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Aim: To identify the major cost overruns and delay factors in selected construction projects in Metro manila
and possible solutions to avoid cost overruns.

Main Objective: To identify the Major cause and effect of cost overrun and delay in selected construction
projects in Metro manila and recommendations to minimize and control cost overruns in the selected

Methodology: The research method is a comprehensive literature review to classify the causes of cost
overruns and a survey questionnaire is distributed to the professionals in the construction companies that
have projects in Metro manila.

Data collection: Survey questionnaire investigated the factors that cause cost overruns in selected projects
in metro manila and ask for a helpful cost control measures that could be practice to minimize the inevitable
cost overruns during the whole projects.

Results: They point out that the major causes of cost overruns are change orders, frequent change of
subcontractors and design changes by owner or his agent during construction. The findings also include
the different causes that are happening in the least experienced, experienced and most experienced
companies in handling a project.

Recommendations: The useful suggestions of this study that the construction companies in metro manila
must be aware of the factors that greatly influence the cost overruns during the construction period.