where the Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and Jews went. They told me they had all willingly embraced Islam. As the prophet Muhammad prophesied, that Allah had given him the entire earth planet as a mosque for prayer. Allah fulfilled his promise and made the

light of truth to shine in each and every heart. I shouted praises and thanked Allah for the great victory that Islam achieved. Then, I began a tour around the globe to see how the world would look with everyone a Muslim. I began my world trip by visiting Europe. Every country I went to I saw women dressed up decently with the Islamic clothes covering the tempting parts of their bodies. I had never seen any thighs or hips of a woman. No woman was exposing half of her breasts or putting on tight jeans and shirts that revealed her sexual body. The only part of the woman I was able to see was her face. I had never seen a boy and a girl holding hands and walking shamelessly in the streets of Europe. In the public transportation women sat on one side and men on the other side. Women seemed to be happy and contented by sitting separately. No woman was physically touched or harassed by men. I left Europe and travelled to the United States of America. When I landed in New York, I felt as if I landed in Makka. Men wore long beards and white Islamic clothes. Everyone was carrying a rosary in one hand and in the other hand a copy of the Qur¶an. There were no gangs in New York. When I asked what happened to those thousands of gangsters, I was told since America implemented the Shari¶a law the gang activities were reduced gradually until the last gang leader was executed in public. Every thief got his hand cut off. No man and woman were permitted to live together without marriage. Many married men and women were stoned to death because of their adulterous relations. Unmarried women and men were scourged with hundred lashes for unlawful sexual relations. The Shari¶a law made the Americans devout Muslims and compelled them to visit the mosques five times in a day without fail. The FBI and other American police were given the right to arrest everyone found roaming on the streets during the prayer time. I went to the beaches to see what change had happened there. To my surprise, I found all the beaches in America were converted into fishing places. The Islamic government in the White House considered the beaches as the places of vices where Satan used the bare-naked bodies of women to entice men to commit adultery, take drugs, and kill their fellow human beings. At that time, America had an eternal president who was ruling the White House forever like el-Gaddafi of Libya and Mubarak of Egypt. Only death could remove him from power. President Muhammad Ahmed Mahmud Al-Ameen had been ruling in the White House for a decade and a half.All places of entertainment were officially closed after America adopted the Islamic rules. There were no more cinemas, casinos, nightclubs, bars, etc. Men were encouraged to spend their free time at night in prayer. Women were discouraged from going out of their houses unless it was necessary such as going to school, work, or to the hospital in case of sickness. Moreover, women were discouraged from working in places where men could spend time with them in seclusion. The government of America nullified all drivers¶ licenses that the American women used to possess during those dark years of unbelief. It was a crime for an American woman to drive a car. Girls were not allowed to ride bicycles. Female students travelled in buses from their houses to schools. American jails were almost empty most of the time. All maximum-security penitentiaries were shut down for lack of prisoners. The Shari¶a law solved the problem of the huge amount of money that the government used to spend on keeping criminals in prisons. Every one who stole got his hand cut off. Every gangster was beheaded. All drug dealers got their heads chopped off. Every adulterer and adulteress were scourged with one hundred lashes. Every rebellious wife got beaten by her husband. Children were flogged by their parents in homes and scourged by their teachers at schools. In that way, children were well disciplined by their parents and teachers. Those kids who continued to be rebellious the law controlled them.I left America and traveled to the Middle East. I felt paradise had come to earth when I landed in Palestine. There were no more Muslims and Jews killing each other. Everyone had become Muslim. I traveled around the other Arab

