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What is living in the Spirit?

There are decisions that can set everything in our life here on earth
and beyond. You just need to know what are your choices
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Sometimes you wonder how you can be in

the church, and even then, some things are not all well in your life. Attending meetings,
it is faithful to its commitments and even separates time to carry out evangelistic work, a
worker, for example.However, the course of his life stopped at some point or worse, it
seems that the steps are backward and not forward.
It turns out that you can physically be in the church and more physically than you
think. We are not talking only of personal presence. That person there is yourself, but
has more of you in that body than of God. That's what they call carnal man. He may
have chosen to be born again, but it was just an irresponsible option. Up is in the
church, but no more than a religion. Their focus is their own human strength. Makes
decisions without seeking a direction from God. Your ego is standing in front of. Speaks
of faith, is present at the meetings and votes only fulfills an obligation.
Let's take the example of a person who works in a company, like so many of
us. Apparently she "wore the shirt" of that organization. However, nothing makes an
honest game: wraps at work so that does not seem to have time to do what they need
and end up doing overtime just to get a buck more at the end of the month. Not because
he needed carry them out, but for causing a false failure to obtain a financial benefit

unethical. In short: it is stealing the same institution that is about both. It is a thief who
does not think thief.
This person is a great example of how those who walk "in the flesh": she pretends to
himself that he accepted the Holy Spirit of God in his being, but lives by opening the
door to sin. You may even want Jesus as Savior but not as Lord. Think even that can
sin "a good," for his work in the church gives you certain "credentials" to circumvent the
rules. Live appearances, is religious and delivery to the devil more and more every day.
And who walks in the Spirit and live in Him?
This person is different. Gives up its decisions to ask the right direction to God. The
Holy Spirit she received from truth, not just a game of appearances, speaks louder in
your life. That's why it progresses in health, finance, love, work, study, in life, while
others crawl on the spot.
The human being who does so is spiritual, so his eyes - which are not only yours, but
the Spirit it - they see by far the pitfalls that demons arm so that sin, he let evil
enter. This is how the damage is done and hard, as warns Bishop Julio Freitas: "The
evil spirit will create a situation, a plot, to sin and consequently we miss and then he can
cause that addiction problem, disease , depression, nervousness, prostitution, violence,
idolatry, adultery, separation, depression ... ".This person falls precisely in the failure to
rely on what was not: "Even with the Holy Bible, believing in God, how many people
have not lost the battle against the spirits (evil)? It's because?Because the Spirit we are
strong, but the flesh weak, "he explains.
evil traps
But when we are in the Spirit, we ignore merely human feelings, do not let the emotion
take us account or fall into other dangers that Bishop Julius enumerates: "do not do
what is harmful as having bad eyes, hurt, malice, fear, anxiety , selfishness,
accommodation, resentment, doubt, insecurity, uncertainty, nervousness, shyness. "And
these are just a few of many.

The bishop recalls a very clear example in the Bible of how one spiritual is free from sin
by being protected by the power of the Spirit of God, which is very different from our
limited human endurance. The prophet Daniel had every excuse to have fallen into
many temptations, but kept faithful to God.

He was literally thrown to the lions to be an

example to those who went against his captors.However, the beasts only did look at that
man, when in other circumstances it would be almost instantaneous their meal, with
much pain and suffering. There ate him "because he walked in the Spirit," says the
bishop. "But he was a human being like you and I, according to the Bible, and subject to
the same sins. But when we have the Spirit of God, the lions can not eat us. We can be
cast into the den, but there in the pit, the Holy Spirit will be with us and will save us, "he
And the flesh that were played at the same hole full of predators? "When a person does
not have the Holy Spirit, as an example of Daniel's enemies before their bodies hit the
pit bottom, the lions shattered all his bones. What does that mean? It means that the
devils take to the air people that are in the flesh. Even before they reached the bottom,
are already completely destroyed, "says the bishop.
Overtime with the devil
It's time to think if you really received the Holy Spirit or just attend meetings and speak
of God to feel or give the impression of being a Christian, rather than in fact. Time to
find out, in the certainty that only the Holy Spirit can give, if he is right in you. It is very
important for the eternal destiny of your soul that you are spiritual, living under God's
direction. Who does not have it, it acts as the person we spoke of earlier, which wraps

at work to receive "unzinho more." This will end up even working overtime, but in hell,
which is the place of those who chose to give in to meat.
That's why many see others in Altar giving wonderful testimonies, while they themselves
are mere spectators. Not yet noticed that everything is a matter of choice and success
is a result. And Bishop Julius ends with a clear description of who chose the right:
"When we have the Holy Spirit when He is in us, we think, speak, act and react as God
thinks, speaks, acts and react in our place - we are who God wants us to be! And that,
we won the temptations, problems, tribulations, persecutions. We won the world, as
Jesus said, all hell. "
On Sundays throughout Universal, bishops, priests and lay claim to all the gifts have an
encounter with God. If you have been crying, even if quietly and without people to know
if you are captive because of a problem, be sure to participate in this special day. See
the address Universal closest to your home.

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