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Weinland Park Community Civic Association

Housing Committee
Summary of meeting of November 14, 2016
Sean Storey, co-chair of the Housing Committee, called the meeting to order at 6:03 p.m. at
Godman Guild Association.
Terrace Place. Laurie Sutherland, senior development manager with Community Housing
Network (CHN), and Allison Sponhaltz, director of property management with CHN, spoke
about the opening of CHNs new Terrace Place apartment building at 81 E. Ninth Avenue. Ms.
Sutherland passed around photographs of the interior of Terrace Place. The building has 60 onebedroom apartments compared with 36 efficiency apartments in CHNs former building at 1494
N. High Street. The building serves persons who were formerly homeless and persons at risk of
homelessness due to disabilities. Ms. Sutherland said former residents of 1494 N. High Street
have moved into Terrace Place and new residents are joining them. The building likely will be
fully occupied by Thanksgiving.
Good neighbor agreement. Ms. Sutherland distributed copies of a good neighbor agreement
between CHN and neighborhood organizations and agencies. The agreement outlines CHNs
leasing and management practices, establishes a community advisory committee for Terrace
Place, and provides contacts at CHN for information and concerns. Ms. Sutherland asked that the
Weinland Park Community Civic Association (WPCCA) sign the agreement. Steve Sterrett
spoke in favor of the agreement and encouraged representatives of the neighborhood to join the
community advisory committee. Laura Bidwa asked if CHN has had contact about Terrace Place
with Edwards Communities, which is building the adjacent apartment buildings. Ms. Sponhaltz
said she had not yet talked with Edwards, but she will reach out to the company. The Housing
Committee members agreed to refer the good neighbor agreement to the WPCCA Steering
Committee for action on signing the agreement.
Land bank. Mr. Storey reported Hometeam Properties is one of several entities that have
applied to acquire a land bank property on East 11th Avenue near Hamlet Street. The plans
submitted to the land bank call for construction of single-family, for-sale house. Members of the
Housing Committee expressed concern that Hometeam, one of the largest owners and managers
of student rental property in the University District, might turn the house into another student
rental property. Members noted Hometeam has failed to follow the rules in the past regarding
renovation and new construction of rental properties. Housing Committee members agreed to
send a letter from the committee to the land bank explaining the problematic relationship
between Hometeam and the neighborhood.

Idea for duplexes. Mr. Storey proposed an idea for renovating the vacant duplexes that are part
of the Weinland Park Collaboratives housing portfolio in Weinland Park. He suggested using a
community land trust or shared equity concept to develop the housing for persons at 80 to 120
percent of area median income. He plans to submit an application to the Finance Fund for a predevelopment grant to explore the idea. In response to a question, Mr. Storey said Homeport has
recently received a grant to develop a community land trust.
Parking study. Rory Krupp reported the Short North parking study is moving forward with
potentially carving out permit parking in Italian Village, Victorian Village, Dennison Place and
the Circles area. He expressed concern that the permit parking expansion might push parking
problems into Weinland Park. The committee members discussed the situation and the potential
interest of Weinland Park residents in permit parking. Mr. Krupp will gather more information,
share the information through social media to obtain some resident feedback, and report at the
next Housing Committee meeting.
In other matters before the committee:
Erin Prosser, community development director of Campus Partners, reported she has sent an
agreement to George Skaff and Kevin Lykens to review and sign regarding their proposal to
build for-sale housing on vacant lots in the Weinland Park Collaboratives housing portfolio.
Mr. Skaff and Mr. Lykens are planning to start construction next spring.
Ms. Prosser will reach out to Edwards Communities about distributing information regarding
the civic association to its new residents and to invite a representative of the company to
attend Housing Committee meetings.
Mr. Sterrett reported the Ohio Historic Preservation Office last month presented its 2016
Preservation Merit Award to Wagenbrenner Development, Campus Partners, The Columbus
Foundation, the City of Columbus, and historic preservation consultant Judith Williams for
the renovation of Grant Commons. Mr. Krupp wrote the nomination for the award.
Mr. Storey adjourned the meeting at 7:20 p.m.

Summary prepared by Steve Sterrett.