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Why would entering into Administration be of benefit to a struggling company?

Give at least three reasons how administration can lead to a company recovering
What document relating to a companies financial affairs must be completed prior
to voluntary liquidation taking place? (1)
What are the main duties of an Administrator (1)
What is his ultimate goal and how long does he have to reach that goal (2)
In what way has the Enterprise Act 2002 altered the rights of floating charge
holders with regard to receivers and administrators? (2)
Write a short paragraph describing voluntary liquidation (1)
Write a short paragraph describing compulsory liquidation (1)
A compulsory winding up requires procedure under the Insolvency Act 1986.
Explain what this procedure involves (5)
When can a company be compulsory wound up? Give at least three examples of
when a company can be forced to close down. (3)
Describe the main duties of a liquidator. You should provide at least 4 things he
will do when liquidating the company (4)
There is a ranking order for creditors when dealing with the liquidation of a
Write out this order in full (6)