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Hello dear writer, I have done an experiment about Beam Bending, and I have done

all the data needed with plots and calculations. So, I only need a writer to write a
short abstract, Theory (Background), aim of experiment, procedure, Discussion, and
Please do not write fancy words :)
Please note that I will attach a PDF file which has all the needed information,
however, there is only one thing about the procedure which we have done the
experiment individual NOT as a group. Another differences will be attached to you in
a word file.


Civil Engineering

Topic beam bending expermint (2)

Type Essay
Level College
Style MLA



The objective of the three experiment is to measure the elastic deections of

and compare the experimental deections to theoretical values, plastically
metal samples and fracture two sets of ceramic tiles.
For brittle beams, there will be an elastic region followed by rapid fracture
complete failure of the beam, with little or no plastic deformation. Since the
all of the test conditions occur in the elastic region, this complete data set
should be
converted into stress-at-the-beam-surface vs. strain-at-the-beam-surface,
and elastic
modulus should be measured. The fracture stress of the beam will typically
determined from the maximum stress on the stress-strain plot, which usually
the form of a sharp cusp that occurs just before complete beam fracture.

The challenge in measuring the failure behavior of a brittle

material is that two apparently identical brittle beams can fail at very
stresses because of differences in the aw and crack sizes in the beams.
When designing a part from a brittle
material, in most circumstances, it is impossible to predict the stress that the
can withstand before cracking. It is only possible to predict the chance of
failure at
a speci_ed stress.