countries and I found people were living in peace and harmony. People sometimes left their shops and stores open and went to pray. No one ever dared to stretch his hand and steal a thing that did not belong to him. I went to Iraq and I did not find American marines, I traveled to Afghanistan, and I did not see the NATO troops. Taliban were ruling the country of Afghanistan. The so-called Islamic terrorists became main leaders of all Muslim and Arab countries. Muslims were able to restore the Caliph. All countries in the world accepted the President of the United States of America, Muhammad Al-Ameen as the Supreme Caliph and the rulers of other countries became governors under his control. The Supreme Caliph in the White House had the right to change any governor without giving any reason for that. The only country that rebelled against the Supreme Caliph was Iran. The Supreme Caliph tried to solve the problem of Iran through diplomacy but he could not. When Iran began to influence the Shiites of Iraq which finally led to civil war the Supreme Caliph in the US hit the rebellious country with nuclear weapons and erased it from the world map. Therefore, I was not able to visit Iran because it did not exist any more. I was told that America threatened to use weapons of mass destruction to hit any country that refused to accept Islam. The White House and the Pentagon were following the hadith of the prophet in which he said, µ'I have been commanded to fight the people until they bear witness that there is no God except Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, if they say it they uphold from me their wealth and bloods.´ Countries that were totally destroyed and erased from the world map because of their refusal to convert to Islam and submit to the Supreme Caliph of the White House and used military force to combat against the invading armies of the Muslim Mujahedeen were Iran, Australia, India, China, Japan, South Africa, South Korea, Denmark, Netherlands, and Canada. Those countries and their inhabitants were turned into desolation.I could not understand how a super power country like the United States of America was forced to convert to Islam whereas less powerful countries like those that resisted conversion were destroyed. I asked someone to explain to me that riddle. I was told that America was not converted through military force. An African American applied the law of Tayyiqia until he reached the White House as a senator. Then, he continued to act as a Christian until he won the general election and became the President of the United States of America. As soon as he won the election and occupied the White House as a head of the States, he declared himself to be the First Muslim Man to rule America. Of course, he did it gradually and in a very subtle way. First, he began to open the door and help some African American Muslim leaders to work in the society by winning Americans to Islam. In one of his speeches, he admitted openly he was a Muslim before he was brainwashed by his non-Muslim relatives and converted to Christianity. Then, he delivered another speech and said he found more religious tolerance and brotherhood in Islam than Christianity. In order to support his point he referred to the example of the famous boxer Muhammad Ali Kelly who was once a persecuted and ill-treated Christian and then converted to Islam. He said he found the justification of Kelly were compelling and his testimony of being a Muslim more promising. To cut a long story short towards the end of the second year in his reign the African American President of the United States of America surprised the world one particular morning when he declared his conversion from Christianity to Islam. The congress tried desperately for a year to impeach him for lying to the public before his election but it could not succeed. Article 18 of the Charter of Human Rights stood in the way of impeaching the converted president of the USA.Article 18.Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance. After his conversion, the Muslim

president succeeded first in converting each and every African American to Islam. Politics and ethnicity played important roles to the mass conversion of the African Americans. Christianity was made to represent slavery, racial discrimination, and the cause of all the ills that had befallen the African Americans whereas Islam became the symbol of brotherhood and freedom from the exploitation of the white men. Some African American Muslim leaders called for African Americans¶ Liberation Movement (AALM). The new movement did not only convince African Americans but led many white Americans to forsake Christianity. The Muslim leaders openly preached in their mosques and public places against the Church and condemned it as the place of hypocrisy and deception. Many churches were forced to shut down due to the lack of membership and funding. Before the president ended his second term in power, half of America became Muslims. The new president elected was African American Muslim. This new president began persecuting the remaining Christians. By this time, many Christian Americans began a mass immigration to Canada and Europe. This immigration helped Islam to have a stronger grip in America. When Muslims became the majority in the States, there was public pressure on the White House to forsake the man-made laws and implement the divinely revealed laws of God. On the fourth year of his reign, the second African American Muslim President applied the Shari¶a law and declared himself as Caliph. Then, began the American Islamic Invasions to other countries of the world. The first country that was invited to Islam and refused to accept it was the neighboring country Canada. The Pentagon used weapons of mass destruction to destroy Canada and erased it from the world map. Then, followed forced conversion of the other European countries. The United Kingdom willingly and gladly accepted Islam. This happened because there was military alliance between the two super power countries. After that, the countries of the world were converted one after the other. All Arab and Muslim countries joined the new Super Power Muslim country and accepted the President of the USA as the Supreme Caliph. Those rebellious countries, where Satan still had a strong hold on its leaders were invaded and hit with the weapons of mass destruction. During those invasions around two billion people perished. Millions of books were written in description of how those wars were fought and who were the outstanding military leaders in those wars. After those wars, Islam became the One World Religion and the Shari¶a law was implemented all over the world.When I heard that the entire world applied the Shari¶a law and Islam became the religion of everyone I shouted ³Allah Akbar´ and I woke up from my sleep and behold it was a dream.´ Chapter 175 from my book, Ibtihal and Muslims' Liberation Movement. Click on this link to view the book,